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Quotes for
Stamper (Character)
from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Mr. Stamper: I owe you an unpleasant death, Mr. Bond.

Elliot Carver: According to Eastern philosophy, the body has seven different chakra points. The Energy centers, like the heart, or genitals. The purpose of these implements is to probe those organs, inflicting the maximum amount of pain whilst keeping the victim alive for as long as possible.
Mr. Stamper: Dr. Kaufman's record was fifty-two hours. I'm hoping to break it.
James Bond: I would have thought watching your TV shows was torture enough.

Mr. Stamper: Drop the knife Mr. Bond or I drop your friend.

Dr. Kaufman: [aims his gun at Bond] But now, Mr. Bond, I am afraid that our little...
[burst of static from his earpiece]
Dr. Kaufman: Ah, Stamper! Stop yelling in my ear, ja?
Mr. Stamper: Sir, they can't get into the car.
Dr. Kaufman: Oh, you can't be serious. Did you call the Auto Club?
Mr. Stamper: Do *you* want to call them? Make him tell you how to open it.
Dr. Kaufman: O-O-Okay. Ja, I ask.

[Bond has taken Gupta hostage and is negotiating with Carver to exchange him for Wai Lin, who herself is being held captive by Carver]
Elliot Carver: [to Stamper and his security forces regarding Bond] Don't shoot him, yet.
Mr. Stamper: [to his men over a two-way radio] Hold your fire.
Elliot Carver: Welcome to my world crisis, Mr. Bond!
James Bond: Even trade, Elliot; Gupta for Wai Lin. You can't fire the missile without him.
Elliot Carver: [Holding Wai Lin at gunpoint] And it seems you can't resist any woman in my possession.
Wai-Lin: What are you waiting for, shoot him!
James Bond: [to Wai Lin] I told you, we're gonna finish this together!
Elliot Carver: How romantic! Do you realize how absurd your position is?
James Bond: No more absurd than starting a war for ratings.
Elliot Carver: Great men have always manipulated the media to save the world. Look at William Randolph Hearst, who told his photographers, "You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war." I've just taken it one step further.
[Bond open fires on one of Stamper's men, killing him]
James Bond: Sorry about that, I've tuned out there for a moment, Elliot.
Elliot Carver: [to Bond] Touché.
[to Gupta]
Elliot Carver: Mr. Gupta, is the missile ready to fire?
Gupta: Press the magic button, Beijing disappears.
Elliot Carver: Well, it seems you've outlived your contract!
[Carver shoots Gupta]
Elliot Carver: You see, Mr. Bond, I have a backup plan
James Bond: Uh-huh. So do I.
[Bond remotely releases a grenade from a case and detonates it, breaching the hull of the stealth boat]

Mr. Stamper: Stamper to bridge. Bond is dead.
Elliot Carver: Delicious!