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General Gogol (Character)
from The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

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Octopussy (1983)
[General Orlov tries to board the circus train, but is shot down by the German border guards. General Gogol, who by now learned about Orlov's scheme, approaches the fatally-injured man, looking at him disdainfully]
General Anatoly Gogol: [contemptuously] A common thief. A disgrace to the uniform!
Orlov: Yes, but tomorrow, I shall be a hero of the Soviet Union.
[despite his pain, Orlov smiles faintly, and then dies]

General Anatoly Gogol: I believe I express the opinion of everyone present that adoption of NATO proposals does not compromise our defensive position.
Orlov: [clears throat] Comrade Chairman.
Soviet Chairman: General Orlov.
Orlov: General Gogol is presumptuous. He speaks for himself and others who cling to *timid*, outdated and unrealistic policies! Must I remind you, the committee, of our *overwhelming* superiority over NATO forces before we give it away?

Orlov: A lightening thrust by ten armored divisions from the north and by five more through Czechoslovakia, leads to total victory in five days against any possible defense scenario.
General Anatoly Gogol: This is absolute madness! We know where it will end. NATO will counterattack with nuclear weapons!
Orlov: Never! The West is decadent - and divided! It has no stomach to risk our atomic reprisals! Throughout Europe daily demonstrations demand unilateral nuclear disarmament.
General Anatoly Gogol: I see no reason to risk war to satisfy your personal paranoia and thirst for conquest!

General Anatoly Gogol: My government categorically denies the incident ever occurred.

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
[last lines]
[Bond and Anya are discovered making love]
M: 007!
General Anatol Gogol: XXX!
Sir Frederick Gray, Minister of Defence: Bond! What do you think you're doing?
James Bond: Keeping the British end up, sir.

M: [to Bond] Our respective governments have agreed to pool our resources to find out what happened to our submarines.
General Anatol Gogol: We have entered a new era of Anglo-Soviet cooperation and as a sign of Russian good faith, I'm prepared to make available to you the microfilm recovered by Agent XXX.
Agent XXX: With considerable ease, I might add.

General Anatol Gogol: I'm certain that two such perceptive talents will enjoy working together in Sardinia and that it will help to make Anglo-Soviet cooperation a reality.

A View to a Kill (1985)
General Anatol Gogol: [Bond has just received the Order of Lenin from General Gogol] The order of Lenin, for Comrade Bond. The first ever non-Soviet citizen to receive this award.
M: I'd thought the KGB would have celebrated if Silicon Valley had been destroyed.
General Anatol Gogol: On the contrary, Admiral, where would Russian research be without it?

General Anatol Gogol: You will come back to us, comrade. No one ever *leaves* the KGB.

Moonraker (1979)
[At Vandenburg Air Force Base Colonel Scott is on the hotline with Soviet General Gogol after Drax's space station has suddenly appeared on radars]
Col. Scott: Will you please listen, General Gogol! We didn't put it up there.
General Anatol Gogol: [amid a snowstorm outside his mansion] Neither did we, Colonel Scott! So, what do you propose?
Col. Scott: We're taking action. We're sending up a spacecraft to investigate.
General Anatol Gogol: Very well. But if we do not hear from you within twelve hours we will take action outselves and hold you responsible for the consequences.
Col. Scott: We'll be in touch. Sorry to have awoken you.
General Anatol Gogol: I was already awake. How can I sleep? Nothing but problems. Problems, problems.
[Gogol hangs up and returns to bed with his lovely secretary]