The Detainer
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The Detainer (Character)
from Casino Royale (1967)

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Casino Royale (1967)
The Detainer: You're crazy. You are absolutely crazy!
Jimmy Bond: People called Einstein crazy.
The Detainer: That's not true. No one ever called Einstein crazy.
Jimmy Bond: Well, they would have if he'd carried on like this.

[during a session in which Cooper is being trained to resist women]
Cooper: It goes against my nature, you know.
The Detainer: I sense that, too. What are you doing after the exercise?
Cooper: Having my head examined.

The Detainer: [Dr. Noah declares his desire for the Detainer, who is captive, nude, and strapped down] Do you treat ALL the girls you desire this way?
Jimmy Bond/Dr. Noah: [impatiently] Yes! Oh yes, I remove their clothing and tie them up, yes! I learned that in the Boy Scouts.

Jimmy Bond/Dr. Noah: Think of it! A world free of poverty and pestilence and war. A world where all men are created equal. Where a man, no matter how short, can score with a top broad. Where each man; regardless of race, creed, color; gets free dental work. And a chance, of subscription buying, of all the good things in life.
The Detainer: But, Noah, you are for all this?
Jimmy Bond/Dr. Noah: No-no. I'm against all this.
The Detainer: Oh, I love politics!