Fiona Volpe
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Fiona Volpe (Character)
from Thunderball (1965)

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Thunderball (1965)
Fiona: Some men just don't like to be driven.
Bond: No, some men don't like to be taken for a ride.

[after making love to the evil Fiona Volpe]
James Bond: My dear girl, don't flatter yourself. What I did this evening was for Queen and country. You don't think it gave me any pleasure, do you?
Fiona: But of course, I forgot your ego, Mr. Bond. James Bond, the one where he has to make love to a woman, and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. She repents, and turns to the side of right and virtue...
[she steps on Bond's foot]
Fiona: ... but not this one!

[Bond is standing in the doorway between their apartments as Fiona takes a bath]
Fiona: Aren't you in the wrong room, Mr. Bond?
Bond: Not from where I'm standing.

Fiona: [after Bond finds her in the bathtub in his hotel room] Since you're here, would you mind giving me something to put on?
[Bond casually hands Fiona her shoes]

Bond: How far do you go?
Fiona: You better fasten your safety belt.

Fiona: You would like Bond dead.
Emilio Largo: I can think of no better arrangement.
Fiona: Is it because he tries to make love to your woman?
Emilio Largo: Because he is Bond and is an enemy of SPECTRE - he should be killed.

Fiona: Do you like wild things, Mr. Bond, James Bond?
Bond: Wild? You should be locked up in a cage.
Fiona: Mmm. I mean this bed feels like a cage. All these bars. Do you think I'll be - safe?

Fiona: [to Bond after a lovemaking session] You made a shocking mess out of my hair, you sadistic brute. Will you zip me up, please?