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Quotes for
Truman-Lodge (Character)
from Licence to Kill (1989)

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Licence to Kill (1989)
Truman-Lodge: [after two of the tanker trucks are destroyed] BRILLIANT! Well done, Franz! Another eighty-million dollar *write-off*!
Sanchez: Then I guess it's time to start cutting overhead.
[shoots him]

Heller: I can get the trucks out! But I don't think I can control the fire!
Franz Sanchez: Forget the fire! Get some cars, we're gonna take the tankers with us!
Truman-Lodge: Wait a minute! This setup cost us $32 million! We've got to try and save it!
Franz Sanchez: I don't give a SHIT about the setup! We've got $500 million in the case, and 20 tonnes of Colombian pure IN THE TANKERS! Now GO HELP HELLER!
Truman-Lodge: But we've got a deal with the Orientals. We've got their money.
Franz Sanchez: I said GO HELP HELLER!