Karl Stromberg
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Karl Stromberg (Character)
from The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

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The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
Stromberg: Well gentlemen, now that the moment has come to bid you farewell, I congratulate both you, Doctor, and you, Professor, on your brilliant work in the development of the submarine tracking system. Thanks primarily to you, I am happy to say that the first phase of our operation has met with considerable success. I have instructed my assistant to have paid into your Swiss bank accounts the sum of ten million dollars each.
Prof. Markovitz: Thank you, sir.
Dr. Bechmann: Thank you indeed.
Stromberg: And that, I think, concludes our business. Before you go however, I very much regret to inform you that a dangerous development has recently been brought to my notice. Someone has been attempting to sell the plans of our tracking project to competing world powers; someone intimately associated with the project.

Stromberg: I've been expecting you.

Stromberg: Observe, Mr. Bond, the instruments of Armageddon.

Stromberg: Were they the two on the train?
[Jaws nods]
Stromberg: James Bond. And the woman is Major Amasova, a Russian agent. Let them get to shore... and then kill them.

James Bond: Where's Anya?
Stromberg: Well, well... a British agent in love with a Russian agent. Détente, indeed.

James Bond: Don't you miss the outside world?
Stromberg: For me, this is all the world. There is beauty... there is ugliness... and there is death.

Stromberg: Within minutes, New York and Moscow will cease to exist.

James Bond: Your time is running out, Stromberg!
Stromberg: Yours too, Mr. Bond. Yours too. And faster than you think.

James Bond: [Bond, posing as a marine biologist, examines a model of Atlantis] An underwater city. Well, everyone needs to have their dreams.
Stromberg: No dream, Mr. Sterling. Soon a reality.

[Stromberg has just dropped his mistress from his elevator into a water tank, the sole occupant of which is a large tiger shark. The shark moves in]
Stromberg: [on loudspeaker] It was you who betrayed me. You had access to all the information. Now you will pay the penalty.
[watches on a screen as the tiger shark moves in to the attack]

Stromberg: I intend to change the face of history.
Major Anya Amasova: By destroying the world?
Stromberg: By creating a world - a new and beautiful world beneath the sea.

Stromberg: Today's civilization is known as corrupt, decedent. Inevitably, it will destroy itself. I'm merely - accelerating the process.
Major Anya Amasova: That does not justify mass murder.
Stromberg: For that, Major, I will accept the judgement of posterity.