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Quotes for
Heller (Character)
from Licence to Kill (1989)

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Licence to Kill (1989)
[Heller takes an arsenal case, only to be caught by a suspicious Sanchez]
Heller: Hey. I was making sure these were secure.
Sanchez: It's a good idea. Take them up to my car.
Heller: Of course.

Heller: I can get the trucks out! But I don't think I can control the fire!
Franz Sanchez: Forget the fire! Get some cars, we're gonna take the tankers with us!
Truman-Lodge: Wait a minute! This setup cost us $32 million! We've got to try and save it!
Franz Sanchez: I don't give a SHIT about the setup! We've got $500 million in the case, and 20 tonnes of Colombian pure IN THE TANKERS! Now GO HELP HELLER!
Truman-Lodge: But we've got a deal with the Orientals. We've got their money.
Franz Sanchez: I said GO HELP HELLER!

Heller: [Bond has just told Sanchez that those who tried to kill him probably came from within his own organization, and that Bond knows this because he used to work for the British government] You're not going to believe who this guy is.
Franz Sanchez: Former British agent.
Heller: [Surprised] How did you know that?
Franz Sanchez: [Smiles] Because I know things.
[Demeanour changes]
Franz Sanchez: I want to meet Krest's boat tonight. We'll need a dozen reliable men.
Heller: Is there a problem with Krest?
Franz Sanchez: We'll see. And bring Lupe, she was there. He's not going to lie in front of her.