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Drake (Character)
from 007: Nightfire (2002) (VG)

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007: Nightfire (2002) (VG)
Drake: Play the hostess, won't you, darling?

Drake: I'd ask you to join us Mr. Bond, but why waste caviar on a man who won't live long enough to enjoy it?
Bond: Give mine to Kiko. She's earned it.

Drake: You may have stopped the fire this time, Bond, but like the Phoenix, I'll rise from the ashes!

Raphael Drake: I'll credit you with persistence Mr. Bond. Persistence and failure. There are NATO launch sites on Earth which could challenge the arsenal on my island. Those bases will be incinerated... by turning these defensive missiles into massively offensive ones.

Raphael Drake: You are on a fool's errand. Mr. Bond. I've just locked the launch sequence. Nothing can stop Operation Nightfire. Not even my own death.
James Bond: That's a theory I mean to test.

Drake: In Space, Mr. Bond, no one can hear you scream... except for me!

Drake: My loyal associates. Before we cross into the void of space, it's time to unveil the final stages of Operation: Nightfire, the utter transformation of the planet you'll soon view from your shuttle windows. The communists, socialists and facists were pre-destined to fail at their efforts of globalization. The answer is sublimely simple, a corporate takeover by Phoenix International, on a worldwide scale. No more national boundaries, but continent-wide regions of agriculture, technology, energy production and research. Quarrelling governments will be replaced by a single board of directors. Of course, our new order will be resisted, but we have the ultimate leverage. The nuclear missiles mounted in our island grottos, controlled from an unassailable command center, the U.S. space defense platform. Unfortunately, our security has been temporarily breached. Therefore I have advanced our launch schedule. All flight crews are to board their shuttles at once and prepare for liftoff. Operation: Nightfire has begun.