Corinne Dufour
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Corinne Dufour (Character)
from Moonraker (1979)

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Moonraker (1979)
James Bond: [flying over Moonraker's expansive production facilities] Well, I'd heard that Hugo Drax is obsessed with the conquest of space. Now I can believe it.
James Bond: [looks up and is shocked to see an enormous chalet] Good Lord!
Corinne: The Drax residence. Every stone brought from France. Cute, isn't it?
James Bond: Magnificent. Why didn't he buy the Eiffel Tower as well?
Corinne: He did, but the French government refused him an export permit.

Corinne: [while riding in a helicopter] This is the Drax estate now. Everything you see belongs to Mr. Drax.
James Bond: He owns a lot, doesn't he?
Corinne: What he doesn't own, he doesn't want.

Corinne: I never learned to read.