Mata Bond
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Mata Bond (Character)
from Casino Royale (1967)

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Casino Royale (1967)
Frau Hoffner: Hmmm, it is little Otto. He was one of your mother's lovers. We often find him lying around.
Mata Bond: Is he dead?
Frau Hoffner: Hard to tell. He always looked like that.

Mata Bond: [In front of 10 Downing Street] Oh, Daddy, I do so long to meet him. All the girls do. He really turns me on!
Sir James: Did that finishing school teach you to talk like that?
Mata Bond: No, I taught them. Oh, do be a pet, Daddy.
Sir James: Be a good girl, do run along and watch the changing of the guard.
Mata Bond: I bet Mummy would have taken me in.
Sir James: Mummy took everyone in.

Polo: This is your mother's room. It has not been opened since the day she left here in 1916. You see. Nothing has been touched.
Mata Bond: It's a wild room! Hey, what an enormous bed!
Polo: The German army was very large in those days.

Frau Hoffner: Come along, child. The auction is about to begin.
Mata Bond: Auction?
Frau Hoffner: Tonight we are selling one of the finest art collections in Europe.
Mata Bond: Le Chiffre's collection?
Frau Hoffner: Who?
Mata Bond: Le Chiffre.
Frau Hoffner: Who's Le Chiffre?
Mata Bond: The man who owns the collection.
Frau Hoffner: What collection?
Mata Bond: The collection that's about to be auctioned.
Frau Hoffner: Who said anything about an auction?
Mata Bond: You did.
Frau Hoffner: Who am I?
Mata Bond: Frau Hoffner.
Frau Hoffner: Never heard of her. You're insane, my child, quite insane.
Mata Bond: I think she's right!

Mata Bond: [Pulls down the handle on a toilet and floor circulates to another room] It's the first john I've ever gone around with.

Frau Hoffner: [Mata just arrived at International Mother's Help] Who are you? What do you want?
Mata Bond: I'm here to enroll as a student.
Frau Hoffner: What are you qualifications, hmmmm?
Mata Bond: I am the daughter of Mata Hari.
Polo: Mata Hari!
Frau Hoffner: You are a liar.
Mata Bond: Am I? What about this, then?
[She takes off her coat to reveal a belly-dancing outfit]

Polo: [struggling up the stairs] My battery needs recharging.
Mata Bond: Maybe your head needs examining.
Polo: No, I had that examined last week.

Taxi Driver: Taxi!
Mata Bond: Tally-ho!

Polo: You're so like your mother, you're driving me insane.
Mata Bond: Well, you haven't got far to go.
Polo: Come to me. Come to me, my little Mata. Come to me. Come!
[He falls off the bed, Mata opens the door]
Mata Bond: About time you were back in your box, innit?
Polo: You must forgive me. I lose control of myself. I'm a mad fool. Mad.
Mata Bond: You want an argument?

Mata Bond: You know, if you weren't my dad I think I could fancy you.
Sir James: That's very good of you, my dear. Rather warm in here, don't you think?
Mata Bond: Cool it, Charlie. So you want me to go to Berlin, huh?
Sir James: Now Mata, you remember the old house on the Felmannstrasse?
Mata Bond: Yeah, where Mum had a dancing school.
Sir James: That has now become International Mother's Help. But that's just a cover for its real function. It is... Does he speak English?
Mata Bond: Hey Charlie, you speak English?
Charlie: No.

Sir James: [In Mata's room] Who are all these people?
Mata Bond: They're the high priests of the temple. Okay, Fred, up it!
[a priest gets up and bows as he leaves]
Sir James: What an extraordinary performance. They seem to treat you like some kind of goddess.
Mata Bond: Well, I am the celestial virgin of the sacred altar.
Sir James: Figuratively speaking, of course.
Mata Bond: Of course.

Frau Hoffner: The Mata Hari School of Dancing is the only truly international school of espionage in the world.
Polo: In the world.
Frau Hoffner: There is no political prejudice here.
Polo: Prejudice.
Frau Hoffner: We train Russian spies for America.
Polo: America.
Frau Hoffner: And American spies for Russia.
Mata Bond: Very democratic.
Frau Hoffner: *Very* democratic.

Mata Bond: Who is Le Chiffre?
Polo: Nobody knows, not even Le Chiffre.

Sir James: They seem to treat you like some kind of a goddess.
Mata Bond: Well, I am the Celestial Virgin of the Sacred Altar.
Sir James: Figuratively speaking, of course.
Mata Bond: Of course! Some tea?
Sir James: Ah, cup of tea, splendid.
Mata Bond: Its made from poppy seeds. Two cups of this and you're stoned out of your mind!

Mata Bond: Oh! You want me to be a spy - like mum, huh? Well.
Sir James: Family tradition, my dear.
Mata Bond: Do I get an exploding brief case and a secret transmitter?
Sir James: That won't be necessary.
Mata Bond: Well, I have to have some equipment.
Sir James: Your mother wiped out three divisions of infantry and five brigades of calvary and, well, frankly, she had much less equipment than you have.

Polo: You must forgive me, I lose control of myself. I'm a mad fool. Mad.
Mata Bond: You want an argument?
Polo: Remember, forget everything I tell you.
Mata Bond: My lips are sealed.
Polo: Lips! Those lips that...
Mata Bond: Run. Run along, son.