Hugo Drax
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Hugo Drax (Character)
from Moonraker (1979)

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Moonraker (1979)
Hugo Drax: Mr. Bond, you defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you.

Hugo Drax: Why did you break up the encounter with my pet python?
James Bond: I discovered it had a crush on me.

Hugo Drax: Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him.

[his plans in ruin and holding Bond at gunpoint]
Hugo Drax: At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery. Poor, desolate Mr. Bond.
James Bond: [shoots Drax with hidden wrist-gun] Heartbroken Mr. Drax!

Hugo Drax: James Bond. You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.

[Bond and Drax are shooting pheasants]
Hugo Drax: You missed, Mr. Bond.
[a sniper falls from a tree]
James Bond: Did I?

Hugo Drax: Frederick Gray! What a surprise. And in distinguished company, all wearing gas masks. You must excuse me, gentlemen, not being English, I sometimes find your sense of humor rather difficult to follow!

[Drax addresses his staff aboard the space station]
Hugo Drax: First there was the dream, now there is reality. Here in the untainted cradle of the heavens will be created a new super race, a race of perfect physical specimens. You have been selected as its progenitors. Like gods, your offspring will return to Earth and shape it in their image. You have all served in public capacties in my terrestrial empire. Your seed, like yourselves, will pay deference to the ultimate dynasty which I alone have created. From their first day on Earth they will be able to look up and know that there is law and order in the heavens.

Hugo Drax: Allow me to introduce you to the airlock chamber. Observe, Mr Bond, your route from this world to the next.
[opens airlock door]
Hugo Drax: And you, Dr Goodhead, your desire to become America's first woman in space will shortly be fulfilled.

Hugo Drax: Jaws, Mr. Bond must be cold after his swim. Place him where he can be assured of warmth.

Hugo Drax: Despite your efforts, my finely wrought dream approaches its fulfillment.
James Bond: Your dream, whatever sort of nightmare it is, hasn't a chance, Drax.
Hugo Drax: You think not? We shall see.

Hugo Drax: You have arrived at a propitious moment, coincident with your country's one indisputable contribution to Western Civilization: Afternoon tea. May I press you to a cucumber sandwich?
James Bond: Thank you, no, nothing at all.

Hugo Drax: Jaws, you obey me!
[Jaws hesitates]
Hugo Drax: EXPEL THEM!

Hugo Drax: Even in death, my magnificence is boundless. When this rocket lifts off, I shall be leaving you in your own private crematorium. Mr. Bond, Dr. Goodhead, I bid you - farewell.

Drax Radarman 1: U.S. spacecraft on course to intercept us, sir.
Hugo Drax: Activate laser. Prepare to destroy spacecraft.

James Bond: And why the orchids?
Hugo Drax: The curse of a civilization. It was neither war nor pestilence that wiped out the race who built the great city lying around us. It was their reverence for this lovely flower. Because long-term exposure to its pollen caused sterility. Correct, Mr. Bond. As you discovered, I have improved upon sterility. Those same seeds now yield death. Not, of course, to animals or plant life. One must preserve the balance of nature.

Hugo Drax: Despite your efforts, my finely wrought dream approaches its fulfillment.
James Bond: Your dream, whatever sort of nightmare it is, hasn't a chance, Drax.
Hugo Drax: You think not? We shall see.
Drax Radarman 1: We're coming up to second launch position.
Hugo Drax: Launch globe number two.
Hugo Drax: No doubt you have realized the splendor of my conception. First, a necklace of death about the Earth. 50 globes, each releasing its nerve gas over a designated area, each capable of killing 100 million people. And the human race as you know it will cease to exist. Then a rebirth, a new world.

Hugo Drax: [On the phone] Now, regarding a replacement for Chang, do you have someone in mind?
Hugo Drax: [the person on the phone mentions Jaws] Oh, yes, well, if you can get him, of course.