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Quotes for
Milton Krest (Character)
from Licence to Kill (1989)

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Licence to Kill (1989)
[Sanchez and Krest have just discovered a lot of money in Krest's pressure chamber]
Milton Krest: That's not my money, I swear!
Franz Sanchez: That's right, amigo. It's mine!
Franz Sanchez: [grabs Krest] You think I'm stupid! HUH! You rip me off then use my own money to PAY someone to KILL ME? You want it so bad? Then TAKE IT!
[kicks Krest into the pressure chamber]

Franz Sanchez: [after telling Krest to keep his mistress on his boat] Hey. No fooling around with my girl.
Milton Krest: Are you kidding? After what you did to that guy in the Islands?
Franz Sanchez: You liked my little Valentine, huh?

[a couple of divers arrive with Sharkey's corpse]
Milton Krest: Nice work, Clive.
Clive: Thanks, Mr. Krest. Guest what? His name was Sharkey.