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Octopussy (Character)
from Octopussy (1983)

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Octopussy (1983)
Octopussy: Who is he?
Kamal Kahn: Englishman. Likes eggs, preferably Fabergé, and dice, preferably loaded.

[last lines]
[Bond is in traction]
Octopussy: I wish...
James Bond: What?
Octopussy: I wish you weren't in such a weakened condition.
[Bond releases himself from traction]
Octopussy: Oh, James.
[Bond kisses Octopussy passionately]
Octopussy: James!

Octopussy: A paid assassin.
James Bond: When I kill it is on the specific orders of my Government.

Octopussy: Good evening. I wondered when you might arrive.
James Bond: So you are the mysterious Octopussy.
Octopussy: And you are James Bond, 007, Licensed to Kill. Am I to be your target tonight?

Kamal Khan: Octopussy, I would enjoy another opportunity to take care of Mr. Bond, personally.
Octopussy: I will take care of Mr. Bond, myself.
Kamal Khan: Good night. And, enjoy yourself, Mr. Bond.

Octopussy: Mr. Bond, smuggling is no concern of the Secret Service. I've violated no English law. You're free to leave; but, I'd much rather prefer if you'd stay as my guest for a few days.
James Bond: I'd like that.

Octopussy: Oh, a man of principal - with a price on his head. Naturally you do it for Queen and Country. I have no country. I have no price on my head!

Octopussy: [James embraces and kisses Octopussy] No!
James Bond: You're right, we are two of a kind.
Octopussy: Oh - James!

Octopussy: Is something wrong?
James Bond: Not really. Just a feeling.
Octopussy: Why don't you come back to bed.

Kamal Khan: His name is James Bond.
Octopussy: Bring him here.
Kamal Khan: He's dangerous. After he's talked, we must get rid of him immediately.
Octopussy: No.
Kamal Khan: A ''no'' from you has little chance of becoming a ''yes''. l assume, therefore, that the meeting is over. But you're making a serious mistake.

Octopussy: [Bond sneaks on to the island and makes his way into Octopussy's room] I wondered when you might arrive.
James Bond: So you are the mysterious Octopussy.
Octopussy: And you are James Bond. Licensed to kill. Am l to be your target for tonight?
James Bond: Not necessarily. Depends how much you tell me about jewelry smuggling. And why one of our agents was killed in East Berlin.
Octopussy: I know nothing about that. You remember Major Dexter Smythe? You were sent out to arrest him, weren't you?
James Bond: You seem to have done your homework.
Octopussy: Thank you.
James Bond: Yes. Smythe, after a brilliant military career, joined our secret service. His mission was to recover a cache of Chinese gold, seized in North Korea. Both he and his native guide disappeared. The gold was never found.
Octopussy: And 15 years later you were sent after him.
James Bond: The guide's body turned up with a bullet still in his skull from Smythe's revolver. I traced Smythe to Sri Lanka, and gave him 24 hours to clear up his affairs before I took him back. He committed suicide rather than face the disgrace of a court martial. What's the connection?
Octopussy: He was my father. I'd hoped fate would bring us together one day.
James Bond: To avenge him?
Octopussy: To thank you for giving him an honorable alternative.

Octopussy: When Father's gold ran out, the people in Hong Kong who'd disposed of it for him offered me a commission to smuggle some diamonds. I discovered I had a talent for it.
James Bond: You went into business for yourself?
Octopussy: Yes, but l needed an organization, so l revived the old Octopus cult.
James Bond: Well, then. Where did you recruit all these lovelies?
Octopussy: There are many of them all over Southeast Asia, looking for a guru, spiritual discipline, who knows what. l train them. Give them a purpose, a sisterhood and a way of life.
James Bond: In crime?
Octopussy: In business. I have diversified into shipping, hotels, carnivals and circuses.