General Georgi Koskov
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General Georgi Koskov (Character)
from The Living Daylights (1987)

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The Living Daylights (1987)
General Georgi Koskov: I'm sorry, James. For you I have great affection, but we have an old saying: duty has no sweethearts.
James Bond: We have an old saying too, Georgi. And you're full of it.

[Bond and Saunders are discussing the change of plans on Koskov's defection]
General Georgi Koskov: James. James Bond!
James Bond: [hugging Koskov] Later, General!
James Bond: [to Saunders] Lose them. I'll pick you up at the border, twenty-three hundred hours. Be there.
Saunders: Where are you taking him? How will you get him out?
James Bond: Sorry, old man, section 26, paragraph 5. Need-to-know. Sure you understand.

General Georgi Koskov: The sniper was a woman.
James Bond: I noticed.
General Georgi Koskov: Some of the best KGB shots are women.
James Bond: Um-hum.
General Georgi Koskov: Did you...
James Bond: I'd rather not talk about it.
General Georgi Koskov: [thinking Bond killed her] Oh, no. Of course not.

Leonid Pushkin: Put him on the next plane to Moscow...
General Georgi Koskov: Oh, thank you General, thank you so much...
Leonid Pushkin: the diplomatic bag.

General Georgi Koskov: [seeing the Huey] Who's that for?
Necros: You, Comrade!
[knocks him out with his gun]
Necros: [to third man present] Help him or I'll kill you both!

James Bond: Relax Georgi. Our engineers have spent months perfecting this.
General Georgi Koskov: How many times have you done this before?
James Bond: You're the first!

Necros: [after Bond allegedly killed General Pushkin] I didn't kill him. Bond did.
General Georgi Koskov: I told you the British believed me. I told you!

General Georgi Koskov: What's this? From Harrods - a godsend! The food here is horrible.
James Bond: The foie gras is excellent.
General Georgi Koskov: Da-da-da. As Russians say, "Heart and stomachs, good comrades made." Head cheese, caviar, well that's peasant food for us, but, with champagne its okay. Bollinger R.D. - the best!

General Georgi Koskov: Once we were like brothers! But, now he's a different man. Power has gone to his head. He's sick like Stalin! He hates our new policy of Détente.

General Georgi Koskov: She has so many talents!

Colonel Feyador: Welcome to Afghanistan.
General Georgi Koskov: Colonel Feyador, my old comrade in arms.