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Quotes for
Orlov (Character)
from Octopussy (1983)

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Octopussy (1983)
Orlov: [enters the trailer, sees Bond in Mischka's 'Twin One' clothes from behind and mistakes him for Mischka] Leave that! Let's go.
James Bond: [turns around, facing Orlov with pointed gun] Let's stay. Sit on that box. Hands on your knees. Come on, move! Now why is that bomb on the train?
Orlov: Who are you?
James Bond: I'm British Secret Service.
Orlov: You should be more concerned about getting out of here alive.
James Bond: I am more concerned about an atomic bomb exploding on a US Air Force base in West Germany! You surely can't be inviting a nuclear war? What happens when the US retaliates?
Orlov: [grinning] Against whom?
James Bond: [frowning, realizing Orlov's scheme] My God... of course. Our early-warning system will rule out the bomb having come from Russia or anywhere else. Everyone will assume incorrectly... that it was a American bomb triggered accidentally.
Orlov: Yes, that would be the most plausible explanation.
James Bond: Europe and NATO will then insist on full nuclear disarmament... and leaving every border undefended for you and the Warsaw Pact to walk across at will!
Orlov: You took the words right out of my mouth.
James Bond: And I suppose it doesn't matter a damn to you that thousands of innocent people will be killed in this little "accident" of yours?
Orlov: Better than letting a handful of old men in Moscow bargain away our advantage in disarmament talks!
James Bond: On your feet, General. You're going to stop that train.
Orlov: [they hear hoot as the train starts to move off] It's too late.
James Bond: You can stop it at the border.
[suddenly the door opens. Bond turns around to see a Russian soldier. Bond kills the soldier before he manages to point his rifle, and meanwhile Orlov escapes]

[General Orlov tries to board the circus train, but is shot down by the German border guards. General Gogol, who by now learned about Orlov's scheme, approaches the fatally-injured man, looking at him disdainfully]
General Anatoly Gogol: [contemptuously] A common thief. A disgrace to the uniform!
Orlov: Yes, but tomorrow, I shall be a hero of the Soviet Union.
[despite his pain, Orlov smiles faintly, and then dies]

General Anatoly Gogol: I believe I express the opinion of everyone present that adoption of NATO proposals does not compromise our defensive position.
Orlov: [clears throat] Comrade Chairman.
Soviet Chairman: General Orlov.
Orlov: General Gogol is presumptuous. He speaks for himself and others who cling to *timid*, outdated and unrealistic policies! Must I remind you, the committee, of our *overwhelming* superiority over NATO forces before we give it away?

Orlov: A lightening thrust by ten armored divisions from the north and by five more through Czechoslovakia, leads to total victory in five days against any possible defense scenario.
General Anatoly Gogol: This is absolute madness! We know where it will end. NATO will counterattack with nuclear weapons!
Orlov: Never! The West is decadent - and divided! It has no stomach to risk our atomic reprisals! Throughout Europe daily demonstrations demand unilateral nuclear disarmament.
General Anatoly Gogol: I see no reason to risk war to satisfy your personal paranoia and thirst for conquest!