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Quotes for
Zao (Character)
from Die Another Day (2002)

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Die Another Day (2002)
Zao: It appears we are equal... in the eyes of spies.
James Bond: Equal... but not even.

James Bond: Zao, I've been traded. Your time will come.
Zao: Yes, but not as soon as yours.

James Bond: You know, I've missed your sparkling personality.
Zao: [punching Bond in the stomach] How's that for a punch line?

Zao: Who sent you?
Jinx: Yo' mama. And she told me to tell you she's really disappointed in you.

Zao: Why are you trying to kill me?
Jinx: I thought it was the humane thing to do.

Zao: [to Colonel Moon] His name is James Bond. A British assassin.