Tiffany Case
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Tiffany Case (Character)
from Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

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Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
[Tiffany Case opens the door almost nude]
James Bond: That's quite a nice little nothing you're almost wearing. I approve.
Tiffany Case: I don't dress for the hired help. Let's see your passport, Franks.
[Bond gives her his passport. She looks it over]
Tiffany Case: Occupation: Transport Consultant? It's a little cute isn't it? I'll finish dressing.
James Bond: Oh, please don't, not on my account.

James Bond: Weren't you a blonde when I came in?
Tiffany Case: Could be.
James Bond: I tend to notice little things like that - whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette.
Tiffany Case: Which do you prefer?
James Bond: Well, as long as the collar and cuffs match.
Tiffany Case: We'll talk about that later.

Tiffany Case: Listen, you can drop me off at the next corner. This whole thing is getting a little out of hand. No regrets, but when you start stealing moon machines from Willard Whyte, GOOD bye and GOOD Luck!
James Bond: Just relax, I have a friend named Felix who can fix anything.
Tiffany Case: Is he married?
[after being pulled over by the sherriff]
Tiffany Case: [sarcastically] Relax, you've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything.
James Bond: Unfortunately, so can Willard Whyte.

[Plenty O'Toole is found face down in a swimming pool]
Tiffany Case: She's...
James Bond: Dead. Supposed to be you. The next link in the "pipeline".
Tiffany Case: What are you talking about?
James Bond: Poor Plenty must have stumbled in here looking for you.
Tiffany Case: I don't believe you!
James Bond: A dentist is dead in South Africa. That little old lady in Amsterdam. Shady got his last night. They've missed me once. And you're next. Now, who's your connection?
Tiffany Case: You sound like a cop to me...
[Slaps her]
James Bond: Who's your connection?
Tiffany Case: All I know, his voice is on a phone. They got me this place and told me to wait for further instructions.
James Bond: You'll find that rather difficult to hear underwater.

[last lines]
Tiffany Case: Oh, James.
James Bond: Oh, yes. What were you about to ask me?
Tiffany Case: James, how the hell do we get those diamonds down again?

Tiffany Case: [while Q is playing the slot machines, winning big every time] Hi there, Mr. Q. Are you having any luck?
Q: I'm being somewhat successful, thank you.

Tiffany Case: Darling, why are we suddenly staying in the Bridal Suite at the Whyte House?
James Bond: In order to form a more perfect union, sweetheart.

[as Bond, still incognito as Peter Franks, removes his underwear to seduce Tiffany]
Tiffany Case: Why, Peter, there's much more to you than I imagined!

Tiffany Case: [reading Bond's ID card planted on the deceased Franks] My God! You just killed James Bond!
James Bond: Is that who it was? Well just goes to show, no one's indestructible.

Tiffany Case: Go blow up your pants!

Tiffany Case: Keep leaning on that tooter, Charlie, and you're gonna get a shot in the mouth.

James Bond: Tiffany Case? Definitely distinctive.
Tiffany Case: I was born there, on the first floor, while my mother was looking for a wedding ring.
James Bond: Well, I'm glad for your sake it wasn't Van Cleef & Arpels.

[a knock on the door; Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, posing as host and a steward, brings into the couple's suite a romantic dinner]
James Bond: [puzzled] There must be some mistake. I didn't order any...
Mr. Wint: No mistake, sir. On specific instructions and with the complements of Mr. Willard Whyte: Oysters Andaluz, Shashlik, Tidbits, Prime rib au jus, Salade Utopia...
[Mr. Kidd sets the timer for the bomb in the fake La Bombe Surprise]
Mr. Wint: ...and for dessert, the piece de resistance...
[Mr. Kidd shows the fake dessert]
Mr. Wint: La Bombe Surprise.
Tiffany Case: Mmm! That's looks fantastic. What's in it?
Mr. Wint: Ah, but then there would be no surprise, Madame.

Tiffany Case: [Bond, posing as Peter Franks, calling on an intercom] Yes?
James Bond: Franks, Peter Franks.
Tiffany Case: Come up, third floor.

Tiffany Case: Is he dead?
James Bond: I sincerely hope so.

Tiffany Case: Sorry about your fulsome friend. I bet you really missed something.
James Bond: Well, the evening may not be a total loss, after all.
Tiffany Case: Why don't we talk a bit first.
James Bond: Well, what would like to talk about?
Tiffany Case: You pick a subject.
James Bond: Diamonds.

James Bond: Nice place you have here. Take something off. Enjoy the sun.
Tiffany Case: You've got a lot of guts showing up here! After letting me freeze my behind off at a blackjack table for two hours waiting for some nonexistent diamonds! And what the hell is my black wig doing in the pool?
[underwater shot of a dead Plenty O'Toole]
Tiffany Case: [sober] She's...
James Bond: Dead. Supposed to be you. The next link in the pipeline.

Felix Leiter: Miss Tiffany Case *Jones* has a lifetime reservation at another hotel - the kind the government - runs.
Tiffany Case: I cooperating, Mr. Leiter, really I am.
James Bond: Oh, I can vouch for that!

Blofeld: [to Bond] As La Rochefoucauld observed, "humility is the worst form of conceit." I do hold the winning hand. Why don't you let me take you on a little tour of our facilities. Your chance to see the real tape once again.
Tiffany Case: Can I tag along Ernst?
Blofeld: I'd put something on over that bikini, first, my dear. I've come to far to have the aim of my crew affected by the sight of a pretty body.