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Charles Robinson (Character)
from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
[the Royal Navy has launched a cruise missile at a terrorist site Bond is surveying - Robinson gets on communications line with Bond]
Charles Robinson: White knight, 4 minutes to impact. Get out of there.
Charles Robinson: Yes, dammit, I know what it is, it's on the screen in front of me. It's a jeep in front of a plane! Now get the hell OUT of there!
Admiral Roebuck: What the hell is going on?
Charles Robinson: [to Bond] You will NOT wait! That is an order!
Admiral Roebuck: What is your man waiting for?
Charles Robinson: White Knight?
[Robinson reacts with horror to something on the screen]
Charles Robinson: Oh my God, those are Soviet SB-5 nuclear torpedoes! If the cruise hits them...
M: Order them to abort the missile!
Admiral Roebuck: [picks up phone] HMS Chester, urgent, Abort missile! Abort missile!

[first lines]
Charles Robinson: Our man's in position on the center camera. It's like a terrorist supermarket. Chinese Long March Scud, Panther AS-565 attack helicopter, a pair of Russian mortars, and the crates look like American rifles. Chilean mines. German explosives. Fun for the whole family.

The World Is Not Enough (1999)
[Bond and Christmas emerge from the ruptured pipeline]
James Bond: [to Christmas as she emerges from the pipeline] Come on, give me your hand. Jump, jump, jump.
Dr. Christmas Jones: Do you wanna explain why you did that? I could have stopped that bomb! You almost killed us!
James Bond: I DID kill us! She thinks we're dead and she thinks she got away with it!
Dr. Christmas Jones: Do you wanna put that in English for those of us who don't speak spy. Who's she?
James Bond: Elektra King.
Dr. Christmas Jones: Well, why would she blow up her own pipeline?
James Bond: It makes her look innocent. The explosion covers up the theft of the plutonium. And they make it look like a terrorist attack.
Dr. Christmas Jones: [takes a tin of plutonium out of her bag] But why leave this half?
James Bond: So there's enough to spread around to cover up for the part that they did take
Dr. Christmas Jones: But what are they gonna do with the other half? Its not enough to make a nuclear bomb.
James Bond: You're the scientist. You tell me?
Dr. Christmas Jones: I don't know. But the world's greatest terrorist running around with 6 kilos of weapons-grade plutonium can't be good. I have to get it back. Or somebody's gonna have my ass.
James Bond: First things first.
[talks into the two-way radio attatched to his belt]
James Bond: Bond to Robinson, do you copy?
Dr. Christmas Jones: By the way, before we go any further, I just want to know. What's the story with you and Elektra?
James Bond: We're stictly plutonic, now.
[into two-way]
James Bond: Bond to Robinson, copy?
James Bond: [to Chrismas] What's your story? What are you doing here in Kazakhstan?
Dr. Christmas Jones: Avoiding those kind of questions just like you.
Robinson: [from two way] I read you, Double-Oh-Seven. Red Alert. M is missing with Elektra, three men down. Await instructions. Out.
Dr. Christmas Jones: What do we do now?
James Bond: There's one critical element here I may have overlooked.
Dr. Christmas Jones: What, more plutonium?
James Bond: No. Beluga caviar.