Mr. White
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Mr. White (Character)
from Casino Royale (2006)

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Spectre (2015/I)
Mr. White: [to Bond] I always knew death would wear a familiar face... but not yours.

James Bond: I was in a meeting recently, and your name came up.
Mr. White: I'm flattered London is still talking about me.
James Bond: It wasn't MI6... it was Rome.
[reveals a Spectre ring]

Mr. White: You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond.

James Bond: Where is he?
Mr. White: He is everywhere. He's everywhere! He's at a bar with your friends, he's having dinner with your kids, he's in bed with your lover!

Quantum of Solace (2008)
Mr. White: [after his associates have fled the opera house] I guess Tosca isn't for everyone.

James Bond: Are you going to tell us who you work for?
Mr. White: I was always very interested to meet you. I heard so much about you from Vesper. The real shame is, if she hadn't killed herself we would've had you too.

Mr. White: The first thing you should know about us is... we have people everywhere.

Casino Royale (2006)
Mr. White: Hello?
James Bond: Mr. White? We need to talk.
Mr. White: Who is this?
[a shot rings out. White's leg is shattered. He drops to the ground in obvious pain and drags himself toward the house. He is stopped at the steps by the feet of a man in a suit. He looks up to see Bond with a cell phone in one hand and an assault weapon in the other]
James Bond: The name's Bond. James Bond.

Le Chiffre: [trying to keep calm to the African assassins] I'll get the money. Tell them I'll, I'll get the money.
Mr. White: Money isn't as valuable to our organization as knowing who to trust.
[shoots him]