Boris Grishenko
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Boris Grishenko (Character)
from GoldenEye (1995)

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GoldenEye (1995)
[repeated line]
Boris Grishenko: I am invincible!

Boris Grishenko: [after hacking into an FBI database and blocking their trace scan] Better luck next time... Slugheads!

Natalya Simonova: This is not one of your games, Boris. Real people will die, you pathetic little worm!
Alec Trevelyan: She was in the mainframe. Check the computer.
Boris Grishenko: She's a moron. A second level programmer.
Boris Grishenko: She works on the guidance system. She doesn't even have access to the filing codes.
[Alarm starts buzzing]

Boris Grishenko: [shaking a malfunctioning computer monitor vigorously] Speak to me!

Boris Grishenko: Natalya! Shh, shh, it's me! It's Boris. It's Boris. It's Boris. Hello.

Natalya Simonova: Boris!
Boris Grishenko: What? I thought I'd post it on the internet, no?
Natalya Simonova: What's the password?
Boris Grishenko: I made it easy this time. Even you should be able to break it - borscht for brains. Alright. Alright. I'll give you a hint. They're right in front of you and can open very large doors.
Natalya Simonova: [Types in: Knockers] You're such a geek.

Boris Grishenko: The Americans are slugheads! They'll never detect me.
[Computer flashes: Unauthorized Access Detected]
Natalya Simonova: You were saying, slughead.
Boris Grishenko: Nobody screws with Boris Grishenko!

Boris Grishenko: Was it good for you too?
Natalya Simonova: I'm getting some coffee.
Boris Grishenko: I'm going for a cigarette.

Boris Grishenko: [shouting at Natalya; shaking Bond's pen grenade in her face] GIVE ME THE CODES, NATALYA! GIVE 'EM TO ME...
James Bond: [James, who has been counting the number of clicks Boris as been doing with his pen, knocks Boris to the ground, causing the pen to fly into a vat of fluid below. Bond and Natalya duck just in time before the pen grenade explodes]