Evelyn Tremble
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Evelyn Tremble (Character)
from Casino Royale (1967)

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Casino Royale (1967)
Piper: Excuse me. Are you Richard Burton?
Evelyn Tremble: No, I'm Peter O'Toole!
Piper: Then you're the finest man that ever breathed.

Evelyn Tremble: Grand Prix enthusiasts may be worried by the amount of time it has taken me to get into this Lotus Formula Three. What they don't realize is, although Le Chiffre thinks he has a faster car than me, I am faster in my Lotus Formula Three. Hee Hee!

Vesper Lynd: Mr Evelyn Tremble?
Evelyn Tremble: Yes, that's right.
Vesper Lynd: Isn't Evelyn a girl's name?
Evelyn Tremble: No, it's mine, actually.

Evelyn Tremble: Mr. Mathis, there's something that's been worrying me...
Inspector Mathis: Yes?
Evelyn Tremble: Well, you're a French police inspector, yet you speak with a Scots accent.
Inspector Mathis: Aye, it worries me, too.

Evelyn Tremble: If I'm not back in five minutes, start without me.

Q's Assistant: [showing Bond a pen] When the nib touches the paper it releases a stream of poisonous gas into the writer's eye.
Evelyn Tremble: Ideal if you want to send a...
Q's Assistant: [chiming in wearily] ... Poison pen letter, yes, all our agents say that, sir.

Q's Assistant: What side do you dress on?
Evelyn Tremble: Away from the window.

Evelyn Tremble: [Vesper has just been kidnapped] Haven't by any chance seen a young lady in a green dress, have you?
Casino Doorman: [Who witnessed the kidnapping] Let me see, sir. Would that be a lady with a black bag over her head being manhandled by two unsavory gentlemens?
Evelyn Tremble: Could very well be, yes.
Casino Doorman: She went that way, sir, in a car.

[Evelyn is afraid of looking through a window]
Vesper Lynd: Don't worry it's a one-way mirror.
Evelyn Tremble: Which way?

Evelyn Tremble: [He and Vesper are leaving] Excuse me.
Casino Director: Willingly.

Vesper Lynd: Haven't you read the papers today?
Evelyn Tremble: I don't normally get them quite so early.
Vesper Lynd: I get them before they're printed.
Evelyn Tremble: Well, I suppose you can do anything if you have money.

Vesper Lynd: So nice of you to come.
Evelyn Tremble: My pleasure.

Giovanna Goodthighs: I'm Miss Goodthighs.
Evelyn Tremble: I can see that. You've got your cork still in your bottle.
Giovanna Goodthighs: So I have. What are you going to do about it?

Le Chiffre: I see everything that goes on at this table. Nothing escapes me.
Evelyn Tremble: I'm quite sure it doesn't. But, you know, we mustn't forget, that...
[Begins speaking in an Indian accent]
Evelyn Tremble: the beggar who is sitting in the market place, he is completely deaf, in so much as far as listening to the song that is coming from the mockingbird, is concerned.
Le Chiffre: I'm sorry, Mr. Bond, I don't get the connection.
Evelyn Tremble: Aw, you will. You will.

Evelyn Tremble: Do you know me from somewhere?
Vesper Lynd: Your book, "Tremble and Baccarat". I've studied it very closely - at night - in my bed.
Evelyn Tremble: Is that where you study it?

Vesper Lynd: Why don't you come down to me?
Evelyn Tremble: Thank you very much. Lovely place you've got down there.

Vesper Lynd: I do so like to feel comfortable with whatever I'm doing.
Evelyn Tremble: Oh, yes, in deed. Yes. The more relaxed the muscles, the - better the synchronization between mind and body.
Vesper Lynd: I should think you're frightfully synchronized, Mr. Tremble. Martini?
Evelyn Tremble: What about them?
Vesper Lynd: I was about to offer you one.

Vesper Lynd: There are things I didn't understand to well in your book. Let me see, eh, was it in Chapter 7 or Chapter 6?
Evelyn Tremble: Chapter 6, probably. Then, of course, it could have been, Chapter 7. Have you got the book or is it still in your bed?
Vesper Lynd: I believe it is.

Evelyn Tremble: Tell me, Miss Goodthighs, how much did you tip the porter to let you in here?
Giovanna Goodthighs: I just showed him a little kindness.
Evelyn Tremble: How much?
Giovanna Goodthighs: Not too much. He's 83.
Evelyn Tremble: Oh, it's a good year.

Evelyn Tremble: So, what can I do for you?
Giovanna Goodthighs: The question should be what can I do for you?
Evelyn Tremble: Good. You got any suggestions?
Giovanna Goodthighs: Yes. For one.
[Draws him close for a kiss]

Giovanna Goodthighs: Tell me about yourself, James.
Evelyn Tremble: Oh, well, I've had some pretty wild times in my life. Em, could you move over a bit. You're lying on my loose change.

Giovanna Goodthighs: Mmm, James, I *need* you.
Evelyn Tremble: Yes, yes, yes. Well, I can understand that, my dear. I can understand that.
Giovanna Goodthighs: I want to know you better.
Evelyn Tremble: You're absolutely right.

Evelyn Tremble: [to Miss Goodthighs] Look, I think I better - freshen up a bit. Quick. I'll be back in five minutes. If I'm not, start without me.

Cashier: Thank you, Monsieur. Could we have the name please?
Evelyn Tremble: Bond. James Bond.
Cashier: James Bon - James Bond?
Vesper Lynd: Yes. James Bond.
Evelyn Tremble: Yes. James Bond.
Cashier: I wonder if you'd be kind enough to sign my autograph book. It's not for me, you understand, it's, eh, my little sister.

Le Chiffre: Bond? James Bond? The name is familiar.
Evelyn Tremble: I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Though, I'm flattered you've heard of me.
Le Chiffre: I have heard of you; but, not as an expert on baccarat.

Le Chiffre: It looks as though luck isn't on your side of the road tonight, old man.
Evelyn Tremble: She has a habit of moving around.