Wai Lin
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Wai Lin (Character)
from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
[Carver is revealing his plan to Wai Lin]
Elliot Carver: What you are about to witness, Ms. Lin, is not so much a missile attack, but the launch of a new world order. In precisely five minutes after your countrymen have attacked the British fleet, I shall retaliate for dear old England by sending this missile into Beijing, where General Chang has just called an emergency meeting of the Chinese High Command. Unfortunately, General Chang will be delayed in traffic, arriving just after the missile has killed your leaders, and too late to stop the air force from sinking the entire British fleet, but he will be just in time to take over the Government, negotiate a truce, and emerge as a world leader, with the Nobel Peace Prize.
Wai Lin: And what do you get?
Elliot Carver: Me? oh, nothing. Just exclusive broadcasting rights in China for the next hundred years.

Wai Lin: [bobbing in the South China Sea in scuba gear] Still interested in hostile takeovers?
James Bond: It's the opportunities for travel, that I like best about banking.

Wai Lin: [straddling Bond on a motorcycle] Don't get any ideas, Mr Bond.
James Bond: I wouldn't dream of it.

James Bond: [on the motorcycle] Get on the back!
Wai Lin: Why? Are you trying to protect me?
James Bond: No, I need to balance the bike. Now get on the back!