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Nigel Small-Fawcett (Character)
from Never Say Never Again (1983)

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Never Say Never Again (1983)
[Last lines]
[Small-Fawcett is thrown into the pool by James Bond]
Small-Fawcett: I'm sorry Mr. Bond. I obviously caught you in a bad moment.
James Bond: M sent you!
Small-Fawcett: Only to plead for your return, Sir. M says that without you in the service, he fears for the security of the civilized world.
James Bond: Never again.
Domino Petachi: Never?
[they hug and Bond winks to the audience]

Small-Fawcett: Nigel Small-Fawcett. British Embassy. Nassau.
James Bond: How do you do, Nigel?
Small-Fawcett: Sorry I'm late. But, as you're one of these undercover johnnies, I took the precaution of not being followed.
James Bond: And that's why you shouted my name across the harbor.
Small-Fawcett: Oh, God! Did I? Oh, I'm sorry. Damn! Damn! Sorry, I'm rather new to all this.

James Bond: What's the score with Largo?
Small-Fawcett: Oh, he's highly visible in these parts. Enormously wealthy. Owns the biggest boat in the Caribbean...
James Bond: You've met him?
Small-Fawcett: Yes. He's charming. I mean - foreign. But, charming, nonetheless.

Small-Fawcett: You're not going to make any trouble, are you Mr. Bond? Let's face it. Your reputation has proceeded you.
James Bond: Do I look like the sort of man who would make trouble?
Small-Fawcett: Well, yes, frankly. And you're going to jeopardize the tourists trade if you start going around killing people.

Small-Fawcett: Jolly good!