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Nikolai Diavolo (Character)
from James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (2003) (VG)

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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (2003) (VG)
Nikolai Diavolo: First, we take over Russia, then we unleash our little nanobots on the world!

Nikolai Diavolo: [standing in a shadowy part of the room] Good morning, Katya. I deduce the mission was successful.
Katya Nadanova: All of the nanobots were destroyed...
[holds a Nanobot]
Katya Nadanova: ... except for one, courtesy of MI6 and James Bond.
[throws the Nanobot to Diavolo, who catches it]
Nikolai Diavolo: [suspictious tone] Bond? James Bond?
[walks into the light]
Katya Nadanova: You know him?
Nikolai Diavolo: [slightly angry] He killed Max Zorin. My mantor, my teacher, my friend.
Katya Nadanova: I-I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Nikolai Diavolo: How ironic. Bond has now planted the seeds for its own destruction. Soon enough, the world will know, and fear the name, Nikolai Diavolo.
Katya Nadanova: You'll have everything you desire.
Nikolai Diavolo: [slowly] Yes, Katya. Everything, or nothing.
[they kiss]

Nikolai Diavolo: Tell me, Bond. How does it feel to lose?
Bond, James: You're about to find out, Diavolo.

[in a control tower on the last level]
Nikolai Diavolo: [turns around to see Bond down below] This is where you die.

Bond, James: [after Katya captures Bond] James Bond. So delighted you can join us.
[walks over to Bond]
Nikolai Diavolo: I guess you're not here for small talk are you?
Bond, James: Only if you consider nanobots that destroy metal "small".
Nikolai Diavolo: [laughs slightly] Look at the big picture. In 12 hours I'll be in Moscow. When my nanorobots will destroy the Kremlin, after I take over Russia, Europe will follow.
Bond, James: I've seen that movie, Diavolo. It always ends bad.
Nikolai Diavolo: My nanorobot army is unstoppable Mr. Bond! My nanobots destroy all metal they touch, and the only weapon that you have left is sarcasm.
[to Katya]
Nikolai Diavolo: Kill him!
Katya Nadanova: [turns on the drilling machine] Goodbye, James.

Nikolai Diavolo: [holding 003 hostage] It seems you came on a fool's errand, 003. Sometimes, I think that MI6 appoints your numbers based on the level of your I.Q.
[Bond tries to shoot Diavolo through the window]
Nikolai Diavolo: A friend of yours?
[to Bond]
Nikolai Diavolo: You'll have to do better than that, it's bullet proof.
[shoots 003]
Nikolai Diavolo: Now, enjoy a slow, but inevitable death, 003.