Damian Falco
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Damian Falco (Character)
from Die Another Day (2002)

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Die Another Day (2002)
Falco: I hope nobody here's superstitious. That's one big mirror we're about to break.

Falco: We're here in case things escalate, not to make sure they do.

Falco: You get your house in order, or we're gonna do it for you.

Falco: James Bond. You think he was some kind of hero.

Falco: James Bond... just in time for the fireworks.
James Bond: Let's get down to business.

Falco: You were supposed to throw away the key, not leave the door wide open.
M: Are you saying I had a hand in his escape?
Falco: Well, he did get away real fast.
M: Well that is what he is trained to do...

Falco: [Icarus is destroying the minefield in the DMZ] The moment that thing hits the 38th parallel, we're going to launch everything we have at it!
M: That might not be enough!