Paris Carver
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Paris Carver (Character)
from Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Paris Carver: Do you know I used to look in the papers every day for your obituary.
James Bond: Well, I'm sorry I keep disappointing you.

James Bond: I always wondered how I'd feel if I ever saw you again.
[Paris turns around slaps Bond across the face]
James Bond: Now I know. Was it something I said?
Paris Carver: How about the words, "I'll be right back"?
James Bond: Something came up.
Paris Carver: Something always came up.

Paris Carver: Tell me, James: do you still sleep with a gun under your pillow?

James Bond: Why did you marry him?
Paris Carver: He told me he loved me.
James Bond: That always sounds good.

Party Waiter: Something to drink, Mrs. Carver?
Paris Carver: Mr. Bond will have Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred.
James Bond: Mrs. Carver will have a Tequila, straight shot.
Paris Carver: No. Mrs. Carver will have a glass of Mr. Carver's champagne.

James Bond: [Making a toast] To you.
Paris Carver: No, to the gun.

Paris Carver: [to Bond] If it comes to a choice between you and Elliot I've made my bed. You don't sleep in it anymore.

Paris Carver: [sighs] What was it James? Did I get too close? Did I get to close for - comfort?
James Bond: Yes.
[Passionate kiss, then Bond undresses Paris]
Paris Carver: I missed you.

Paris Carver: Don't argue with me James. You know, this job of yours - eh, it's murder on relationships.