Victor Zsasz
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Victor Zsasz (Character)
from "Gotham" (2014)

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"Gotham: Penguin's Umbrella (#1.7)" (2014)
Victor Zsasz: My name is Victor Zsasz, I've been appointed personally by Don Falcone for a matter of deep concern. I'm here for Jim Gordon, only him. Everybody minds their own business, everything's cool.

James Gordon: Tell Falcone we'll talk, just not today.
Victor Zsasz: Why would you do that? Alive is a very broad term. Someone with no hands can be alive.
James Gordon: There are fifty cops in this room, try something.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) (VG)
Victor Zsasz: I see anything that looks even a LITTLE BIT like a bat and this guard DIES. Do you hear me?

Batman Begins (2005) (VG)
Victor Zsasz: [Batman is about to interrogate Flass] He has come to get you, piggy!