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Harvey Bullock (Character)
from "Gotham" (2014)

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"Gotham: Spirit of the Goat (#1.6)" (2014)
Detective Dix: He always thinks he's the smartest one in the room.
James Gordon: I know, right?
Harvey Bullock: That's because I'm always in a room full of idiots.

Harvey Bullock: Holy Ghost on a bicycle.

Detective Dix: Randall, be smart. Come out of there, or we're gonna have to blow you away.
Randall Milkie: Randall Milkie is undone. Gone. This body is moved by the Spirit of the Goat.
Harvey Bullock: Ah, we're gonna go with Milkie. I already did the paperwork.

Dr. Marks: This city used to have hope. And they gunned it down in the streets, the rich, the powerful. Their greed is pathological, an id run rampant, eating Gotham alive.
Harvey Bullock: So your 1 percent solution is to kill the city's rich kids?
Dr. Marks: Negative reinforcement. To believe that the Goat is real, that it wouldn't tolerate this? Gotham wanted that, no matter how painful it was. You know, it's true what they say:.you can't really hypnotize somebody to do something that, deep down, they don't already want to do. And deep down, we all want to eat the rich. Don't we?

Harvey Bullock: Dr. Marks, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder, coercion, and, frankly, a few things we'll probably have to name after you.

[last lines]
Harvey Bullock: [noticing Oswald in the doorway] Holy crap.
Oswald Cobblepot: Hello.
Oswald Cobblepot: I am Oswald Cobblepot.
Harvey Bullock: [to James] You son of a bitch.
James Gordon: Harvey...
Harvey Bullock: [lunging at him] You son of a bitch!

Randall Milkie: You can never stop the Goat! This body may fail, but I will not! I will always come back! I will always come back!
Harvey Bullock: Come back from this!
[shoots him]

Harvey Bullock: Ten years ago, Randall Milkie took an 1813 Liberty penny, just like this one, and sewed it into the heads of each one of his victims.
James Gordon: Why?
Harvey Bullock: How the hell do I know? He bum-rushed me wearing animal horns, I shot him. We didn't talk coin collecting.

"Gotham: Penguin's Umbrella (#1.7)" (2014)
Harvey Bullock: So I've been thinking. You're still a douche bag. But you have the moral high ground. So I'm gonna back your play, whatever it is. I figure I'm doomed anyhow. I might as well join the good guys.
James Gordon: Thank you.
Harvey Bullock: So what is your play? I mean, you got one, right? You said you had one.
James Gordon: Tomorrow morning, I'm arresting Falcone and the mayor for the framing of Mario Pepper. Conspiracy, POJ, Rico, the works.
Harvey Bullock: Well, that's a... that's a hell of a plan. You sit there with a panel of chimpanzees and a bucket of crack and come up with that one?
James Gordon: I figure whatever else happens, we'll stir things up. We might even make the papers.
Harvey Bullock: Oh, yeah, we're gonna make the papers, all right. We're gonna be dead in the streets in time for the evening edition.
James Gordon: Well, at least the people will know the truth. And we'll go out doing our jobs, enforcing the law.
Harvey Bullock: That's the best inspirational speech, you got? Doing our jobs?
James Gordon: You don't have to join me.
Harvey Bullock: No, I'm game. Like I said, I'm doomed anyhow.

Mayor Aubrey James: Jumping catfish.
James Gordon: Good morning, Mayor James.
Mayor Aubrey James: Gordon, you scared... scared the bejebers out of me. I almost spilled my coffee.
James Gordon: Sorry. Sir, you're under arrest.
Mayor Aubrey James: That's not funny.
Harvey Bullock: Depends where you're sitting.
James Gordon: [slips him arrest warrant] Might want to take a look at this.

Carmine Falcone: What on earth are you thinking?
James Gordon: We're thinking we're taking you both to jail and charge you with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Carmine Falcone: Try and take me in, you won't make it to the end of the street.
Mayor Aubrey James: That's exactly what I said.
James Gordon: This is a lawful arrest. If you resist, you will be shot.
Carmine Falcone: I see. We all die together in a blaze of glory.
James Gordon: If that's how it works out, it's fine with me. How about you, Harvey?
Harvey Bullock: Fine by me.
Mayor Aubrey James: Oh, God.

Carmine Falcone: I envy you boys. Having nothing to lose must be liberating. Must feel pretty good.
James Gordon: Yes, it does.
Carmine Falcone: Suppose you did have something to lose. What would you do then? Suppose, for instance, I had a knife to Barbara Kean's throat, right now? Would you still be so brave?
James Gordon: You don't.
Carmine Falcone: I'm telling you, I do.
James Gordon: You're a liar.
Carmine Falcone: I have many faults, but I'm not a liar. Victor Zsasz has Barbara. You know Victor.
James Gordon: You're lying. She's far away.
Carmine Falcone: She came back. Came right to me to plead for your life. You have a good woman there. She loves you very much. Too much.
James Gordon: Prove it. Prove you have her.
Carmine Falcone: I could. But I won't. I want you to believe me.
Harvey Bullock: It's obvious, Jim. He's lying.
Carmine Falcone: Am I? If you think, go ahead and try to bring me in. You'll be dead, so you won't know what happens to Barbara. But it won't be pretty.
Harvey Bullock: Lying.
Carmine Falcone: On my mother's grave. Drop your gun, and Barbara won't be harmed in any way.

Harvey Bullock: Game's over. I have to kill you, take your body to Falcone and beg for mercy.
James Gordon: I know I screwed up. Don't kill me. I have a plan, help me.

Carmine Falcone: Such a waste though. Gotham needs men like you. Both of you. Strong men with principles. I wish I could show you I'm not the enemy. The system is not the enemy. The enemy is anarchy. But I told you that before, didn't I, Jim?
James Gordon: Yes, you did.
Carmine Falcone: You didn't listen though.
Harvey Bullock: Do we get a last meal or a smoke or anything? Or just talk?

"Gotham: Mad City: Burn the Witch (#3.2)" (2016)
[the GCPD raid Fish Mooney's hideout]
Fish Mooney: [as the police storm in] Oh, we have company.
Harvey Bullock: GCPD! Don't nobody move!

[Harvey Bullock tells the mansion gate guard that he's there to see Hugo Strange]
Harvey Bullock: I'm here to see Strange.
Mansion Gate Guard: We haven't heard anything.
Harvey Bullock: You haven't? That's strange. I mean strange weird, not the guy Strange.

[Captain Barnes asks Fish Mooney to put Bullock on the phone]
Harvey Bullock: [Fish looks to Bullock] You don't control me anymore.
Fish Mooney: [Fish looks to Sid] Sid.
Harvey Bullock: [Sid tightens the gun to Bullock's head] Hey, Cap. How are ya? Sorry.

[Fish Mooney tells Captain Barnes that if anybody enters the mansion Bullock gets a bullet]
Fish Mooney: Don't you know you're speaking to a dying woman, which severely limits your negotiating position? So here's how it's going to go down. One cop comes within 20 feet of this place, and Harvey, although I love him, will eat a bullet.
Harvey Bullock: [Fish slams the phone shut] You had to come back, didn't you?
Fish Mooney: Like a bad penny.

[Jim Gordon walks up to Harvey Bullock as a second hostage]
Harvey Bullock: Jim, what the hell are you doing here?
James Gordon: Saving you; I thought that was obvious.
Harvey Bullock: Oh, yeah. Totally. Thank you.

[Jim Gordon tells Fish Mooney that he showed up to the mansion alone to save Bullock]
James Gordon: I'm here on my own. I only want Bullock.
Fish Mooney: Really? You'd risk your life for this broken down old thing?
Harvey Bullock: Thanks.
James Gordon: He'd do the same for me.
Harvey Bullock: I would, it's true.
Fish Mooney: Well, you've helped me, 'cause now I have two hostages.
James Gordon: Barnes won't see it that way. Hell, you kill me, he'll probably thank you. I've been nothing but a pain in the ass to him.
Harvey Bullock: Also true.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Into the Woods (#2.17)" (2016)
[Captain Barnes asks Harvey Bullock where Jim Gordon is]
Nathaniel Barnes: Bullock! This is your one and only chance. You tell me where he is.
Harvey Bullock: Hand to God, Cap. I have no idea.
Nathaniel Barnes: Oh, stop it. You're not smart enough to play dumb.

[Captain Barnes tells Harvey Bullock that they serve the people of Gotham]
Nathaniel Barnes: The public, the people of Gotham? The ones you and I serve? They have to know, they have to see that we're impartial, you understand?
Harvey Bullock: The people of Gotham can eat my socks.

[Edward Nygma asks Harvey Bullock what he thinks Jim Gordon will do after escaping prison]
Edward Nygma: So, what do you think he'll do?
Harvey Bullock: Knowing Jim Gordon, I'd say he's not gonna rest until he finds the son of a bitch who framed him for murder.

[Harvey Bullock tells Jim Gordon that 500 cops probably have a beef with him]
Harvey Bullock: I mean, come on, Jim, be honest. You probably got 500 cops who have beef with you.
James Gordon: Yeah, but enough to frame me for murder?
Harvey Bullock: Maybe 10.

[Harvey Bullock calls his connection in I.A. for Jim Gordon]
Harvey Bullock: Hey! Ginny. How is my favorite I.A. sugar plum, huh?
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock begins talking serious in front of Gordon] Well, why do you think I'm calling, baby?

[Harvey Bullock tells Jim Gordon the reward for bringing Gordon in]
Harvey Bullock: Governor announced a $10,000 reward for anyone who helps catch you.
James Gordon: $10,000? You should turn me in.
Harvey Bullock: If he doubled it to 20, I'd give it some thought.

"Gotham: Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell (#3.1)" (2016)
[Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock listen to Mayor Aubrey James' speech to the media]
Harvey Bullock: Hear that? You should be lauded.
James Gordon: [Gordon smiles] I'll settle for the cash.

[Harvey Bullock asks Jim Gordon what happens when there's no more Indian Hill escapees to arrest]
Harvey Bullock: How many escapees you brought in now? Hmm? Six? Five grand a pop? That's not too bad. What happens when there aren't any more?
James Gordon: I don't think Gotham's running out of monsters anytime soon.

[Harvey Bullock tries to ask Jim Gordon to come back to the GCPD]
Harvey Bullock: Look, whatever happened when you went to see Lee, and you know I don't like to pry...
James Gordon: [Gordon smiles] Sure you don't.
Harvey Bullock: That's because you won't tell me anything. The whole point is man's not supposed to be alone. You have a family here.
James Gordon: Can't do it, Harv.

[Jim Gordon tells Harvey Bullock that saving Gotham's not his job anymore]
Harvey Bullock: You are a cop in everything but name.
James Gordon: Yeah, except I don't have to listen to Barnes. I get to go home when I want, get drunk when I want. And at the end of the day, I sleep. 'Cause saving Gotham's not my job anymore.
Harvey Bullock: Jim, I love you like a brother, but you've got to stop blaming the job for what happened between you and Lee. And do you really think I don't get drunk when I want?
[Bullock takes a drink out of his flask]

[Harvey Bullock uses Lucius Fox as an example of why Gordon should consider returning to the GCPD]
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock looks to Gordon] See, look at Lucius here. Our new resident expert on all things scientific. He said sayonara to the Wayne Enterprises robots, hmm, and he loves it here.
Lucius Fox: Wayne Enterprises revealed itself as morally corrupt. Here, despite the primitive facilities, casual violence, fascistic meathead culture...
Harvey Bullock: Lucius!
Lucius Fox: I love it.

"Gotham: Mad City: New Day Rising (#3.4)" (2016)
[Captain Barnes tells Jim Gordon to stay away from the Mad Hatter]
Nathaniel Barnes: This is an active investigation. You go anywhere near him, I'll have you arrested.
James Gordon: For what? No law against two private citizens having a chat. I'll come by later to pick up my check.
Harvey Bullock: [as Gordon walks out of Barnes' office] I bet I'd make a kick-ass P.I.
Nathaniel Barnes: Get out.

[Harvey Bullock interrogates the young Tweed brother]
Harvey Bullock: I bet you were close growing up, huh? Wrestling around the house, driving your mom crazy. Five little kids all dreaming of stardom.
Harvey Bullock: [the young Tweed brother sobs] Yeah, I'm a fan. My dad used to always take me down to the rassling matches at the Garden. I also happen to know most luchadores... request to be buried in their masks as a sign of honor...
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock lights a lighter to the Tweed brother's mask] And respect. I really, really hope that wasn't the case with your brothers.
Young Tweed Brother: OK! OK! Ill tell you!
[the young Tweed brother proceeds to blow out the flame]

[Harvey Bullock relays a message to Jim Gordon from Leslie Thompkins]
Harvey Bullock: Yeah. She also told me if you check out on my watch, it's my head.
James Gordon: Guess you're gonna have to trust me.
Harvey Bullock: Remember to chisel that into my tombstone.

Nathaniel Barnes: You want to explain yourself?
Harvey Bullock: I was following a lead.
Nathaniel Barnes: You were following some misguided notion about friendship. James Gordon is gonna get you killed one day, you get that?
Nathaniel Barnes: Maybe. But until that day, I will never turn my back on him.

[first lines]
Alice Tetch: [Bullock enters interrogation room] You don't understand. My-my brother will find out I'm here, and he'll come for me. Nothing will stop him.
Harvey Bullock: This is the brother that took you to Strange to try and fix you?
Alice Tetch: What? No. Jervis kept me a prisoner most of my life, and when I finally managed to escape, I ran as far away from him as I could.
Harvey Bullock: Mm-hmm, and landed in Gotham.
Alice Tetch: It seemed like a good place to hide. Until Strange found me and locked me in Indian Hill.
Harvey Bullock: I'll admit, not the best luck for you, or your future landlord.
Alice Tetch: That was an accident.
Harvey Bullock: The infecting part, or the lighting him on fire part?

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze (#2.12)" (2016)
[Jim Gordon arrives to the GCPD as Harvey Bullock welcomes him]
Harvey Bullock: It's a good thing you're here. Caught a weird one last night.
James Gordon: That's it? No hug? No kiss? No 'Welcome back'?
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock points to his lips] You don't deserve these lips.

[Edward Nygma, Jim Gordon, and Harvey Bullock investigate the liquid nitrogen that could've killed Officer Holt]
Edward Nygma: Interesting. It took nearly five seconds to freeze this rose in liquid nitrogen.
James Gordon: So?
Edward Nygma: Well, so, it would take a human body significantly longer, depending on mass and body fat, of course.
Harvey Bullock: Well, why would a cop stand around for hours, waiting to get frozen?
Edward Nygma: She wouldn't. Which means your suspect wasn't using liquid nitrogen. He was using super-cooled liquid helium. It's one of the most effective substances in the world for rapid temperature reduction.

[Harvey Bullock makes fun of Edward Nygma by calling him a dummy]
Edward Nygma: [Nygma in a low tone] I don't like being called names, detective.
James Gordon: Easy, Ed. I'm sure Harvey was just being colorful.
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock chuckles] Yeah. Yeah. I was just being colorful, Ed. I'm sorry.

[Harvey Bullock tells Jim Gordon the good news and the bad news]
Harvey Bullock: Got some good news and bad news.
James Gordon: Good news.
Harvey Bullock: Nygma did some digging, found one company in all of Gotham that makes liquid helium. Wayne Enterprises.
James Gordon: That's the good news?
Harvey Bullock: It's not, but I thought 'bad news and more bad news' didn't have the same ring.

[Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock try and pronounce the last name of Nora Fries]
James Gordon: 'Frees.' Nora Fries. His wife, maybe?
Harvey Bullock: Yeah, maybe, but it's 'Fries.'
James Gordon: What do you mean?
Harvey Bullock: It's pronounced 'Fries.'
James Gordon: How do you know?
Harvey Bullock: I'm really good with names.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Prisoners (#2.16)" (2016)
[Harvey Bullock talks on the phone with Harvey Dent about Jim Gordon]
Harvey Bullock: Dent, they got him in general population now, F Wing. You know what that means? Everyone we've ever put away is in there! Stop saying that. There's always something you can do. A retrial, or have him transferred to another prison for God's sake. You know what, just keep doing what you always do, which is nothing!
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock slams the phone down when he see's Edward Nygma] Ed. He's wasting away in that place while the real killer's out there somewhere, eating donuts and getting laid.

[Harvey Bullock visits Jim Gordon at Blackgate Penitentiary]
Harvey Bullock: Damn. You look good, brother. This place agrees with you. Maybe I'll check in. Lose a few pounds, hmm? Get a cool tat.
James Gordon: [Gordon shakes Bullock's hand with a stern face] You don't need to check up on me.
Harvey Bullock: Are you kidding? Highlight of my week to see your smiling face.

[Harvey Bullock tells Jim Gordon to not let the loss of his baby break him in prison]
Harvey Bullock: Hey, don't let this beat you.
James Gordon: It's good to see you, Harv.
Harvey Bullock: [Gordon begins to walk off] Jim, I'm gonna get you out of here, I promise. Jim, don't let this break you! Don't give up hope.

[Harvey Bullock tells Jim Gordon that he's a fighter]
Harvey Bullock: You're a fighter, Jim. You got knocked down. Do you stay down? Or do you get back up?

[last lines]
James Gordon: [Jim Gordon finds Puck dead in the passenger seat of the ambulance] Puck? No. No, we made it. Come on! Don't give up! Puck?
Harvey Bullock: He's gone. Jim, he's gone.

Batman: Arkham Origins (2013) (VG)
G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock: [arresting Joker] Where'd he go?
The Joker: Who?
G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock: The Bat. Your partner!
The Joker: Partner?
G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock: Who else would jump off a building to save your sorry ass?
The Joker: You know, Officer, I was wondering the same thing myself.

GCPD Captain James Gordon: We caught the Joker.
G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock: [over radio] Son of a bitch. You caught'im. How'd you do it?
GCPD Captain James Gordon: [sees Batman is gone] I, uh, had help.

GCPD Captain James Gordon: [finding Firefly unconscious and hanging by a rope] He did it.
G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock: You mean the Bat? Don't give him too much credit. Something tells me that if you hadn't given the bomb squad the breach order, this whole bridge would be at the bottom of the river.
GCPD Captain James Gordon: Get'im out of here.

G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock: [to Gordon] No such thing as a Bat Man, huh?

G.C.P.D. Det. Harvey Bullock: Hold it right there!
GCPD Captain James Gordon: I'm bringing you in.
Batman: Not tonight.

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster (#2.7)" (2015)
[Harvey Bullock asks Jim Gordon about trusting mayor, Theo Galavan]
Harvey Bullock: Looks like you backed the right horse. You trust him?
James Gordon: A Gotham politician? About as far as I can throw him.

[Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock stakeout Butch Gilzean's place]
Harvey Bullock: I say we wait to see if someone can walk us inside. Try and keep things civil.
Harvey Bullock: [Harvey notices Jim isn't paying attention] Did I tell you I was thinking about getting a cat?
James Gordon: What?
Harvey Bullock: Hey! How are you? Why don't you get your head in the game here?

[Jim Gordon asks Harvey Bullock about if he believes Theo Galavan's story]
James Gordon: Do you believe Galavan's story?
Harvey Bullock: Questions like that are above my pay grade and below my sense of wonder.

[Jim Gordon asks Harvey Bullock about if Butch Gilzean is telling the truth]
James Gordon: You think he was telling the truth?
Harvey Bullock: Nobody's telling the truth. This is Gotham.

James Gordon: Do you believe Galavan's story?
Harvey Bullock: Questions like that are above my pay grade and below my sense of wonder.

"Gotham: Viper (#1.5)" (2014)
James Gordon: Where is he? Where is Potolsky?
Isaac Steiner: Those hypocrites! Empty altruism will not erase what they've done. They must pay.
James Gordon: Who? Who must pay?
Isaac Steiner: WellZyn. Wayne Enterprises. Everyone will finally see them for what they are.
James Gordon: How? Where's Potolsky headed?
Harvey Bullock: What's 'altruism?'

Harvey Bullock: Where the hell have you been?
James Gordon: Personal business.
Harvey Bullock: You disappear in the middle of a case, and you can't even tell me why?
James Gordon: That's what "personal" means.

James Gordon: Wait a minute. One guy did this? Stole your ATM over milk?
Cashier: Little skinny-ass dude, guitar case, drinking milk like there's no more cows. "Don't vex me, mortal", he says.
James Gordon: I'm sorry, what?
Cashier: Listen, if I had a dollar for every hobo skeez that walks through that door thinks they're God, I wouldn't be here. But this son of a bitch, he wasn't fooling around.
James Gordon: All right, you get a description of the vehicle? License plate, something?
Cashier: He didn't have a vehicle.
Harvey Bullock: Then how'd he pull your ATM from the wall? How'd he take it away?
Cashier: That's what I'm telling you, man! He pulled it out of here with his bare hands!
[Gordon and Bullock trade an alarmed look]

Isaac Steiner: Yes, I know Stan Potolsky. He was a student of mine, a very brilliant student. He may be a biochemist, but philosophy is a passion of his.
James Gordon: You stayed in touch?
Isaac Steiner: Yes.
James Gordon: What do you know about Wellzyn firing him?
Isaac Steiner: Stan's work for Wayne Enterprises led him into some dark moral corners.
Harvey Bullock: Wellzyn told us Potolsky made shampoo. Where are the dark moral corners in that?
Isaac Steiner: [bark of laughter] Shampoo? They say that, do they? No, no, Stan designed pharmaceutical weapons, to be used by combat troops. Drugs that worked on an epigenetic level. Imagine an army made up of soldiers so strong, that the can tear a man in two with their bare hands.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles (#2.21)" (2016)
[Harvey Bullock reports to the media that the suspect Azrael has been killed]
Harvey Bullock: Regarding last night's nocturnal activities, the suspect calling himself Azrael led a one-man assault upon Wayne Manor, whereupon an altercation ensued in which said suspect was blown up by a person or persons unknown. So he's dead. Any questions?
Reporter #1: Can you confirm that the man known as Azrael was in fact disgraced Mayor Galavan?
Harvey Bullock: Well, seeing how the suspect is meat dust, a positive identification would be difficult.

[Alfred Pennyworth goes to the GCPD to tell Harvey Bullock that Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne are in trouble]
Alfred Pennyworth: Bullock! Gordon, Master Bruce and Fox are still in Arkham. They should be out by now. They're in trouble.
Harvey Bullock: That son of a bitch!
Alfred Pennyworth: [Alfred remains quiet] Jim Gordon, I mean, he's forcing my hand.

[Alfred Pennyworth tells Harvey Bullock to get his stuff and for the both of them to save Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon]
Alfred Pennyworth: Grab your gun, your badge, and your bits and your bobs, and let's go.
Harvey Bullock: Hold on a second, okay? You're talking about a place that's built like a fortress. Chockablock with armed guards. Now, while we could send in an assault force of a pudgy, middle-aged Irish detective, and a recently stabbed Englishman, I think the acting captain of the GCPD could do a little better.
[we see Bullock assemble the entire GCPD police force]

Reporter #2: How long are you Acting Captain?
Harvey Bullock: Until literally the second someone else wants the job.
Reporter #2: Who killed Galavan?
Harvey Bullock: Which time?

"Batman: The Animated Series: Vendetta (#1.21)" (1992)
Det. Harvey Bullock: Taking me off the case? What kind of shuck and jive is this, Jim? You know what I had to go through just to get Conway out of Stonegate? But it's worth it if his testimony can take down Rupert Thorne.
Commissioner James Gordon: Which is why Thorne looks good for the bombing. But if I let you go after Thorne, a lot of ugly ancient history is bound to come up. I got to relieve you, Harv, you know that. Unless you want Internal Affairs all over you like a bad rash.

Det. Harvey Bullock: Croc? How did you?
Killer Croc: Escape? Simple. The guards don't think about the sewers. No one does except me.
Det. Harvey Bullock: It was you who set me up for Spider and Joey?
Killer Croc: You got it. I wanted you to sweat it out in a cell for a while, like I did. To know what it feels like, the way I do.

Det. Harvey Bullock: Why? Why'd you stick your neck out like that to help me?
Batman: Because I thought you were guilty too... and I was wrong. We may have different ways of enforcing the law, but we both believe in it.

Summer Gleeson: Tell me Detective Bullock, how does it feel to be formally cleared of all charges now that Killer Croc "Morgan" has been arrested?
Det. Harvey Bullock: I just want all the scumbuckets and dirtbags in this town to know they better lay low, cos Bullock's back and ready to kick butt!

"Gotham: What the Little Bird Told Him (#1.12)" (2015)
James Gordon: This is the first I've seen you down here with the rank and file. You must be desperate.
Commissioner Loeb: Follow me.
Harvey Bullock: Really nice knowing you.
Commissioner Loeb: Bring your friend Bullock.
Harvey Bullock: I hate you. I hate you.

James Gordon: Ah, it's good to be back.
Harvey Bullock: Only a man from a lunatic asylum would say that. You're like a human roller coaster, except you only go down.
Edward Nygma: Wouldn't that make him more of an elevator?

Edward Nygma: I love the name. It's catchy, has drama. The Electro-cutioner. Speaking of which, given the general mode of attack, may I suggest you both wear your department-issue galoshes while you're out in the field.
Harvey Bullock: Galoshes?
Edward Nygma: In the event of electrical misadventure, your footwear should be insulated.
Harvey Bullock: No, Mom! I'm not gonna wear my rubbers on the case.

James Gordon: [whispers into the Commissioner ear]
Harvey Bullock: I hope you have some *nasty* pictures of him, because I bet what you said was very, very rude.
James Gordon: I'm done being careful.
Harvey Bullock: You think you've been careful so far?
James Gordon: Men like Commissioner Loeb are never gonna trust me.
Harvey Bullock: You *think* you've been careful so far?
James Gordon: So why play nice?
Harvey Bullock: You think you've been *careful* so far?
James Gordon: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. Let's go grab a beer...
Harvey Bullock: Now you're messing with my mind. I need something stronger than a beer...

"Batman: The Animated Series: P.O.V. (#1.13)" (1992)
Investigator Hackle: When I'm done with you clowns, you won't qualify as security guards! The department works months to nail that drug lord. We lay out two million in cash for the sting. And in five stinking minutes, you idiots blow it!
Det. Harvey Bullock: Hey, I didn't blow anything!
Investigator Hackle: Well, one of you did! Or maybe what we've got here is three cops on the take.
Commissioner James Gordon: That's uncalled for.
Officer Renée Montoya: What? you can't be serious.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Where does he get off? Hey, I'll tell ya who's to blame. Batman!
Officer Wilkes: You saw the Batman too?
Officer Renée Montoya: Come on, Harvey, Batman's fault?
Investigator Hackle: Then whose fault is it, officer?
Officer Renée Montoya: I don't know, but I'm sure it wasn't Batman. He was...
Investigator Hackle: Either you start coming up with answers or hand over your badges.
Det. Harvey Bullock: I'm telling you, lieutenant, Batman blew the bust! Montoya and Wilkes were late so I had to go in alone!
Officer Renée Montoya: Que cara! We weren't late!

Det. Harvey Bullock: Freeze, maggots! You're all under arrest!

Investigator Hackle: So you went in because of Batman?
Det. Harvey Bullock: I told you. They were late.
Investigator Hackle: Were you trying to beat them out of the collar, or beat them to the cash?
Commissioner James Gordon: Ease up, lieutenant.
Investigator Hackle: No. You back off, commissioner! Gordon, this is my investigation, so pipe down or get out! He knows they were supposed to go in as a team! Bullock, I demand to know the real reason you didn't wait for the rest of your team.
[Bullock rolls his eyes]
Investigator Hackle: Bullock!
Det. Harvey Bullock: Give me a break. Why don't ya ask them why they were late?

Commissioner James Gordon: I gotta hand it to you, Montoya. You and Batman really turned this thing around.
Officer Wilkes: Yeah, that was some collar. You put the whole gang away.
Investigator Hackle: What collar? She's suspended!
Commissioner James Gordon: [Grabbing Hackle] This farce has gone far enough, Hackle! We've nailed the suspects and recovered our money! The investigation is closed!
[Gets the officers' badges and pushes Hackle away]
Commissioner James Gordon: Officer Montoya earned this collar.
Officer Renée Montoya: The collar belongs to all three of us. It was a team effort.
Officer Wilkes: Gee, thanks partner.
Det. Harvey Bullock: [mumbles under his breath]
Officer Renée Montoya: What was that, Bullock?
Det. Harvey Bullock: I said... thanks a lot, Montoya.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Unleashed (#2.20)" (2016)
[first lines]
Ethel Peabody: [Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon arrive at Arkham Asylum to see Hugo Strange] What is the meaning of this? You are upsetting the inmates.
Harvey Bullock: Where's your boss, darling? We got a warrant to search his office and everything in it.
Ethel Peabody: He's busy... with patients.

[Harvey Bullock notices the GCPD officers standing around looking for leadership]
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock whispers to Gordon] What are they all doing?
James Gordon: They don't have a captain, Harvey. I guess you're it.
Harvey Bullock: I ain't no captain. Say something to them.
James Gordon: I don't work here anymore, you do.

[Harvey Bullock gives a speech to the leaderless GCPD officers]
Harvey Bullock: All right, everyone, listen up. I know we're all a bit freaked out right now. It's understandable, hmm? Some nut job in a Halloween costume and cape comes into our house and takes out four of our brothers?
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock holds up the broken sword that stabbed Captain Barnes] He does this to our captain? Now, I've been around for a long time. It's like the bad guys in this town just keep getting weirder and weirder, but under that mask... is just a man, and he can bleed, just like you and me, and if he bleeds, he can be beaten. So let's do what the cap would tell us to do for if he were here. Let's go out there and let's find that son of a bitch and let's get him, whatever it takes.
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock turns and whispers to Gordon] I'm not one for speeches.

[Harvey Bullock tells Jim Gordon that they might be breaking a few laws by grave robbing]
Harvey Bullock: Wait, wait, wait. I'm sure we're breaking more than a few laws right now.
James Gordon: Really? This is where you draw the line?
Harvey Bullock: Come on. This doesn't creep you out, even a little bit? This is friggin' grave robbing!

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Transference (#2.22)" (2016)
[first lines]
Strike Force Lieutenant: [the GCPD arrive at Arkham Asylum ready to raid the building in search of Jim Gordon] No sign of Gordon. How long do you want us to wait?
Harvey Bullock: Give him ten seconds. If you don't see Jim, bust that joint open and find him.
Strike Force Lieutenant: Ready, entry team. We go on one!

[the Basil Gordon look-alike returns back to the GCPD and speaks with Harvey Bullock]
Harvey Bullock: You feeling all right? You look like a sack of fish.
James Gordon: A little flu, maybe.
Harvey Bullock: Oh. Well, then keep your distance. I'm getting laid this weekend, fingers crossed.
[Basil gives a big smile]

[Jim Gordon tells Harvey Bullock that he's the boss of Gotham now]
James Gordon: And Harvey.
Harvey Bullock: Yeah?
James Gordon: You're the boss now. Maybe get a haircut?
Harvey Bullock: [as Gordon gets in the car and drives off] That's my car. That's - That's my car! Hey! Jim!

"Gotham: Everyone Has a Cobblepot (#1.18)" (2015)
Harvey Bullock: You sure about this, Penguin? You're telling me this is where Loeb keeps 20 years of dirty secrets? Doesn't feel right.
James Gordon: Well, maybe that's the point. No one would suspect it.
Oswald Cobblepot: Which would you prefer, Detective Bullock? A sign saying "Super secret blackmail hoard"?
Harvey Bullock: You know, the last time the three of us took a ride, you were in the trunk. I liked that better.

Harvey Bullock: I'm not denying anything. I did what I had to do. If I didn't do what Loeb told me to do, I would've lost my job. Probably gone to prison.
James Gordon: What does have on you? Harvey...
Harvey Bullock: Do you honestly think you're the only one who had orders to take a punk down to the end of the pier and put a bullet in his head? Huh? The difference is my Cobblepot didn't come back.

Harvey Bullock: You tell yourself, 'I'll just do this one bad thing. All the good things I'll do later will make up for it.' But they don't.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: A Dead Man Feels No Cold (#2.13)" (2016)
[first lines]
Harvey Bullock: [Jim Gordon and the GCPD arrive at the Ace Chemicals company] Where is everybody?
James Gordon: Listen up. Ace Chemicals makes the liquid helium Victor Fries uses to power his weaponry. Fries was spotted entering the building twenty minutes ago. He's desperate and extremely dangerous. Let's do this.

[Harvey Bullock lets Jim Gordon tell Leslie their plan to trap Victor Fries]
Harvey Bullock: I'm going to let you tell Lee that we're taking her patient to the nut house.
James Gordon: She'll understand.
Harvey Bullock: Oh, yeah, totally, completely.

[Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon wait outside Arkham Asylum for Victor Fries to arrive]
Harvey Bullock: Winter stakeout at the loony bin. Fabulous.
James Gordon: Nora doesn't have long. Fries knows that. He'll come soon.
Harvey Bullock: He better. We could freeze to death, waiting. Which would be ironic.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Mad Grey Dawn (#2.15)" (2016)
[first lines]
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: [Captain Barnes tells Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock about the museum robber] Solo robber hit the museum about an hour ago. Scared people away with a bomb that never went off.
James Gordon: Anybody hurt?
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: Nope.
Harvey Bullock: Why us, then? Isn't it a Robbery Squad case.
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: Bomb threats are you guys. Whether the bomb went off or not. So get on it.

[Mr. Thatch at the art museum tells Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock about the three paintings that were defiled]
Mr. Thatch: The painting is entitled 'Mad Grey Dawn' and depicted a railway explosion at the turn of the century. A minor work compared to much of the collection. Strangely, he simply defaced two much more valuable paintings in another section of the gallery. A Marché and a LaRue. Follow me.
Mr. Thatch: [Mr. Thatch shows the detectives the other two paintings] Priceless. What kind of art thief would take time to defile such masterpieces.
Harvey Bullock: An ignorant one?

[last lines]
James Gordon: [Jim Gordon arrives to Blackgate Penitentiary with Harvey Bullock] You were a good partner, Harvey.
Harvey Bullock: Still am.

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Tonight's the Night (#2.8)" (2015)
[Captain Barnes talks to Harvey Bullock to keep an eye on Jim Gordon]
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: He's too wrapped up in this thing emotionally. I need to know that one of you isn't gonna get sucked into all of these mind games that Ms. Kean is gonna be pulling out there.
Harvey Bullock: Not to worry - No one's ever accused me of getting sucked into mind games.
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: Just follow my orders, understood?
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock sarcastically replies] Understood, Captain. Glad we had this chance to talk.

[Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock assist in following Barbara Kean's plan]
James Gordon: You good?
Harvey Bullock: Anything that makes Barnes' tight ass nervous, I'm all for.

Captain Nathaniel Barnes: [about his concussion] Hey! I told you to get out of here.
Harvey Bullock: [blinking] You did? Still a lot of ringing in my head. I must've missed it.

"Gotham: Selina Kyle (#1.2)" (2014)
Detective James Gordon: What do you think?
Detective Harvey Bullock: I think it's been a long shift. We give this bum three hours, then we knock off.
Detective James Gordon: He was a vet.
Detective Harvey Bullock: I salute his service. Now he's a dead bum. People are shooting bums all the time. We might as well be looking for the tooth fairy.

Fish Mooney: [rising to greet them] Harvey. Jim. How marvelous.
Detective Harvey Bullock: Are you still mad at us?
Fish Mooney: No. Please. I'm quite fond of you. And you intrigue me. I knew I'd regret killing you as soon as I gave the word. But you know me. I'm feisty.

Detective Harvey Bullock: These high-class temperamental broads need firm handling, trust me.
Detective James Gordon: Trust you? On women?
Detective Harvey Bullock: Damn right. All varieties. From house fraus to movie stars. I love them all. Now, you, let me guess, high school sweetheart then a bunch of hos overseas only made you sad. And then there's Barbara.
Detective James Gordon: Pretty much.
Detective Harvey Bullock: You, my friend, are a monkey riding a race horse.

"Batman: The Animated Series: A Bullet for Bullock (#4.4)" (1995)
[Bullock's stalker is finally unmasked - his apartment super]
Det. Harvey Bullock: Nivens?
Nivens: Why wouldn't you move? Why wouldn't you get out?
Det. Harvey Bullock: You wrote me those letters?
Nivens: Do you have any idea what your apartment is worth these days?
Det. Harvey Bullock: You wanted my apartment? You mean, this whole thing was about rent control?
Nivens: No, no, no! I wanted you gone! You're not a tenant, you're a pestilence! You insult me, you treat me like dirt! NO JURY IN THE WORLD WOULD HAVE CONVICTED ME!
[starts laughing hysterically]
Nivens: They wouldn't have convicted me!

Det. Harvey Bullock: Let's get something straight from the git-go, I think you're a freak and a menace, and those are your good points, but the Commish says you serve a purpose, so I go along.
Batman: I appreciate your honesty.

Det. Harvey Bullock: [about to push a button while riding in the Batmobile] What's this for?
Batman: Passenger ejector seat.

"The New Batman Adventures: Holiday Knights (#1.1)" (1997)
Little Boy: [Bullock is doing undercover as a mall Santa] You're not the real Santy Claus.
Detective Harvey Bullock: Sure I am. Wanna see my gun?

Batgirl: Don't waste your ammo on him. Shoot the Santa.
Detective Harvey Bullock: You wouldn't?
Det. Renee Montoya: Not you dolt, That Santa!

Detective Harvey Bullock: Well, so much for Frosty the Lawn Cigar.

"Gotham: Beasts of Prey (#1.19)" (2015)
James Gordon: You coming?
Harvey Bullock: Let me say it in Spanish. No.

James Gordon: Harvey! The victim deserves justice.
Harvey Bullock: Yeah, and I deserve a mute supermodel who likes pasty Irish guys and loves to cook. It's not happening.

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Scarification (#2.5)" (2015)
[Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock have a stakeout as Bullock holds a chili dog up in Gordon's face]
Harvey Bullock: It's the onions that bring it together. The sweetness and the acid, am I right?
James Gordon: I hate stakeouts.
Harvey Bullock: Mmm, half of good police work is the ability to sit on one's ass when it's called for.
James Gordon: If that were true, you'd be commissioner.
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock sarcastically laughs like a pirate] Har-dee, har har.

[Captain Barnes gets shot at by a man with a rocket launcher during the raid of Penguin's count house]
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: A damn rocket launcher?
Harvey Bullock: Welcome to Gotham, Captain.

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime (#2.11)" (2015)
[the men discuss on needing Jim Gordon at their side to take down Theo Galavan]
Harvey Bullock: Yeah, where is Jim Gordon? It's a long story, but nobody knows.
Harvey Bullock: [Nygma chuckles from behind the men] Something funny, Ed?
Alfred Pennyworth: Do you know where Gordon is?
Harvey Bullock: Do you?
Alfred Pennyworth: Start speaking, Windows.
Edward Nygma: Um, uh... a diamond plate, a glowing grate, a place you never leave. Where am I?
Alfred Pennyworth: What?
Lucius Fox: Home. Who's home? Your home? Gordon's at your home?
Edward Nygma: N... No. Yes.
Edward Nygma: [the men remain quiet] Who are you?

[Jim Gordon and the group begin the raid inside of Theo Galavan's penthouse]
Harvey Bullock: [Harvery Bullock looks up the floors of stairs] Oh, for Pete's sake!

"The New Batman Adventures: Girl's Night Out (#2.7)" (1998)
[Supergirl and Barbara are watching the news]
Reporter: Livewire, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn. So who was responsible for the collar?
Detective Harvey Bullock: Just a couple of rookies.
Barbara Gordon: Rookies?
Kara Kent: You bum!
Reporter: Impressive
Detective Harvey Bullock: Well, they show some potential.
Barbara Gordon, Kara Kent: Yes!
[They high five]

Detective Harvey Bullock: So she smoked ya.
Supergirl: We put up a fight.
Detective Harvey Bullock: And lost. I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but where's the Bat?
Batgirl: We're handling this.
Detective Harvey Bullock: Oh, that's reassuring.
Batgirl: Don't let that doughnut dunker get to you. We're gonna have this whole thing sewn up before Batman and Superman get back.
Supergirl: Sure. How hard can it be? Two against one, right?
Batgirl: Right!

"Gotham: Pilot (#1.1)" (2014)
Detective Harvey Bullock: Jim, you seem like a nice guy, but this is not a city for nice guys.

Detective Harvey Bullock: What the hell are you doing? We had the drop on him.
Detective James Gordon: Well, he's dropped, isn't he?
Detective Harvey Bullock: You could have gotten hurt. Rookie mistake. Next time, shoot the son-of-a-bitch.
Detective James Gordon: If I shoot, that sets everybody off. Gunfire every which way.
Detective Harvey Bullock: Somebody takes a cop's gun, you shoot him. That's basic.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling (#3.21)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: [to Jim who's infected with the virus] Just don't shoot any innocent bystanders. Or me, *especially me*!

Fish Mooney: My Goodness, Harvey, you look awful.
Harvey Bullock: It's good to see you too, Fish.

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (2003) (V)
Detective Harvey Bullock: I think we got more than enough bat-freaks in Gotham already. I mean, sheesh, what's next? Bathound?

Detective Sonia Alcana: So you never got married, huh?
Detective Harvey Bullock: Uh-uh.
Detective Sonia Alcana: Hard to believe.

"The New Batman Adventures: Over the Edge (#1.11)" (1998)
Batman: Jim...
Commissioner James Gordon: How could you? I worked with you, trusted you... And you never told me?
[Batman looks down]
Commissioner James Gordon: She was my daughter. My daughter!
[Batman goes to console him, but is stopped at gun point by Bollock]
Det. Harvey Bullock: That's as far as you go, murderer.

Det. Harvey Bullock: Seal the building! No one gets in or out! I want SWAT teams in place, helicopter backup!
Commissioner James Gordon: Harvey, we both know we'll never catch him. Not that way.
Det. Harvey Bullock: So what do we do?
Commissioner James Gordon: What I should've done years ago.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: How the Riddler Got His Name (#3.15)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: I do not have the resources to allocate to your hunch. Did you hear how I used the word "allocate", huh?

Harvey Bullock: Hey, we can do this the hard way or the easy way, and I'm wearing my nice suit so I prefer the easy way.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: Heavydirtysoul (#3.22)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: You want to go get a drink?
James Gordon: It's noon.
Harvey Bullock: I didn't ask you what time it was, I asked you if you want to get a drink?

Harvey Bullock: What? You've never seen a mason jar filled with blood before?

"Gotham: Arkham (#1.4)" (2014)
Harvey Bullock: No one hits councilmen. It's cheaper to bribe them. You kill them and another bum with his hand out takes his place.

James Gordon: You can't be this lazy.
Harvey Bullock: Lazy? Maybe I just do my job smarter than you, you ever consider that?
James Gordon: Yeah. I considered it.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Pinewood (#2.18)" (2016)
[Harvey Bullock let's Alfred Pennyworth out of his cell at the GCPD]
Alfred Pennyworth: About bloody time, mate.
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock opens the cell gate] Not my call, pal. How about you stop getting arrested so much.

Harvey Bullock: [to Gordon heading out] Is that it? You don't carry a badge anymore, partner, remember? Hmm? I think you need to grab a few items from the whammy drawer.

"Batman: The Animated Series: On Leather Wings (#1.2)" (1992)
Det. Harvey Bullock: [Rushing to the helicopter] Let's go!
Helicopter Pilot: I can't do it, sir!
Det. Harvey Bullock: What do you mean, "you can't do it"?
Helicopter Pilot: I just got word not to let you up without the commissioner!
Det. Harvey Bullock: Who told you that?
Helicopter Pilot: The commissioner!
Commissioner James Gordon: Get out, detective! The mayor may not let me fire you, but I am not taking the heat for your fiascoes!
Det. Harvey Bullock: This is my case, commissioner! You heard the mayor!
Commissioner James Gordon: Then why don't you take it up with him? I've got a job to do. If you wanna tag along, fine! Take her up, lieutenant.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Hey! Wait for me!

Commissioner James Gordon: [looking over a newspaper announcing the GCPD are after Batman] I didn't authorize this, detective.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Come on, commissioner. Somebody asked me a couple questions, I just gave them a couple of answers.
Commissioner James Gordon: You gave them without my approval. if you kept quiet, he wouldn't know we're moving against him.
Det. Harvey Bullock: I'll find him. I just need a little extra help, your honor.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: What kind of help?
Det. Harvey Bullock: I want my own tactical squad for the sole purpose of throwing a net over this Batman.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: Commissioner?
Commissioner James Gordon: I've already denied the request. Nobody's taking a vigilante force onto my streets.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Your honor, any nutcase that dresses up like a bat sooner or later is gonna snap.
Commissioner James Gordon: Listen, it's just not Batman's M.O.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Oh, yeah? Tell that to the guy he just tossed through the window!

"Batman: The Animated Series: Harley's Holiday (#3.6)" (1994)
General Vreeland: Got you now...
Detective Harvey Bullock: You screwy little...
Boxcars 'Boxy' Bennett: Trouble-making clown!

Robin: Leaving so soon, Boxy?
Boxcars 'Boxy' Bennett: You ain't got nothing on me!
[Bullock suddenly appears and grabs Boxy from behind]
Detective Harvey Bullock: I'm sure I can find something. Move it!

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: By Fire (#2.6)" (2015)
[Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon find the burned up Pike brothers]
Harvey Bullock: [Bullock examines the Joe Pike's charcoal body on the floor] Damn. I hate how it smells like good barbecue.
Joe Pike: [Joe Pike suddenly grabs Bullock's foot] Bitch.
James Gordon: [Bullock screams kicking the burned up Joe Pike] Bullock, hey!
Harvey Bullock: What? Scared the hell out of me!
James Gordon: [Gordon examines Joe Pike's body once more] And now he's dead. Nice work, Bullock.
Harvey Bullock: Oh, yeah. My kicks did it? Maybe it's because he's fried like a taquito! It's not on me.

Harvey Bullock: Ginger to ginger, we both know you know where Selina Kyle's at, so why don't you tell me now and save us the hassle.
Ivy Pepper: Who's Selina Kyle?
Harvey Bullock: Cat.
Ivy Pepper: Cat?
Harvey Bullock: Look, Ivy, want me to call the children's home and have 'em come get you now? Or should I get a candy bar and forget to have someone watch you?
Ivy Pepper: Candy bar.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Nothing to Fear (#1.10)" (1992)
Commissioner James Gordon: Bullock! What the blazes is going on here?
Det. Harvey Bullock: Blaze is right, Commissioner. It's attempted arson. Zorro here is withholding evide -
[Bullock turns around and Batman is gone]
Det. Harvey Bullock: Where the...?
Commissioner James Gordon: You were saying?
Det. Harvey Bullock: [throwing his hat to the ground] Ahh... Never mind!

Det. Harvey Bullock: Look at the facts, Commissioner! Batman is withholding evidence! Even helped the Scarecrow guy escape! I bet my badge he and Scarecrow are cahoots!
Commissioner James Gordon: Your badge, eh?
[points at the fan in his office]
Det. Harvey Bullock: [notices Scarecrow hanging from it with a note left by Batman] UH?
Commissioner James Gordon: Now, about that badge...

"Gotham: Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (#3.14)" (2017)
James Gordon: Jerome said he wanted to plunge the city into darkness so people can do what they want, right. He's not the one to missed out on the fun, so what does he want?
Harvey Bullock: A puppy? How the hell should I know?

James Gordon: [about Jerome] You wish I would've shot him?
Harvey Bullock: Eh, he'd probably just come back from the dead again.
James Gordon: Probably.
Harvey Bullock: At least you get to say you punched a man's face off. That's something, right?

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh (#2.3)" (2015)
[first lines]
James Gordon: [Officers Gordon and Bullock] Jerome Valeska. The attack on the GCPD. Someone on the streets is talking. Somebody knows something.
Harvey Bullock: Valeska has red hair, crazy laugh. Might be rolling with a blonde number.
Random Shmoo: I - I don't know anything. Honest.
James Gordon: You believe him?
Harvey Bullock: Nope.
James Gordon: Me neither.
[Gordon punches the man they're interrogating]

[Officer Bullock threatens Oswald Cobblepot]
Harvey Bullock: Call yourself whatever you want, man! The King of Gotham. But to me, you'll always be that little umbrella boy. And if you come after Jim Gordon, you better come after me. And I still owe you for Fish. But, seriously, this place is amazing.
[Bullock blows a kiss to Oswald before walking out]

"Gotham: Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster (#3.11)" (2016)
Harvey Bullock: This is just a classic case of wrong place, wrong time. One man takes another man's skull in his bare hands and crushes it. I see it all the time.

Harvey Bullock: So someone else is infected with the virus? That's just great, it isn't you, is it? because that would sure make things easy.
Lucius Fox: No it isn't Me.

"Gotham: The Fearsome Dr. Crane (#1.14)" (2015)
Sarah Essen: Hey, don't stand so near the edge.
Harvey Bullock: You worried about me, Captain? You know I don't start drinking till noon.

Scottie Mullens: Phobics are not fraidy cats.
Harvey Bullock: I know. It's just, you seem like a strong lady is all.
Scottie Mullens: I am strong. I just happen to be terrified of swimming pools.
Harvey Bullock: You're kidding. Well, I can see how that might be a thing.
Scottie Mullens: Nearly everyone has a thing. I'm sure that you, if you dig deep enough, would have issues that you need to confront.
Harvey Bullock: I'm a cop; the only thing I'm scared of is decaf coffee.

"Batman: The Animated Series: The Man Who Killed Batman (#1.49)" (1993)
[Harvey Bullock looks suspiciously at a lawyer]
Detective Harvey Bullock: Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?
Harley Quinn: I believe I served you with a subpoena once... It was a small subpoena.

"Gotham: Rogues' Gallery (#1.11)" (2015)
Sarah Essen: You know I'd bring you back here in a second... if I could.
James Gordon: I know. It's all good, Captain.
Sarah Essen: You do look spiffy in the uniform.
Harvey Bullock: Yeah, if spiffy means dorky.

"Gotham: Mad City: Blood Rush (#3.8)" (2016)
James Gordon: That's it? No welcome back?
Harvey Bullock: Please, if we had a big to-do every time you came back to the GCPD, we'd never catch any bad guy's.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Christmas with the Joker (#1.38)" (1992)
[Joker has three hostages tied up, and introduces them on his special as "The Awful Lawful Family."]
The Joker: Meet... Daddy Lawful!
[He takes out the candy cane gagging Gordon]
Commissioner James Gordon: YOU DISEASED MANIAC! I'LL...!
The Joker: [sticks the cane back in] Looks like someone needs to teach Daddy some manners. And here's Mommy Lawful!
[takes out the cane gagging Summer]
The Joker: [sticks it back in] Ho, ho, ho, isn't she jolly.
[He comes to Bullock, dressed in an oversized baby outfit]
The Joker: And here we have little Baby Lawful!
[tickles his chin]
The Joker: Coochie-coochie coo!
[takes out the cane]
[Joker puts the cane back in]

"Batman: The Animated Series: Moon of the Wolf (#1.36)" (1992)
Detective Harvey Bullock: You Hamner? John Hamner? Bullock, Gotham PD!
John Hamner: What do you want?
Detective Harvey Bullock: About them two wolves somebody boosted. There was no sign of forced entry here, y'know? So I'm figuring somebody must have unlocked the cages and looked the other way! - I've been checkin' you out, Hamner. Seems last week your bank account suddenly got bigger by a few grand. So what's the story? I want the truth before I decide to feed you to your furry friends here.
John Hamner: Alright! Alright! You got it! The guy tells me to open the locks. Next morning the wolves are gone.
Detective Harvey Bullock: What guy?
John Hamner: I don't know. I never saw him! He calls me. Pays me off by courier. For all I know, it could be you!
John Hamner: You got that wrong, pally! I'm the guy taking ya in!

The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest (1997) (TV)
[Batman takes evidence and leaves]
Detective Harvey Bullock: Hey, he can't leave a crime scene with evidence.
Commissioner James Gordon: You want to stop him? Be my guest!

"Gotham: The Anvil or the Hammer (#1.21)" (2015)
James Gordon: Harvey, I'm about to violate departmental policy on interrogation techniques.
Harvey Bullock: I think I saw some donuts outside with my name all over them.

"Gotham: Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It (#3.13)" (2017)
Lucius Fox: That girl Melanie Blake, his test subject, she received thousands of volts of electricity that amount...
James Gordon: Would cause a power surge in the electric grid.
Harvey Bullock: [surprised and shocked] I was about to say that would cause a power surge electric grid.

"The New Batman Adventures: Animal Act (#2.4)" (1998)
Det. Harvey Bullock: You sure it's locked this time? We've got enough yahoos running around this city without having to deal with Yogi and Boo-Boo too.
Miranda Kane: Look, I don't know how they got out, but I can assure you I have these bears under control.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Swell, cause I'll be back in the morning to make out a police report. And by that time, toots, you better have something more to say than, "I don't know."

"Gotham: The Mask (#1.8)" (2014)
James Gordon: Essen told me you made a speech.
Harvey Bullock: I wouldn't call it a speech.
James Gordon: Said you called me an asshat.
Harvey Bullock: I did call you that.

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: The Son of Gotham (#2.10)" (2015)
[Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock travel through the sewer system to try and find the Order]
Harvey Bullock: Just when you think Gotham's shown her last jewel, she reveals herself like a flower.
James Gordon: You're mixing metaphors.
Harvey Bullock: I'm in a freakin' sewer.

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do... (#2.1)" (2015)
[Jim Gordon pays a visit to Harvey Bullock at the bar]
Harvey Bullock: I've been sober 32 days.
Harvey Bullock: 32 days, huh?
Harvey Bullock: Eh, it's no biggie. Once I quit the job, quitting drinking was easy. It's the job, Jim. Makes us angry. Makes us hard.
James Gordon: Yeah, it does.
Harvey Bullock: It's hard to walk away, but it can be done. I just couldn't carry that badge anymore. Look at me now. Right? I'm sober... I have a woman who does not dislike me, I live in a house, I sleep at night. I've never been happier in my life.
James Gordon: Here's to civilian life!
[Gordon drinks his drink]
James Gordon: [Gordon holds Bullock's head to his head] I'm proud of you, brother. Got to go.

"Gotham: Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock (#2.2)" (2015)
[Harvey Bullock shows up at the precinct in his Detective outfit]
Harvey Bullock: She was a good woman.
James Gordon: Good Cop. It's good to see you, but you don't have to do this.
Harvey Bullock: Let's not talk about it. We are who we are, right? No use fighting it.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: Light the Wick (#3.18)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: [to Dr. Strange] You logical bastard.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: The Primal Riddle (#3.17)" (2017)
James Gordon: Harvey, you're a genius.
Harvey Bullock: Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Pretty Poison (#1.9)" (1992)
Det. Harvey Bullock: So what'd you put in this mousse?
Rose Cafe Chef: Chocolate, sugar, eggs, cream...
Det. Harvey Bullock: Strychnine?
Rose Cafe Chef: No, no. No strychnine. But I added just a pinch of vanilla.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Joker's Favor (#1.7)" (1992)
Detective Bullock: Hey, sugar, you wanna read me my rights?
Harley Quinn: [twirls her nightstick] You have the right to remain silent.
[whacks Bullock in the shin]
Detective Bullock: *Ow!*
Harley Quinn: Jerk.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: All Will Be Judged (#3.19)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: How come no one never hides something in a place I actually like to search, like a brewery or a strip club.
James Gordon: Or a casino.
Harvey Bullock: Exactly, all I'm asking for is a little consideration.

"Gotham: All Happy Families Are Alike (#1.22)" (2015)
James Gordon: Lee.
Dr. Leslie Thompkins: She... she just... she just went crazy.
Harvey Bullock: Told him that woman was trouble.

"The New Batman Adventures: Torch Song (#1.12)" (1998)
[noticing Firefly's large shrine to Cassidy]
Det. Harvey Bullock: Whoo. This guy's got it bad. Vincenzo, get some pictures. I'm gonna check the fridge.
Vincenzo: Yeah, there's a lot of evidence in there, Detective.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Shut up.

"Batman: The Animated Series: I Am the Night (#1.34)" (1992)
Batman: I don't know if you can hear me, Jim. I'm sorry. If I hadn't stopped in Crime Alley...
Barbara Gordon: Batman.
Batman: How is he?
Barbara Gordon: Not good.
Batman: It's my fault. Should have gotten there first. Checked it out before...
Barbara Gordon: Don't blame yourself. You caught the man who shot him.
Batman: If I'd been there.
Detective Harvey Bullock: You should have been there, pointy ears, then maybe Peake might have shot the right guy. Thought you were supposed to know what was shakin' on the streets. How come you didn't tell us this was a set-up?
Batman: I didn't know.
Detective Harvey Bullock: Yeah? In my book, that makes you just as responsible for him being here as the Jazzman.
Barbara Gordon: Harvey, please! It wasn't his fault.
[Batman walks toward the window]
Detective Harvey Bullock: Hey! Where you goin'?
[Batman leaves through the window and swings away]
Detective Harvey Bullock: This ain't over yet, outlaw! You hear me? You're going down for this! I ain't talkin' law! I'm talkin' you and me!

"Gotham: Mad City: Ghosts (#3.12)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: Wait, w-what?
Lucius Fox: Two days ago, this girl was taken to the morgue, dead.
Harvey Bullock: And yet last night, she's walking down the train tracks after getting zapped with 10,000 volts in her noggin? Doesn't anyone die in Gotham anymore?
James Gordon: Is it possible she wasn't actually dead, and just walked out of the morgue?
Lucius Fox: These days I no longer say impossible. Unlikely.
James Gordon: [throwing his hands up] The morgue.
Harvey Bullock: It's not a morgue, it's a motel.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: These Delicate and Dark Obsessions (#3.16)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: I tend to give apocalyptic warnings of mass destruction the benefit of the doubt.

"Gotham: Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine (#3.20)" (2017)
Alfred Pennyworth: Bruce said something about it being his destiny. How Gotham must fall by his hand.
Harvey Bullock: This is bad. We got to find that friggin' bomb. Let's go see baldy-locks and see what he can tell us.

"Gotham: Lovecraft (#1.10)" (2014)
Alfred Pennyworth: I'm coming with you.
Harvey Bullock: All right. You're pretty handy for a valet.
Alfred Pennyworth: Butler, mate.
[cocks his gun]
Alfred Pennyworth: I'm the butler.

"The New Batman Adventures: Critters (#2.2)" (1998)
Detective Harvey Bullock: So you survive the Joker and the rest of those freaks, only to buy it from Jed Clampett and a bunch of bugs.

"Gotham: A Dark Knight: Pax Penguina (#4.1)" (2017)
Harvey Bullock: [sees Gordon's bloody nose] Ooh, ouch.
James Gordon: I think we can forget about backup.
Harvey Bullock: I see you talked to some of your fellow officers. Probably not a bad thing.
James Gordon: How's that?
Harvey Bullock: Guys need to let off steam, resentments don't fester.
James Gordon: Next time, you can get punched in the face.
Harvey Bullock: This beautiful mug? No one would dare.

"Gotham: Mad City: The Executioner (#3.9)" (2016)
Harvey Bullock: [answering his phone] Jim? Hey. Where the hell are you? Half the precinct's looking for you.
James Gordon: Barnes killed Symon and Paulie Pennies. And he just murdered someone right in front of me!
Harvey Bullock: What?
Harvey Bullock: I was gone for, like, an hour.
James Gordon: He's infected with Alice Tetch's blood. He's lost his mind. He's trying to kill me.
Harvey Bullock: Oh, sweet gentle virgin.