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Mayor Hamilton Hill (Character)
from "Batman: The Animated Series" (1992)

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"Batman: The Animated Series: Be a Clown (#1.11)" (1992)
Mayor Hamilton Hill: What just happened was an isolated incident. There are just a few rotten apples giving an otherwise peaceful community a bad name.
Summer Gleason: Do you include Batman in those "rotten apples", mayor?
Mayor Hamilton Hill: Absolutely. He and criminals like the Joker are cut from the same cloth.
The Joker: [Watching the News Report] What? Compare me to Batman? I've got more style, more brains, I'm certainly a better dresser!

Mayor Hamilton Hill: [Walking into Jordan's room] Jordan, stop fooling with those stupid magic tricks. Your party is starting.
Jordan Hill: They're not stupid, and it's your party.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: Nonsense. I've invited some children.
Jordan Hill: Yeah, your friends' kids. I don't even know any of them.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: I am not going to argue with you, young man. I'll expect you downstairs in five minutes.

Mayor Hamilton Hill: I don't know where Jordan could've gone. He was dying to see you.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: You know kids...
Bruce Wayne: Not really.

Mayor Hamilton Hill: If only I paid more attention, he wouldn't have run away.
Bruce Wayne: Take it easy, mayor. I'm sure the police will find Jordan.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: I tell you, Wayne. Things are going to be different if only he'd come back.

"Batman: The Animated Series: The Clock King (#1.14)" (1992)
Mayor Hamilton Hill: Look, Fugate, why don't you just take some time off? I mean, surely you can work it into your program, can't you?
Temple Fugate: Yes... I suppose I can...
Mayor Hamilton Hill: Take my advice, and try it. It'll change your life...

"Batman: The Animated Series: On Leather Wings (#1.2)" (1992)
Commissioner James Gordon: [looking over a newspaper announcing the GCPD are after Batman] I didn't authorize this, detective.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Come on, commissioner. Somebody asked me a couple questions, I just gave them a couple of answers.
Commissioner James Gordon: You gave them without my approval. if you kept quiet, he wouldn't know we're moving against him.
Det. Harvey Bullock: I'll find him. I just need a little extra help, your honor.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: What kind of help?
Det. Harvey Bullock: I want my own tactical squad for the sole purpose of throwing a net over this Batman.
Mayor Hamilton Hill: Commissioner?
Commissioner James Gordon: I've already denied the request. Nobody's taking a vigilante force onto my streets.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Your honor, any nutcase that dresses up like a bat sooner or later is gonna snap.
Commissioner James Gordon: Listen, it's just not Batman's M.O.
Det. Harvey Bullock: Oh, yeah? Tell that to the guy he just tossed through the window!

"Batman: The Animated Series: Time Out of Joint (#3.5)" (1994)
[the Clock King suddenly enters Hill's office]
Mayor Hamilton Hill: You! But how did you get past...
The Clock King: Good evening, Mayor! Nice to see you again too. And whose life are you ruining now? A poor pensioner? A malnourished orphan, perhaps?