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Quotes for
Detective Flass (Character)
from Batman Begins (2005)

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Batman Begins (2005)
Jim Gordon: [hearing bat sounds] What is that?
Batman: Back-up.
Flass: What the...?
[bats swarm around Arkham]

Batman: [has laid a snare-trap which yanks Flass by his leg 70 feet into the air] Where were the other drugs going?
Flass: I never knew. I don't know. I swear to God...
Batman: Swear to *me*!
[He rapidly lowers a screaming Flass and then yanks him back up]
Flass: I don't... I don't know. I never knew. Never. They went to some guy for a couple of days before they went to the dealers.
Batman: Why?
Flass: There was something... Something else in the drugs... something hidden.
Batman: What?
Flass: I never went to the drop-off point. It was in the Narrows. Cops only go there when they're in force.
Batman: Do I look like a cop?
Flass: No...!
[rapidly lowers Flass once more before dropping him to the ground]

Flass: Word on the street is, you got a beef with somebody in the D.A.'s office.
Carmine Falcone: Is that right?
Flass: And that there's a fat prize waiting for anybody willing to do anything about it.
Carmine Falcone: So, what's your point, Mr. Flass?
Flass: Have you seen the girl? It's a cute little Assistant D.A. Don't you think that's a little bit too much heat to bring down, maybe? Even for this town?
Carmine Falcone: Never underestimate Gotham City. People get mugged coming home from work every day of the week. Sometimes... sometimes things just go bad.

Flass: [taking a bribe] Don't suppose you want a taste? I just keep offering, thinking maybe some day you'll get wise.
Jim Gordon: There's nothing wise in what you do, Flass.
Flass: Well, Jimbo, you don't take the taste... makes us guys nervous.
Jim Gordon: I'm no rat! In a town this bent, who's there to rat to anyway?

Flass: What are you waiting for?
Uniformed Policeman #1: Back-up.
[Flass looks around - there are at least two dozen uniformed officers around]
Flass: Back-up?
Uniformed Policeman #1: The Batman's in there. SWAT's on the way, but if you want to go in now, I'll be right behind you, sir.
Flass: [to Gordon, shrugging] SWAT's on the way.

Falafel Stand Vendor: Flass, I have kids to feed.
Flass: What, they don't like falafel?

"Gotham: Everyone Has a Cobblepot (#1.18)" (2015)
Detective Arnold Flass: You heard the good news? Hey, the boys are throwing me a welcome back down at O'Donnelys. Figure you want to stop by. Show support for your soon-to-be new president.
James Gordon: I wouldn't celebrate just yet.
Detective Arnold Flass: You just don't learn. Still want to take me down? I'm like the phoenix. I'll just rise again and again and again.