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Quotes for
Nigel (Character)
from Supergirl (1984)

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Supergirl (1984)
Nigel: Oh, terrific. The old dangling-in-a-cage routine. Pathetic, Selena.

Selena: Get out of my house, Nigel, and don't come slithering back.
Nigel: Listen, Selena, I'm the only one who can save you from yourself. You *need* me.
Selena: Like an Eskimo needs a lawnmower, kiddo.
Nigel: I'm warning you, Selena. Don't be so shortsighted.

Nigel: I have a secret, Selena.
Selena: How exciting for you, Nigel. Best write it down before you forget it.
Nigel: After you left me there in the lurch, I saw something that should worry you greatly if you're serious about over the planet. My secret was blue and red, and it knew how to fly.
Selena: I have a secret, too, Nigel. I have the power. Now, get that through your head. Selena is through worrying. The shoe is on the other foot and it's their turn to worry, all those who mocked me when my chips were down.
Nigel: Oh, I bet they're really in for it now, eh?
Selena: Count on it.

Nigel: You girls are rank amateurs playing with fire.
Selena: Because we own the matches.

Nigel: I want to make a very serious proposal.
Selena: In that outfit?

Nigel: What's going on? Hey, what's going on?
Selena: I've just outgrown you, Nigel. These things happen!
Nigel: You can't treat me like this, Selena. Without me, you'd still be reading tea leaves at Lake Tahoe.

Nigel: Linda, are you with us?
Linda Lee: Um... Yes, sir, I am.
Nigel: Oh, are you? Where, might I ask?
Linda Lee: Well, here, sir, on Earth.