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Lionel Luthor (Character)
from "Smallville" (2001)

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"Smallville: Scion (#10.16)" (2011)
Lionel Luthor: I applaud your efforts, but you can't hide Alexander from me forever.
Tess Mercer: I'm saving him from an encore performance of "Daddy Dearest."
Lionel Luthor: Give me my son.
Tess Mercer: I'm surprised that you are so hell-bent on this family reunion, given the fact that on this world it was Lex that sent Lionel plummeting to his death.
Lionel Luthor: That's proof that the Lex you knew was a true Luthor.

Lionel Luthor: There's a part of you that's Clark Kent.
Conner Kent: There's a part of me that's Lex Luthor, too.

Clark Kent: I won't let you hurt him like you did Lex. He was my closest friend, and Lionel Luthor's influence destroyed him.
Lionel Luthor: You destroyed Lex with your secrets and lies. And those same lies brought Conner to me.

Lionel Luthor: [at Lex's grave] Together, we could have ruled this world. I would give anything, my son, just to have you by my side.
[Darkseid appears before him]

Lionel Luthor: So my boy is alive. We've got to find him.
Scientist: We convinced Dr. Lamell to tell us that Mercer took him to Smallville. He's with Clark Kent.
Lionel Luthor: Not for long. It is time for my prodigal son to return.

Lionel Luthor: His first crush. It's good to know the Luthor libido is still intact. Great men - great passion.

Lionel Luthor: [incapacitates Clark with kryptonite] No. You'll never take my son.
Conner Kent: What are you doing?
Lionel Luthor: Eliminating the one person who stands in the way of your destiny.
Clark Kent: Let him go!
Lionel Luthor: Let's go, son. Remember who you are. You are meant to become a god. Together, we can make sure you do.
Conner Kent: I know who I am.
[destroys the kryptonite with his heat vision to save Clark]

Lionel Luthor: [to Tess] You, uh, may want to change yourself to impress Clark Kent, but we both know... don't we? Deep down, you'll *always* be a Luthor.

"Smallville: Beacon (#10.13)" (2011)
Tess Mercer: Lionel Luthor. I thought...
Lionel Luthor: Yes, well, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Alexander Luthor: I watched your body fall 40 stories. It was the greatest moment of my life.
Lionel Luthor: [sarcastically] Well, what father doesn't want to make his son happy.

Oliver Queen: [to Alexander] So, what was that this morning, huh? Was that, uh - was that your idea to show Daddy you got the killer instinct, too? Is that what that was?
Lionel Luthor: Are you making an accusation against my son? No one will take your word, you're a convicted felon. You should have stayed out of the spotlight, but you wanted celebrity. You made one fatal mistake - you trusted them, the people. They're vulgar, uneducated, and stupid, and they don't even know what you're fighting for. Must be heart-wrenching.
Oliver Queen: Well, you got it all figured out. I'll tell you what - I wouldn't underestimate the common man in tomorrow's vote. When the VRA's repealed and my name is cleared, I'm coming after you.
Lionel Luthor: No, you're wrong. Tomorrow, the people will turn on you again, believe me. You missed the mark, Green Arrow.
Alexander Luthor: And now it's our turn... again.

Lionel Luthor: This is your home, Alexander. You'll be safe here. You always remember, son - a Luthor's home is his castle.
Martha Kent: But this really isn't *your* home, Lionel, is it?

Lionel Luthor: So, Senator Martha Kent. I assume Clark told you about his journey through the looking glass.
Martha Kent: And he just called me about yours. You don't belong here.
Lionel Luthor: That's strange, coming from you. Where does your son belong? Certainly not here.
Martha Kent: Well, on this side of the mirror, Clark is a force of good. And if you try to hurt him, I will destroy you.

Lionel Luthor: Listen. Listen to me, son. Don't let hate master you. Make it your servant. Use it. Let it build inside of you. Hate can make you strong. I can teach you how.
Alexander Luthor: There's nothing left for you to teach me.

[deleted scene]
Chloe Sullivan: [appears on TV screen] Hello, Lionel.
Lionel Luthor: And who might you be?
Chloe Sullivan: Oh. So you haven't quite figured out who everyone on this side of the mirror is, have you? Over here, I protect Clark. But I'm not the one stopping you today.
Lionel Luthor: And that would be...?
[Clark superspeeds into Lionel's office]
Clark Kent: Lionel.
Lionel Luthor: You used to call me "sir" when you were my son.
Clark Kent: That was another world that you chose to leave behind.
Lionel Luthor: True. Here I have another son. My own flesh and blood. Where is he?
Clark Kent: Why? So you can force him to fulfill a destiny that you control? I won't let that happen.
Lionel Luthor: If you had the power to send me back, you would have done it already.
Clark Kent: This world changed Lionel Luthor once and it will again. There's still hope for you. If you can let go of your hate, you may see your son again.
Lionel Luthor: You think I'm going to corrupt Alexander. No. I'm not the one who taught him to hate you, Clark, you did that.
Clark Kent: Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us no matter what. And that kind of faith is a beacon. It gives us hope and it gives us a guidance, sometimes even the courage to change. I'll never stop trying to help Alexander. Never.

"Smallville: Phantom (#6.22)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: Ever since the day I've put on this wedding ring, you seem to have the uncanny knack for being one step ahead of me.
Lionel Luthor: I don't have time for this. I have things to do.
Lex Luthor: Like have a private screening of that DVD? You know the documentary - the one that Lana stole from me and gave to you.
Lionel Luthor: Oh, dear. I'd hoped married life have lessoned some of your paranoia.

[Clark lifts Lionel by his throat]
Lionel Luthor: Clark, if Lana's spoken to you, I know what you must be thinking, but you've got to listen to me.
Clark Kent: I've listened to you for too long!
Lionel Luthor: Lex is tracking a wraith from the Phantom Zone. I had to force Lana to marry him. It was the only way she could get close to him to get the information for me I need to you help.
Clark Kent: No. I never asked for you help. And I never will.
Lionel Luthor: You're not a murderer. You're Kal-El.
Clark Kent: Don't call me by that name!

[Lionel is trying to make his way into the complex. He runs into Bizarro thinking it is Clark]
Lionel Luthor: Clark. Son, what is it?
Clark Kent: That's not me. It's the phantom.
Bizarro: How do you like my new look?
[Lionel takes out the Kryptonite and thrusts it onto Bizarro's chest. He screams in pain as the Kryptonite glows with a bright white light. Bizarro is rejuvenated from the Kryptonite and looks triumphant]
Bizarro: Thanks. That's just what I needed.
[He strikes Lionel, sending him flying against a wall and collapsing to the floor, unconscious. He walks towards Clark]
Clark Kent: What the hell are you?
Bizarro: I'm you, only a little more bizarre.

Lex Luthor: As hard as it is for you to believe, Lana actually loves me.
Lionel Luthor: Oh, you know so little about women, Lex. I suppose losing your mother at such an early age didn't help matters. Lana does not love you. The only reason she agreed to marry you was that I gave her a gentle, yet very firm, nudge.
Lex Luthor: Using my wife against me... That's deplorable even for you. Whatever debts you think I still owe, we are even. I want you out of my life.
Lionel Luthor: I don't think you're gonna get rid of me that easily.

Clark Kent: I don't understand. None of this makes any sense.
Lionel Luthor: It was when Lex was possessed with Zod. I became possessed with all your father's knowledge. I found myself writing... in Kryptonian, the symbol for power.
John Jones: It was a beacon. The same beacon Jor-El used when he needed me.
Clark Kent: You knew my father?
John Jones: I worked for Jor-El, bringing criminals to justice. When Krypton was on the verge of annihilation, he asked me to keep an eye out for you.
Clark Kent: Where have you been all these years?
John Jones: Watching from a distance, from my residence on Mars.
Lionel Luthor: Your father wanted you to pass the test without any help. He wasn't to interfere unless it was absolutely necessary.
John Jones: When you unleashed those phantoms, your life was at stake. I didn't have a choice. I had to help you out.
Lionel Luthor: Like what happened at the docks in Seattle.
Clark Kent: When that phantom infected my mind?
Lionel Luthor: That's right.
John Jones: Unfortunately, I've lost a step since then.
Clark Kent: What happened?
John Jones: Nothing.
[Clark opens John's jacket and sees he was injured]
Clark Kent: That doesn't look like nothing.
John Jones: I had a run-in with the last phantom. I have to leave Earth's atmosphere to heal, but first I must complete the job I started.

Clark Kent: I'll go after the phantom. I have the crystal that Raya gave me.
John Jones: I doubt that crystal will work.
Lionel Luthor: It's not an ordinary phantom, Clark. It's the product of a Kryptonian lab experiment. It's been destroying one human being after the other, desperately searching for the only host that will ensure its survival: a Kryptonian body.

"Smallville: Luthor (#10.10)" (2010)
Newspaper Stand Worker: Uhh, don't I know you from somewhere?
Lionel Luthor: I don't think so. I'm from out of town. Unexpected visit. But I guess I'm back in the nick of time. Wouldn't want to miss how it all turns out.

Lionel Luthor: Ah. Now is the moment for an apposite quote from one of my favorites - Marcus Aurelius. "When you arise in the morning, think what a privilege it is to be alive. To breathe, to enjoy, to love, to think."
Clark Kent: Lionel?
Lionel Luthor: Dress yourself. We Luthor men must seize our day. You only live once, son.

Lionel Luthor: [to Clark] This, uh, "Ultraman" persona you've come up with - genius. It's a great way to strong-arm our opponents. But your display of ego is attracting too much attention. You're getting reckless.

Lionel Luthor: The heart - it'll blind you, son. You want to be your own man. That's natural. But remember, Clark - I am your father and I alone raised you in my own image to become the man that you are today.
Clark Kent: I must have lost perspective.
Lionel Luthor: But that's why I'm here - to set you back on the right path. You could conquer the universe. The Man of Tomorrow - Clark Luthor! I sometimes shudder to think what would have happened to my little traveler if he had been discovered in that cornfield by the first ignorant farmer that came along. Where on earth would you be now?

Lionel Luthor: You remember, um, Lear, son? Shakespeare. King Lear. Wanted to abdicate, retire. Lear had three children. He tells them he will divide his kingdom between them, giving the largest portion to the one who loves him most. Two of the children declare their lavish devotion. The youngest, his favorite, is blunt and plainspoken. Stop me if you know where this is going.
Clark Kent: Lear disowned the child who loved him all along.
Lionel Luthor: Big mistake. So, it's just you and your sister now. There's certainly not getting Lex back. You saw to that.
Clark Kent: I killed Lex.

Lionel Luthor: You know, you may want to use that, uh, box and escape from here, but the truth is that I'm the one who's been a prisoner here all this time.
Clark Kent: Let me use the mirror box. I'll go away. You'll never have to worry about me again.
Lionel Luthor: Not worry about you? That's all I've ever done - worry about you! I have sacrificed everything for your sake. I failed you, Clark. Because no true son of mine, no true Luthor would have let me live this long.
Clark Kent: Not my choices.
Lionel Luthor: You're right. I made you this way. And because I have failed you, Clark. It's got to be survival of the fittest! Whether you are on this earth or any other... I am the most fit! I will be the survivor!

"Smallville: Vessel (#5.22)" (2006)
Lionel Luthor: You, know, Clark, in certain cultures when a father presents his son with a gift of a knife, it represents a... rite of passage.

Lex Luthor: You tried to warn me about Fine, but I didn't listen.
Lionel Luthor: You never have. Not matter what I've given you, the things you've always wanted were beyond your grasp. This time you've overreached yourself.
Lex Luthor: Did you come out here to lecture me or to help me?
Lionel Luthor: It's too late to do either, isn't it? You made a deal with the devil. He always comes to collect.

Lionel Luthor: Clark... the real test of a hero is knowing when the greater good will be served by an evil act. To save the Earth, the cost of one life is the price that must be paid.
Clark Kent: Even if that life is your son? Lex is the vessel of Zod.

[after Lex sends Lionel flying into the limosine windshield]
Lex Luthor: Dad, are you okay?
Lionel Luthor: What have they... done to you... Lex? What have they turned you into?

"Smallville: Mercy (#5.19)" (2006)
Lionel Luthor: It was you, Lex. I know it.
Lex Luthor: What?
Lionel Luthor: Disabling my limo in the path of an oncoming train. You know that kind of melodrama went out of style with silent movies.

Lionel Luthor: I've been expecting you, Kal-El.
Clark Kent: How long have you known?
Lionel Luthor: From the moment I held in my hand the crystal that helped to form your Fortress of Solitude.
Clark Kent: The one that put you in a coma.
Lionel Luthor: Coma. I'd like to think of it as a... a state of... contemplative repose.
Clark Kent: You've known my secret for almost a year.
Lionel Luthor: Yes.
Clark Kent: Why haven't you done anything?
Lionel Luthor: What? Expose you to the world? Some strange visitor from another planet? I've tried to tell you, I am not your enemy. To reveal your secret would... change your destiny. And it would harm someone I care about very deeply.
Clark Kent: You had a choice. To kill my mother or to kill yourself.
Lionel Luthor: I could never harm your mother. There was no choice.
Clark Kent: Yeah? Unless you knew the gun wasn't loaded.
Lionel Luthor: You have no reason to believe anything I say, I realize that. But I hope eventually you will come to trust me. I only want what's best for you and your mother, son.
Clark Kent: You don't call me that. Jonathan Kent was my father.
Lionel Luthor: No, I'm not trying to take his place.
Clark Kent: You couldn't. My mother seems to think there may be some good in you, but I'm not so sure.
Lionel Luthor: It takes time, Clark. Maybe you will be.
Clark Kent: Or maybe you'll just show your true colors. Secret or no secret, you stay away from my mother, or you'll wish I never saved your life.

Lex Luthor: Someone tried to kill you?
Lionel Luthor: Oh, is this the part where you feign innocence?
Lex Luthor: I brought you in to help run LuthorCorp again. Profits have never been higher. Why would I want you dead?
Lionel Luthor: Not so long ago, I tried to take LuthorCorp away from you.
Lex Luthor: The Apex takeover.
Lionel Luthor: Right.
Lex Luthor: Please. Seeing you fail miserably was retribution enough.

Lex Luthor: I may not like you very much, dad, but you're a valuable asset to LuthorCorp. Killing you would hurt the bottom line.
Lionel Luthor: [sarcastic] Your concern is truly touching.

"Smallville: Tempest (#1.21)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: When Alexander the Great was dying his generals asked him who he would leave his armies to and his answer was "I leave it to the strongest."
Lex Luthor: I believe the term is "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"
Lionel Luthor: You're not my enemy. You're my son!
Lex Luthor: Funny, I never saw the distinction.

Lionel Luthor: You're not in a hurry to pack.
Lex Luthor: That's because I'm not leaving.
Lionel Luthor: Accept your fate, Lex. It's time to move on.
Lex Luthor: I'm forcing a vote of the board of directors to accept an employee buyout of the plant.
Lionel Luthor: [laughs] What are you gonna do? Convince the employees to take out a second mortgage? Cash in their IRAs?
Lex Luthor: Something like that.
Lionel Luthor: Even if you sell all your stock, and drain your trust fund, you still come up short, Lex. What are you going to do about the rest of the money, hmm?
Lex Luthor: Take the buyout now and you can keep your dignity. It's more than you left me.
Lionel Luthor: That's very gracious of you, son. You might wanna look at this first.
Lex Luthor: You've bought the Smallville Savings and Loan.
Lionel Luthor: Go ahead, lead your buyout. But remember I own your employees' mortgages. As soon as they begin missing payments, I won't hesitate to foreclose on each and every one of them. They'll be homeless, and it'll be your fault. You ready to accept that kind of responsibility? You're gonna take me on, son, you're gonna have to bring your game up to a whole different level.

Lex Luthor: You just fired 2,500 people and blamed it on me.
Lionel Luthor: Monday, you'll thank me, Lex. Smallville isn't in your future; it's just a brief chapter in your biography.

"Smallville: Prototype (#6.21)" (2007)
Clark Kent: We have to talk.
Lionel Luthor: Clark! You should try picking up the phone occasionally, it might be quicker... Or maybe not...
Clark Kent: What do you know about Lana?
Lionel Luthor: Letting go... never was one of your strong point, was it?
Clark Kent: Telling the truth was never one of yours.

Clark Kent: If Lana was so unhappy with Lex, why go through with the marriage?
Lionel Luthor: It's surprising, Clark, what people will do when they feel they have no other options.
Clark Kent: Well, if I find out that you had anything to do with Lana marrying Lex, the gloves will come off. How do you like that option?

Lionel Luthor: I just got off the phone with the governor. We were talking about your filling Burke's senatorial seat until the next election.
Martha Kent: Me?
Lionel Luthor: Kansas needs to be represented by someone of unassailable character who can restore the faith that Burke has tarnished. The governor agreed. You are the perfect choice for the U.S. Senate. Clark, you agree?
Clark Kent: You should do it, mom. I think you should do it. And I think dad would have wanted you to.
Martha Kent: I... I can't move to Washington. We're barely keeping the farm running as it is.
Lionel Luthor: Oh, Clark can take care of that. Can't you, Clark?
Clark Kent: I can lease out the back forty to Ben Hubbard. He's been wanting to work that land for years.
Martha Kent: Oh, Clark...
Clark Kent: You and dad always taught me to put other people first. To use my abilities to help those in need. You have the chance to affect so many people. To change so many lives if you go to Washington. That's where you need to be if you really wanna make a difference, mom. And that's where people like Wes need you to be.

"Smallville: Legacy (#3.17)" (2004)
Lionel Luthor: I believe that we're put on this Earth for a reason, Clark. Our task in life is to find out what that reason is. Sometimes we can't do that alone.

Clark Kent: You're never gonna find what you're looking for.
Lionel Luthor: I'm much closer than you think.

Lex Luthor: You know, Dad... They say mental illness is hereditary. I'm willing to accept my break with reality. Are you?
Lionel Luthor: Oh, Lex, men of vision have so often been mocked. Galileo knew it was the Earth that orbited the sun and he was sentenced to death for that discovery.
Lex Luthor: Where's the inquisition when you need it?

"Smallville: Skinwalker (#2.10)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: Lex, have I done anything in the recent past to offend you?
Lex Luthor: There are so many ways I could answer that question, Dad.

Lionel Luthor: Martha, I'm indebted to your son for his courage yesterday, but I thought you had a talk with him about this business.
Martha Kent: I did, and I agree with him.
Lionel Luthor: Are you willing to lose your job over this?
Martha Kent: That's up to you.

Lionel Luthor: Altruism is not in your blood, Lex, believe me. I don't know what you're up to, but you found something valuable in those caves. And whatever it is, I'll find it.

"Smallville: Shattered (#3.8)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: Lex. How'd you get in here, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Well, when people think you're insane and you're holding a rifle to their head they tend to do what you ask.

Lionel Luthor: Lex, how'd you get in here?
Lex Luthor: Well when you have a gun in your hand and people think you're crazy they kinda do what you want!

"Smallville: Nocturne (#2.5)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: Where are you finding these people, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Little schools like Harvard and Yale.

Lionel Luthor: Lex? I can feel your smirk from here.
Lex Luthor: You better watch it, Dad, or your new executive assistant might start rearranging all your priorities.

"Smallville: Finale (#10.21)" (2011)
Lionel Luthor: It's time you embrace your lineage, Tess. Time to become the Luthor were destined to be.
Tess Mercer: Why did you bring me here?
Lionel Luthor: My son, Lex - your brother, a genius - carried on with the family business. As you know, Lex cloned himself. There were many clones. None of them were perfect, but some pieces were.
Tess Mercer: No.
Lionel Luthor: Yes. Lex took the best pieces and grafted them into a masterwork.
Tess Mercer: I don't believe you.
Lionel Luthor: Of course you don't. Lex is a visionary, you're not.
Tess Mercer: Where is he then?
Lionel Luthor: He'll reveal himself when he's ready.
Tess Mercer: It's not possible.
Lionel Luthor: Well, there's one thing Lex wasn't able to duplicate successfully. Lex is missing a heart. And who better to save him then the sister who loves him? Luthors are survivors. You are one of *us*, my dear. It's all right. When the day is done, I will see the Luthor name resurrected more powerful than ever.

Darkseid: You refused me once, but this may be the moment when you'll reconsider my offer.
Lionel Luthor: I never intended to live forever. There's only one life I care about. Let my son live.
Darkseid: In exchange for your soul.

"Smallville: Veritas (#7.15)" (2008)
Lionel Luthor: If we don't open that envelope, Dr. Swann's conclusions could be mythical as the gods of Mount Olympus.
Robert Queen: Virgil's going to be here in any minute. I suggest you don't refer to his life's work as mythology.
Edward Teague:'s the greatest secret the world will ever know.
Robert Queen: We formed this group to use our wealth and power to protect that secret. Not expose it.
Lionel Luthor: Is that Robert Queen talking, or is that Virgil Swann? You're sounding more like him every day.

Lionel Luthor: No, I've repented!
Chloe Sullivan: That's right, you're an intensely *spiritual* man. You amassed all the power a human could until you found out about Clark. Befriending him is the closest thing you'll ever get to seeing God.

"Smallville: Pilot (#1.1)" (2001)
Lionel Luthor: This has got to stop. Open your eyes, Lex.
Young Lex Luthor: I can't...
Lionel Luthor: Luthors are not afraid. We don't have that luxury. We're leaders. You have a destiny, Lex. You're never gonna get anywhere with your eyes closed.

Lionel Luthor: Greatness is a rarefied air one must be taught to breathe!

"Smallville: Phoenix (#3.2)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: I had search parties scouring half the world for you.
Lex Luthor: Looks like you picked the wrong half.

Lex Luthor: [In the shadows] Abraham threw Issac on the pyre to prove his faith to God. What was your excuse, Dad?
[He reveals himself]
Lionel Luthor: [In amazement] Lex?
Lex Luthor: [Pulls out a gun and points it at Lionel] Disappointed I'm not basking in the fires of hell?
Lionel Luthor: Lex... I...
Lex Luthor: Sorry, I screwed up your plan.

"Smallville: Oracle (#5.21)" (2006)
Chloe Sullivan: So Hell freezes over and no one even bothers to tell me?
Clark Kent: Chloe, listen, Mr. Luthor has been writing these. It's some sort of warning, but I can't decipher it.
Chloe Sullivan: Well, unfortunately, my Kryptonian's a little rusty. What about -
Lionel Luthor: I don't know what any of this means, Miss Sullivan. I am simply the Oracle. I believe the answers could be found with a visit to your Fortress.
Clark Kent: The last time someone talked me into taking him to the Fortress, was a trick. To release General Zod.
Chloe Sullivan: Yeah, I have plans this weekend, so if we could protect Smallville from the wrath of Krypton's deadliest villain, that would be great.

Lionel Luthor: You're involved with Milton Fine. I know that he's been smuggling some of the deadliest viruses in the world into this country with your help.
Lex Luthor: Well, don't worry, Dad. I'm not gonna put them in any Halloween candy.

"Smallville: Stray (#1.16)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: We don't need to play games, son.
Lex Luthor: Dad, games are all we got.

Lex Luthor: You know what those emperors you're so fond of talking about were really afraid of? That their sons would become successful and return to Rome at the head of their own army.
Lionel Luthor: You think you can find your future in Smallville? I'm your future. Join me, Lex. Join me in Metropolis. How long have you been waiting to hear me say those words?
Lex Luthor: I've waited to hear other things from you for a lot longer. I'll return to Metropolis when I'm ready.

"Smallville: Commencement (#4.22)" (2005)
Lionel Luthor: You know, for a woman without a heart, Genevieve Teague certainly did have a lot of blood.

Lex Luthor: Dad, don't you think your search for these three ancient stones is starting to border on the fanatical?
Lionel Luthor: Let me remind, you, Lex... it was you who looted the ruins of Egypt to get your hands on one of those stones.
Lex Luthor: Trust me, Lana Lang has nothing to do with this.
Lionel Luthor: So chivalrous of you. You are the gallant hero trying to protect the damsel in distress. Hm?
Lex Luthor: I'm warning you. Leave her alone.
Lionel Luthor: All your life, you've had a tendency to let the damsel lead you straight into the mouth of the dragon. Your feeling for Miss Lang, don't let them cripple your common sense, son.

"Smallville: Promise (#6.16)" (2007)
Lionel Luthor: Do you remember, when you were just a little boy, I'd bring you up here to the office?
Lex Luthor: I used to pretend it was all mine to control, like I could just reach down and move all the cars, as if they were toys... pull all the strings and make people do what I wanted.

Lionel Luthor: You know Clark's secret, don't you? I've been watching you since you've started seeing my son, and you've been getting closer and closer to finding out the shocking truth about Clark Kent. What a surprise it must have been to realize that Clark has kept up the deception for so long, right under your nose.
Lana Lang: He was trying to protect me. And he's not going to let you threaten me now.
Lionel Luthor: You think Clark's invincible. Not so. Like every hero, he has an Achilles' heel, a weakness. I know what it is. And I know that it could kill him.
Lana Lang: No. You could never hurt him.
Lionel Luthor: Would you bet Clark's life on that? I give you my word, Miss Lang, if you don't honor the promise that you made to my son or I find out that you have told anyone about this conversation, I will kill Clark Kent.

"Smallville: Hothead (#1.3)" (2001)
Lionel Luthor: You know perfectly well how I feel about you.
Lex Luthor: Hence, I'm at a crap factory in Smallville.

Lex Luthor: Two trips in one week. I'm flattered, dad.
Lionel Luthor: What is this?
Lex Luthor: It's my new proposal. I worked out how to cut the operating budget by twenty percent without losing a single job.
Lionel Luthor: Lex, I specifically told you to cut your workforce.
Lex Luthor: Why? With this plan, you don't get the bad P.R.
Lionel Luthor: That's not the point.
Lex Luthor: Careful, dad, you're getting emotional.
[picking up a fencing foil]
Lex Luthor: We could always try a rematch. Are you afraid you can't take your son again?
Lionel Luthor: You get one.
Lex Luthor: One what?
Lionel Luthor: One chance to defy me.
Lex Luthor: I can't figure out what you hate more; the fact that my plan works, or that you didn't come up with it first.

"Smallville: Traveler (#7.14)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: What secret was so important that you and your friends built a group around it?
Lionel Luthor: Oh, think about it, Lex. Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, the Delphic. The rich have secret societies. The others have poker nights.

Clark Kent: Why didn't you just tell me there was danger? Let me make my own decision?
Lionel Luthor: If I'd told you, you would've rushed out to search for your enemies. I couldn't take that chance that you might get hurt.
Clark Kent: So instead you shoot me with kryptonite tasers, you trap me in a kryptonite cell. Why would you even build that thing?
Lionel Luthor: Clark, you're not the only Kryptonian who's come here. Your fellow travelers are violent, extremely violent. I built that cell for them.
Clark Kent: Then why imprison me?
Lionel Luthor: Clark, son...
Clark Kent: You're not my father! I spoke to Patricia. She told me about the Veritas murders.
Lionel Luthor: The truth can be very easily manipulated.
Clark Kent: You would know that better than anyone, Lionel. You've been doing it for years.
Lionel Luthor: I'm different now. I'm a different man.
Clark Kent: No, you're not.

"Smallville: Extinction (#3.3)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: There's some, uh, difficulty getting you under written by Lloyd's of London.
Lex Luthor: On what grounds?
Lionel Luthor: Uh, your tendency to attract near-death experiences has made you too great a liability.
Lex Luthor: I would think surviving would count for something.

Chloe: Mr. Luthor, I'm very sorry about what happened to Lex. These files were never meant to be seen by anyone other than me.
Lionel Luthor: I warn you, if I ever catch you investigating a member of my family again, a computer glitch will be the least of your problems. Good night, Ms. Sullivan.

"Smallville: Nemesis (#6.19)" (2007)
Lana Lang: I wonder how Martha Kent would handle hearing that you used her son as a bargaining chip? Tell me what you know.
Lionel Luthor: Well, I see you've embraced wholeheartedly what it means to be a Luthor.

"Smallville: Exodus (#2.23)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: I'm glad you finally decided to accept my offer. You know, don't you, you have a very exciting future ahead of you, Ms. Sullivan.
Chloe Sullivan: Well, opportunities like this aren't dropped on your doorstep every day.
Lionel Luthor: Why the sudden change of heart?
Chloe Sullivan: You were right about Clark. He wasn't who I thought he was.
Lionel Luthor: Oh.
Chloe Sullivan: I'm surprised I hadn't noticed earlier. So much for my crack journalistic instinct.
Lionel Luthor: No, no. Love has the way of blinding even the sharpest minds. We don't look because we don't want to see. But once love has been stripped away, then we see the real person clearly. They're revealed to us, with all their flaws, their foibles, and their secrets.

"Smallville: Blue (#7.8)" (2007)
Zor-El: You're just as stubborn as my brother. Soon you could be just as dead. If you value your life, tell Kal-El to trust his uncle. You'll be better off in the end.
Lionel Luthor: Kal-El is following his own destiny. I will do nothing to stop his course.

"Smallville: Persona (#7.10)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: You're telling me you wouldn't want to see Julian again? To look into the eyes of the son you've lost?
Lionel Luthor: It's you I've lost. It's you I've lost.

"Smallville: Sneeze (#6.2)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: Well, I forgot what a concerned parent you are. That's why you're having me followed, isn't it? To make sure I don't destroy the rest of the world?
Lionel Luthor: If I were having you followed, son, you would never know it. I can guarantee you that.

"Smallville: Asylum (#3.9)" (2004)
Lionel Luthor: It's sad to see a man who's lost his mind, but it's tragic when he's convinced himself that he's sane.

"Smallville: Shimmer (#1.10)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: Empires are not brought down by outside forces - they are destroyed by weaknesses from within.

"Smallville: Justice (#6.11)" (2007)
Lionel Luthor: I need to talk to you. Are you alone?
Lex Luthor: Just me and my shadow, dad.

"Smallville: Reaper (#1.17)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: It bothers you, doesn't it? That I'm not dependent on you anymore. That I've made friends in Smallville, people I can trust.
Lionel Luthor: Don't be ridiculous, Lex. I'm happy you're doing well.
Lex Luthor: No, you're not. You're afraid I won't need you anymore.
Lionel Luthor: You'll always be my son. And you will always need me, Lex.

"Smallville: Arrival (#5.1)" (2005)
Lana Lang: [approaching Lionel carving a Kryptonian symbol into the hardwood floor with a corkscrew] Mr. Luthor?
[nearing closer]
Lana Lang: Are you okay?
Lionel Luthor: [grabs Lana by the arm and she screams] The disciples of Zod...
[looks up to Lana revealing the cataracts in his blank eyes]
Lionel Luthor: ...they must be stopped!
Lana Lang: You're talking about the people from the ship.
Lionel Luthor: Their home...
[he gets up and walks to Lex's safe full of Kryptonite laced artifacts]
Lionel Luthor: their only poison. Their home... is their only poison.

"Smallville: Forsaken (#3.21)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: You went through all the trouble of having your own son committed to an asylum and shooting six hundred volts of electricity through his body just to cover up your trespasses. But like I said, dad, you've gotten careless.
Lionel Luthor: [Loder enters the room] Loder. Why are you here?
FBI Agent Frank Loder: Lionel Luthor, you're under arrest.
Lionel Luthor: On what charge?
FBI Agent Frank Loder: The murder of your parents, Lachlan and Eliza Luthor. Let's go.
Lionel Luthor: [as Loder takes him away, they stop in front of Lex] Be careful, son. Don't forget Judas hung himself with his own rope.

"Smallville: Cyborg (#5.15)" (2006)
[last lines]
Lionel Luthor: Your secret's safe with me, Kal-El.

"Smallville: Leech (#1.12)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: [after Lionel takes credit for Lex's takeover] That's what happens when you trust your family, Lex. I'm proud of you.
Lex Luthor: [sarcastically] Thanks, Dad. That means a lot coming from you.

"Smallville: Jitters (#1.8)" (2001)
Martha Kent: You have to open the doors.
Lionel Luthor: They're safety locked and can't be opened until the gas levels have gone down.
Martha Kent: My son is still in there!
Lionel Luthor: So is mine.

"Smallville: Slumber (#3.4)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: [to Lex] When you're rich, you're not crazy. You're eccentric.

"Smallville: Noir (#6.20)" (2007)
Lionel Luthor: You stroll in here with this crackerjack kid... You trying to land me in the cooler?
Clark Kent: Cool your jets, Mack. Jimmy's here just a little down on love. Ain't you, Jimmy?
Lionel Luthor: Poor sucker. Man, dame's his poison.

"Smallville: Unaired Pilot (#1.0)" (2001)
Lionel Luthor: This has got to stop. Open your eyes, Lex.
Young Lex Luthor: I can't...
Lionel Luthor: Luthors are not afraid. We don't have that luxury. We're leaders. You have a destiny, Lex. You're never gonna get anywhere with your eyes closed.

"Smallville: Memoria (#3.19)" (2004)
Lionel Luthor: Lex... things would have been so different between us.
Lex Luthor: Yes, Dad. You might have actually loved me.

"Smallville: Accelerate (#2.21)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: Back from Metropolis so soon? Awfully long drive for quality health care.
Lionel Luthor: Oh, you're tailing me, Lex? I hope not. It's a bit obsessive, don't you think?
Lex Luthor: No, I just heard you were here. I wanted to make sure you're okay.
Lionel Luthor: I came to visit a former employee. He's just been admitted. Unfortunately, he's still unconscious.
Lex Luthor: Well, he must have been an exceptional worker to merit a visit from the CEO.
Lionel Luthor: I like to think that I treat everyone at LuthorCorp as part of the family.
Lex Luthor: Oh, that would explain their lack of loyalty.

"Smallville: Solitude (#5.8)" (2005)
Lionel Luthor: How does it go? You can put a tuxedo on the fiddler but he's still going to play the same old tune.
Chloe Sullivan: That's good. You should jot that down and add it to your page-a-day calendar.

"Smallville: Lexmas (#5.9)" (2005)
Lex: I'm talking about Lana! I know we've had our differences, but my wi- She's the mother of your grandchildren.
Lionel Luthor: How can I have grandchildren? I don't have a son.

"Smallville: Lara (#7.6)" (2007)
Lionel Luthor: Can't I take an interest on my son's well-being?
Lex Luthor: Oh, which son is that? You spend as much time protecting Clark as you do pushing me away. Exactly whose father are you?
Lionel Luthor: I wish I could say yours and be proud. Your treatment of Lana...
Lex Luthor: Come on, Dad. I learned from watching you with Mom. I was just...being a Luthor.

"Smallville: Calling (#2.22)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: Nurturing a promising young talent is a reward in itself. And I've, uh... I've got your first assignment. A complete investigative profile of Clark Kent.
Chloe Sullivan: What possible interest could the "Daily Planet" have in a farm boy from Smallville?
Lionel Luthor: This isn't for the "Daily Planet". I'm sure they'll be in touch with you. No, this is for me. Just, uh... combine it with any research about his family you already have.
Chloe Sullivan: [realizing he has an ulterior motive] Wow. I blew off my journalistic skepticism and... and allowed myself to actually believe that you were interested in just helping me.
Lionel Luthor: You're playing in the real world now, Ms. Sullivan. You have to, uh... give to get.
Chloe Sullivan: Mr. Luthor, I don't know what your interest is in Clark, but you can take the job offer and shove it down your thousand dollar pants.

"Smallville: Crush (#1.19)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: What did she want?
Lex Luthor: Forgiveness.
Lionel Luthor: She must not know you very well, son.

"Smallville: Fanatic (#5.10)" (2006)
Lionel Luthor: Despite your intense studies, it seems Jonathan Kent, after yesterday's theatrics, has surged ahead of you in the polls.
Lex Luthor: I didn't have anything to do with that.
Lionel Luthor: No, no, of course you didn't. But it looks as though your disciples tried to follow in your footsteps. They have succeeded in creating quite a mess. How does it feel, Lex, to have people worship you?
Lex Luthor: Being the idol for a cult of psychopaths isn't exactly a power trip, dad.
Lionel Luthor: No, but I suppose being a state senator would be. Isn't that why you're running for office?
Lex Luthor: You want to know the truth? I'm running because it's something I actually have to work for.

"Smallville: Reunion (#6.5)" (2006)
Lionel Luthor: I know Alden wasn't your close friend, Lex...
Lex Luthor: [cutting in] But what, I should muster up some tears anyway? Thanks but I'll save them for someone who deserves them!

"Smallville: Descent (#7.16)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: It wasn't an accident we were in Smallville the day the meteor shower, was it? The factory was just a cover. You were really there to meet this Traveler that Veritas wanted to protect. I remember everything, Dad.
Lionel Luthor: Those are the memories of a small boy trying to cope with the trauma of a meteor shower.
Lex Luthor: A trauma brought on by his own father. My life changed forever that day. You sacrificed me for the Traveler. Why? Who is it, Dad? Who is it? Who is it?
Lionel Luthor: What if I told you now that you were the Traveler? You're right. Your life truly changed that day. I told you in the helicopter that you were destined for a great future. That's why I've been so hard on you, trained you so relentlessly. Think, Lex. Think. You have survived so many mortal injuries so many times. How else can you explain it?
Lex Luthor: Because I was trained never to accept defeat. When I get my hands on that box in Zurich, I have a feeling all my questions will be answered.
Lionel Luthor: Lex? I know how strong it is, the attraction of the dark power. But it will destroy you. I can't let you go down that terrible path. You must not open that box.
Lex Luthor: I can't open it because I need a second key. Give it to me.
[brings out his gun and shoots out the window behind Lionel]
Lex Luthor: I've swept every possible place you could've hidden it and I finally realized, there's only one person you would trust it with. Yourself.
[rips the chain around Lionel's neck with the key]
Lionel Luthor: Lex? Lex, if you open that box, if you get hold of that secret, there will be no redemption for you, no redemption. Ever.
Lex Luthor: I was raised in your shadow. Now, you're gonna die in mine. No one will even remember your name.
[Lex pushes Lionel out the window and Lionel plunges forty stories to his death]

"Smallville: Hidden (#5.3)" (2005)
Lionel Luthor: [a brilliant flash of light wakes Clark and he rises from a pedestal of ice in the Fortress of Solitude and looks around, confused as to how and why he is there, until he looks up and sees Lionel standing above him in the distance] Hello Kal-El.
Clark Kent: [Confused and amazed] Jor-El?
Lionel Luthor: [Grasping the lapels of his overcoat] And I'm hoping the time has come when you will call me father.
Clark Kent: [Perplexed] ... I was... I was just in the hospital. How did you get me here?
Lionel Luthor: The portal in the cave. When this body was activated it became an oracle of Kryptonian knowledge, a vessel for me to inhabit if ever you should need me. That time was now.
Clark Kent: Am I dead?
Lionel Luthor: Your mortal journey is over, yes, but your eminent destiny is far too important to be sacrificed. You will return with all of your natural gifts.
[Steps forward]
Lionel Luthor: Unfortunately, this rectification does not come without a price.
[Clark looks concerned]
Lionel Luthor: The life of someone close to you will be exchanged for yours.
Clark Kent: [In shock] No. No I'd never ask for that.
Lionel Luthor: You already did when you chose to relinquish your powers and disobey me. It was your choice.
Clark Kent: [Angrily] Then just don't send me back!
Lionel Luthor: It's too late.
[Lionel steps forward to Clark to speak to him face to face]
Lionel Luthor: For everything in nature, there is a balance.
[Stated with sorrow]
Lionel Luthor: The life force that has been returned to you will soon be taken from... from someone you love.
[Grabs Clark's arms]
Lionel Luthor: You're about to face your darkest hour my son but, remember the lessons we learn from pain are the ones that make us the strongest.
[He hugs Clark and a brilliant light emanates from Lionel's hand and he takes a step back]
Lionel Luthor: Always know that I love you.
[a brilliant flash of light returns Clark to Smallville]

"Smallville: Prodigal (#2.15)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: Do you remember the fable of the frog and the scorpion, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Yeah, dad. The, uh, frog helped the scorpion across the river. The scorpion repaid his kindness by stinging the frog.
Lionel Luthor: "Why did you do it?", the dying frog asked him. And the scorpion replied "Because it is my nature." Believe me, Lex, your brother will never change. I've watched him over the years. The boy's a sociopath.
Lex Luthor: And I wonder which side of the family tree he got that from.

"Smallville: Crusade (#4.1)" (2004)
Lionel Luthor: You're not Martha Kent.
Lois Lane: Would you have seen me if they said it was Lois Lane?
Lionel Luthor: Lois Lane, yes. You're Chloe Sullivan's cousin. What a loss. You bite your nails; bad girl. But getting through the door doesn't mean I'll talk to you. Guard!
Lois Lane: I don't believe that safe house explosion was an accident.
Lionel Luthor: Of course you don't. You believe I'm responsible.
Lois Lane: No. A stunt like that is... thuggish and obvious. It smacks of desperation. All the things you aren't.
Lionel Luthor: All right, Miss Lane, you have my attention. What's your theory?
Lois Lane: I don't have one.
Lionel Luthor: [chuckles] Then why are you here?
Lois Lane: Because I wanted to look into the face of the son of a bitch who's responsible for my cousin's death. You may not have blown her up, but you're the reason she's gone.
Lionel Luthor: Before you begin to anointer for sainthood, let's get some of the facts straight, all right? The simple truth is I made her an offer, she took it, I kept my end of the bargain, she didn't. She's dead as a result of her own actions. I had nothing to do with it. And next time you come at me with accusations, try to have a little more than righteous indignation. Zoo hours are over, Miss Lane. Good day.
Lois Lane: [turning to leave ] You know, it must kill you that somebody has given you this gift. And you don't know who and you don't know why, but without Chloe's testimony, you're probably gonna walk out of here a free man. Or are you being set up?