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Cat Grant (Character)
from "Supergirl" (2015)

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"Supergirl: Fight or Flight (#1.3)" (2015)
Cat Grant: It's you. Oh, no. I'm sorry. I meant to say who are you?
Supergirl: According to you, I'm Supergirl.
Cat Grant: Trademark pending.

Cat Grant: Let's start with the generals. Where are you from?
Supergirl: I traveled to Earth from my home planet...
Cat Grant: Krypton?
Supergirl: Yes. When it was destroyed. My parents sent me here where they thought I'd be safe.
Cat Grant: I feel like I've heard this story before.
Supergirl: This is my story.

Cat Grant: So, I can assume that all of your powers are the same as the Man of Steel's? The flying, the super speed, the freezy breath thing?
Supergirl: I'm still working on that last one.
Cat Grant: Oh, so you're not up to his level yet?
Supergirl: [fires her heat vision] I wouldn't say that.
Cat Grant: So, why are we just hearing from you now?
Supergirl: I'm not sure I understand the question.
Cat Grant: Well, if you've been on Earth for years, why wait this long to start giving back? Where were you during the earthquake two years ago? Or the wild fires last September that killed eight people?
Supergirl: This is not a job I take lightly. I had to be ready.
Cat Grant: Any plans to start a family?
Supergirl: Nobody ever asked my cousin these questions.
Cat Grant: Superman is your cousin?
Supergirl: This interview is over.
[flies off]
Cat Grant: What do you do all day when you're not flying around town? Do you have a day job?

Cat Grant: Bulletproof.
Kara Danvers: Are you asking me if I'm bullet...
Cat Grant: Bulletproof Coffee. It's made from unsalted grass-fed butter with an extract of coconut oil that improves brain energy. I will need a cup of it every hour. Crappy coffee has toxins in it that will rob me of my creativity and vigor. I'm going to need both if I'm going to write a kick-ass expose on Supergirl.

Cat Grant: It's a big day for journalism. The Daily Planet can suck it. I scooped them.
Kara Danvers: Yes, I... I heard. You told everyone that Supergirl and Superman are cousins. Do you think maybe she might have... kind of wanted that on the... on the down-low?

Cat Grant: We will be publishing a special issue of our monthly magazine the day after tomorrow. It is going to make that Caitlyn Jenner "Vanity Fair" look like a Pennysaver pull-out. We need a big party to launch it. Throw something together. Uh... a thousand guests. Rent out a museum or something.
Kara Danvers: Um...
Cat Grant: And move Dave out there to another desk. I find his hair distracting.

Cat Grant: Do you hear that?
Kara Danvers: Uh... no.
Cat Grant: You don't hear that loud, high-pitched, incessant humming coming from the vents that is making it impossible for me to think straight, let alone string together one coherent sentence?
Kara Danvers: I have pretty good ears, and... and I don't hear anything.
Cat Grant: Well... get maintenance to look into it, because it's driving me crazy.
Kara Danvers: Sure thing. I'll get them right on it. I just need you to approve the appetizers for tomrrow.
Kara Danvers: Ker-rah, I am very proud of the fact that in my many years of being a CEO, I have never thrown a phone at an assistant. I would very much like to keep that record intact.
Kara Danvers: [turning to leave] I'll take care of it.

Kara Danvers: I finished proofing the Supergirl article.
Cat Grant: Please begin my compliments.

Kara Danvers: The writing is... the writing's beautiful; it's lyrical. The kind of story they'd make you read in journalism school.
Cat Grant: I distinctly heard a slight uplilt, which suggests a hestitation, evascilation, and maybe an ambivalence?
Kara Danvers: Isn't the tone kind of... a little nasty? I... I mean, the headline, um, okay... "Millennial Falcon: Every Generation Gets the Superhero It Deserves". Supergirl didn't tell you how old she is. How do you know she's a millennial?
Cat Grant: Well, if she's not, then I want the name of her surgeon.

Kara Danvers: What about this passage? Um... "Supergirl embodies the worst traits of her generation. The earnestness without purpose. The unshakable belief that she has a right to be heard even when she has nothing to say."
Cat Grant: That is a magnificent point.
Kara Danvers: I transcribed your interview. She's not like this. You're... you've taken her out of context.
Cat Grant: I have given her context. I hate to break it to you, but the world is tough, and what is she going to do when she has to face a real threat? Oh, I know. She'll call her cousin, just like every other millennial who calls mummy and daddy the second things don't go their way.
Kara Danvers: She won't do that.
Cat Grant: How do you know that?
Kara Danvers: I think... I think maybe what she's trying to say is that when people are scared or hurt or in danger, they think of Superman, but that it's okay to think of her, too. And... and not just as some consolation prize. She is every bit the hero he is. She just needs the chance to prove it.

Cat Grant: You don't fool me. You're late. I noticed because there was no one mumbling and shuffling three paces behind me.
Kara Danvers: I'm sorry.
Cat Grant: Where are the magazines?
Kara Danvers: The...
Cat Grant: The paper ones. The ones that can be framed.
Kara Danvers: Right. The magazine.
Winn Schott: [approaching] Uh, the truth is Kara is probably just a little foggy because she was up all night autographing the magazines with... with the author's name.
Cat Grant: Huh. It's as if I thought of it myself, Ker-rah.
Kara Danvers: [Cat leaves] Oh, my god, Winn. You just saved my life. I owe you big time.

"Supergirl: Worlds Finest (#1.18)" (2016)
Cat Grant: [addressing Kara Danvers, Winn Schott, James Olsen and Barry Allen] All four of you standing there doing nothing, you look like the attractive yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.

Cat Grant: Ker-rah, call security. I haven't seen eyes that crazy since I had fondue with Ramona Singer.

Cat Grant: Now, I have to name this hero. I was thinking about "The Woosh" or "The Red Streak" or "The Blur."
Barry Allen: What about The Flash? I'm just saying, I think that's a pretty cool superhero name. Right?
Cat Grant: The Flash? Sounds like someone whose only superhero power is jumping out of an alley in a trench coat.

Kara Danvers: Barry's leaving town and I was gonna see him off.
Cat Grant: Okay. Tell Mr. Allen to have a good time zipping around in his red outfit.
Kara Danvers: Wait, you knew he was The Flash?
Cat Grant: Oh, please. Barry shows up, The Flash shows up. His insistence on that silly name. And he was so unfailingly charming and nice, that he had to be either a superhero or a Mormon.

Kara Danvers: Miss Grant, you have to leave now.
Cat Grant: Ker-rah, I thought I told you to tell Bernie Sanders that I am not interested in Hot Yoga.

Cat Grant: [Talking about Supergirl to Kara Danvers] National City may have lost faith, but I haven't. And you shouldn't either.

Cat Grant: There's a new superhero in National Coty. This is huge. Direct competition for Supergirl.
Kara Danvers: He doesn't HAVE to be... competition.
Cat Grant: Would you prefer... a sidekick?
Barry Allen: No, not a sidekick. More like an equal, or an ally...
[Winn pats Barry on the shoulder]
Barry Allen: ... a new - partner, maybe...
[Cat stares stoically at him; he nods]
Barry Allen: ... Speaking was the wrong choice. I see that now.

Livewire: You really should watch where you're going, Cat, or someone's gonna need to declaw you.
Cat Grant: [remains unfazed] You know, you really need to get some new material, Leslie.

[once The Flash is revealed to be in National City]
Cat Grant: There's a new superhero in National City. This is huge; direct competition for Supergirl.
Kara Danvers: He doesn't have to be... competition.
Cat Grant: Would you prefer... a sidekick?
Barry Allen: No, not a sidekick. More like an equal, or an ally...
[Winn pats Barry's shoulder]
Barry Allen: ...a new partner, maybe?
[Cat stares stoically; Barry nods]
Barry Allen: Speaking was the wrong choice. I see that now.

"Supergirl: Nevertheless, She Persisted (#2.22)" (2017)
Cat Grant: I've never seen Star Wars.

Cat Grant: Tessmacher, get Snapper on the line. His dispatches have no teeth. Where's the hook? Where's the lead? Where's the stats, and where the hell is my latte? I've been typing for twelve hours. I need caffeine, I need carbs, I need a...
[looking up, she sees Kara and Clark have entered]
Cat Grant: ...Clark bar.

Cat Grant: And, um... what, pray tell, brings you here?
Clark Kent: Gosh, Ms. Grant, I, uh... I just wanted to see what I could do to help.
Cat Grant: Oh, you do love danger, don't you, Clark Kent. Yet another reason why Lois made no sense.

Kara Danvers: Supergirl gave us an exclusive interview.
Cat Grant: In exchange for?
Clark Kent: A request. She'd like to tone down the, um... gee, how do I put this? The... sensational tone that the battle's been receiving in the media.
Cat Grant: I don't know how I can do that. People are finally starting to fight. Finally starting to stand up.
Kara Danvers: Supergirl doesn't want anyone showing up and getting hurt.
Clark Kent: And I don't know anyone who cares more about the people than you do, Ms. Grant.
Cat Grant: Once again, Kansas, you're the only person who really gets me.
Clark Kent: I try.

Cat Grant: [as Clark leaves her office] Oh... those big, green eyes. I promise you, when he takes off those glasses, he is a tiger in bed.
[Kara chuckles awkwardly and turns to leave]
Kara Danvers: [to herself] Oh, god, I hope Rhea kills me.

Cat Grant: What's wrong with your face?
Kara Danvers: What? Do I... do I have something?
Cat Grant: Well, that frown. It's causing little tiny wrinkles to sprout up under your eyes. Kira, the city has been saved from that... fashion-challenged fascist, so why do you look like your world is about to end?

Kara Danvers: While you've been away, uh... I've been in a relationship.
Cat Grant: [gasp] Kira Danvers has a boyfriend? A year in a yurt and I miss everything.
Kara Danvers: Had a boyfriend.
Cat Grant: Oh.
Kara Danvers: For the first time... ever, I really liked someone. Loved someone. And it didn't work. It, um...
Cat Grant: Hurts.
Kara Danvers: Like hell. And everyone close to me in my life is in a happy relationship, and... I thought I could have that, too, but... I'm starting to think that maybe it's just not in the cards for me.
Cat Grant: No. Take it from a woman who has been married four times.
Kara Danvers: Four?
Cat Grant: Well, it would have been five, but I turned down Rob Lowe. Twice, actually.
Kara Danvers: It just feels like this pain isn't gonna go away.
Cat Grant: Ah, well, that's what I said about childbirth. But it did. And it will. Now, see... the thing that makes women strong is that we have the guts to be vulnerable. We have the ability to feel the depths of our emotion, and we know that we will walk through it to the other side.

"Supergirl: Resist (#2.21)" (2017)
President Olivia Marsdin: I suppose I owe you an explanation
Cat Grant: Well, at least tell me you're still a Democrat.

Cat Grant: "Good Evening National City, its Cat Grant. Yes, I've been away for a while but I'm back. Now I can imagine that you're feeling afraid and feeling like your world is spinning out of control but, believe me, you have power and right now you have a job to do. Resist. Resist these invaders with everything you've got. They come with empty promises and closed fists. They promise to make our world great again and yet they know nothing about the people that make this world great. They think they can con us and if that doesn't work, what, they're going to beat us into submission? They have no idea what they're up against. Aliens and Humans, we need to band together and we need to stand up and fight back. Everyone needs to be a superhero. Everyone needs to get up and say: Not in my house. Lets prove to these thugs that we're strong and we're united and we're not going to be conquered. And Tiara Woman, if you and your thugs happen to be listening, you have come to the wrong town. Yeah, I'm Cat Grant, not going anywhere." "Classic."

Rhea: I'm sorry, who are you?
Cat Grant: I'm Cat Grant. Known on Earth as Queen of All Media.
Rhea: Oh. Well, Cat Grant, I'm Rhea, and Earth now has a new Queen.
Cat Grant: Oh. Oh, well, let me just give you a little bit of friendly advice, Rhea. That tiara that you have on the top of your head, it's overkill. Real royals, they don't need to try that hard.

President Olivia Marsdin: I assume that you are all a little-frightened, but I assure you, I mean you no harm.
Cat Grant: Obviously. Otherwise I would have been stabbed in the back by you that night at college when your fiance flung himself at me.

Alex Danvers: We're gonna need one hell of a distraction.
Cat Grant: I'm the queen of distraction.
Supergirl: Ms. Grant, this could be dangerous.
Cat Grant: No. No, no. This will be dangerous. But it's dangerous for all of you, why shouldn't it be dangerous for me? But I'll need Winslow.
Winn Schott: Me? Really?
Cat Grant: [referring to Cyborg Superman who is behind Winn] Well, I'm not taking the robot.

Guardian: You're safe now, Ms. Grant.
Cat Grant: Thanks, James.
Guardian: I'm Guardian.
Cat Grant: Oh, honey. I can see your eyes right through the slit.

"Supergirl: Pilot (#1.1)" (2015)
Kara Danvers: [on discovering that Cat dubbed her "Supergirl"] "Supergirl"? We can't name her that!
Cat Grant: *We* didn't.
Kara Danvers: Right, I'm sorry. It's just, uh... A female superhero. Shouldn't she be called Super... woman?
Cat Grant: I'm sorry, darling, I just can't hear you over the loud color of your cheap pants.
Kara Danvers: If we call her "Supergirl", something less than what she is, doesn't that make us guilty of, of being anti-feminist? Didn't you say she's the hero?
Cat Grant: *I'm* the hero. I stuck a label on the side of the girl. I branded her. She will forever be linked to CatCo, to the Tribune, to me. And what do you think is so bad about "Girl?" Huh? I'm a girl. And your boss, and powerful, and rich, and hot and smart. So if you perceive "Supergirl" as anything less than excellent, isn't the real problem you?

Cat Grant: The only reason I bought this building was because it had a private elevator. That way I don't have to get soaked in cheap cologne every morning getting to my office. Find out who used it, have them reprimanded or bathed, I don't care which.

Kara Danvers: You're downsizing the Tribune? But that was your first acquisition.
Cat Grant: Go see if the new art director has the layout ready. It's not that I don't see your frown, it's just not I don't care enough to ask why it's there.
Kara Danvers: All those people, they're going to lose their jobs. What's going to happen to them, their families? They don't have to downsize at the Daily Planet.
Cat Grant: Metropolis has a person who wears a cape and flies around performing heroic acts. The Planet puts this superlative man on their cover 54% of the time. You want to save the Trib? Go find me a hero, Kerah.

Cat Grant: [with her superhuman hearing, Kara hears her arriving at the office] Ugh, this elevator is a human petri dish. It's like standing up in coach.
Kara Danvers: She's here.
Winn Schott: How do you do that?

Cat Grant: I have a meeting with the board today at lunch, so cancel sushi with my mother. Oh, and cancel my therapist. I won't be needing it if I'm not having lunch with my mother.

Cat Grant: Do you think there's any connection between this hero and...
James Olsen: To my friend in blue? I don't know. I mean, not that he mentioned, but if she's anything like him, she's a hero. Saving people's what they're born to do. She'll be back.
Cat Grant: She better be. This girl is the answer. She is exactly what I need to save the Tribune. Besides fatty foods, there is nothing people love more than a hero.

"Supergirl: Myriad (#1.19)" (2016)
Cat Grant: Kiera, call Harrison Ford and tell him I'm flattered, but once and for all, I do not date older men, especially when they're married.

Supergirl: You're not a mindless drone.
Cat Grant: Uh, no. No, I learned that lesson when Demi Moore and I wore the same dress to the premiere of "Ghosts". Never again.

Cat Grant: Ah, you do have a cell phone? Can I get that number, please?
Supergirl: It's Superman.
Cat Grant: Oh, can I get his number as well?

Supergirl: There he is! There he is.
Cat Grant: Who? Superman? Where?
[sees Superman land on the street]
Supergirl: What? What? Oh, God. No.
Cat Grant: What is it?
Supergirl: Myriad. It's affecting my cousin too.
Cat Grant: Myriad? Wait a minute, if it's affecting Superman, then are any of us safe?
Maxwell Lord: Well, I may not be Superman, but... I do have my moments. Do Kryptonians gloat? Because I'll bet wherever he is, ol' Uncle Non is feeling pretty good about himself.

Supergirl: This doesn't look like victory to me. And all you doing is betraying her. I was with Astra in her final moments. We forgave each other, we paid respect to our blood bonds. She didn't want this.
Non: Of course she did. It's what everyone wants, is it not? Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards men.
Cat Grant: It's a lot less like Christmas out there and more like "Dawn of the Dead".

Maxwell Lord: Good. You changed your mind. I was starting to regret saving it in the first place. For the record, I seriously thought the two of us would be having a lot more fun during Armageddon.
Cat Grant: Oh, Max, we're not here to talk about your bomb. Supergirl has a plan.
Maxwell Lord: Which means Cat browbeat you.
Supergirl: "Inspired" is closer to the truth.
Cat Grant: I'm a muse, Max. To the world.
Maxwell Lord: So, what's your plan.
Supergirl: Hope.
Maxwell Lord: You know what? I'm gonna go with the plan that has the bomb to kill the bad guys.
Supergirl: No bomb. No one dies.
Maxwell Lord: You think I wanna do this? It's the only way to win.
Supergirl: What? What are we winning? Causing more chaos? More destruction? More lives lost? You hated me for months, because you thought I'd use my power indiscriminately, kill people with no regard for their lives. That is exactly the choice you're making with this bomb.That is exactly the choice you're making with this bomb.
Maxwell Lord: [to Cat] Please tell me you've had enough analysis to know that she's right.
Supergirl: You were afraid of me. Now you're afraid of Non. I understand that fear. But we cannot let it drive our actions. Make another choice that honors your parents. And mine.

"Supergirl: How Does She Do It? (#1.5)" (2015)
Carter Grant: I met Supergirl. She was amazing. And she was so much prettier in person.
Cat Grant: Oh. Well... did you notice any of her other attributes?
Carter Grant: Um, she's super strong...
Cat Grant: And smart and brave and kind and she saved you all. Tell me, what do you think makes her a hero?
Carter Grant: I'd say her legs. Definitely her legs. Hear heart, Mom.

Cat Grant: [calling Kara into her office] Get me a salad for lunch. I don't care what kind, as long as it has a cheeseburger on top.

Kara Danvers: May I say, Ms. Grant, congratulations! The Siegel Prize, that's huge.
Cat Grant: I hope not, considering they're going to have to mail it to me. I won't be attending the ceremony.
Kara Danvers: But this is the first year you've beat Lois Lane.
Cat Grant: And as much as I would love to rub it in her annoyingly freckled button nose, I don't have anyone to watch Carter.
Kara Danvers: Did you fire another nanny?
Cat Grant: No. Ella broke her leg storing my summer sandals.
Kara Danvers: And your mom?
Cat Grant: She is living down to my expectations by prioritizing her career over my own.

Kara Danvers: If you wanted, I could watch Carter overnight.
Cat Grant: [suspiciously] What do you want?
Kara Danvers: You know how sometimes people just want to help other people?
Cat Grant: Oh, I see. So you think that if you do me this favor, then I will owe you something. This is the first time I've ever seen this quality in you, Ker-rah. I love it. I didn't know you had it in you.

Kara Danvers: Ms. Grant, I am so, so sorry. Suddenly, I looked up and he was... he was just gone.
Cat Grant: I never should have let you take him in the first place.
Kara Danvers: It was very hard. Really, really very hard. There was work and... and watching Carter and then all this crazy stuff happening around the city. I... I just don't know how you do it, Ms. Grant. I don't understand how you juggle it all.
Cat Grant: Oh, Kira, you have stumbled upon the most annoying question of the century, and you are so young that you do not even realize it. How do you juggle it all? You learn, that's how. You start with two balls before adding another. I figured out how to be brilliant in business, and then I added being a brilliant mother. Far too many women burn out trying to do too much before they're ready.
Kara Danvers: So you can have it all?
Cat Grant: Of course. Just not all at once, and not right away. And not with that hair. Use conditioner, for god's sake.

"Supergirl: Stronger Together (#1.2)" (2015)
Cat Grant: [with her superhuman hearing, Kara hears her arrive at the office] Drunk at 9:00 a.m. That's the last time I have breakfast with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
Kara Danvers: She's here.
Winn Schott: Well, at least now I know how you do that.

Kara Danvers: Here's your latte, Ms. Grant.
Cat Grant: [taking a sip] It's hot.
Kara Danvers: Just how you like it.
Cat Grant: A concern you didn't seem to share before today.

Cat Grant: James, I was wondering how the hunt for the interview with Supergirl is going.
James Olsen: Uh, she's doing a little better, so I... I wasn't sure if you were still interested in controlling the story.
Cat Grant: Oh, I want a sit-down with her, before the Planet. Maybe I was beating around the bush too much earlier?
James Olsen: No, you were... pretty clear.
Cat Grant: The "S" is not some "Who wore it best?" fashion faux pas. It's a team logo. Maybe Supergirl is his sister, maybe it's his girlfriend...
[listening with her superhuman hearing, Kara wrinkles her nose in disgust]
Cat Grant: ...but there's definitely a connection. And because you are famously his pal, I have to wonder why you haven't exploited that relationship to get me what I want.
James Olsen: I have a policy against using my friends for business reasons.
Cat Grant: And I have a policy against losing. Whose policy do you think means more to me? Now, I get it. You're an honorable guy. So I'm asking you to do what's right by me and this company and get me in a room with that girl. You have twenty-four hours.
James Olsen: Or?
Cat Grant: Or the Planet gets their beloved photojournalist back.

"Supergirl: Solitude (#1.15)" (2016)
Cat Grant: Tweedledee. Staff meeting. Everyone in my office. Stat with a side of ASAP!
Siobhan Smythe: That makes you Tweedledum.
Kara Danvers: I could throw her into space. I dream about doing that.

Siobhan Smythe: Ms. Grant, this came for you private courier. I've been keeping it safe from prying eyes.
Cat Grant: Why didn't you open it? It could be anthrax.

Cat Grant: Toyman Jr., you're the computer expert. Fix this.
Winn Schott: I definitely liked it better when she did not know who I was.

"Supergirl: Falling (#1.16)" (2016)
Cat Grant: I was really fabulous. God knows I hate generic sports metaphors, but that interview was a touchdown. A home run. Whatever you call it when you do something good in hockey.

Supergirl: What I did to you, Ms. Grant.
Cat Grant: Oh, please. I based jumped Mount Kilimanjaro. Do you really think you scared me? Well, okay, yes, you did scare me.

"Supergirl: Better Angels (#1.20)" (2016)
Cat Grant: This is your "Working Girl" moment.
Kara Danvers: Miss Grant, the end of "Working Girl" always makes me cry.
Cat Grant: Me too.

Cat Grant: If you work hard, there might be a window in your future, Kara.

"Smallville: Booster (#10.18)" (2011)
Cat Grant: Lois, Clark's nice and all, if you wanna invest in a fixer-upper, but he's no Blur.
Lois Lane: [pleased] No. No, he's not.

Lois Lane: [about Booster Gold] What an ass.
Cat Grant: You mean asset.
Lois Lane: What?
Cat Grant: You wanted me to believe in heroes, Lois. Well, I think I finally might. He isn't hiding anything. You can see his face. His name...
Lois Lane: Is Booster Gold.
Cat Grant: Booster Gold could be the city's answer to inspiration, and my answer to that promotion.
Lois Lane: You're up for my promotion?
Cat Grant: Isn't yours just yet. And thats to my reporting on the VRA, I've gathered myself a small but vocal fan base. You should read their tweets. They love me. Enough to convince the powers-that-be to put my hat in the ring for that desk upstairs. May the best reporter win.
Lois Lane: Cat Grant, like nails on a chalkboard.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Pilot (#1.1)" (1993)
Cat Grant: [whistles at Clark] Who's the new tight end?
Lois Lane: Why don't you throw your usual forward pass and find out?

Cat Grant: I see it, but I don't believe it.
Reporter: What? A man who flies?
Cat Grant: No, Lois Lane, finally literally swept off her feet. Too bad he's an alien.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Neverending Battle (#1.3)" (1993)
Cat Grant: "We" I like the sound of that. We. Isn't that French for "yes?"
Clark Kent: Ahem. Not in Smallville.

Lois Lane: [about Superman] He has no reason to hide. Especially from me.
Cat Grant: Wait a minute. I get it. You and Superman joined the old zero-gravity club up on the space station, didn't you?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: I'm Looking Through You (#1.4)" (1993)
Lois Lane: Couldn't you afford the whole dress?
Cat Grant: Less is more, darling. Sometimes.

Perry White: Clark?
Clark Kent: Right here, sir.
Perry White: Oh, Kent. Didn't see you. I take it that you and Lois are on that "Superman gets the key to the city" story?
Lois Lane: Yeah. On it.
Perry White: Great.
Clark Kent: What's the matter, Lois? Bored with Superman already?
Lois Lane: I was standing right in front of him, and he didn't notice me.
Cat Grant: What's to notice?

"Supergirl: Human for a Day (#1.7)" (2015)
Cat Grant: You, Ker-rah? You never get sick. That's the best part about you.
Kara Danvers: That's the best part?
Cat Grant: If I get sick, I will under perform. If I under perform, our stock prices will fall, thousands of people will lose their job, the S&P will take a hit and you will personally have triggered the next recession. Do you want to be the next Lehman Brothers?
Kara Danvers: I guess I'll go home.
Cat Grant: Don't exhale on the way out.

"Supergirl: Livewire (#1.4)" (2015)
Cat Grant: What fresh incompetence is this?

"Supergirl: Blood Bonds (#1.9)" (2016)
Kara Danvers: Ms. Grant, they were out of lattes, so here's a coffee.
Cat Grant: Hmm. And here you are, delivering it to me as a normal, boring person.
Kara Danvers: Well, that's what I am. I'm very boring and really normal. So, um, I'll just get out of your hair.
Cat Grant: Why? Have a building to leap in a single bound?

"Smallville: Icarus (#10.11)" (2010)
Cat Grant: Oh, my God. Lois Lane. Are you expecting?
Lois Lane: Spread that rumor, and you can expect my fist in your face.

"Supergirl: Bizarro (#1.12)" (2016)
Cat Grant: You two haven't had your first kiss yet? Kara, you are like a character from a Jane Austen novel. Bizarro.
Kara Danvers: It's not that weird. We've only been out for a couple times.
Cat Grant: No. I named her Bizarro. I named Supergirl, why not her evil twin.

"Supergirl: Red Faced (#1.6)" (2015)
Kara Danvers: Would you like me to call your mother a car?
Cat Grant: She can take her broom.

"Smallville: Isis (#10.5)" (2010)
Cat Grant: Won't this be the greatest, working together again? Our names looked great terrific side-by-side on that byline. I mean, it's like we were meant to be partners, Clark. You're the Popeye to my Olive. The Mickey to my Minnie.
Lois Lane: The sick to my stomach.

"Smallville: Shield (#10.2)" (2010)
Cat Grant: Why are you doing this to me? I didn't do anything.
Deadshot: Funny thing about fate. You can't outrun it. Either it's your day or it's not, sweet pea.
Cat Grant: Please, no. My son... he's just two years old. I'm all he's got.
Deadshot: Trust me. He'll get over you. Three or four years, he won't even remember your face. People about to die always think that that special loved one won't be able to go on without ' em. But the truth is, that person just finds someone else to love. Everyone is replaceable.
Cat Grant: I used to think everyone could be saved. Even those superhero freaks. But now I realize... some people are just born dead.

"Supergirl: Hostile Takeover (#1.8)" (2015)
Cat Grant: So, you're my lawyers. Can't we just sue every outlet that's publishing these e-mails?
Lawyer #2: We can try, but it's a process. Imagine if someone dumped all of Lois Lane's personal e-mails into your lap. Wouldn't you publish them?
Cat Grant: Only if I wanted people to die of boredom