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Terry McGinnis (Character)
from "Batman Beyond" (1999)

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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000) (V)
Terry McGinnis: What can you tell me about clowns?
Barbara Gordon: In this town, they're never funny.

The Joker: [Batman puts the Joker in an arm lock] What are you doing?
Terry McGinnis: Fighting dirty.
The Joker: The real Batman would never -
[as Batman tightens his arm lock]
The Joker: Ooh!
Terry McGinnis: Told you you didn't know me.
[releases him]
The Joker: Funny guy...
Terry McGinnis: Can't say the same for you.
The Joker: Impudent brat... who do you think you're talking to?
Terry McGinnis: Not a comedian, I'll tell you that.
The Joker: [draws a laser pistol] Shut your mouth!
[fires at Batman]
Terry McGinnis: [retreats into the rafters] The real Batman never talked to you much, did he? That's probably why you were so fixated on him.
[tossing a bat-arang, knocking the gun out of Joker's hand]
Terry McGinnis: Don't play psychoanalyst with me, boy!
The Joker: Oh, I don't need a degree to figure you out.
[hits the lights with a bat-arang, turning them off]
Terry McGinnis: The real reason you kept coming back was you never got a laugh out of the old man.
The Joker: I'm not hearing this...
Terry McGinnis: Get a clue, clowny! He's got no sense of humor! He wouldn't know a good joke if it bit him in the cape... not that you ever had a good joke.
The Joker: Shut up... shut up!
Terry McGinnis: I mean, joy-buzzers, squirting flowers, lame! Where's the "A" material? Make a face, drop your pants, something!
The Joker: Show yourself!
Terry McGinnis: You make me laugh. But only 'cause I think you're kinda pathetic.
[mimics the Joker laugh]
The Joker: Stop that!
Terry McGinnis: [still laughing] So you fell in a tank of acid, got your skin bleached and decided to become a supervillain. What? You couldn't get a job as a rodeo clown?
[continues laughing]
The Joker: [pulling out some grenades] Don't you dare laugh at me!...
Terry McGinnis: [laughs more] Why? I thought the Joker always wanted to make Batman laugh!
[Throws the grenades, knocking Terry out of the rafters and onto the ground]

The Joker: [pulls off Terry's mask and begins choking him] HA HA HA! Come on McGinnis! Laugh it up now! You miserable little punk! LAUGH!
[Puts his face close to his]
The Joker: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
Terry McGinnis: Ha... ha...
[reaches his hand, holding one of The Joker's electric hand buzzers, to the back of his neck and electrocutes him]
[you briefly see a close up of the DNA microchip in his neck flying apart]

Timothy Drake: I owe you big time, kid.
Terry McGinnis: Forget about it.
Timothy Drake: For what it's worth, Bruce couldn't have picked anyone better to put on the mask.
Terry McGinnis: [smiles] Coming from you, that means everything.

Terry McGinnis: Where's the Joker?
Timothy Drake: Joker?
Terry McGinnis: Drop the act. I know you are working for him.
Timothy Drake: No. Joker's gone. I don't know where he is. Really.
Bruce Wayne: The suit's sensors aren't picking up any pulse fluctuations. He's telling the truth.
Timothy Drake: I don't do this anymore. I have a home and family. I gave this up years ago. Kid's stuff. That's all it was.
Terry McGinnis: He may be telling the truth but he's still whack.
Timothy Drake: Fun and games. Boy wonder playing hero. Fighting off bad guys and no one ever gets... oh god. I killed him. I didn't mean to. I tried so hard to forget. But I still hear the shot. Still see the dead smile. Every night the dreams get stronger... he's there when I sleep. Whispering! Laughing! Telling me that I'm as bad as he is! We're both the same!
Terry McGinnis: I'm calling an ambulance.
Timothy Drake: No. I'm all right. Forgive me Terry, old nasty memories twist inside me like bad oysters. Nothing, really. I'm perfectly fine now.
Terry McGinnis: How do you know my name?
Timothy Drake: There's nothing about you I don't know. Batfake.
[Throws the steel ball he's holding which turns into an electric claw and grabs Terry by the arm, Terry collapses to the ground, immobilized]
Bruce Wayne: Terry!
Timothy Drake: Have a time out. Kid. Can't let you spoil the party too soon. And Bruce, I'm sure you have got your monkey boy wired somehow. That's just peachy. Because I want you to see every minute of this. It's a killer.
[Laughs hysterically, holding his head, and after a while, becomes The Joker]
The Joker: [Takes off the lab coat, showing the purple tights underneath] Oh, I never get tired of that!
Terry McGinnis: Drake, you're The Joker?
The Joker: That flabby oaf doesn't realize I'm using him as a time share. Beneath this puckish exterior lies the mind of a genius years ahead of my time. In the weeks young Robin was under my tutelage, I used him as the subject of my greatest experiment. Using cutting-edge genetics technology which I pinched here and there, I encoded my DNA in a microchip and set it in Bird Boy's birdbrain.

The Joker: Don't you *dare* laugh at me!
Terry McGinnis: [laughing] Why? I thought the Joker always wanted to make Batman laugh!
The Joker: [screaming] You're not Batman!

Terry McGinnis: [watching Jordan Price] Not every creep in Gotham wears a purple suit.
Barbara Gordon: It'd make my job easier if they did.

Terry McGinnis: I hate to say it but I think your little Robin's turned into a bitter old crow.

Terry McGinnis: Wait... Joker smashed up the cases. But why was this the only costume he went out of his way to destroy?
Bruce Wayne: Robin did shoot him.
Terry McGinnis: A ghost out for revenge? I don't buy it. I've talked with Drake. He's got less love for that costume than the Joker. I think somehow he's behind this.
Bruce Wayne: That's crazy.
Terry McGinnis: So was Drake, once. Look. Here's a readout of everything the Jokerz have stolen. Now let's combine them into something that would be used by a communications expert. Someone of Tim Drake's caliber.
Bruce Wayne: [the objects on the computer screen moves together into a strange device] Satellite jamming system. Whoever uses this can access satellite defenses and fire them at will.
Terry McGinnis: Someone already has. I suspected Jordan Pryce of being the Joker. But the Jokerz were on your company yacht trying to slag Pryce. I got him off the boat before someone blasted it into splinters. I hate to say it but I think your Robin has turned into a bitter old crow. He's gotta be the brains behind this new Joker. It's harsh. But who else is there?

Terry McGinnis: It's funny. I know about all your other major enemies, but you never mentioned him. He was the worst, wasn't he?
Bruce Wayne: It wasn't a popularity contest. He was a psychopath. A monster.

Bruce Wayne: It's not possible. He died years ago.
Terry McGinnis: You're SURE?
Bruce Wayne: I was there.
Terry McGinnis: [softly] You killed him... didn't you?
Bruce Wayne: [Bruce doesn't look at him]
Terry McGinnis: That was it, wasn't it? He was gonna do something so terrible, you had no other choice.

Terry McGinnis: [to the Jokerz] It's a school night, boys and girls. I'm gonna have to call your folks.

"Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue (#2.13)" (2005)
Bruce Wayne: You're a stubborn piece of work, you know that.
Terry McGinnis: [sotto] Just like my old man.

Terry McGinnis: I've got some questions I need you to answer.
Amanda Waller: Of course you do, boy. Why else go to all the trouble of breaking into the lair of the great and powerful Amanda Waller? You want some green tea? I do.

Terry McGinnis: How could you do it to me, Bruce?
Bruce Wayne: The only thing that matters is the mission. You know that.
Terry McGinnis: What about people, Bruce? Dick, Barbara, Tim, Selena... they all loved you, but eventually every single one of them left you. Ever wonder why?
Bruce Wayne: Not for an instant. They quit because when it came down to it, they didn't have the heart for the mission. Are you about to quit too? It doesn't really surprise me.

Terry McGinnis: You know why I can't marry you. If...
Dana Tan: "If the bad guys ever found out I was Batman, they'd try to get to me by hurting you," blah blah blah.
Terry McGinnis: It's nothing to joke about.
Dana Tan: [Sarcastically] You're right! There could be supervillains hiding in the tall grass!

Terry McGinnis: My dad wasn't a superhero. He didn't save the world from the near-Apocalypse of '09, he never went toe to toe with Mr. Freeze, but he was a good man just the same. Even after he and Mom got divorced, he always tried to do the right thing. My brother and I were always provided for, when Mom couldn't quite make the bills he always helped out. He tried to teach me right from wrong. What have too if I'd ever listen to him. He never laid a hand on me, although Lord knows I was asking for it.
Bruce Wayne: What's your point?
Terry McGinnis: [Incredulously] What's my point? My point is I never once doubted he loved me with all his heart! My point is all those warm feelings I had for my dad were just another lie! Another in a long list of things you've stolen from me! My point is I just found out Warren McGinnis isn't my father!... You are.
Bruce Wayne: ...What do you want from me?
Terry McGinnis: I wanna know the whole truth.
Bruce Wayne: Sounds like you already do.
Terry McGinnis: Guess I didn't wanna believe you were so incredibly arrogant that you thought the world couldn't go on without you.
Bruce Wayne: Or someone like me. It's not arrogance, it's fact.
Terry McGinnis: You set the whole thing up!
Bruce Wayne: How? You were already a teenager when I first met your mother.
Terry McGinnis: I don't know. Maybe you dug up some of that old Cadmus nanotech, used it to have my genes rewritten to match yours.
Bruce Wayne: That technology's been illegal for over 40 years.
Terry McGinnis: Didn't stop the Joker from using it on Tim Drake!
[Bruce's eyes widen in shock over the comment]
Terry McGinnis: [Remorseful] All right, low blow.

Bruce Wayne: The mantle of Batman is a honor, Terry.
Terry McGinnis: You know what, old man. All those years it turns out everyone was right. You are insane. Being Batman's no honor... it's a curse.

Amanda Waller: He sat with her until her time came. That's the Bruce Wayne I came to know over the years.
Terry McGinnis: You think he showed mercy? Maybe. But more likely he'd somehow already deduced that Ace really wasn't going to hurt anyone.
Amanda Waller: He always was two steps ahead of everybody.
Terry McGinnis: That's right. Even when it looks like your call, it isn't. Think about it. Bruce wanted a successor, another Batman. He planned it all from the beginning. I never had a chance.
Amanda Waller: Honey, Bruce didn't overwrite your DNA with his. I did.
Terry McGinnis: How? Why?
Amanda Waller: Because the world needs a Batman. Not that I always thought so, mind you.

Amanda Waller: As you know, I was in charge of Project Cadmus. Over the years I came to respect Batman, even trust him.
Terry McGinnis: 'Guess the law of averages means somebody'd have to.
Amanda Waller: Did you know I was the government liaison with the Justice League for a while? I met some extraordinary people in that job, but none of them were the equal of Batman.
Terry McGinnis: [sarcastically] Right, who could be?
Amanda Waller: Not my point! I saw him save the day dozens of times with nothing but his wits, body and will. But I saw something else as the years passed. He was getting older, slower. Soon he would have to retire or, more likely, someone would finally manage to kill him. The thought of a world without Batman was unacceptable. So I decided to make a new one. I used my old Cadmus connections to gather the technology necessary for Project Batman Beyond.

Bruce Wayne: You're in my chair.
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, I guess I am.
Bruce Wayne: Where the devil have you been?
Terry McGinnis: I had some stuff to take care of.
Bruce Wayne: Enigma's overrated, especially at 3 AM. You could've called. I made you some soup, but it's cold.
Terry McGinnis: Sorry. Don't mean to worry you.
Bruce Wayne: I was worried about Gotham. If Batman's not around...
Terry McGinnis: I've got it covered. Always.

"Batman Beyond: The Eggbaby (#2.19)" (2000)
Terry McGinnis: Ma Mayhem?
Bruce Wayne: A tabloid gave her that name. It was the golden age of alliteration.
Terry McGinnis: So what do you want me to do? Wait until she tries to fence the ruby?
Bruce Wayne: I have a feeling she'll be holding on to it. There was another robbery a week ago.
Terry McGinnis: More rubies?
Bruce Wayne: Exactly.
Terry McGinnis: What is she going to do them all?
Bruce Wayne: Don't know. But I have a feeling she not making slippers.
Terry McGinnis: Slippers? From rubies?
Bruce Wayne: Hm. Before your time.

Ma Mayhem: This is getting old Batman.
Terry McGinnis: Look whose talking.

Terry McGinnis: No sign of him anywhere. I've lost him.
Bruce Wayne: Him? That's a doll you're talking about, not a life.
Terry McGinnis: It's my life if it's lost. I'll have to take family studies again. Have you ever taken family studies?

Terry McGinnis: It will have to wait til tonight. I have to get to class. It's family studies and I'm failing.
Bruce Wayne: How does someone fail family studies?

"Batman Beyond: Earth Mover (#2.2)" (1999)
Bruce Wayne: Interesting.
Terry McGinnis: Interesting? That's all you can say? It was unbelievable!
Bruce Wayne: A word I rarely use.

Bill Wallace: [after telling the story about what happened to Jackie's father, Tony] He had to be dead, that's what we figured, anyway.
Jackie: Why didn't you tell me?
Bill Wallace: You were too young, and besides, it wouldn't have brought him back.
Terry McGinnis: But he is back, isn't he?
Jackie: What do you mean?
Terry McGinnis: That chemical they were dumping had catalyzing properties, it can scramble DNA with other organic materials, like the Earth itself.

Bruce Wayne: This stuff can turn a person's DNA inside out. It's toxic industrial waste. Probably buried several years ago. That's where Wallace fits in.
Terry McGinnis: You're getting a little ahead of me here.
Bruce Wayne: It was only ten years ago, don't you read the news?
Terry McGinnis: I was seven.
Bruce Wayne: Oh. Well, back then, the DA accused Wallace of dumping this kind of chemical. Nothing was ever proved though. What did you find out about your friend?
Terry McGinnis: Not much, except that Wallace isn't her real father.
Bruce Wayne: Not her father? Now that's intere... um, promising.

Dana: You're cheating.
Terry McGinnis: Am not.
Dana: You have to be cheating. There's no way you could know something like that without a calculator.
Terry McGinnis: People used to.
Dana: You're saying you memorized the multiplication tables? What for?
Terry McGinnis: My dad was a scientist. Guess he wanted me to be ready for anything.
Dana: 15 times 15.
Terry McGinnis: 225.

"Batman Beyond: Hooked Up (#2.8)" (1999)
Terry McGinnis: How do I tell her no?
Bruce Wayne: You're asking *me* for advice on handling women?
Terry McGinnis: Ah. I see your point.

Terry McGinnis: I can't believe I got her involved in this.
Bruce Wayne: Now you sound like batman.
Terry McGinnis: What?
Bruce Wayne: I've been right where you are, more times than I care to count. And like you said, there is no way you could have stopped her.

Terry McGinnis: There's Donny. I'll feel better when I rip spellbinder's location out of his face.
Bruce Wayne: Or you could cool your jets and just tail him.
Terry McGinnis: Oh, I guess that's a good idea too.

Max: Rough night?
Terry McGinnis: Aren't they all?
Max: Maybe you need someone out there with you. You could do worse you know.
Terry McGinnis: Forget it.
Max: Why should you have all the fun?
Terry McGinnis: Max, it's not fun.
Max: What? Flying, intrigue power? Yeah, you're right. It's a drag.

"Batman Beyond: Untouchable (#3.2)" (2000)
Bruce Wayne: When I was young, women used to throw themselves at my feet all the time.
Terry McGinnis: What did you do?
Bruce Wayne: Step over them.
Terry McGinnis: Smooth.
Bruce Wayne: I thought so.

Bruce Wayne: Anything broken?
Terry McGinnis: If I said yes, can I go home?
Bruce Wayne: No.

Terry McGinnis: [after Dr. Suzuki sends him flying into a wind tunnel facility, he gets up and sees a woman working at the control panel as Dr. Suzuki approaches through the hole] Hey!
[she doesn't respond, he takes her headset off]
Terry McGinnis: Work day's over!
[Dr. Suzuki fires a beam at him, sending him into the nearby wall as the woman runs off]

"Batman Beyond: The Curse of the Kobra: Part 2 (#3.11)" (2001)
[talking about a villain HQ]
Terry McGinnis: It's a toxic waste dump.
Bruce Wayne: Or so they say. Can you think of a better way to keep people away?
Terry McGinnis: Call it a high school?

Bruce Wayne: You're lucky. It was just a minor concussion. And four cracked ribs.
Terry McGinnis: Only four?
Bruce Wayne: It'll hurt when you move. And breathing won't be fun either.

Dr. Childes: I'm telling you it's a big mistake. She's rude, she's sarcastic, and she has absolutely no respect.
Terry McGinnis: Gotta be Max.

"Batman Beyond: Sneak Peek (#2.18)" (2000)
Terry McGinnis: There's something I gotta tell you...
Mrs. Mary McGinnis: After the show, dear.
Terry McGinnis: No, it can't wait. I... I'm... Batman.
[Mary and Matt both laugh hysterically in response]
Terry McGinnis: Seriously, I am!
Mrs. Mary McGinnis: Honey, please.
Matthew 'Matt' McGinnis: Hey, it's coming on!
TV Announcer: Today's edition of Inside Peek has been postponed due to technical difficulties, please stay tuned for an encore presentation of...
[Matt turns off the TV]
Matthew 'Matt' McGinnis: Postponed? Why'd they do that?
Mrs. Mary McGinnis: Maybe Ian Peek lost his nerve.
Terry McGinnis: Somehow, I doubt that.

Terry McGinnis: Sounds like something's happening at City Hall.
Bruce Wayne: City Hall? Better be careful.
Terry McGinnis: Always am.
Bruce Wayne: Yes, but you've never had to face politicians before.

"Batman Beyond: Dead Man's Hand (#1.8)" (1999)
[Contemplating the Royal Flush Gang's next move]
Bruce Wayne: All of their crimes are playing-card-related, and the earliest playing-card decks had swords, not spades.
Terry McGinnis: How does the yacht fit in?
Bruce Wayne: It was part of a yacht *club*.
Terry McGinnis: Ouch.

[On Terry's prospective girlfriend, who turns out to be a criminal]
Terry McGinnis: This kinda thing ever happen to you?
Bruce Wayne: Let me tell you about a woman named Selina Kyle.

"Batman Beyond: Speak No Evil (#3.6)" (2000)
[woman screams in the distance]
Terry McGinnis: Did you hear a scream?
Dana Tan: Hey, it's Gotham City. That's practically our theme song.

[last lines]
[Above a jungle, a cargo carrier lands. Fingers walks out, followed by Terry and Bruce]
Fingers: [looks around] Looks the same. Quieter, though.
[Terry looks to Bruce, who takes an injection gun from under his jacket and walks up behind Fingers]
Fingers: [turns around halfway, waves it off] No. No injection.
Bruce Wayne: But this will get rid of your human DNA.
Terry McGinnis: You won't remember what happened.
Fingers: I want to remember.
[Bruce puts away the injection gun]
Fingers: I've been given a gift. I'm strong as a gorilla, but smart as a human. I'm going to use it.
Terry McGinnis: How?
Fingers: There'll be more poachers. There'll always be more. But now they'll have to deal with me.
[Fingers walks off, looking back at the edge of the clearing once before entering the forest]
Terry McGinnis: He knows who we are.
Bruce Wayne: I don't think we need to worry. He's a kindred spirit if I've ever seen one.

"Batman Beyond: Ascension (#1.13)" (1999)
Derek Powers: Who are you?
Terry McGinnis: You really want to know?
Derek Powers: Yes!
Terry McGinnis: You killed my father.
Derek Powers: ...Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?
Terry McGinnis: Too bad. It's all you get.

Terry McGinnis: [about Powers] This guy had my father murdered and all he's done since is hide from the law. Well, no more hiding for Mr. Derek Powers. Now everyone can see what he is... even in the dark.

"Batman Beyond: Out of the Past (#3.5)" (2000)
[Bruce has the chance to become young again]
Terry McGinnis: I'll tell you right now, there's no way I'm wearing the Robin suit.

[watching Batman: The Musical]
Bruce Wayne: You hate me, don't you?
Terry McGinnis: Come on, lighten up, it's your birthday.
Bruce Wayne: Don't remind me.
Terry McGinnis: Hey, it took me weeks to get tickets to this show. It's shway!
Bruce Wayne: Its schw-arbage.

"Batman Beyond: King's Ransom (#3.1)" (2000)
Mr. Walker: I couldn't stand it anymore. The constant comparison. Do you have any idea what it's like living in someone's shadow?
Terry McGinnis: Actually, I can relate.

Paxton Powers: You want to give me a concussion?
Terry McGinnis: Maybe.

"Batman Beyond: Spellbound (#1.10)" (1999)
Terry McGinnis: [to Bruce] I guess you're the expert on troubled kids. You collect them, right?

Terry McGinnis: [seeing the label on the suit he's borrowing] Who's D.G.?

"Batman Beyond: Shriek (#1.7)" (1999)
Terry McGinnis: Tell me something: Why were you so sure those voices weren't comin' from you?
Bruce Wayne: Well, first, I know I'm not psychotic.
Terry McGinnis: I hope your other reason's more convincing.
Bruce Wayne: And second, the voice kept calling me Bruce. In my mind, that's not what I call myself.
Terry McGinnis: What do you call yourself?
[Bruce gives Terry a long stare]
Terry McGinnis: Oh, yeah. I suppose you would.
[Voice sinking to Batman's tone]
Terry McGinnis: But that's my name now.
Bruce Wayne: Hmm. Tell that to my subconscious.

Terry McGinnis: Tell me something why were you so sure those voices weren't coming from you?.
Bruce Wayne: Well first, I know I'm not psychotic.
Terry McGinnis: I hope your other reason is more convincing.
Bruce Wayne: And second the voice kept calling me Bruce. In my mind that's not what I call myself.
Terry McGinnis: What do you call yourself?
Bruce Wayne: [meaningful stare]
Terry McGinnis: Oh yea I suppose you would. But that's MY name now.

"Batman Beyond: A Touch of Curaré (#1.12)" (1999)
Terry McGinnis: [about Bruce Wayne] So why do you hate him so much?
[later, after a long conversation over coffee]
Commissioner Barbara Gordon: No, I don't hate him. I hate what he's become. Such a great man... so alone.

Terry McGinnis: [after Barbara used a batarang to disarm Curare] I guess you never lose the touch. How'd it feel?
Commissioner Barbara Gordon: Like old times. You better go. Ii wouldn't look good if...
[turns to see Batman gone]
Commissioner Barbara Gordon: Like old times all right.

Batman Beyond (2014) (TV)
Terry McGinnis: 7 against 2. Pretty bad odds.

Bruce Wayne: It isn't human, destroy it!
Terry McGinnis: Way you have it!
[places a device on Batman robot]

"Batman Beyond: Big Time (#3.4)" (2000)
Terry McGinnis: Charlie was 18, and I was 14. My folks were breaking up and he and I were... being angry kids. Busting windows, shoplifting... and one day Charlie decided to prove himself to this big gang and he... dragged me along on a heist. I didn't even know what we were doing when he climbed in the window.
Max Gibson: But you went in, too.
Terry McGinnis: Never said I was bright. Next thing I knew, the cops were shouting "Freeze" and I was doing 90 days in juvie. That was a slap on the wrist next to Charlie. He was in prison for 3 years.
Max Gibson: And that's why you've been running around with guilt ever since he rolled into town. You don't owe him anything.
Terry McGinnis: He's my friend, Max, and he's gonna die if I don't do something.
[Starts to walk away]
Max Gibson: You can't bring him to his senses. He has to do that himself.
Terry McGinnis: Maybe I can at least keep him alive until he does.

Bruce Wayne: No. I can't risk it.
Terry McGinnis: 'Cause he's an ex-con? You know about my record. You trust me with all this.
Bruce Wayne: You didn't spend three years in prison.
Terry McGinnis: That's right. He did and I didn't. All because I happened to be underage. He and I were the same, Bruce, only I caught a break. I just want to give him one too.

"Static Shock: Future Shock (#4.1)" (2004)
Terry McGinnis: [to Bruce about Static] He calls himself *Beyonce*.

"Batman Beyond: Revenant (#2.11)" (1999)
Bruce Wayne: These people believe anything they can't explain is magic.
Terry McGinnis: Naturally, you don't believe in that kind of thing.
Bruce Wayne: Of course I do. I've seen it all. Demons, witch boys, immortals, zombies. But this thing... I don't know. It just feels so... high school.

"Batman Beyond: Plague (#2.21)" (2000)
Stalker: There are worse things than an honorable death.
Terry McGinnis: Betcha it's a short list.

"Batman Beyond: Rebirth: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1999)
Terry McGinnis: You built that company. And now Powers is making nerve-gas there. You gotta do something. You're Batman.
Bruce Wayne: I WAS Batman.

"Batman Beyond: Sentries of the Last Cosmos (#2.23)" (2000)
Terry McGinnis: So get this. My school counselor says my problem is I lack direction.
Bruce Wayne: Go to the Hall of Records. I'm showing a break in at their data bank.
Terry McGinnis: Somehow I don't think that's what she meant by direction.

"Batman Beyond: Disappearing Inque (#1.11)" (1999)
Bruce Wayne: [Bruce Wayne in the mechanized bat suit just risked a heart attack to fight and defeat Inque] Now do you believe me about why I retired?
Terry McGinnis: Not entirely, but tonight, I'm glad you didn't stay retired.

"Batman Beyond: Inqueling (#3.3)" (2000)
Max: So, where does the old man go to unwind?
Terry McGinnis: Tibet. He's visiting some old guru mentor friend. He's got them all over the place.
Max: Perfect. You can take Dana out to that cozy restaurant on the beach.
Terry McGinnis: Can't. Gotta work.
Max: You know you're skating on thin ice with her already.
Terry McGinnis: You don't get it. He expects me to even harder when he's gone.
Max: Why?
Max: He always thinks something bad's going to happen the minute he leaves town. And somehow he's always right.

"Batman Beyond: Hidden Agenda (#2.5)" (1999)
Terry McGinnis: This could work out after all.
Max Gibson: Just one thing McGinnis. Call me Robin, and I'm out of here.
Terry McGinnis: No problem, Alfred.

"Batman Beyond: Mind Games (#2.10)" (1999)
Terry McGinnis: Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton... I don't know.
Max Gibson: Come on. Clinton was the fun one, then came the boring one.
Terry McGinnis: They're all boring.

"Batman Beyond: The Last Resort (#2.16)" (2000)
Bruce Wayne: I was getting concerned.
Terry McGinnis: I'll bet you even brought along one of your spare Bat-Suits.
Bruce Wayne: You'll never know.

"Batman Beyond: April Moon (#2.22)" (2000)
Bruce Wayne: This might help you. Remember when I said there was something odd about the servo? It was a cutoff circuit.
Terry McGinnis: Yeah, I know. It's a fail-safe switch.
Bruce Wayne: But did you know it's voice acctivated?
Terry McGinnis: So, that's how you stop them. Some kind of code freeze. Any idea what it is?
Bruce Wayne: It would have to be something not likely to be heard in casual conversation. And it's probably words that have special significance to the doctor.
Terry McGinnis: That's the best you can do?
Bruce Wayne: I'm only human.
Terry McGinnis: I keep forgetting.

"Batman Beyond: Bloodsport (#2.6)" (1999)
[entering a museum]
Terry McGinnis: You should see this place: antiques, relics... you'd feel right at home here.
Bruce Wayne: Cute.