Lara Lor-Van
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Lara Lor-Van (Character)
from Superman (1978)

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Man of Steel (2013)
Jor-El: Goodbye, my son. Our hopes and dreams travel with you.
Lara Lor-Van: He will be an outcast. They'll kill him.
Jor-El: How? He'll be a god to them.

[Lara looks out solemnly over the exploding landscape of Krypton]
Lara Lor-Van: Make a better world than ours, Kal.

Lara Lor-Van: I can't do it... I thought I could, but...
Jor-El: Lara, Krypton is doomed. This is the only chance of safety he has.

General Zod: Your son, Lara, where have you sent him?
Lara Lor-Van: His name is Kal, son of El. And he is forever beyond your reach.

"Smallville: Lara (#7.6)" (2007)
Lara: Kara?
Kara: Hi, Aunt Lara.
Lara: You followed me?
Kara: Well... with the speed we have on this planet it wasn't hard.

Lara: Visiting me at home is one thing Kara, but sneaking through the last remaining portal to follow me here was far too dangerous!
Kara: I had to get out of Kandor. The war is been getting worst and I can hear the mines being bombed day and night.
Lara: Does Zor-El know you're here?
Kara: You know my father never let me out of Kandor alone, but he's been spending so much time in the lab, that it's easy to sneak away.
Kara: Why are you here?
Lara: I... I wanted to see where my son may grow up.
Kara: What? But you don't have... Wait, you're pregnant? I'm so happy for you I know how much you and Jor-El wanted this!
Lara: He's our miracle baby.
Kara: I don't understand, why would he grow up here?
Lara: Kara... Krypton may never see the end of this war. Jor-El's BrainInteractiveConstruct may very well save us, but I won't risk my son's life on that chance.
Kara: Then I'll be there and I'll protect him.
Lara: As much as this pains me, it may be my only choice. I can't let the destiny of my child be dictated by the fate of our planet.
Kara: And aren't you worried about your son growing up with humans? When they're so... primitive.
Lara: Jor-El visited Earth many years ago and he chose this family, because he was impressed by their capacity of love.
Kara: If it's more impressive then the way they live...
Lara: It's one of many structures Kara, it's not the residence. Come, let me show you.

Kara: What if we get caught, Lara? Are this people here right now?
Lara: No, they're attending a spiritual celebration called Church. It's one of their traditions.
Kara: It sure smells a lot better in here.
Lara: I believe they're cooking..."Sunday Roast". It is so peaceful here compared to Krypton. It's a true home.
Kara: I don't know... It's kinda... small and cleathered.
[Kara lifts an object]
Lara: Be careful Kara, we must leave no trace of our visit. I don't wanna influence them in any way. They're destined to raise my child, it's important they feel secure.
Kara: Have you given your baby a name yet?
Lara: No. With everything happening on Krypton Jor-El and I have yet to discuss one.
Kara: He'll be so far from home... Our Sun will be nothing but a distant star... Maybe you could name him Kal-El. That way when he looks at the sky, he can think of us.
Lara: Kal-El... Oh, that's a beautiful name.

"Smallville: Blue (#7.8)" (2007)
Lara: Jor-El? Is that you?
Clark Kent: I'm Kal-El.
Lara: Kal-El... My son, my beautiful boy. You're a man now.

Lara: [to Lana] You're worried I'll discover the darkness you're concealing. Don't let it overpower the goodness. You must fight it.

Superman (1978)
[as Jor-El is preparing to send his son to Earth before the destruction of Krypton, Lara enters the room with the infant, Kal-El]
Lara: Have you finished?
Jor-El: Nearly. It's the only answer, Lara. If he remains here with us... he will die as surely as we will.
Lara: But why Earth, Jor-El? They're primitives, thousands of years behind us.
Jor-El: He will need that advantage to survive. Their atmosphere will... sustain him.
[He looks at his son and walks over to the area where the ship that will carry Kal-El lies. There are information crystals placed in slots on the edges]
Lara: He will defy their gravity.
Jor-El: He will look like one of them.
Lara: He won't *be* one of them.
Jor-El: No. His dense molecular structure will make him strong.
Lara: He'll be odd. Different.
Jor-El: He'll be fast. Virtually invulnerable.
Lara: Isolated. Alone.
Jor-El: He will not be alone.
[He holds up a clear crystal and takes a long look at it]
Jor-El: He will never be alone.
[He places it in one of the slots along with the other crystals in the ship]

"Superman: The Last Son of Krypton: Part I (#1.1)" (1996)
Lara-El: Did everything go all right out there?
Jor-El: Oh yeah, I encountered a very nasty shoggot. All in all, I prefer your arms.

Superman II (1980)
Lara: If you intend to live your life with a mortal, you must live *as* a mortal.

"Smallville: Abandoned (#10.8)" (2010)
Lara: My son, I only had the joy for knowing you a few weeks. I wish I could be with you always to guide you and protect you.
Jor-El: We don't have much time.
Lara: My dearest Kal-El, our love will always be with you. I can already see you carry within your father's independent spirit.
Jor-El: But more importantly, your mother's never-ending bravery and her compassionate heart.
Lara: Your father tells me the new world you're journeying to, Earth, is full of complicated beings capable of great emotion. My wish is for you to live a full and wonderful life, but I need you to know, you were born of a great love. And your brilliant father was devised a way for you to carry on that love without us.
Jor-El: The ship I designed to carry you to your destiny can only hold one Kryptonian - one who has so much potential - so unlike your father.
Lara: No.
Jor-El: Your mother and I cannot come with you. To do so would burden your innocent soul with our frailties and failures. But you have within you the best of both of us. And I am sending you all of my knowledge and none of my ego or regrets. They will die with me here on Krypton. Whatever trials I put you through, I will never lose faith in you.
Lara: [whispers to Jor-El] Quickly, before it's too late. We may not have been able to save our planet...
Jor-El: But we are confident you will become Earth's greatest savior. And never doubt that, just as you're a part of us, we will always be a part of you. Farewell, my son.

"Super Friends: The Planet Splitter (#1.15)" (1973)
Lara: I've only been working on it two weeks.
Jor-El: It iddn't take you that long to get me a proposed marriage.
Lara: You were less of a problem.