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Sinestro (Character)
from Green Lantern (2011)

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Green Lantern (2011)
Sinestro: A great light has gone out in the universe. Abin Sur is dead. Four of my Lantern brothers killed. The inhabitants of two worlds annihilated by an unknown enemy. An enemy that possesses the yellow power of fear. We know it originated from somewhere within the Lost Sector. We know it grows more powerful with each encounter. According to Abin Sur's last transmission, he seemed to know what it was. His only words were, "It's Parallax."
First Guardian: We are aware of the threat. We are assessing the situation.
Sinestro: While you assess, innocent lives will be lost! Let me take this fight to this new enemy!
Female Guardian: There is much of which you are not aware, Sinestro.
First Guardian: If the danger is as great as we suspect...
Sinestro: What are you saying? You believe this enemy can defeat us?... Guardians, if your faith in our power has faltered, let me renew it. Let me take a squadron of my strongest Lanterns against this enemy, and I'll prove to you our best days are not behind us.

[Jordan makes a construct of a saber]
Sinestro: A sword. How human...

Sinestro: Though his time wearing the ring has has been brief, Hal Jordan's defeat of Parallax will be remembered as long as the Corps exists. His actions are a reminder of why the ring chose each of us - to overcome fear, and destroy evil wherever it may hide. As Lanterns we must fight with all our will. Our wills have not always been united. It's time they were.

Sinestro: You're impertinent, Hal Jordan. You're rash, volatile, opinionated - It seems Abin Sur found another just like himself.

Hal Jordan: I know that humans aren't as strong as other species, or the smartest. We're young, we have a lot to learn. But we're worth saving.
[the Guardians don't answer]
Hal Jordan: This new weapon of yours, you can't use it. Once you've crossed that line, once you've given into fear, you'll never go back. I've seen it. Look, I know right now you're afraid.
First Guardian: You dare accuse the Guardians of feeling fear?
Hal Jordan: Yes, I do. And that's exactly why Parallax is beating you. Because you're afraid to even admit you're afraid! I know. I spent my entire life doing it. You know, we have a saying on earth. We say: "I'm only human." We say it because we're vulnerable, we say it because we know we're afraid, but it doesn't mean we're weak. Help me save my planet. Don't give in to fear. Fight it. Fight it with me.
Female Guardian: Your words are compelling, young human. But as immortals, we must measure our actions over billions of years and the fate of the universe. We simply cannot risk losing everything on the chance you might be right.
Hal Jordan: Then don't. Don't risk anymore lives. Just mine. Let me go fight for my world, and I'll show you that will is stronger than fear.
Sinestro: There is no way that you could succeed. You will die, Hal Jordan.
Hal Jordan: Then I'll die trying.
Sinestro: Good luck, Green Lantern.

Sinestro: With my own eyes, I saw this creature produce fear in our finest warriors and then feed on that fear! There's more: we tracked its trajectory. Parallax is headed to Oa! Never before has an enemy dared to attack us here! You MUST tell me what you know!
First Guardian: Will has always been our sole weapon against the forces of darkness in the universe. But as that power began to seem insufficient, a great debate arose among us. Should we exploit another source of power, one we had long since sworn should never be used... fear? But the power of fear was too unpredictable, the chance of corruption too great. And so we decided against it. All of us, that is, except one. Alone, this Guardian entered the forbidden chamber. He wanted to prove the light of fear could be mastered. His intentions were pure, but his hopes were naive. Consumed by the yellow power of fear, the Guardian became the very evil he had wished to destroy. He became Parallax. For the universe's safety and his own, Abin Sur was charged with imprisoning Parallax in the Lost Sector.
Sinestro: But he escaped.
First Guardian: Feeding on the fear of others, he grew larger, more powerful...
Sinestro: ...and he's now headed here to take his revenge on you, and destroy the Corps!... Then we have no choice. We must prepare to harness the power of our enemy, and fight fear with fear. To protect our sectors, we must be able to defend ourselves. We must forge a yellow ring.

Sinestro: You reek of fear, Hal Jordan. Abin Sur was a great warrior. My mentor. My friend. You insult his memory by wearing his ring.

Sinestro: [sparring with Hal Jordan] I do believe I smell fear. I am a Green Lantern; I fear nothing.

Sinestro: [sparring with Hal Jordan] Fear is the enemy of will. Will is what makes you take action; fear is what stops you, and makes you weak... makes your constructs feeble.

Sinestro: You dare enter this chamber?
Hal Jordan: I need your help! You gotta help me save my world!

Sinestro: The Corps is only as strong as its weakest link. And I am tolerant to no weak links, you understand?... Are you afraid, human?
[pokes Jordan]
Sinestro: Are you afraid?
Hal Jordan: Don't do that.

First Guardian: Our new weapon is ready.
Sinestro: [receives the yellow ring] Once I have mastered its power, I'll be able to train the Corps to do the same. Though Earth will be lost, we will be able to make a stand against Parallax before he reaches Oa. And the power of the enemy will be ours...
Hal Jordan: At what cost?

Abin Sur: [receives a transmission] Sinestro, I'm travelling at maximum velocity. Tell Fentara...
Sinestro: Fentara is dead.
Abin Sur: The planet's inhabitants?
Sinestro: Your mission to evacuate them is no longer necessary. It's just as it was on Tuvok: every lifeform destroyed and their essence absorbed, traces of yellow energy everywhere.
Abin Sur: And the Guardians?
Sinestro: The Guardians are silent... I'm demanding more pressure...
[flickers away]
Parallax: Abin Sur...
[attacks his starship]

Sinestro: [sees Hal Jordan] So, this is the human. When I learned Abin Sur's ring had chosen you, I said there had to be a mistake. I see nothing to change my mind.

Sinestro: [sparring with Hal Jordan] You must ignore your fear. When you're afraid, you can't act - you can't act, you can't defend - you can't defend, you die!

Green Lantern: First Flight (2009) (V)
Sinestro: [to Hal] Let me tell you, friend. The only way to operate out here is by fear. They hit, I hit harder. They attack, I annihilate. I am the one constant, unassailable force against their chaos and you made them forget that. You think I enjoy this? Look at the universe the Guardians have created. We have the greatest power in the cosmos and what have they made us? Garbage collectors! We pick up the trash.
[blasting away at garbage with Power Ring]
Sinestro: A thief here, a killer there. Scum, dirt, filth! There's no end to it, but there could be. It's my dream that one day all of this rot will be wiped away. A new order will prevail, one that will end the chaos but it won't be built by the faint of heart. You got soft on me back there, Earth boy, and that I will not tolerate.

Hal Jordan: And you thought I was green before.
Sinestro: Jordan.

Hal Jordan: So what now?
Sinestro: Now, I own your ass.

Kilowog: The poozer's not even trained.
Sinestro: Someone's been practicing. And without a manual.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011) (V)
Arisia: I guess this is the blackest night everyone talks about.
Sinestro: No, my dear. Only dusk.

Sinestro: It appears you fulfilled the prophecy of Oa's destruction. Not only a hero, but some might say an agent of destiny.
Kilowog: You did good out there, rookie.
Arisia: Does this mean I get to skip boot camp?
Kilowog: Not a chance, poozer.

Atrocitus: There are things worse than death, Green Lantern.
Sinestro: If I had a Power Ring for every time I heard that, I would have my own Corps.

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Eyes of Despero! (#1.10)" (2009)
Guy Gardner: Well, thanks for stopping by, Bats.
Batman: I'm coming along. And I get the feeling I'm gonna need more than a batarang against this guy.
[Batman brings out a Power Ring]
Guy Gardner: Hey! No way I'm letting you wear that ring!
Sinestro: I'm afraid one who's not of the Corp cannot wear the power ring. But that doesn't we can't use our rings to augment you.
[Sinestro, Guy and G'nort use their Power Rings on Batman and he's fitted with a power suit]
Batman: Cool.

Batman: [to Guy] We can still stop Despero. But you and G'nort are going to have to follow my orders to the letter.
Sinestro: We're doomed.

"Justice League Unlimited: The Great Brain Robbery (#3.8)" (2006)
Sinestro: After Grodd tried to turn the world into apes, you can imagine how seriously we take something like that. What are you going to do, make everybody bald?

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) (VG)
Green Lantern: Oppressing your home planet isn't enough, Sinestro?
Sinestro: The One Earth Government is similar to mine on Korugar. An alliance was logical. So for now, I tolerate humans. Even Hal Jordan.
Green Lantern: My Doppelganger *has* joined your side.
Green Lantern: As do all who wish to live.
Green Lantern: [after defeating Sinestro] I'm resisting arrest... again.
[Goes to Wonder Woman]
Wonder Woman: Hal.
Yellow Lantern: [Coming in] Someone call me?
Green Lantern: [Upon seeing his alternate self] You're Sinestro Corp.?
Yellow Lantern: Sinestro's right. Fear is more effective than willpower.
Green Lantern: So, you ditched green and went yellow: The color of cowardice.
[Uses his ring to attack his alternate self, but Yellow Lantern uses his own ring to deflect]
Yellow Lantern: I'm still about Order, like the Guardians.
[Attacks Wonder Woman and Green Lantern tries to attack Yellow Lantern]
Green Lantern: [Sarcastically] I'm sure they're very proud of you.
Yellow Lantern: Sanctimony is easy when you don't know what...
Green Lantern: [Interrupting] Save it. Time to kick my ass.

"Static Shock: Fallen Hero (#4.5)" (2004)
Green Lantern: How could the Guardians *ever* have let you into the Lantern Corps?
Sinestro: [with his voice] Those self-righteous little twerps. They give me all this power, and expect me to satisfied fighting crime? I'd be crazy not to conquer the universe!
Green Lantern: That's just the word I was looking for.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: The Giants of Doom/The Beasts Are Coming (#1.7)" (1978)
Sinestro: My power ring hypnotizes computers as well as people, you stupid machine!

"The Batman: Ring Toss (#5.7)" (2007)
Sinestro: Give me the ring, or suffer the consequences!
The Penguin: Can I take a sec to think it over?
Sinestro: No!

"Legends of the Superheroes: The Challenge (#1.1)" (1979)
Green Lantern: I use my mask in my work.
Sinestro: [posing as a fortune teller] You do? Well then you're obviously a burglar or the Lone Ranger.
Green Lantern: I'm not a burglar.
Sinestro: Well then, give my regards to Tonto.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Invasion of the Fearians/The Demons of Exxor (#1.2)" (1978)
Green Lantern: There's no sign of Sinestro.
Sinestro: That's because I'm over here, Green Fool! I was hiding in the antimatter universe of Qward.

"Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Prisoner of Sinestro (#1.18)" (2013)
Hal Jordan: Thaal, the Green Lantern code...
Sinestro: I didn't kill him, Jordan. I simply didn't save him... in time.

"Superman: In Brightest Day... (#3.7)" (1999)
Sinestro: You can't stop me, Green Lantern, I never give up!
Green Lantern: You never shut up, either.