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Perry White (Character)
from Superman (1978)

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Superman Returns (2006)
Perry White: Lois, Pulitzer Prizes are like Academy Awards, nobody remembers what you got one for, just that you got one.

Perry White: Great Caesar's ghost.

Jimmy Olsen: Look up in the sky, see?
[Points at a small figure of Superman in the picture]
Lois Lane: It's a bird
Perry White: It's a plane
Jimmy Olsen: No, it's...
[Is interrupted by the entrance of Clark]
Clark Kent: You wanted to see me?

Clark Kent: Thanks for giving me my job back.
Perry White: Don't thank me. Thank Norm Parker for dying!
Jimmy Olsen: It was his time.

Perry White: [Explaining to Lois Lane why she must write an article on the return of Superman, rather than a massive power outage] Three things sell this newspaper: Tragedy, sex, and Superman. These people have had enough tragedy, and we all know you can't write worth a damn about sex.

Perry White: [discussing headlines] Has he gained weight?
[Clark suddenly looks down]

Lois Lane: But there are a dozen other stories out there.
Perry White: Yeah? Name one.
Lois Lane: Well, there was a museum robbery last night. Hmm? Even Superman missed that one... he was too busy saving this hooker.
[points at photo of Superman carrying Kitty]

[Newspaper headline reads: "SUPERMAN IS DEAD"]
Richard White: It's a little morbid, Perry.
Perry White: Always be prepared.

Perry White: Okay listen up. I wanna know it all, everything. Olsen, I wanna see photos of him everywhere. No, I want the photos. Sports, how are they going to get that plane out of the stadium? Travel, where did he go? Was he on vacation? If so, where? Gossip, has he met somebody? Fashion, is that a new suit? Uh, health, has he gained weight? What's he been eating? Business, how is this gonna effect the stock market? Long-term? Short-term? Politics, does he still stand for truth, justice, all that stuff? Lifestyle... Superman returns.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Operation Blackout (#2.6)" (1994)
Perry White: White-out. I haven't seen that in how long. Boy does that brings back memories. Mostly of mistakes.

Lois Lane: Can you get Washington on that thing?
Perry White: Well, sure. I could get Paris if I wanted to. Unfortunately I'd have to talk to the French.

Perry White: Andy, you're the best.
Andy Tucker: I don't need a rest.

Perry White: Looks great, Andy!
Andy Tucker: I know it's late.

Perry White: That was Stormin' Norman on the shortwave.
Clark Kent: Schwartzkopf?
Lois Lane: Haberstatzer. I'll explain later.

Perry White: Jimmy, why are you standing here watching pictures when you could be taking them?
Jimmy Olsen: I'll go get my camera.
Perry White: That would help.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Church of Metropolis (#2.5)" (1994)
Perry White: [referring to Jimmy's girlfriend] Well, son, can I meet her?
Jimmy Olsen: Oh, sure, chief. Just hop a plane to Switzerland. That's where her new boyfriend lives. The one who cheered her up while I was ignoring her.
Perry White: Jimmy, you know what a man needs at a time like this?
Jimmy Olsen: A baseball bat and an alibi?

Perry White: Superman, did you just save me from something?
Superman: Yeah.
Perry White: Do I wanna know about it?
Superman: No.

Perry White: I neglected to tell you that love is most like a big casino: flashing lights, free drinks, Wayne Newton.

Perry White: [while dancing] I must warn you. I dip suddenly and I dip deeply.
Lois Lane: [laughing] I'll stay alert.

Superman (1978)
Perry White: Now look. The Post: "It Flies." The News: "Look, Ma, No Wires." The Times: "Blue Bomb Buzzes Metropolis." The Planet. We're sitting on top of the story of the century here! I want the name of this flying whatchamacallit to go with the Daily Planet like bacon and eggs, franks and beans, death and taxes, politics and corruption.
Clark Kent: I don't think he would lend himself to any cheap promotion schemes though Mr. White.
Perry White: Exactly how you would you know that Kent?
Clark Kent: Um, just a first impression?

Perry White: Lois, Clark Kent may seem like just a mild-mannered reporter, but listen, not only does he know how to treat his editor-in-chief with the proper respect, not only does he have a snappy, punchy prose style, but he is, in my forty years in this business, the fastest typist I've ever seen.

Perry White: Now listen to me, I tell you boys and girls - whichever one of you gets it out... is going to wind up with the single most important interview since... God talked to Moses!

Perry White: Olsen! Why am I paying you forty dollars a week when I should have you arrested for loitering? Go get Mr... er...
Clark Kent: Kent.
Perry White: ...Kent here a towel!
Jimmy Olsen: Right, Chief.
Perry White: And make mine black and no sugar!
Jimmy Olsen: Right, Chief.
Perry White: And don't call me 'sugar'!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Individual Responsibility (#2.20)" (1995)
Perry White: [to Bill Church, Jr.] You know, I'm ashamed I ever let you spit up on me.

Bill Church Jr.: So, have you thought any more about my offer?
Perry White: Your offer. Hmm. Let's see, uh... All I have to do.. to take you up on your offer is, uh, what... Give up my pride, my integrity, throw away the public trust that I've earned through 35 years of hard work? Just to back of my responsibility to the American peaple to give them the truth?
Bill Church Jr.: Basically.

Bill Church Jr.: Intergang. I run it. Now do the pieces fit?
Perry White: Yeah, like horns on a June bug.

Perry White: All right, let's break for lunch. You can bring me up to speed on what you got so far.
Clark Kent: Chief, it's 9:15 in the morning.
Perry White: So what? Am I in charge here?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: That Old Gang of Mine (#2.7)" (1994)
Perry White: Jacques, I don't care what napkins you use, so long as my guests don't have to wipe their mouths on their sleeves.

Jimmy Olsen: We were almost killed. I saved us.
Clark Kent: What?
Perry White: The kid's leaving out a few details.

Clark Kent: Did you get a good look at them.
Perry White: Oh yeah, gave a very detailed description to the police. Then they looked at me like I had three heads.
Clark Kent: Why?
Perry White: Because I told them we'd been carjacked by Bonnie and Clyde.

Perry White: Great shades of Elvis! They're coming out of the woodwork now.
Al Capone: Who's Elvis?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Chi of Steel (#2.11)" (1995)
Lois Lane: Excuse me, Lois Lane here. Remember me? Award-winning investigative reporter, emphasis on investigative, specializing in covert break-ins.
Perry White: Lois, you may not go on this mission.
Lois Lane: Well, what am I supposed to do, sit here knitting, waiting for the hunter-gatherers to return?
Perry White: Clark, explain it to her, will you?
Clark Kent: Chief, have you heard the expression "pulling a Schultz?"
Perry White: Ah, Hogan's Heroes. I know nothing.
Clark Kent: I see nothing.
Perry White: I hear nothing.

Police Detective: This hooded figure, did you get a look at his face?
Perry White: [pause] He was wearing a hood.

[after hugging Lois who is disguised as a man]
Perry White: [to a passerby] It's a girl! Ok, it's a girl!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Perry White: Nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman.

Perry White: Kent? Where the hell is Kent? Where did he go? Where does he go?

Clark Kent: It's like a one man reign of terror. This bat vigilante has been consistently targeting the port and the adjacent projects and tenements, and as far as I can tell the cops are actually helping him.
Perry White: 'Crime Wave in Gotham'! Other breaking news: 'Water, wet'!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Just Say Noah (#3.5)" (1995)
Lawrence 'Larry' Smiley: I got me two of every kind. Farmers, doctors, lawyers, and you. Why, you, of all people, should see where I'm headed.
Perry White: Yeah, a little quiet room with rubber on the walls.

Jimmy Olsen: I thought you hated the symphony, chief.
Perry White: I do, Jimmy. That's why I'm standing here in this monkey suit, waiting for my wife, who loves the symphony. And with whom I am on very thin ice. So I can plunk down a thousand smackers for bad seats on a charity opening night. Now, son, when you get married, this will all make perfect sense.

Perry White: [to Lois about Clark] You know, that boy would walk on water for you... or he'd drown trying.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Requiem for a Superhero (#1.5)" (1993)
Clark Kent: Sometimes a piece runs dry Chief. You know that.
Perry White: Oh, well, that's just great, Kent. We'll put that up on billboards all over the city: "Lane and Kent come up with squat! On sale at your newsstands now."

Lois Lane: But Perry, partnership is like marriage.
Perry White: That's right. You've got to work at it.
Lois Lane: It takes patience and understanding and willingness to be supportive.
Perry White: I know, honey. Fake it.

Perry White: Let Metropolis know that Lane and Kent are the greatest writing team since Woodward and Bernstein.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Eyes Have It (#2.12)" (1995)
Perry White: Sometimes I think my name is Perry But: 'Oh I tried, Perry, but...', 'I'm sorry, Perry, but...' 'Oh I wish, Perry, but...'.

Perry White: Clark, I understand how you feel, son, but I want you to remember that women are people too.

Perry White: Maybe it's a good thing the device was destroyed. Technology and human nature are sometimes a volatile mix, aren't they?
Jimmy Olsen: Like Frankenstein.
Lois Lane: In bodies of uniform density, the center of gravity depends on the shape of the body.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: And the Answer Is... (#2.22)" (1995)
Perry White: Hey Jimmy, that dress Lois has on, didn't she have that on yesterday?
Jimmy Olsen: I don't know.
Perry White: Now, Jimmy, if you want to be a newspaperman you gotta be observant. Now, doesn't Clark look a little... haggard to you?
Jimmy Olsen: Yeah.
Perry White: You know, like he's been up all night worrying about something. Like a dog trapped in a cage?
Jimmy Olsen: Yeah, I guess.
Perry White: You know what I think?
Jimmy Olsen: What?
Perry White: I think they eloped.

Perry White: Do you ever get the impression that we'll never know everything that's going on with those two?
Jimmy Olsen: Chief.
Perry White: Yeah?
Jimmy Olsen: Instead of always standing around watching Lois and Clark, wondering what they're doing, we get to get lives of our own that are little more interesting.
Perry White: Son, you just hit the bull's eye. It's like we're supporting characters in some t.v. show and it's only about them.
Jimmy Olsen: Yeah! It's like all we do is advance their plots.
Perry White: To tell you the truth, I'm sick of it.
Jimmy Olsen: Man, me too!

Superman/Doomsday (2007) (V)
[the real Superman, dressed in black, is fighting against his clone]
Daily Planet Employee: Who's the guy in black?
Perry White: Who cares? He's kicking Superman's ass!
[the others stare at him]

Perry White: I don't care how many weeks you spent on that story, Lane. The Daily Planet is not about to attack a charity organization.
Lois Lane: You know Lex Luthor couldn't care less about the homeless, chief. It's a front to siphon money back to LexCorp so he can fund the manufacture of high-tech arms to sell on the black market.
Perry White: Allegedly.
Lois Lane: Look, how many exposés do I have to write before Metropolis wakes up and sees through Luthor's philanthropy shtick?
Perry White: As many as it takes, but it helps to have a smoking gun.
Lois Lane: You sure you're not on LexCorp's payroll, chief? You've been mighty soft on the prince of darkness lately.
Perry White: Excuse me for not wanting to get sued for libel... again!
Lois Lane: Well, LexCorp's going down, whether it's me or Superman who does it.
Perry White: If it's Superman, that makes it news and I'll be *happy* to print it!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Stop the Presses (#4.10)" (1996)
Clark Kent: My wife, the boss.
Lois Lane: I still can't believe it.
Perry White: Now, listen, you sure you two ok with this? I mean, I, uh, I didn't want to ruffle any feathers.
Lois Lane: Don't worry, we've already talked about it. Everything's fine. Really.
Perry White: You're sure?
Clark Kent: Positive, chief. In fact, I'm kind of looking forward to sleeping with the boss.

Perry White: I love the smell of ink in the morning.
Jimmy Olsen: But it's not morning.
Perry White: Oh, hell, Jimmy, I know that. It just doesn't sound as good, you know.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Rival (#1.17)" (1994)
Lois Lane: [in a high pitched voice] How can you be so calm?!
Perry White: What's my choice?
Lois Lane: Well, since I've been here, I've seen you scream, I've seen you throw things, I even saw you put your fist through the conference wall once.

Perry White: The Star has been selling twice as many newspapers as the Planet, both newsstand and subscription! Can anybody explain this to me?
Lois Lane: Bigger type, smaller words.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Season's Greedings (#2.9)" (1994)
Perry White: Superman! You're not gonna take my rats, are ya?

Perry White: Clark, you want me to send you to the dark room?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Pheromone, My Lovely (#1.10)" (1993)
Clark Kent: Elvis never cheated on Priscilla!
Perry White: He never met Rahalia!

Perry White: Alice kicked me out, called me "a no-good hound dog". Now I'm down at the Heartbreak Hotel.

"Adventures of Superman: Through the Time Barrier (#3.1)" (1955)
Perry White: That's the understatement of the year.
Lois Lane: Yes, but of what year?
Turk Jackson: 50,000 B.C.! Like the professor said!
Jimmy Olsen: Jeepers, I should have left a note for my mother.

[last lines]
Perry White: Well, what's the trouble? Didn't you ever seen a caveman before?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Foundling (#1.16)" (1994)
Lois Lane: I don't think I can trust Clark anymore.
Perry White: Would you care to tell me why?
Lois Lane: He lied to me.
Perry White: Oh. Well, uh, don't you lie to him?
Lois Lane: Of course I lie to him. All the time!
Perry White: Ooh, I'm just not going to go near that.

Lois Lane: [after Perry tries to give her advice without relating it to Elvis] Chief. I think I like the Elvis stories better.
Perry White: [smiles] Next time. I've got a million of 'em.

Superman II (1980)
Perry White: [upon Clark entering his office] Kent, I need a story to run with the page three sidebard. Get me everything you can on this terrorist group.
Clark Kent: Right!
[is about to leave but stops]
Clark Kent: Uh, sorry. T... terrorists?
Perry White: Get your head out of the closet, Kent! Where've you been for the past twelve hours?
Clark Kent: Home.
Perry White: Well, don't you watch television?
Clark Kent: Frankly, Mr. White, I really don't enjoy television. Too much violence. I was just reading Dickens.
Jimmy Olsen: [races in] Mr. Kent! A gang of terrorists seized the Eiffel Tower! In Paris!
Perry White: He knows where the Eiffel Tower is, Olson!
Perry White: You do, don't you Kent?
Clark Kent: Yes, sir.
[to Jimmy]
Clark Kent: Has anybody been hurt?
Jimmy Olsen: Well, so far the hostages are unharmed.
Clark Kent: The hostages?
Jimmy Olsen: Yeah! Tourists! About twenty of them!
Perry White: Yeah, but that's just petty stuff. These guys claim that if the French government doesn't meet their demands, they've got a hydrogen bomb ready to level Paris.
Clark Kent: Well, geez Mr. White. That's t... terrible!
Perry White: That's why they call them "terrorists," Kent.

Perry White: If Paris is going to go kablooie I want my best reporter right in the middle of it... No offense, Kent. You're good, but Lois Lane's better.
Clark Kent: It's not that; I mean, isn't that awfully dangerous for her?
Perry White: That goes with the territory, Kent. Relax; if I know Lois Lane, she'll not only come back with a Pulitzer Prize story, but a one-on-one interview with the hydrogen bomb titled "What Makes Me Tick."

Superman: Unbound (2013) (V)
Perry White: What's she looking at?
Steve Lombard: [to Supergirl] Hey, I don't bite.
[Supergirl flies off]
Perry White: I think you scared her off.
Steve Lombard: She'll be back. They always come back.

Perry White: Why does Superman disappear for weeks like this? Maybe there's an angle in it. Does he wanna make sure the human race stays self-sufficient? Are there other worlds he protects?
Jimmy Olsen: You mean, like, he's cheating on us?
Perry White: Let's play with it. "The Aloofness of Superman." Lois, you rung with this.
Lois Lane: Must I?
Perry White: Who else am I gonna give it to? Kent? He's probably cheating on us too.

"Adventures of Superman: Peril by Sea (#4.4)" (1956)
Perry White: Be accurate, Olsen... first rule of the newspaper game. If a story's accurate you can't go wrong by printing it.

[after Jimmy Olsen's accurate reporting places the Daily Planet's staff in deadly peril]
Perry White: I never want you to be accurate again.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: I've Got a Crush on You (#1.6)" (1993)
Perry White: If you went up there to those windows and told me you could fly, I'd back you up. I'd miss you, but I'd back you up.

Clark Kent: Please talk some sense into her, would you?
Perry White: You ever tried to milk a steer?

Man of Steel (2013)
Perry White: Two weeks leave, no pay, that's your penance. You try something like this again, you're done here.
Lois Lane: [turning to leave] Fine.
Perry White: So let's make it three weeks, since you're so willing to agree with me.
Lois Lane: Perry...
Perry White: No, no. Don't. Don't. I believe you saw something, Lois. But not for a moment do I believe that your leads just went cold. So whatever your reasons are for dropping it, I think you're doing the right thing.
Lois Lane: Why?
Perry White: Can you imagine how people on this planet would react if they knew there was someone like this out there?

Jenny: [trapped under rubble] Don't leave me!
Perry White: [takes her hand] I'm not going to leave you. Lombard, get your ass over here!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Pilot (#1.1)" (1993)
Lois Lane: I'll need a task force. I can't cover this story alone.
Perry White: You can have Jimmy.
Lois Lane: Chief, we're talking about the space program.
Perry White: Ok, take Kent.
Lois Lane: Kent?
Perry White: Kent!
Lois Lane: What about Meyerson?
Perry White: He's busy.
Lois Lane: Burns?
Perry White: Budapest.
Lois Lane: Forget Kent.
Perry White: Uh-uh, he's a good man.
Lois Lane: Kent is a hack from Smallville. I couldn't make that name up.
Perry White: Kent or nobody.
Lois Lane: Fine. Don't ever say that I'm not a team player.

Perry White: Jimmy, never underestimate the need for a good obituary.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Neverending Battle (#1.3)" (1993)
Perry White: I love the smell of fear in the newsroom.

Lois Lane: I should have the exclusive on the follow-up. Those are the rules.
Perry White: The rules are off. This is too big.
Lois Lane: But he's mine! He's mine!
[realizes she's sounding desperate]
Lois Lane: As in my story, story mine.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Super Mann (#3.9)" (1995)
Perry White: [to Lois and Clark] Oh, look, I know I've been uptight and irritable lately, quick to judge, quick to condemn, sometimes I've been downright mean. What I'm trying to say is that you, you, can expect more of the same

Skip Wallace: I am here to inform you, that from now on, you will be reporting to me.
Perry White: I wouldn't count on it.

Superman III (1983)
Perry White: I don't understand you Olsen. A boring banquet and you bring me three thousand boring pictures. Yet Superman saves a man from drowning on 3rd Avenue this morning while you stand there watching the whole thing and you don't even bring me one picture.
Jimmy Olsen: Chief, I didn't have my camera with me.
Perry White: [while Jimmy mouths the words he knows by heart] A photographer *eats* with his camera. A photographer *sleeps* with his camera.
Lois Lane: I'm glad I'm a writer.

Perry White: I don't have to tell you, it isn't easy for me to lose one of my best reporters.
Clark Kent: Oh, that's okay.
Perry White: But you deserve the vacation, Lois.
Lois Lane: Thank you.

"Smallville: Hostage (#9.20)" (2010)
Perry White: [to Lois] This is your lucky day, kid. The big break most people dream about. You get to write a story with Perry White.

Perry White: Great Ceasar's ghost.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Fly Hard (#1.19)" (1994)
Lois Lane: What about Jimmy? Maybe Jimmy could save us.
Perry White: Jimmy couldn't save baseball cards.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Lucky Leon (#2.16)" (1995)
Lois Lane: I need a new partner.
Perry White: I knew it. One bad date, there goes my whole news room. Why don't you just shoot me now, send me up to Elvis?
Lois Lane: Perry... .
Perry White: No, no, no, Lois, don't say it. You know, I have stood on the sidelines, hoping against hope that Mother Nature would smile on you two, that the bluebird of happiness would come down light on your shoulder, that four-leaf clovers would sprout up wherever you walked, and all the time my gut is singing a different aria.
Lois Lane: Perry... .
Perry White: Lois, anybody with half a hemisphere can see that you two are gasoline and fire, TNT and matches, two trains headed toward...
Lois Lane: Perry! Thank you. The problem is we didn't have a bad date. It was a really great date, and now I'm completely panicked, and I have no idea what to do next.

"Adventures of Superman: Close Shave (#5.8)" (1957)
Perry White: Now get going to that Garden Club meeting you were suppose to cover today.
Jimmy Olsen: You mean you won't let me try my idea?
Perry White: No.
Jimmy Olsen: Then I resign.
Perry White: What?
Jimmy Olsen: I resign!

"The New Adventures of Superman" (1966)
Perry White: Great Ceasar's Ghost, Kent, another rocket base destroyed!
Clark Kent: Yes, chief, first the Far East, now the Middle East.

"Smallville: Finale (#10.21)" (2011)
Perry White: Lane! I know you're out there! Stories don't write themselves, Lane! Great Ceaser's ghost!

"Adventures of Superman: Tomb of Zaharan (#5.4)" (1957)
Superman: Well you're the boss chief but I just don't like it.
Jimmy Olsen: Jeepers Mr. Kent if there's any trouble don't forget I'll be there.
Perry White: You'll not only be there the chances are 10 to 1 you'll have started it.
Jimmy Olsen: Sometimes the faith you have in me is frightening.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding (#4.3)" (1996)
Perry White: You tell us where and when, we'll be there with Kevlar and rice.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Ides of Metropolis (#1.15)" (1994)
Perry White: Is there something the two of you want to tell me?
Lois Lane: No, not really, Chief.
Perry White: Huh. Well...good. You sure now? Nothing you want to get off your chest, uh, chests?
Lois Lane: We'd like to tell you, Chief, but we can't. It's better this way.
Clark Kent: Better off not knowing.
Perry White: Well it's a little late for that. I know.
Lois Lane: You know?!
Clark Kent: What exactly do you know?
Perry White: You know...about...him...where he is.
Clark Kent: Oh, you do know.
Lois Lane: How do you know?
Perry White: It's better you don't know. 'Course, I don't know officially. But, let's face it. If a man in my position didn't know, unofficially, then, well, he wouldn't be a man in my position.
Lois Lane: So, now that you know, unofficially, are you going to tell anyone else that you, you know, know?
Perry White: No! I wanted you to know.
Clark Kent: Thank you, sir. I feel much better knowing that you know.
Lois Lane: Me, too.
Perry White: There is something I'd like you know, though.
Lois Lane: What's that?
Perry White: The minute you step outside that door, I no longer know. And I don't want to know anything else worth the future.

The Underground World (1943)
[last lines]
Perry White: It's really a great story, Lois, but no one would ever believe it.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Phoenix (#2.13)" (1995)
[talking about Lois and Clark]
Jimmy Olsen: You know, I think that's the first time I've ever heard them agree on anything.
Perry White: Yeah, well, a budding romance will do that for you.
Jimmy Olsen: How did you know that?
Perry White: Jimmy, I did not become editor of a major newspaper because I can yodel.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: It's a Small World After All (#3.20)" (1996)
Perry White: Don't fight it, Clark. When the pit bull gets hold of the bone, it just ain't gonna let it go.
Clark Kent: Tell me about it.
Lois Lane: Perry, there's a connection between some no-shows at my reunion.
Perry White: What makes you think that?
Lois Lane: Well, they weren't there.
Perry White: How are they connected?
Lois Lane: Well, they weren't there.
Perry White: Why weren't they there?
Lois Lane: I don't know. They weren't there.
Perry White: Oh boy! That's a story just crying out to be told!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Brutal Youth (#4.5)" (1996)
Perry White: Jimmy! Where in the Sam Hill have you been, son?
Jimmy Olsen: I'm not sure...
Clark Kent: Jimmy, are you all right?
Jimmy Olsen: Yeah, I'm - I'm fine, CK. ... I seem to recall a woman, tall... and rubber gloves.
Perry White: [exchanges a glance with Clark] That's probably more information than we needed to know, son. Everybody deals with grief in their own way.
Jimmy Olsen: She made me see lights.
Perry White: I'm sure she did, son.

"Adventures of Superman: The Talking Clue (#3.2)" (1955)
Jimmy Olsen: [while listening to tape recording for a clue] Jeepers, it sounds like...
Perry White: Quiet, you young idiot!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Ghosts (#4.9)" (1996)
Jimmy Olsen: I got it! I got it!
Perry White: Tuna on rye, right?
Jimmy Olsen: No, uh...I'll call the delivery place chief.
Perry White: Aw, does anybody still work here?

"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Battle of the Superheroes! (#3.1)" (2011)
Perry White: Great Ceaser's ghost! Are you sure about this?
Jimmy Olsen: Yes, sir. Superman's turned into a real di...
Lois Lane: [cuts off Jimmy] Different person.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Dad Who Came in from the Cold (#3.13)" (1996)
Perry White: Have you heard from Lois?
Clark Kent: Lois?
Perry White: Yeah, she left here and went to Star Labs to see Jimmy but I just called their, Olsen left, she never made it.
Clark Kent: Where's Jimmy?
Perry White: He never made it back here. Where's Jack Olsen?
Clark Kent: Gone. Where's the computer?
Perry White: With Jimmy.
Clark Kent: Well that's great, we just lost everyone!
Perry White: Yeah, we're totally incompetent.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Green, Green Glow of Home (#1.8)" (1993)
Perry White: Clark, I usually advise my reporters to stay clear of the story, not get involved, but since you got in a fight with that nutcase Trask, well I'm just happy you came out on top.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Ultra Woman (#3.7)" (1995)
Lois Lane: [after stopping a truck] Ah, those shoes cost $75... Does the superhero's union cover expenses?
Clark Kent: No, but it does bring up an interesting issue.
Lois Lane: Which is...
Clark Kent: Well, you're just not the kind of person who can sit around and watch someone in trouble if you can help.
Lois Lane: Oh, I have a bad feeling about where this is going.
Clark Kent: But you don't want the world knowing that it's Lois Lane stopping trucks. So...
Lois Lane: Does this mean I have to wear glasses?
[Later at Martha and Jonathan's house, Martha checks a bag of rolled materials]
Perry White: [laughing] Oh, no, dear. Of course not. I'm thinking about a mask.
Lois Lane: [holding rolls of material] A mask?
Martha Kent: [serving Lois a cup of tea] Oh, I think a mask would be very sharp!
Perry White: How about a cape?
Lois Lane: Uh, you guys, could we just slow down? I don't think I can do this.
Perry White: No cape?
Lois Lane: No, I... I mean ANY of it. Uh, this... it's just... it's not me, it's Clark. You know, he's putting on this brave face, but inside I know this is eating him alive. If he sees me in a cape and tights, how do you think that's gonna make him feel?
Martha Kent: Lois, Clark is strong. And I'm not talking about how much he can benchpress. He's strong where it counts, and WHEN it counts.
Perry White: He'll get through this. You BOTH will. Now...
[Martha holds one of Lois' shoes. The bottom of the heel is worn]
Perry White: Let's talk boots.

"Superman: The Last Son of Krypton: Part III (#1.3)" (1996)
[looking at footage of Superman]
Lois Lane: Nice "S"...
Clark Kent: Excuse me?
Lois Lane: Here, that "S." He's strong, he flies, he's the Nietschian fantasy all wrapped up in a red cape... the Super-Man.
Clark Kent: "Super-man"?
Perry White: Hey, I like it! "Superman!" It's catchy, it sticks with you, the kind of name that looks great splashed across three columns! Make it four.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The House of Luthor (#1.21)" (1994)
Arch-Bishop: Do you Lois take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold from this day forward, in sickness and in health til death do you part?
Lois Lane: I...I...I can't. I'm sorry, Lex, it's -
Perry White: [bursting through the door with the police] Lois, you can't marry this man!
Lois Lane: I know. Is there an echo in here?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Contact (#3.3)" (1995)
Perry White: [to Lois] Hey, that's a nice hairdo, Tinkerbell.

"Smallville: Perry (#3.5)" (2003)
Clark Kent: Something tells me the world hasn't seen the last of Perry White.
Perry White: Something tells me you're right. Rumor has it I still have a friend or two on the Daily Planet.
Perry White: [starts to get on the bus, but turns back] Oh, uh, by the way, I, uh, I went over a couple more of your Torch stories.
Clark Kent: And?
Perry White: Well, they're rough, and half the time you buried the lead, but I see a glimmer of hope. If you ever make it to Metropolis, look me up. I owe you one.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Ordinary People (#3.2)" (1995)
Perry White: There will always be another headless corpse, but true love comes around maybe once.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Madame Ex (#2.1)" (1994)
Jimmy Olsen: I found this book she wrote on subliminal advertising. Thought maybe I could get her to autograph it for my Mom's birthday.
Perry White: Whatever happened to flowers and chocolates?
Jimmy Olsen: My Mom's overweight and she's got allergies.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Chip Off the Old Clark (#3.8)" (1995)
Lois Lane: You are aware that there is a chance Superman didn't do this.
Perry White: Now, Lois, you and I have been newspeople long enough to know, that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, tastes good with plum sauce, it is a duck.

Superman (1948)
Perry White: [gruffly] What do you want?
Superman: [as Clark Kent] Uh... a job.
Perry White: [sarcastically] Any special kind? Or would mine do?
Superman: Well, I would like to be a reporter. I haven't had any experience in writing, but... uh...
Perry White: That should help.
Superman: Well, I have other qualifications that might be valuable.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Return of the Prankster (#2.15)" (1995)
Clark Kent: Look on the bright side, Lois. At least no harm was done.
Perry White: Tell that to my tie! I loved this tie. Why couldn't it have been that ugly fish tie that Alice bought me for Christmas?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Wall of Sound (#2.2)" (1994)
Perry White: Now, Lois, don't you have anything to say to Clark?
Lois Lane: Uh, right. Clark, I, uh, I'm very, uh...
Clark Kent: Surprised?
Lois Lane: Stunned, shocked, in need of oxygen.

Superman: Requiem (2011)
Perry White: Has anyone here seen Kent? He hasn't shown up to work all day. If he doesn't get here soon, I'm gonna kick his sorry ass so hard through that door, they'll think Jesus Christ did it.

"Superman: The Last Son of Krypton: Part II (#1.2)" (1996)
Lois Lane: [Barging into Perry White's office] Chief! I spent a week on the docks with rats and frizzed hair exposing the biggest gun-smuggling ring to hit this town in ten years and what makes the front page? Some sprouty, new age, granola-crunching fluff piece on angels! What's next? Interviews with Bigfoot?
Perry White: Good timing, Lois. I wanted you to be the first to know, I'm hiring a new guy on the city desk.
Lois Lane: Is he cute?
Perry White: Uh... you tell me.
[Lois spins around and sees Clark standing there]
Lois Lane: Oh... hi.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: I'm Looking Through You (#1.4)" (1993)
Perry White: Clark?
Clark Kent: Right here, sir.
Perry White: Oh, Kent. Didn't see you. I take it that you and Lois are on that "Superman gets the key to the city" story?
Lois Lane: Yeah. On it.
Perry White: Great.
Clark Kent: What's the matter, Lois? Bored with Superman already?
Lois Lane: I was standing right in front of him, and he didn't notice me.
Cat Grant: What's to notice?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Strange Visitor (From Another Planet) (#1.2)" (1993)
Lois Lane: What's going on is the warrant is phony.
Clark Kent: Phony?
Perry White: Phony as a lock of Elvis's hair from a Memphis souvenir shop.