Martha Wayne
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Martha Wayne (Character)
from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

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"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Chill of the Night! (#2.11)" (2010)
Young Bruce Wayne: You know, Dad, that movie was pretty good after all! Can I be Zorro when I grow up?
Thomas Wayne: Absolutely, son. We'll need to get you a bigger sword...
Young Bruce Wayne: [runs down the alley] Take that, you wicked tyrant!
Martha Wayne: Dear...
Thomas Wayne: Oh, Martha. Let him play.
Martha Wayne: Thomas Wayne, when he has nightmares tonight, you can be the one to calm hm down.
Thomas Wayne: Okay, that's enough for now, Bruce. We'll start you on fencing lessons when you're older. Say... 30?

Thomas Wayne: [Notices Batman] And here I thought I was going to be one of a kind. I guess great minds think alike, Mr?
Batman: Uh... Malone. M-Matt. Matthew Malone.
Thomas Wayne: Thomas Wayne. This is my wife, Martha.
[Batman hugs Martha]
Martha Wayne: Oh, my... You're friendly, aren't you?

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009) (VG)
Thomas Wayne: I can't believe you insisted on sitting through that movie again, Bruce. Come on, we'll be late for Alfred.
Young Bruce Wayne: I'm sorry, Daddy.
Martha Wayne: Go easy on him, Tom. He loved it so.

The Adventures of the Fatbat Episode I: The Redemption of the Bat (2014)
Thomas Wayne: Get up, you little bastard.
Martha Wayne: Stop being such a little douche.

Batman: Arkham City (2011) (VG)
Martha Wayne: [Batman is about to succumb to the effects of the Joker's poison blood, he has a vision of his parents at the Pearly white gates] Bruce, you can hear me, can you? You need to step into the light, your father and I are waiting. We missed you so much. You have to do it, Bruce. We need you to do it Bruce. Bruce. Bruce.
Oracle: [Batman regains consciousness and the voice turns into Oracle] Bruce, can you hear me? Your vitals, they're dropping, it's almost like they're in freefall. You need to find what you're looking for, now.
Batman: [Coughs slightly] How long have I got?
Oracle: Thank God. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. At this rate, I say minutes. Seriously, Bruce. you need to tell me what you want me to do. What do I get Robin to do. You know, if you don't...
Batman: I'll make it.