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Jonathan Kent (Character)
from Man of Steel (2013)

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"Smallville: Cool (#1.5)" (2001)
Jonathan Kent: We already talked about that.
Martha Kent: I talked, you grunted.
Jonathan Kent: I thought that I was rather articulate.

Martha Kent: So you would give us the latest farming equipment and technology?
Jonathan Kent: All in exchange for our independence.
Lex Luthor: My influence would be minimal, but existing, yeah. It's a partnership.
Jonathan Kent: We could get a loan.
Lex Luthor: Or you could allow me to help you get to the point where you never need someone like me again.
Martha Kent: I'll admit, it looks generous.
Lex Luthor: It is.
Jonathan Kent: Which begs the question what does Lex Luthor get out of all this?
Lex Luthor: I believe there's profit to be made. I'm not exactly in the charity business.
Jonathan Kent: Like father, like son.
Lex Luthor: Take some time to think about it. I'm sure you'll see the benefits outweigh your other options.

Lex Luthor: Your farm's drowning in debt; we both know it. All I'm trying to do is offer you a hand, but you keep slapping it away.
Jonathan Kent: I learned a long time ago, from a man much smarter than myself, that you need to solve your own problems.
Lex Luthor: Your father lived in different times, and he had his share of help. Seems government subsidies carried him through a number of lean years.
Martha Kent: Where did you get these?
Lex Luthor: It's a matter of public record. I'm making a business offer; I had to do my due diligence.
Jonathan Kent: Why are you so interested in our family, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Your son brought me back from the dead, Mr. Kent. When he reached in and pulled me out, he gave me a new life. Your father put his family's future over his own pride. Are you willing to do that?

Lex Luthor: Morning. I heard you took out a bank loan today.
Jonathan Kent: Did you?
Lex Luthor: After our conversation the other night, I was, frankly, surprised. You despise me that much?
Jonathan Kent: Believe it or not, Lex, some things actually have nothing to do with you. I decided to bet on my family.
Lex Luthor: You're betting with Clark's future. I'm just trying to ensure it.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, well, so am I.
Lex Luthor: With the bank? They'll kill you with interest while waiting for you to fail.
Jonathan Kent: At least with the bank, I know where I stand.
Lex Luthor: I know you don't believe me, but I genuinely want to help you. When you change your mind, my offer still stands.

Lex Luthor: Welcome. I'm delighted you decided to come.
Martha Kent: Your house is very...
Lex Luthor: Large?
Jonathan Kent: To put it mildly.
Lex Luthor: The word "restraint" doesn't exist in my father's vocabulary.
Martha Kent: I'm sorry, are we early?
[Lex doesn't respond; Jonathan realizes why they're there]
Jonathan Kent: I think we should go.
Martha Kent: Wait, wait, Jonathan. Just because no one else came...
Jonathan Kent: That is if anyone else was even invited.
Martha Kent: Oh, I don't think Lex would...
Lex Luthor: Actually, I would. I did. But only because I knew you wouldn't have come otherwise. I know your farm's in trouble, Mr. Kent. Small town.
Jonathan Kent: So you thought you would just take advantage of my family's problem?
Lex Luthor: No. I thought I could help.

Clark Kent: [arriving home, all smiles] Hello, citizens.
Martha Kent: I'm not familiar with this child. Where's the moody one? Lives upstairs, runs real fast?
Clark Kent: Oh, he's going on a date tonight. Not a "date" date, but to a concert.
Jonathan Kent: Well, just who might this "not a date" date be with?
Clark Kent: Lana Lang. Lex hooked me up with a couple of serious tickets and his limo.
Jonathan Kent: [pointedly to Martha] Oh, he did.
Clark Kent: It's okay if I go, right?
Jonathan Kent: Well, I guess Lex Luthor has worked out all of our evenings for us.
Martha Kent: Clark? Isn't Lana still going out with Whitney?
Clark Kent: She's not married, mom.

Martha Kent: It's bad enough you ride that motorcycle. But why do you have to repair it in the house?
Jonathan Kent: 'Cause if I didn't, you'd never have any reason to be angry with me.

"Smallville: Run (#4.5)" (2004)
Clark Kent: Dad. I found the kid who stole your wallet, bust I lost him down at the docks. He just took off across the water.
Jonathan Kent: Uh, son.
[Clark sees Bart sitting at the kitchen counter eating a meal]
Bart Allen: Hey, Clark.
[takes a drink of milk]
Bart Allen: What took you so long?

Jonathan Kent: Hey. I thought you'd be at work all day.
Martha Kent: Well that's one of the benefits of being the boss. I promoted Linda to assistant manager so I could take a break and spend some time with a ruggedly handsome farmer.
Jonathan Kent: Well, you're in luck. There just happens to be one sweating in your driveway right now.
Martha Kent: Maybe I should get the hose and a bucket of soap.
Jonathan Kent: I've really missed you.
Martha Kent: Me, too.

Jonathan Kent: Hey, Clark. Just in time, son. Your mom's working late again, so I thought maybe we'd have guys' night. You know, catch up on the highlights of the game we missed.
Clark Kent: I saw something at Lex's, dad. It was a page from an old manuscript, and it had Kryptonian symbols on it.
Jonathan Kent: Kryptonian symbols? Were you able to read 'em?
Clark Kent: It had a message, repeated over and over: "Look deeper". I used my x-ray vision and I saw a map hidden underneath.
Jonathan Kent: A map? A map to what?
Clark Kent: I don't know, dad, but I think it has something to do with Jor-El, and what he sent me after when he was controlling me.
Jonathan Kent: I want you to leave this alone, Clark.
Clark Kent: No, dad...
Jonathan Kent: Son, you're just telling me how you want to have a normal senior year, right? Well, how does traipsing across the globe on Jor-El's crusade fit in with that?
Clark Kent: It doesn't. But hanging out with Bart reminded me that I'm not normal, dad. Maybe it's time I stopped from who I really am.
Jonathan Kent: What you really are is a seventeen year old boy. Now sit down
Clark Kent: Dad, it doesn't matter how old I am. Whatever Jor-El sent me to find, I have a feeling it's very powerful and dangerous, especially if it falls into the wrong hands, and I'm the only one who can stop that from happening.
Jonathan Kent: How? By stealing this manuscript from Lex?
Clark Kent: No, he has no idea what he has. All I have to do is sneak back in there and get a better look at it.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, it's a bad idea. He could see you.
Clark Kent: I'll be in and out before he even knows I'm there.

Martha Kent: Are you sure you're okay?
Jonathan Kent: Sweetheart, I'm fine. I wish you wouldn't worry about me all the time.
Martha Kent: You were in a coma for three months, Jonathan. It's hard not to worry when you've been through so much.
Jonathan Kent: A little help from modern medicine, I plan on going through a whole lot more. Starting with a romantic evening with my beautiful wife. I thought maybe we could have a little dinner, then drive on down to the lake...
Martha Kent: I'd love that, sweetheart, but I... I might have to work late again tonight. Running the Talon is a lot more involved than I thought it would be.

Jonathan Kent: Aw, jeez.
Clark Kent: The doctor said you're doing great.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, right before he gave me this new prescription. Red ones; at least they'll go nicely with my pink, blue, and green ones I'm already taking.
Clark Kent: I'd rather have more colors in the medicine cabinet than not have you around.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, I just didn't want to have to worry your mother with any more of this stuff, that's all.
Clark Kent: Dad, we both worry about you. What Jor-El did to you because of me...
Jonathan Kent: Whoa, wait. Wait a minute. In knew what the risks were, Clark. And I'd take 'em again in a heartbeat if it meant keeping you safe.

Clark Kent: [after Bart saves Jonathan from an oncoming car] Dad! Dad, are you okay?
Jonathan Kent: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Your mother would be visiting me in the hospital again if you hadn't pushed me out of the way.
Clark Kent: Dad, it wasn't me. I saw someone who can move like I can. I couldn't believe it. He saved you.

"Smallville: Pilot (#1.1)" (2001)
Jonathan Kent: Are you okay?
Clark Kent: Can I answer that in about five years?
Jonathan Kent: Yeah.
Clark Kent: Dad I'm glad you and mom are the ones that found me.
Jonathan Kent: We didn't find you, Clark, you found us.

[after finding Clark]
Jonathan Kent: Kids just don't fall out of the sky, Martha.
Martha Kent: Then where did he come from?
Jonathan Kent: I don't know. But he must have parents.
[they both spot the space ship]
Martha Kent: Well, if he does, they're definitely not from Kansas.
Jonathan Kent: Sweetheart, we can't keep him. What are we gonna tell people? We found him out in a field?
Martha Kent: We didn't find him... he found us.

Jonathan Kent: I know this has gotta be really hard for you. But you gotta just hang in there like we promised.
Clark Kent: I'm sick of 'hanging in there'. All I want to do is go through high school without being a total loser.

Jonathan Kent: Your real parents weren't exactly from around... here.
Clark Kent: Where are they from?
[Jonathan looks up at the sky]
Clark Kent: What are you trying to tell me, Dad? That I'm from another planet?
Clark Kent: I suppose you stashed my spaceship in the attic?
Jonathan Kent: Actually... it's in the storm cellar.

Jonathan: What are we supposed to tell everyone? That we found him in a cornfield?
Martha: We didn't find him. He found us.

"Smallville: Insurgence (#2.12)" (2003)
Clark Kent: I think I figured out a way into the building. No one is watching the Daily Planet.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, that has to be at least three-hundred feet. You'll never make it.
Clark Kent: I can make it.

Jonathan Kent: [to Lex, slamming his coffee cup down] Look, I don't know how things work in your house, but around here, we think it's important to respect other people's privacy.
Clark Kent: Dad...
Lex Luthor: It's all right, Clark.
[to Jonathan]
Lex Luthor: Mr. Kent, since the day I moved to Smallville I've done nothing but try to be a friend to you. And in return, you do nothing but lecture me with sanctimonious platitudes. I'm done listening to them.

Jonathan Kent: Hey, I appreciate your concern but it's not your responsibility to fix everything.

Jonathan Kent: What's that?
Martha Kent: That's my resignation. There's no way I can keep working for Lionel. He had refined meteor rocks in his vault, a file on Clark. I can't believe I trusted him.
Clark Kent: And without that file, at least the police can't find out anything about me.
Martha Kent: To think I made this job such a big priority, and Lionel may have only hired me to learn more about Clark.
Clark Kent: I'm sorry, mom. I know how important your work has been to you.
Martha Kent: It's not more important than you.

Jonathan Kent: Were you just talking to those men up there?
Lex Luthor: Mr. Kent, whatever I'm doing is in the best interest of your wife and my father, believe me.
Jonathan Kent: I find out that you had anything to do with what's going on out here, you will pray to god you never set foot in Smallville. You believe me.

"Smallville: Commencement (#4.22)" (2005)
Lois Lane: Nightmare? So that's what all this commotion is about?
Jonathan Kent: Lois.
Lois Lane: [to Clark] You know, if it makes you feel any better, I have them all the time. I had this one last week. Really scary. This guy wearing a red cape...
Clark Kent: [sarcastic] Oh, that sounds horrible, Lois.

Jonathan Kent: Do I have to remind you, Clark, the last time we had a meteor shower it was full of Kryptonite?
Martha Kent: If the same thing happens today, it could kill you. You - You have to come with us.
Clark Kent: I spoke to Jor-El.
Martha Kent: [whispers] No.
Clark Kent: He told me I have to find the other two stones right now and unite it with the one in the cave.
Martha Kent: No. You're *my* son. You're not gonna go on some kind of suicide mission.
Jonathan Kent: Clark. You might be stronger than steel, but you're not invincible.
Clark Kent: I know, Dad... but I'm the only one who can do this.

Jason Teague: I'm having what you'd call a rough day.
Jonathan Kent: W-why don't you just - Just calm down, son.
Jason Teague: Where's Clark?
Jonathan Kent: He's not here. Why don't you put down the shotgun, we'll talk about it.
[Jason shoots out the truck's windshield]
Jason Teague: Tell me where he is!

Jonathan Kent: Jason, why don't you let Martha go. She doesn't know anything about any of this.
Jason Teague: A mother always knows her son's deep, dark secrets. Now, where does he keep the stones?
Martha Kent: Why would Clark know about ancient stones?
Jason Teague: All right, that's it. Come on. Let's see, when I ran into your son in Shanghai, I decided to do a little homework of my own. And the more I dug, the more Clark Kent's name just keep popping up. Sit down! Now, is it a coincidence that the symbols were burned into your field?
Martha Kent: I don't know what you're talking about.
[cocks shotgun]
Jonathan Kent: Jason!
Jason Teague: What about Clark's connection to Bridgette Crosby?
Martha Kent: I don't know. I don't know.
Jason Teague: She had one of the artifacts. I suppose that was just a coincidence too.
Jonathan Kent: None of that makes any difference now.
Jason Teague: When my mother came to Smallville... she thought the Luthors would lead her to the stones. But she was wrong. It was the farm boy. The one who has no record of ever being born. He's more connected to the stones than any of us.
Jonathan Kent: There is a meteor shower about to tear this town apart.
Martha Kent: You need to get to your mother, get her to safety.
Jason Teague: Don't you think I know that? I can't find her anywhere! But I'll tell you one thing. When I do find my mother, I'll finally be able to give her the one thing she's been searching for all these years.
[shoots at the ceiling]
Jason Teague: Now, tell me where the stones are!

Martha Kent: Those meteors can kill him, Jonathan.
Jonathan Kent: I know that, sweetheart. But if we have faith in our son, then we can't let our faith waver now.

Man of Steel (2013)
[from Comic Con trailer]
Jonathan Kent: People are afraid of what they don't understand.

Clark Kent at 13: Can't I just keep pretending I'm your son?
Jonathan Kent: You are my son. But somewhere out there you have another father too, who gave you another name. And he sent you here for a reason, Clark. And even if it takes you the rest of your life you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason is.

Jonathan Kent: Did they hurt you?
Clark Kent at 13: You know they can't.
Jonathan Kent: That's not what I meant. I meant, "are you all right?"
Clark Kent at 13: I wanted to hit that kid. I wanted to hit him so bad.
Jonathan Kent: I know you did. I mean, part of me even wanted you to, but then what? Make you feel any better? You just have to decide what kind of a man you want to grow up to be, Clark; because whoever that man is, good character or bad, he's... He's gonna change the world.

Clark Kent at 13: I just wanted to help.
Jonathan Kent: I know you did, but we talked about this. Right? Right? We talked about this! You have...!
[calms himself]
Jonathan Kent: Clark, you have to keep this side of yourself a secret.
Clark Kent at 13: What was I supposed to do? Just let them die?
Jonathan Kent: Maybe; but there's more at stake here than our lives or the lives of those around us. When the world... When the world finds out what you can do, it's gonna change everything; our... our beliefs, our notions of what it means to be human... everything. You saw how Pete's mom reacted, right? She was scared, Clark.
Clark Kent at 13: Why?
Jonathan Kent: People are afraid of what they don't understand.
Clark Kent at 13: Is she right? Did God do this to me? Tell me!

Jonathan Kent: [Jonathan shows Clark his ship] We found you in this. We were sure the government was gonna show up at our doorstep, but no one ever came.
Clark Kent at 13: [Clark looks over the ship in puzzlement] .
Jonathan Kent: [Jonathan shows Clark the command key] This was in the chamber with you. We took it to a metallurgist at Kansas State. He said whatever it was made from didn't even... didn't even exist on the periodic table. It's another way of saying that it's not from this world, Clark... and neither are you. You're the answer, son. You're the answer to, "are we alone in the universe?"
Clark Kent at 13: I don't want to be.
Jonathan Kent: And I don't blame you, son. It'd be a huge burden for anyone to bear; but you're not just anyone, Clark, and I have to believe that you were... that you were sent here for a reason. All these changes that you're going through, one day... one day you're gonna think of them as a blessing; and when that day comes, you're gonna have to make a choice... a choice of whether to stand proud in front of the human race or not.
Clark Kent at 13: Can't I just keep pretending I'm your son?
Jonathan Kent: [hugs Clark nearly in tears] You are my son;... but somewhere out there, you... you have another father too, who gave you another name, and he sent you here for a reason, Clark; and even if it takes you the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason is.

"Smallville: Reaper (#1.17)" (2002)
[last lines]
Clark Kent: Hey, Dad, I think we're going to catch more fish this year.
Jonathan Kent: What, new lures?
Clark Kent: X-ray vision.

Jonathan Kent: I thought we had an understanding. How am I supposed to protect you if you won't give me all the facts?
Clark Kent: I don't always need your protection.
Jonathan Kent: When it comes to your secret, you bet you do. And when you get a little older, you'll understand my... apprehension about the Luthor family.
Clark Kent: Stop treating me like a kid! I'm not seven years old anymore; I'm not casting lines in the paddock. I don't even like fishing! The only reason I do it is because it makes you happy!
[Clark realizes he's gone too far]
Clark Kent: That... that... that didn't come out right.
Jonathan Kent: No, son, I think it did.

Lex Luthor: You know, from the day I first met Clark, all you've ever seen is the name Luthor.
Jonathan Kent: Well, so far you haven't given me a reason to see anything else.

Lex Luthor: I just want you to know, I closed the book on that day at the bridge.
Jonathan Kent: Why'd you investigate it in the first place?
Lex Luthor: That day was a miracle. Haven't you ever wanted to find out why things like that happen?
Jonathan Kent: No. I just accept the fact that they do. You don't need an explanation for everything, Lex.

"Smallville: Leech (#1.12)" (2002)
Jonathan Kent: You know what they say: lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Look, my guess is that your powers aren't coming back.
Clark Kent: Maybe being normal won't be so bad; I mean it works for you and Mom.
Martha Kent: Oh, thanks.

Jonathan Kent: Clark, your gifts are... well, they're part of you, but they don't define you.
Clark Kent: I know. But they complicate all of our lives.
Jonathan Kent: Seeing how destructive Eric got, it just reminds me of how special you really are.
Clark Kent: That's because Eric didn't get my two strongest gifts. You and mom.

Clark Kent: [after working on the farm as a 'normal' human] Hey, dad?
Jonathan Kent: Yeah?
Clark Kent: How do you find the strength to do this every day?
Jonathan Kent: Years of practice.

Jonathan Kent: I stopped by to see Eric's parents this morning.
Clark Kent: How are they?
Jonathan Kent: They're scared, Clark.
Clark Kent: Were you ever scared of me?
Jonathan Kent: Well, you threw a few temper tantrums when you were little; we had some holes in the walls, but... nah. You're a good kid, Clark.
Clark Kent: I don't think Eric's a bad kid.
Jonathan Kent: Oh, neither do I. He's just a teenager who's in way over his head, that's all.

"Smallville: Forever (#4.21)" (2005)
Jonathan Kent: Do you mind telling me why you have a financial aid packet to Central Kansas?
Clark Kent: That's where I'm going to college.
Jonathan Kent: What happened to Met U? What happened to Ohio? What happened to Miami?
Clark Kent: I thought I'd stay closer to home.
Martha Kent: Clark, I know starting all over with new friends in a new city can seem a little overwhelming, but... you can't let that hold you back.
Jonathan Kent: This is one of the most important decisions you're gonna make in your entire life.
Clark Kent: You don't think I know that?
Jonathan Kent: Does Lana happen to be going to Central Kansas?
Clark Kent: I don't know where Lana's going to school, so no, this is not about Lana.
Jonathan Kent: Oh, then it's about us. You don't think I can run this farm without your help.
Clark Kent: This is where I'm needed.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, your destiny lies far beyond those corn fields out there, and I'm not about to let you turn your back on that just because of us.

Martha Kent: You can't take the place of Clark on this farm. No one can. Every other farm in the county has at least five hands to help out.
Jonathan Kent: Sweetheart, my family managed to run this farm for generations before Clark came around. I see no reason why I can't run it by myself.
Martha Kent: Sometimes I wonder which one of you is more stubborn.

Martha Kent: How many times has he asked to be treated like an adult? This decision took a lot of maturity.
Jonathan Kent: Or guilt. Martha, Clark still feels responsible for my heart problems. I'm not gonna allow him to do this out of pity.
Martha Kent: It's not pity, Jonathan! Clark knows that if he leaves, he can only come back a few times a year, and he doesn't want one of those times to be your funeral.

Clark Kent: Dad, you raised me to make my own decisions. Why don't you trust me on this?
Jonathan Kent: Because you are a lot like me. I had a full ride to Met U waiting for me when I graduated; problem is my father needed me on this farm. So I stayed.
Clark Kent: Dad, that's a pretty big footnote to leave out. Why didn't you tell me?
Jonathan Kent: I didn't want it to weigh you down. As much as I loved my father, I... a part of me still resents him for needing me that much. I don't want you to feel that. That's not the kind of father I... I ever wanted to be.
Clark Kent: [Jonathan turns to leave] Dad... this isn't about the kind of father you are. It's about the kind of son I want to be.

"Smallville: Rosetta (#2.17)" (2003)
Clark Kent: [Reading Kryptonian symbols] It's a message from my biological father. I'm sure I'm reading it wrong.
Jonathan Kent: Why, what does it say?
Clark Kent: "On this third planet from this star, Sol, you will be a god among men. They are a flawed race, rule them with strength, my son. That is where your greatness lies." I think I was sent here to conquer. What kind of planet am I from?

Jonathan Kent: Clark Kent, you're here to be a force for good. Not a force for evil.
Clark Kent: Well, how can you be sure?
Jonathan Kent: Because I am your father. I raised you. And I know you better than anyone.

Clark Kent: Ever since you told me about the ship, I wondered if there were others out there like me. Now I know there's not. I'm totally alone.
Jonathan Kent: Clark. You're never alone, son. This is your home, and we love you very much.

Jonathan Kent: When it comes to protecting you and your secret, all I've ever seen are people who want to exploit you for their own personal gain.
Clark Kent: You can't protect me forever!
Jonathan Kent: I'm not ready to give that up yet!

"Smallville: Resurrection (#3.15)" (2004)
Clark Kent: Dad, when that serum got close to the kryptonite bomb, it reacted the same way as my blood.
Martha Kent: So you're saying... the serum...
Clark Kent: I know. It sounds crazy, but I think that Lionel Luthor's found a way to use my blood to bring people back to life. If my blood can save lives, maybe I should come forward. What if there's something inside me that could repair dad's heart? Permanently.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, your mother and I both know that you are going to save a lot of lives in this world. Even more than you have any idea.
Clark Kent: The only life I'm interested in saving is yours.
Jonathan Kent: You do. You save my life every day that you're with us. And we wouldn't trade that for a single moment without you.

Jonathan Kent: Martha, you and I both know that there's a chance that things could go south in there.
Martha Kent: Don't say that, please.
Jonathan Kent: Now, there's no doubt in my mind that you and Clark can take good care of each other. But you have to remember our promise. When he's ready, you have to let him go.
Martha Kent: When that day comes, you'll be standing right beside me.

Clark Kent: I know about the surgery.
Jonathan Kent: Can you believe it? I'm so popular around here, they want me to be admitted right away.
Clark Kent: So you're gonna do it?
Jonathan Kent: It's not quite that cut and dry, Clark. There must be a way around this.
Clark Kent: I heard the doctor. It didn't sound like that.
Jonathan Kent: I thought you and I talked about eavesdropping in on people's private conversations.
Clark Kent: If you'd stop trying to protect me from this, I wouldn't have to! Dad, I see Garrett out there, and he's lost. Just like I'd be without you. Please do this.
Jonathan Kent: Clark... I want you to go out there and tell your mother to start filling out all the admission paperwork.

"Smallville: Finale (#10.21)" (2011)
Jonathan Kent: I knew you'd see me again when you were ready.
Clark Kent: I made a mistake, Dad. I thought I had to leave you behind. But it's you and Mom and everyone that I care about that makes this world worth saving.
Jonathan Kent: But you're worried you're gonna fail this time. I know you're scared, son.
Clark Kent: I faced Darkseid before. He knows my weakness. He almost defeated me. I need your help.
Jonathan Kent: But, son, he never saw the man standing before me now. Clark Kent, as much as your mother and I tried to protect you from your origins, tried to prepare you to face any challenge... I'm sorry, son, but our guidance just isn't enough anymore. You're gonna have to let Jor-El guide you from here on out.
Clark Kent: I can't, Dad. I turned my back on him like I did you.
Jonathan Kent: He's your father. He'll understand.
Martha Kent: Don't doubt yourself, Clark. This has been coming for a long time. Before you arrived, we wanted a child so badly. The day you found us in that field, you were the miracle we prayed for. Now the world needs that same miracle.

Jor-El: Your journey has come to an end, Kal-El.
Clark Kent: I shouldn't have tried to push away my Kryptonian side. My strength is accepting it - accepting you.
Jor-El: You honor me. A father's pride cannot be measured in words, but know that I'm proud of you, son.
Clark Kent: You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that.
Jor-El: We have been down our long road, Kal-El - one paved with difficult trials. Those trials are behind you now. Any father can only hope that he is one day humbled by the feats of his son. But it is your soul, Kal-El, of which I am most proud. You - and you alone - possess the courage, the determination, and the compassion that will be required of you to life the darkness from the Earth. I ask you to remember one thing. Your abilities may be of my blood, but it is your time in Smallville, with Jonathan and Martha Kent and all the people there, that made you a hero, Kal-El.
Jonathan Kent: Always hold onto Smallville.

Clark Kent: [at his father's grave, Jonathan's spirit watches Clark] I never wanted to say goodbye.
Jonathan Kent: Then don't.
Clark Kent: I thought I had it all figured out - how to move on... how to bury my guilt, my insecurities, my questions. I'm so close. I know who I'll become. I've seen it. Lois thinks I should let her go. Mom says I should hold on to you.
Jonathan Kent: You don't need to hold on to someone, Clark, if they're already in your heart.
Clark Kent: I just keep leaning on you, on Jor-El. I need to stand alone. It's better that way.
Jonathan Kent: You mean it's easier that way.
Clark Kent: It's just I've missed you so much.
Jonathan Kent: Then let me be there for you, Clark. A-and don't - don't push your mother away. We're part of you.
Clark Kent: It's like I'm on a cliff standing on the edge, and where I'm looking is beyond where you've been before, it's beyond than Jor-El has ever been before. And much as I value everything you've given me, I need to go beyond where either of you can guide me anymore, to be the hero the world needs me to be.

"Smallville: Vortex (#2.1)" (2002)
Roger Nixon: Why don't you stop playing the protector and admit the truth? You and your wife kept him because you couldn't have children of your own.
Jonathan Kent: We kept him because he is our son and we love him.
Roger Nixon: [laughs] He's not your son, you deluded hick. He's not even human.

Roger Nixon: He can see through solid objects? Unbelievable. What else can he do? Do you have any idea what I would do with his abilities? The wealth, the power he could amass. It's unimaginable.
Jonathan Kent: You are exactly the reason why I keep his abilities a secret.

Roger Nixon: You stupid son of a bitch! I thought you wanted to get the hell out of here!
Jonathan Kent: I did want to get out of here. 'Till I realized that you were in bed with Lex Luthor, and I would rather rot down here than watch the two of you destroy my son's life.

"Justice League: Comfort and Joy (#2.23)" (2003)
J'onn J'onzz: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Kent. I hope I'm not disturbing you. Super... uh, Clark, was most insistent that I spend the holidays with you. My name is J'onn... I'm a Martian.
Pa Kent: Oh, we're no strangers to aliens in this house. You just make yourself at home.

Pa Kent: We used to wrap his presents in lead foil so he couldn't peek.
Clark Kent: [Clark looks momentarily confused] You mean *Santa* wrapped them.
Ma Kent: Oh, of course, dear.

Clark Kent: That's why I like coming home for the holidays. I can just relax and be myself.
Pa Kent: Okay, everyone! I'm turning on the Christmas tree!
Clark Kent: Pa! That's my job!
[runs downstairs]

"Smallville: Krypto (#4.14)" (2005)
Lois Lane: So what are we gonna call him? And don't give me any of this "Skipper" crap.
Clark Kent: I was thinking we'd call him "Krypto."
Lois Lane: Why, because he's so cryptic like you? I don't think so.
Clark Kent: Why not?
Lois Lane: Because I think it's dumb. You can call your next dog "Krypto." Look, it's not that hard: Max, Lucky, Rocky, Bailey, Scamp, Monty, Bud.
[Jonathan and Martha walk in the barn]
Jonathan Kent: Hey, you're gonna have to pick one of those if you wanna keep him.

Jonathan Kent: Where did you say you found him?
Lois Lane: Actually, I kind of... hit him.
Clark Kent: You hit him? With your car?
Lois Lane: No, with my fist.

Jonathan Kent: Look, son, I know that you're... really attached to this dog, but I'm worried it could be dangerous, even to you.
Clark Kent: I know. That's why I have to find who's doing this and stop them.
Jonathan Kent: No, Clark. Son, it won't make any difference. If they had anything to do with putting that man in a coma, then they're gonna have to be put down.
Clark Kent: Wait, dad, when you and mom found a superpowered boy in a corn field, you didn't give up on me just because I might be dangerous. You raised me, you gave me a chance. He's a good dog, dad. Someone's just using him to do bad things. We should give him a chance.

"Smallville: Unaired Pilot (#1.0)" (2001)
Jonathan Kent: What are we supposed to tell everyone? That we found him in a cornfield?
Martha Kent: We didn't find him. He found us.

Jonathan Kent: I know this has gotta be really hard for you. But you gotta just hang in there like we promised.
Clark Kent: I'm sick of 'hanging in there'. All I want to do is go through high school without being a total loser.

Clark: What are you trying to tell me, Dad? That I'm from another planet? I suppose you stashed my spaceship in the attic.
Jonathan: Actually, it's in the storm cellar.

"Superman: The Last Son of Krypton: Part III (#1.3)" (1996)
Clark Kent: Now that I've moved to Metropolis, it's gonna be impossible to keep a low profile.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, I can see how touching an airplane down in the middle of a city might turn a few heads.

Clark Kent: All of a sudden people are calling me "Superman." Some of them are even afraid of me, just like Jor-El and Lara warned. Does this mean I'm going to have to give up my life?
Jonathan Kent: No, son. It doesn't matter where you came from, or what you can do. You'll always be Clark Kent. Superman just helps out now and again.

Jonathan Kent: No, son. It doesn't matter where you were born or what you can do, you'll always be Clark Kent. Superman just helps out now and then.
Martha Kent: Still, it wouldn't be bad if people knew a little more about Superman. I don't want anyone thinking you're like that nut in Gotham City.

"Smallville: Redux (#2.6)" (2002)
William Clark: Whatever problems we have, they're between us. Martha said you need help. I'm here to give it.
Jonathan Kent: So I haven't seen you for twenty years, and all of a sudden you want to be part of this family?
William Clark: I don't want anything from you. I brought a check because I won't stand by and watch my daughter suffer.
Jonathan Kent: You just couldn't resist turning that old knife, could you?

Jonathan Kent: I knew Martha was making the biggest mistake of her life when she married you.
Clark Kent: That's not true, granddad.
Clark Kent: You're gonna have to swallow your pride if you're gonna save this farm, Jonathan.
Jonathan Kent: I don't need a lecture from you on how to take care of my family, thank you.
William Clark: You're just as stubborn and pig-headed as you were the day I met you.

Clark Kent: What happened that was so bad? I mean, it can't be any worse than what's in the storm cellar. Can it?
Jonathan Kent: When your mother and I decided to get married, I went down to his office to ask him for her hand.
Clark Kent: What'd he say?
Jonathan Kent: I remember his exact words. "I will not let my daughter throw her life away by marrying some hick farmer that couldn't possibly support her."
Clark Kent: Whoa. That's harsh.
Martha Kent: He was a corporate lawyer. That's the way he dealt with people.
Jonathan Kent: When he realized that we were serious about getting married, he... he lost it. He... tried to shove me out of his office.
Clark Kent: What happened?
Jonathan Kent: I hit him. I'm not proud of that; I tried to apologize to him, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Your grandfather and I haven't said a word to each other since.
Clark Kent: That was twenty years ago. He was willing to drive all the way out here. Maybe he wants to try again.
Jonathan Kent: Believe me, Clark, he's not here to help. He's here to gloat.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Eyes Have It (#2.12)" (1995)
[trying to pick the lock to Clark's apartment]
Jonathan Kent: Why couldn't we leave our suitcases in a locker at the airport?
Martha Kent: A child of 4 could pick those locks.
Jonathan Kent: Maybe we should have that child with us now.

Superman: Lois?
Lois Lane: Over here.
Superman: Do you have any oolong tea?
Lois Lane: Oolong?
Superman: Oolong.
Lois Lane: No. Do you want some?
Superman: If it wouldn't be too much trouble.
Martha Kent: Oolong sounds wonderful.
Jonathan Kent: Come on, Lois. Let's go get these tea drinkers some oolong.

Superman: Is this the good window?
Martha Kent: Yes, but it's-
Mayson Drake: You're incapacitated!
Jonathan Kent: Wait!
[Superman crashes through the closed window]
Jonathan Kent: [Mayson, Martha, and Jonathan rush over and look through the now broken window]
Jonathan Kent: Looks like he misjudged the distance to the ground.
Mayson Drake: Is he ok?
Martha Kent: Yes, dear, I imagine so.

"Smallville: Heat (#2.2)" (2002)
[about the development of Clark's newest ability, heat vision]
Martha Kent: What were you doing exactly?
Clark Kent: We were watching a film in science class.
Martha Kent: An educational film?
Clark Kent: A sex-educational film.
Jonathan Kent: [to Martha] ... this could get very complicated.

Martha Kent: Tell me again your aversion to air conditioning.
Jonathan Kent: Two words: electric bill

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Church of Metropolis (#2.5)" (1994)
Jonathan Kent: Martha, the boy has two gorgeous women running after him. This does not rate high on the list of world problems.
Clark Kent: That's true, but let's not forget that Mayson may be an agent of Intergang.
Jonathan Kent: Well, nobody's perfect, son.

Clark Kent: It was one of those things that sounded good at the time, but once I got in the elevator, I didn't know what it meant.
Martha Kent: Freud would say, " It's a subconscious desire in search of a context." And Jung would dismiss it as an anger induced synaptic anomaly.
Jonathan Kent: Adult education. It's a beautiful thing.

"Smallville: Void (#5.17)" (2006)
Clark Kent: [When Clark and Jonathan meet in the afterlife] Dad, I need you, I cannot do this without you.
Jonathan Kent: Yes, you can. This is your destiny, son. You are going to touch the lives of so many people, not just as a man but as a... as a symbol. You're a symbol of peace, you're a symbol of justice, and now it's time for you to go.
[then pushes Clark back into reality]

Clark Kent: You died because of me. When Jor-El brought me back to life and restored my powers... he told me there'd be a price - the life of someone I love. I'm sorry, Dad. I'm so sorry.
Jonathan Kent: Clark... believe me, you have nothing to be sorry about. I lived a full wonderful life. I had everything a husband or a father could ever possibly dream of. I am so very proud that I died protecting you.
Clark Kent: Protecting me from what?
Jonathan Kent: Lionel Luthor, Clark. He knows your secret. He knows everything. You can't stay here, son. You've got to keep your mother safe. You've got to keep the whole world safe.

"Smallville: Reckoning (#5.12)" (2006)
Jonathan Kent: [to Lionel] I won't let you destroy my family.
[Jonathan punches Lionel hard in the face and throws him over a workbench]
Jonathan Kent: We can withstand anything you bring down on us...
Jonathan Kent: because we have each other. That's what will always separate the Kents from the Luthors. Now why don't you get...
[his breathing becomes laboured and he takes several breaths before continuing hoarsely]
Jonathan Kent: why don't you get the hell off my property.

Jonathan Kent: [Getting out of the truck having just pulled up telling a joke to Martha] ... come on you liked it.
[Sees Clark walking out of the barn]
Jonathan Kent: Hey I thought you were going to meet us at the polls.
Clark: I have something to tell you guys.
[Jonathan and Martha both wait in eager anticipation]
Clark: I told Lana everything...
Martha Kent: [In shock] What?
Clark: ...right before I proposed to her in the Fortress.
Jonathan Kent: Clark have you really thought this thing through?
Clark: If I was ever going to risk sharing myself with someone, I want it to be with her.
Martha Kent: I'm proud of you Clark. I know this has been weighing on you for a long time.
Jonathan Kent: I guess it's just hard looking at your son and realizing you're talking to a man. A man who doesn't need his father's advice anymore.
Clark: ...I'm always going to need you Dad.
[Jonathan and Clark hug]

"Smallville: Exile (#3.1)" (2003)
Jor-El: [Jonathan screams as a tri-phasic beam of light strikes him surrounding him in an intense column of light and the light begins to speak] I am Jor-El, the true father of Kal-El.
Jonathan Kent: His name is Clark Kent! I am his father, I raised him.
Jor-El: You have fulfilled your function in Kal-El's destiny.
Jonathan Kent: His destiny is whatever he makes of it.
Jor-El: His destiny is too great for you to comprehend. This was Kal-El's first test to see if he was ready to begin his journey.
Jonathan Kent: He's too young! He needs more time!
Jor-El: This phase of Kal-El's journey is almost complete. It will be of no consequence if he returns to you... for now.
Jonathan Kent: You'll bring him home?
Jor-El: If you want him, you must retrieve him yourself.
Jonathan Kent: I can't. He's too powerful.
Jor-El: Are you willing to sacrifice anything to get him back?
Jonathan Kent: Yes! For my son I'll do anything.
Jonathan Kent: [the light widens and becomes more powerful as Jonathan cries out in pain] Aaah! Aaah!

Jonathan Kent: Hello, Clark.
Clark Kent: [cocky, smiling] Jonathan Kent. Isn't it a little past your bedtime? How'd you find me?
Jonathan Kent: Your biological father.
Clark Kent: You two are working together now, huh? That's cute. But I didn't listen to him and I'm certainly not gonna listen to you.
[Clark tries to leave and Jonathan puts a hand on his chest, stopping him]
Jonathan Kent: Clark. You need to put all this behind you, son. Come on home to the people who love you.
[Clark smiles and pats his hand on Jonathan's chest. Then he pushes Jonathan hard, sending him flying across the office where he crashes into the wall, denting it with his back and falling to the floor]
Clark Kent: You should've stayed in Smallville.
[Jonathan looks up at Clark from the floor and Clark looks back at him intensely, almost as if challenging him. Jonathan rises slowly to his feet]
Jonathan Kent: Son, you're coming home with me. Now.

"Smallville: Oracle (#5.21)" (2006)
Jonathan Kent: How long have you had feelings for Lionel Luthor?
Martha Kent: It's not like that.
Jonathan Kent: I want you to be happy, sweetheart. I've always just... just wanted you to be happy. Not with him.
Martha Kent: Jonathan... you know you're the only I've ever loved. It's been... so hard without you. Your voice, your touch. I miss you so much.
Jonathan Kent: I miss you, too, sweetheart.
Martha Kent: Why did you have to leave me?
Jonathan Kent: I'm sorry, Martha, I didn't have any choice. And soon, neither will a lot of other innocent people.
Martha Kent: Are... are you talking about Lionel? What is it? What is he doing?
Jonathan Kent: He's going to drown you all in your own blood, just like he did me.
Martha Kent: Like he did you? What...
Jonathan Kent: Martha, I'm sorry, but you've got to tell Clark there is no other choice. Lionel Luthor has to die.
Martha Kent: Jonathan...
Jonathan Kent: He has to.

Clark Kent: Dad?
Jonathan Kent: Listen, I'm sorry I couldn't be at your birthday party to see the kind of man you're becoming.
Clark Kent: Dad, everything I am is because of you.
Jonathan Kent: Not everything. See, there can be no more lessons; you're gonna have to do this on your own. I can't help anymore. You're gonna have to stop him.
Clark Kent: Stop who?
Jonathan Kent: He's much worse than we possibly imagined. So many people, so... many people are gonna die.
Clark Kent: I don't understand, dad. What are you talking about?
Jonathan Kent: I'm talking about Lionel Luthor.
Clark Kent: What is he doing?
Jonathan Kent: He's gonna do something terrible.
Clark Kent: Tell me, dad. What am I supposed to do?
Jonathan Kent: I'm sorry, Clark, but to save this world... you've got to kill Lionel Luthor. Goodbye, son.

"Smallville: Arrival (#5.1)" (2005)
Martha Kent: [Looking at the Kent farmhouse with a gaping hole in it from where the meteor struck the house] Our home...
Jonathan Kent: It's just wood and plaster, Martha. A house can always be rebuilt.
Martha Kent: I guess you're right.
Jonathan Kent: [Clark walks toward his mom and dad] But it does help to have a one-man construction team as a son.
Martha Kent: Hi.
Clark Kent: Hi.
Jonathan Kent: [after observing a short pause, glad to be together again] Don't worry, Clark, things will be back to normal soon enough.
Clark Kent: Actually, things will be a lot more normal around here than you think.
[pauses to prepare himself]
Clark Kent: My abilities are gone.
Martha Kent: [In shock] How?
Clark Kent: Jor-El took them. But, I'm not sure it's such a bad thing. All I've ever wanted is to be normal, and now, finally, I am.
Martha Kent: It is different. You can get hurt now, you're vulnerable.
Clark Kent: Isn't that what it means to be human?
Jonathan Kent: No, I can't believe Jor-El would have given up on you that easily.
Clark Kent: I took care of the danger he warned me about, and if losing my abilities is the consequence then I think he's done with me.
[Walks to Jonathan and Martha and stands beside them]
Clark Kent: Look, none of that matters now. I'm ready to take a step to the future. We'll start by rebuilding this house, one board at a time.

Jonathan Kent: [Martha wakes up in the hospital] Well, Martha Kent, if you were trying to scare me, you did one heck of a job. For a minute there, I thought I lost you.
Martha Kent: Hmm. I guess I found my way back.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: All Shook Up (#1.12)" (1994)
Clark Kent: [about Lois] I don't know whether she is more upset about the asteroid hitting Earth, or the fact that Superman is missing.
Jonathan Kent: Superman isn't missing.
Clark Kent: Sure he is. No one can find him.

Jonathan Kent: [to Clark who has forgotten that he's Superman] This is gonna hurt me more than it's gonna hurt you, believe me.
[hits Clark in the chest with a baseball bat]

"Smallville: Covenant (#3.22)" (2004)
Jor-El: Go with Kara, Kal-El.
Clark Kent: I'm not going anywhere! I'll never be who you want me to be!
[Kara disappears in a flash of light]
Jonathan Kent: What did you do to her?
Jor-El: She served her purpose as has Jonathan Kent.
[a beam of light shoots from the cave wall and grips Jonathan around the neck]
Clark Kent: Dad! Leave my father alone!
Jor-El: Come forward, or he will die. Come to me, Kal-El.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, I've lived a full life, son. Jor-El can do whatever he wants to do me, as long you're free.
Clark Kent: I'll never be free.
Jonathan Kent: Clark! No!
[Clark is whisked away into the cave's wall; Jonathan falls the ground unconscious]

Martha Kent: [learning of Jonathan's promise to Jor-El] What have you invited into our lives?
Jonathan Kent: Martha, I... I honestly don't believe I had another choice.
Martha Kent: How could you have made a decision like that about our son without talking to me?
Jonathan Kent: It was the only way that I could get him back!
Martha Kent: Why would you keep it a secret?
Jonathan Kent: Because I didn't want you to have to wait for the rest of your life worrying about something that might not ever come to pass.
Martha Kent: Do you really think Jor-El will ever give up on Clark?
Jonathan Kent: I can't just sit idly by while he tries to take away our son.
Martha Kent: Well, we might not have a choice. That girl is more powerful than Clark!

"Smallville: Recruit (#4.13)" (2005)
Jonathan Kent: I realize I already gave you my blessing on this, Clark, and I don't want to lie to you. This whole thing makes me feel uneasy.
Clark Kent: Dad, we've been watching Met U football games since I can remember. Now they're knocking on my door.
Jonathan Kent: I know that, and I'm proud of you for it.
Clark Kent: Then why can't I have a shot at what every other high school kid dreams of?
Jonathan Kent: Because you're not like every other high school kid, Clark.
Clark Kent: On that field, I am. I'm not even using my abilities and I can be the new starting quarterback for the Metropolis Bulldogs.
Jonathan Kent: There's gonna be millions of eyes on you. You're gonna be under a magnifying glass.
Clark Kent: I have pulled it off before.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, Met U is not like Smallville High. It's... it's a much bigger stage. There's gonna be much bigger problems.
Clark Kent: You always told me not to walk away from something just because it's a challenge. Dad, I can do this.
Jonathan Kent: I know that you can handle it. I also know you'll behave yourself this weekend. Stay clear of the beer kegs.
Clark Kent: Don't worry, alcohol can't affect me, remember?
Jonathan Kent: That's not the point. You're still underage. Look, son, I just don't want you to get booted out before you get in, all right?
Clark Kent: Okay.
Jonathan Kent: Now, there's one more thing. This is... it's very important. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Have a great time.

Jonathan Kent: Who would have thought? Geoff Johns always seemed like a nice kid.
Clark Kent: I know. If I take this football scholarship, I'm gonna be in the same situation as Geoff. I'm gonna have to lie on every physical, rig every test. I'm gonna have to do anything I can to protect my secret. I want to believe that I could go out there and play football like any normal college kid, but the fact is I have powers that no other athlete has. Coop was right; it's not fair that Geoff was out there on that field, just like it's not fair when I'm out there competing. So I've decided to give up football.
Martha Kent: [temporarily stunned] Clark... I know how difficult it is to give up something you love.
Jonathan Kent: But this decision you've made, son, shows integrity well beyond your years.
Clark Kent: Then why don't I feel good about it?
[Jonathan glances down at an invoice on the table]
Jonathan Kent: Look at me, Clark. If you have your heart set on going to Met U, or any other school, somehow, some way, your mother and I will make sure that you get to go. Is that understood?
Clark Kent: [smiles] Yeah.

"Smallville: X-Ray (#1.4)" (2001)
[exercising Clark's new x-ray vision]
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, you could start with something small.
[reaches into pocket]
Jonathan Kent: Try to tell me what I have in my hand right now.
Clark Kent: Your pocket knife.
Jonathan Kent: You could see through my hand...
Clark Kent: No, you always carry your knife in that pocket.

Jonathan Kent: I've seen some strange things in my life, but this definitely takes the cake.
[Looks at Clark]
Jonathan Kent: Well, almost.

"Smallville: Kent (#10.17)" (2011)
Clark Kent: Look, this may be hard for you to understand considering everything that's happened to you in this world. You taught me so much. You taught me to be fair and honest. You taught me the only person in control of your destiny...
Jonathan Kent: Is you.
Clark Kent: You were the man that I tried to live up to. You didn't have powers, and you didn't have a destiny to save the world, but you were my hero. And I lost you.

Jonathan Kent: You don't even know me. I'm just an obsessed man hanging onto a place as if memories could make up a lifetime.
Clark Kent: This place isn't your home. Martha is. It's not the place, it's the people in it. And Martha's still here. You still have a chance. It's better to risk everything than hold onto nothing.
Jonathan Kent: Who told you that?

"Smallville: Fanatic (#5.10)" (2006)
Clark Kent: Dad, are you sure this guy knows what he's doing?
Jonathan Kent: Clark, Sosnick helped Jack win five elections. I'm sure he knows more about this stuff than we do.
Lois Lane: If you ask me, I think he's trying to turn you into a Luthor.
March Sosnick: Is there a problem?
Lois Lane: Yeah, I was just wondering if you've ever actually met the Kents. You see, the reason somebody is gonna vote for Mr. Kent is because they relate to him. And who is gonna believe that he supports local farmers when he looks like some big business blowhard - no offense, Mr. Kent - who wants to buy them out?
March Sosnick: Well, that's called bridging the demo gap, dear.
Lois Lane: Oh, and does bridging the gap also include misquoting your candidate?
Jonathan Kent: [reading the front page of a newspaper] Wait a minute, it says "Jonathan Kent is quoted as saying 'It is possible to serve corporate interests and maintain the the public welfare'"? I never said that.
March Sosnick: I did.
Jonathan Kent: You did?
March Sosnick: Yes. Look, this whole "John boy" thing, don't get me wrong, you're very good at it; may win over cowpokes, but there's a healthy pull of voters out there that are more familiar with venti lattes than they are with digging post holes.
Jonathan Kent: What I really need here is somebody who... cares about what I believe in more than they care about winning a race. I'm sorry, but you gotta go, Sosnick. You're fired.
March Sosnick: [handing a folder to Jonathan] Pack it up, guys.
Lois Lane: [as Sosnick and his team leave] Not that that didn't totally rock, Mr. Kent, but I have no idea how you're gonna find a replacement so quickly.
Jonathan Kent: I do.
Lois Lane: [Jonathan hands the folder to her] Oh, me? Um... what do I know about being a campaign manager?
Jonathan Kent: What do I know about being a state senator?

Jonathan Kent: You've never been happy about me running, and now I'm guessing you want me to quit?
Martha Kent: Maybe you're willing to risk your life over this, but I don't think I'm willing to stand by and watch!

"Smallville: Exposed (#5.6)" (2005)
Jonathan Kent: Is that the best you got? I had another six inches out here.
Senator Jack Jennings: I wasn't sure how rusty your reflexes had gotten.
Clark Kent: Senator Jennings!
Senator Jack Jennings: I know it's been a long time, but what happened to "Uncle Jack"?
Clark Kent: Doesn't seem fit for someone who's on a first-name basis with the governor?
Senator Jack Jennings: I don't seem to remember the governor winning a state football championship. Congratulations.

Jonathan Kent: Going back to the city, facing all those reports takes a lot of guts.
Senator Jack Jennings: After facing you, live feeds and bloodthirsty journalists are a walk in the park.

"Smallville: Façade (#4.3)" (2004)
Jonathan Kent: Congratulations are in order. Coach Quigley called; you made the football team.
Clark Kent: You don't have to worry, dad. I'm not gonna hurt anyone. I know how to control my abilities.
Jonathan Kent: The person I'm worried about you hurting, Clark, is yourself. You're gonna be tempted to... run just a little bit faster, to throw the ball just far enough to win every game.
Clark Kent: [indignantly] You think I'm gonna cheat? I won't cross that line.
Jonathan Kent: You won't even know where that line is, Clark. Come on, think about it. You're out there, your friends are giving it their all; you're gonna do whatever it takes to win. That's football, son. And with you, it's never gonna be a fair competition.
Clark Kent: Well, let's talk about what's fair. What's the first thing you remember about high school when you think back?
Jonathan Kent: No, no, no...
Clark Kent: Don't tell me it's not football. I want that, too, dad. And I'm sick of begging for the same chances that you just had. I want my own life.

Jonathan Kent: The Talon?
Martha Kent: Lex, uh, agreed to let me manage it. I was lucky to find a job at all, Jonathan. It's not like I have a full résumé these days.
Jonathan Kent: Sweetheart, if we're so worried about money, then why don't we just go through the books again? We'll find some other place to cut.
Martha Kent: Like where? We've been over it every week for two months. There's no way we can get out from under these hospital bills. I'm... I'm not blaming you, I just... I just don't want to keep waiting and... and risk losing the farm. You've worked too hard.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, so that you wouldn't have to.
Martha Kent: It's not so bad right now. You have the farm, and Clark is gonna go off to college next year. I need something of my own.
Jonathan Kent: But why does it have to be with the Luthors?
Martha Kent: I'll be selling espressos, Jonathan, not masterminding hostile takeovers.
Jonathan Kent: Well, I've always known that you wanted to have more than just this old farm. I'm not gonna be the one to stand in your way.

"Superman: The Last Son of Krypton: Part II (#1.2)" (1996)
[first lines]
Jonathan Kent: Holy Christmas.

Jonathan Kent: Put that thing back, you don't know where it came from.
Martha Kent: He's not a thing, Jonathan, he's a baby! A little baby. Who'd put a baby in a spaceship.
Jonathan Kent: That's just my point. It could be Russian, a Sputnik maybe.
Martha Kent: Oh, really.
Jonathan Kent: Maybe he's one of ours. You think NASA is missing a kid?
Martha Kent: I don't care where he came from. All I know is, he needs us, Jonathan.

"Smallville: Hidden (#5.3)" (2005)
Jonathan Kent: ...Now the hospital lost our son and we want to know how that's even possible.
[Clark walks into the house and Jonathan and Martha gaze in shock of their resurrected son]
Jonathan Kent: ... I'll have to call you back.
Martha Kent: Clark!
[They all hug each other and pause for a moment]
Martha Kent: Jor-El gave you your powers back didn't he?
Clark Kent: [With great sadness] I'm not human anymore... it's the only way I could come back.
[Walks a few steps from his parents in quiet reflection]
Clark Kent: The real sacrifice would have been not coming back at all.
Jonathan Kent: After all that has happened Jor-El just offered to give you your powers back? He didn't ask for anything in return?
Clark Kent: [Even though he knows different, with sadness] No.

[trying to sneak Lana out of the house, Clark bumps into his parents]
Jonathan Kent: Lana, this is about a whole lot more than just you, so if you don't mind, I'd like to speak to my son alone, please.
[Lana hurries out of the house]
Jonathan Kent: You sit down.
Clark Kent: Just... just remember I am eighteen, and I've been in love with Lana since I was, like, seven, so it's not like we just rushed into something here.
Martha Kent: Please tell me you were at least... safe.
Clark Kent: Yeah, mom.
Jonathan Kent: Safe? Safe has got nothing to do with this. You shouldn't be doing anything like this, especially not under our roof.
Clark Kent: Oh, like you didn't do it?
Jonathan Kent: Clark, there's a lot of conversations I never had with you, because I didn't think I needed to have 'em.

"Smallville: Metamorphosis (#1.2)" (2001)
Jonathan Kent: I don't know. Seems kind of out there.
Martha Kent: This coming from the man who's been hiding a spaceship in his storm cellar for the last 12 years.
[she leaves]

[after saving a boy from an explosion]
Clark Kent: You need to talk to Mom. I think I really freaked her out this time.
Jonathan Kent: You also made her really proud, Clark.
Clark Kent: Dad, something else happened to me this morning. When I woke up, I was... kind of floating.
Jonathan Kent: Floating?
Clark Kent: As soon as I woke up, I crashed. I mean, Dad, what's happening to me?
Jonathan Kent: I honestly don't know. As soon as you start breaking the law of gravity, we're definitely in uncharted territory.

"Smallville: Bound (#4.9)" (2004)
Jonathan Kent: I'm glad Lex was found innocent, but I sure wish you would have come to us before you got yourself involved.
Clark Kent: Well, at first, dad, I just wanted to help. But then I had to figure out if I could trust him or not.
Martha Kent: What did you decide?
Clark Kent: I haven't. I mean, the way he treated those women. It showed me a side of Lex I hadn't seen before. I mean, how could you just not care that you hurt someone?
Jonathan Kent: Lex was just following what he's learned, son. That's all.
Clark Kent: There's something else you should know. I went to see Lionel.
Martha Kent: What?
Clark Kent: He wanted to help Lex, and he did. I couldn't have done it without him.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, you know how dangerous that man is to you.
Clark Kent: But dad, that's the thing. I think he's changed. And his liver's healed.
Martha Kent: I thought his condition was terminal.
Clark Kent: I think something in me actually healed him.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, does Lionel know about this?
Clark Kent: No. He actually thinks it's a miracle.
Martha Kent: It is.
Clark Kent: Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I really think he has changed. I could see it in his eyes.

"Smallville: Lockdown (#5.11)" (2006)
Jonathan Kent: [to Martha] I promised the only people I would owe if I won this election were the people who voted for me. Now that I've taken this money, I'm no different than any other lying politician!

"Smallville: Tempest (#1.21)" (2002)
Jonathan Kent: I can't believe that Lex would run that thing into the ground in less than a year.
Clark Kent: Why are you blaming Lex? His dad closed the plant. Lex...
Jonathan Kent: Son, whatever issues Lionel Luthor has with his son have now cost half the town their jobs.
Clark Kent: You should be happy, then. It means Lex is going back to Metropolis and out of our lives.
Jonathan Kent: The plant closing is gonna hurt a lot of people, Clark. Now, as much as I would like Lex out of our lives, I wouldn't wish that on anybody.
Clark Kent: I know, dad. It's just... Lex cares about the town. He said he had big plans.
Jonathan Kent: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Tempus Fugitive (#2.18)" (1995)
[in 1866]
Marshall Kent: [to Lois and Clark] Gone, which is exactly where we'd like you and the naked lady.
Lois Lane: Naked? I'm not naked. These are just new fashions from... France.

"Smallville: Exodus (#2.23)" (2003)
Clark Kent: How is she?
Jonathan Kent: Doctors don't know yet. What did you do, Clark?
Clark Kent: I stole Lionel's krypyonite key. I put it in the ship.
Jonathan Kent: Why did you do that?
Clark Kent: Dad, I lied about the voice. It did come back. It told me I had to leave by noon. I didn't have a choice, dad. I had to destroy the ship.
Jonathan Kent: Why didn't you tell us?
Clark Kent: I knew you wouldn't agree with what I did. Dad, I didn't want it to take me away from you. I'm so sorry for what I did.
Jonathan Kent: Your actions have consequences, Clark. Didn't your mother and I ever teach you that?
Clark Kent: Yes.
Jonathan Kent: But there's no time for excuses, Clark. It's too late. You didn't think this thing through. You... had no idea what was gonna happen, and now... now your mother is lying in a hospital bed.

"Smallville: Spell (#4.8)" (2004)
[Lana, Chloe and Lois had been possessed by 17th century witches. The night before, they had cast a spell on everybody at Chloe's 18th birthday party, making everybody go wild and turn into party animals. Clark sleeps late, leaving Jonathan to do his chores]
Clark Kent: Hey, dad.
Jonathan Kent: Hey, Clark. Son, is there maybe a little something you'd like to tell your mother and me?
[Jonathan holds up a sexy red and black bra]
Martha Kent: [Quietly] Where did that come from?
Jonathan Kent: From out in the barn. In the hay.
Martha Kent: [Shocked] Clark...
Clark Kent: [Quickly] It was magic.
Martha Kent: [Smirking] I'm sure it was...

"Superman: The Late Mr. Kent (#2.22)" (1997)
Jonathan Kent: It's not like he's really dead, Martha. He just can't be Clark anymore.
Superman: But I *am* Clark. I need to be Clark. I'd go crazy if I had to be Superman all the time.

"Smallville: Lazarus (#10.1)" (2010)
Clark Kent: Sometimes I think it would be easier if you were here.
Jonathan Kent: Not a day goes by, Clark, when I don't regret not being able to be right here for you. I would do anything, I would give anything to able to get a second chance to get it right. You got that second chance, son. You could be the greatest hero the world has ever known.
Clark Kent: Not according to Jor-El.
Jonathan Kent: Well, then, do what you do best. Prove him wrong. Jor-El was right about one thing. Something dark *is* coming. You're gonna be tested. It's not gonna be easy, son. But I have faith in you.
Clark Kent: What's coming, Dad?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Honeymoon in Metropolis (#1.11)" (1993)
Jonathan Kent: [after learning that Lois and Clark are at the honeymoon suite] Well, uh...Clark is there anything you'd like to tell us?
Clark Kent: Not really, things are going pretty smoothly, assuming Lois keeps her end of the bargain and lets me have my turn in the bedroom tonight.

Superman (1978)
Lana Lang: [driving up with Brad] Hey, there's Clark! Clark?
Brad: How'd you get here so fast?
Young Clark Kent: [shrugs] I ran.
Brad: "Ran," huh? Told ya he's an oddball. Let's get outta here.
[they drive away, Lana looking back at Clark]
Jonathan Kent: Been showing off a bit, haven't you, son?
Young Clark Kent: [going over to Jonathan] Um... I didn't mean to show off, Pop. It's just that, guys like that Brad, I just want to tear him apart.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, I know, I know.
Young Clark Kent: And I know I shouldn't...
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, I know, you can do all these amazing things and sometimes you feel like you will just go bust unless you can tell people about them.
Young Clark Kent: Yeah. I mean every time I kick the football I can make a touchdown. Every time! I mean, is it showing off if somebody's doing the things he's capable of doing? Is a bird showing off when it flies?
Jonathan Kent: No, no. Now, you listen to me. When you first came to us, we thought people would come and take you away because, when they found out, you know, the things you could do... and that worried us a lot. But then a man gets older, and he starts thinking differently and things get very clear. And one thing I do know, son, and that is you are here for a *reason*. I don't know whose reason, or whatever the reason is... Maybe it's because... uh... I don't know. But I do know one thing. It's *not* to score touchdowns. Huh?
[they laugh]
Young Clark Kent: Thanks, Dad.

"Smallville: Asylum (#3.9)" (2004)
Clark Kent: If Lex is right, Lionel got away with murder.
Jonathan Kent: But you didn't tell him what really happened.
Clark Kent: I figured what's the point?
Jonathan Kent: Clark. Clark, I do not want you and Chloe taking up this charge.
Clark Kent: Someone's gonna make Lionel pay for his crime.
Jonathan Kent: Some day, somebody is gonna make Lionel pay for his crime, but that day is not today, Clark. Now, I know this is very difficult for you, but you have to realize that there are people out there who are more powerful than you are.

"Smallville: Jinx (#4.7)" (2004)
Jonathan Kent: Clark. What are you doing?
Clark Kent: You know what Mikhail said. He'd hurt those guys if I wasn't out there.
Jonathan Kent: A bunch of 250 pound guys banging into each other on a football field is one thing. But getting hit by you is like getting run over by a freight train. It's a big difference, son.
Clark Kent: I hope that doesn't happen. I think Chloe and I found a way to stop Mikhail.
Jonathan Kent: Oh, Chloe and you think you've found a way to stop him. Well, I'm sorry, son, thinking is not good enough.
Clark Kent: Dad, I know you don't agree with me, but sometimes taking responsibility means having faith in yourself to make the hard choices.
Jonathan Kent: And it also means being willing to accept the consequences.
Clark Kent: Every handshake, every hug, every time I'm out on that field, I make a conscious decision to fall when those guys hit me so they don't get hurt. No matter how hard you try, you can't understand that. That's why it's my decision, not yours.
Jonathan Kent: [heavy sigh] You're starting to sound more and more like your father.
Clark Kent: [with a pleased smile] I hope so, dad.

"Smallville: Phoenix (#3.2)" (2003)
Martha Kent: You bought our farm?
Lex Luthor: I put your names in the deed.
Jonathan Kent: We can't accept this.
Lex Luthor: There's nothing to accept but my gratitude.
Jonathan Kent: Lex...
Lex Luthor: After the plane went down, I made my way into one of the broken wings. This compass, your wedding present, guided me to safe harbor. The least I can do is help you keep your farm.
Jonathan Kent: Uh... we will find some way to pay you back.
Lex Luthor: I'm not worried about that, Mr. Kent. If it's not too presumptuous, I hope you just consider me part of the family.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Battleground Earth (#4.2)" (1996)
Clark Kent: It's not me who kept you from the throne. It's the law of your own people.
Lord Nor: On the contrary, the law of my people will place me on the throne! You are under arrest.
Clark Kent: Under arrest? For what?
Martha Kent: He hasn't done anything.
Jonathan Kent: You're the one who's breaking the law.
Lois Lane: You hired an assassin to kill him. Is that legal?
Lord Nor: Excuse me, do any of you hold Kryptonian law degrees?
Lois Lane: No.
Lord Nor: Then shut up!

"Smallville: Duplicity (#2.3)" (2002)
Jonathan Kent: Pete, I'm proud of you. But I do hope you realize what a tremendous responsibility knowing this secret is. And believe me, it's not gonna get any easier.
Clark Kent: That's my dad's way of saying "welcome to the family".

"Smallville: Obscura (#1.20)" (2002)
Clark Kent: Dad, Lex is just trying to do the right thing.
Jonathan Kent: I know he is, Clark. I know he didn't try to buy me off, he's just trying to repay me for damages that he thinks he caused. You're right, I got no real reason to doubt him; it's just... something in my gut tells me I should.
Clark Kent: Lex isn't perfect, dad. I know that. But slamming the door in his face over and over only helps turn him into exactly what you think he already is.
Jonathan Kent: When did you get to be so wise?
Clark Kent: Ask my dad.

"Smallville: Red (#2.4)" (2002)
Clark Kent: You know, dad, the things that I did and I said, I really didn't mean them.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, the red meteor rocks might have affected your personality, but... we gotta face it, those feelings all came from somewhere. And I know compared to Lex, we don't have a whole lot around here, but up until now I never really thought it bothered you.
Clark Kent: Maybe it does. Sometimes. And then I remember what's really important, and none of that stuff matters. No matter how crazy I got, you two stood by me, and that's something all the money in the world can't buy.

"Smallville: Suspect (#2.13)" (2003)
Jonathan Kent: You know, it's funny how being locked up can... give you time to reflect on all the mistakes you've made.
Martha Kent: Why didn't you tell me you had a fight with Lionel?
Jonathan Kent: 'Cause I was angry.
Martha Kent: At me?
Jonathan Kent: No, at myself. I was jealous. When I found that watch, it reminded me of all the things I couldn't give you. For the first time, it felt like I was losing you. Martha, I am so sorry.
Martha Kent: For what?
Jonathan Kent: I'm sorry for not having faith in us. I'm sorry for giving into my own petty fears. And all it takes is one reckless moment to ruin everything.
Martha Kent: Jonathan, you didn't shoot Lionel.
Jonathan Kent: No, I didn't shoot Lionel. But I... let my anger the best of me. I... haven't exactly kept it a secret how Jonathan Kent feels about the Luthors. What jury could possibly believe me now?

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Chi of Steel (#2.11)" (1995)
Clark Kent: Dad, what happened to this shirt?
Jonathan Kent: What do you mean?
Clark Kent: It was white.
Jonathan Kent: I just washed it. It should be clean.
Clark Kent: Well, it's clean, Dad. Only now it's pink. You didn't wash this with my cape, did you?
Jonathan Kent: Can't you fix it with your heat vision or something?
Clark Kent: Dad, there's no superpower on Earth that can get this out!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: That Old Gang of Mine (#2.7)" (1994)
Clark Kent: Did he say anything about Lois?
Jonathan Kent: Just that she's taking it really hard.
Clark Kent: I guess that should make me feel better.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Jonathan Kent: It's somethin', innit? One minute in Kansas livin' on a pancake so we come to the mountains. All downhill from here; down to the floodplain, arm at the bottom of the world. I remember one season the water came bad. I couldn't've been twelve. Dad had out the shovels and we went at it all night. We worked 'til I think I fainted, but we managed to stop the water. We saved the farm. Your grandma baked me a cake, said I was a hero. Later that day we found out we blocked the water alright - we sent it upstream. A whole Lange farm washed away. While I ate my hero cake, their horses were drowning. I used to hear them wailing in my sleep.
Clark Kent: Did the nightmares ever stop?
Jonathan Kent: Yeah. When I met your mother. She gave me faith that there's good in this world. She was my world. I miss you, Son.
Clark Kent: I miss you too, Dad.

"Justice League Unlimited: For the Man Who Has Everything (#1.2)" (2004)
Van-El: Can we go up to the room, Grandpa?
Kal-El: Somebody wants to see the Macroscope.
Jor-El: Go on up with your father, Van.
Jonathan Kent: [Jor-El's voice changes to Jonathan Kent's] I'll be along in a few minutes.
[Superman eyes grow big and he notices something wrong]

"Smallville: Velocity (#3.13)" (2004)
Jonathan Kent: [Clark blames himself for Jonathan's heart attack] Look, there's a lot of things that you can do, but causing cardiac arrest is not one of them.
Clark Kent: Last time you were at the doctor's, they said you had the heart of a twenty year old. Just before I went to Metropolis.
Jonathan Kent: If you're suggesting that your biological father has anything to do with this...
Clark Kent: He gave you powers to bring me home that no human was meant to have, and I don't think your heart could handle it.
Martha Kent: Clark, no. There were other factors.
Clark Kent: If I hadn't put on that ring, and abandoned you and mom when you needed me most, you wouldn't be lying here in this bed.
Jonathan Kent: As hard as this is for you to believe, not everything that goes wrong in Smallville is Clark Kent's fault.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Green, Green Glow of Home (#1.8)" (1993)
Jonathan Kent: You can't go through all your life with powers, and then puff, they just disappear.
Clark Kent: Well, it's happened Dad.

"Smallville: Pariah (#4.12)" (2005)
Jonathan Kent: What happened to Alicia, it wasn't your fault.
Clark Kent: If I'd have believed her, she wouldn't be dead.
Jonathan Kent: Clark... she was framed. There's... there's no way you could have known that.
Clark Kent: I could have trusted her. Did you know that Alicia wanted me to go the sheriff with her and tell her everything? Alicia thought that if people knew the truth about me and what I can do, they wouldn't be so quick to judge her. But I didn't go. I was too afraid of what people might think. How they would react. But what if she was right? Because if people knew what I could do, and who I really am, maybe she'd still be alive. And I just can't forgive myself for that.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Just Say Noah (#3.5)" (1995)
Martha Kent: We are on your side in the big picture. We want you to be happy and Lois makes you happy. Unless you make her unhappy. Then she makes you unhappy. And that makes us unhappy.
Jonathan Kent: Son, love and marriage are a partnership. Both people are equal in the partnership. Bottom line, they make their decisions together.
Clark Kent: So you're saying I should go crawling back on my hands and knees?
Martha Kent: No, honey. Fly back. It's faster.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Ultra Woman (#3.7)" (1995)
[At Jonathan and Martha's, Clark talks on the phone]
Clark Kent: No, believe me. I... I understand. Absolutely. If the hijackers won't listen, you're gonna have to take 'em out. No, okay, let me tell you about it. In fact... No, let me tell you about one time when I was in that exact same situation. You know, uh... no. Go. Go. But be careful. Hey, love you.
[Clark hangs up the phone and joins Jonathan and Martha at the dinner table]
Clark Kent: Lois says she's sorry she missed dinner, but there's a 747 with a bomb on it.
Jonathan Kent: Oh. Well, maybe she'll be back in time for... uh, pie.
Clark Kent: No, I told her just... go on home, get some rest.
[Jonathan sighs]
Clark Kent: Hey, you guys want to play Monopoly?
[Martha stops Clark from getting up]
Martha Kent: Are you okay, Sweetie?
Clark Kent: I'm fine.
Martha Kent: What on Earth makes you think you can fool me?
[Long pause]
Clark Kent: No, Mom. I am... I'm fine. I just... I mean, it's not like I'm sick or dying or anything. I just... I guess I just... I don't know what I am.
Jonathan Kent: Martha, remember when I had the back surgery and was laid up for six months? And we almost lost the farm?
[Jonathan turns to Clark]
Jonathan Kent: You mother went to work as a secretary, and ended up as office manager with a secretary of her own.
Martha Kent: Oh, Jonathan. Stop.
[Martha turns to Clark]
Martha Kent: It was two secretaries.
[Jonathan chuckles]
Jonathan Kent: Anyway, your mother saved the day. And it was hard for me to just lie there and watch her do everything. I, uh... I guess I was afraid I was losing her.
[Martha scoffs]
Martha Kent: As if some silly job could ever replace you - either of you.
Clark Kent: Maybe, I'll take a walk. Maybe... over toward Lois'. Maybe, I'll... wait for her to get home.
[Martha grins]
Clark Kent: Thanks for dinner, Mom.
[Clark gets up and leaves. Jonathan turns to Martha]
Jonathan Kent: Did we raise a smart boy or what?
Martha Kent: Oh, you were great.
[Martha kisses Jonathan]

"Smallville: Relic (#3.6)" (2003)
Jonathan Kent: Clark, what did you see?
Clark: He buried this here because he didn't want his father to have it. It acts as some sort of journal. I think Jor-El was sent here as some kind of... rite of passage. Grandpa Kent was down here, too. He told Joe that if there was anything he needed...
Jonathan Kent: What is it, Clark?
Clark: I don't think you and mom found me by accident. I think you were chosen.

"Smallville: Ageless (#4.20)" (2005)
Jonathan Kent: You did everything you could, Clark.
Martha Kent: I'm sure Evan knew that.
Clark Kent: All the times that I've run off or disappeared, or almost died, how did you guys deal with that?
Jonathan Kent: Well, it isn't easy, Clark, but it comes with the territory. You see, every parent's greatest fear is that one day, they will lose their child forever.
Clark Kent: Seems like raising a kid's the toughest job in the world.
Martha Kent: It's also the most rewarding.
Jonathan Kent: There is nothing quite like watching your son grow up into a young man you can be proud of.
Clark Kent: It's too bad I'll never know what that's like.
Martha Kent: Why not?
Clark Kent: I'm from another planet. I'm not even human. Who knows if I can have kids?
Martha Kent: Clark... your father and I could have children. We were still blessed with a son. You never know what the future will bring you.

"Smallville: Magnetic (#3.7)" (2003)
Jonathan Kent: [Clark shuts the refrigerator door] Whoop, something must be wrong if he stuck his head in the refrigerator and didn't eat the last piece of cherry pie.
Clark Kent: It's nothing. It's just Lana. Seth Nelson asked her out.
Martha Kent: What'd she say?
Clark Kent: She said "yes" so fast, it gave me whiplash.

"Smallville: Legacy (#3.17)" (2004)
Clark Kent: Dad? You okay? Mom and I have been worried sick about you. You can't just take off like that.
Jonathan Kent: How'd you know to find me out here?
Clark Kent: When I'm searching for answers, I turn to my dad. I guess it runs in the family.
Jonathan Kent: Your grandfather was the stubbornest man I ever knew. And believe me, Clark, I wasn't nearly the son you are. My mother used to say that he and I were like watching two sides of the same coin, duking it out. And I see the way you and Jor-El fight, and I wonder if maybe fathers and sons were the same on Krypton.
Clark Kent: Except he's not my father. You are.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah. I am your father who turns his back on you when you need him the most. I am your father who forces you to run away. My father never would have done that. I wish I had his strength and his wisdom.
Clark Kent: Dad, you do.
Jonathan Kent: Clark, I don't know how to protect you anymore.
Clark Kent: It's not your job. Your job is to teach me how to protect myself. But that doesn't mean I don't need you. Mom needs you, too. Let's go home.

Superman: The Last Son of Krypton (1996) (TV)
Jonathan Kent: No, son. It doesn't matter where you were born or what you can do, you'll always be Clark Kent. Superman just helps out now and then.
Martha Kent: Still, it wouldn't be bad if people knew a little more about Superman. I don't want anyone thinking you're like that nut in Gotham City.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Big Girls Don't Fly (#3.22)" (1996)
Jonathan Kent: A love that risks nothing is worth nothing.

Superman vs. The Elite (2012) (V)
Pa Kent: Been a lot of talk. Not much it good. Had to put a slap on Ben Farnsworth on account of he said you looked the fool.
Clark Kent: I did, Pa.
Pa Kent: They sucker-punched you.
Clark Kent: Sucker-teleported, technically. So even Smallville's rooting for the Elite.
Pa Kent: Well, just the loud, angry and stupid.
Clark Kent: Come on, it's not that simple. I don't think that I make them feel safe anymore. The way I do things.
Pa Kent: Clark, when people are scared, they have a tendency to hop on a bandwagon before they see who's driving it. But when they wise up, and believe me, they will, what matters is that you'll be there for them. Leading by examples just like always. Truth, justice and the American way. It ain't broke, so don't fix it.
Clark Kent: Thanks, Pa.
Pa Kent: Besides, if those knuckleheads don't quit tugging on your cape, you can always kick their self-righteous asses to kingdom come.

"Smallville: Devoted (#4.4)" (2004)
Jonathan Kent: So, Clark, tell me: how's football practice going?
Clark Kent: It's actually not going so good. Some of the guys have been giving me a hard time since they found out I was starting. Missing my passes...
Jonathan Kent: Nobody said it was gonna be easy.
Clark Kent: The frustrating part is I could score every time.
Jonathan Kent: Clark... we talked about that whole thing, remember? The football field is not a place for you to be using your powers to save the day.
Clark Kent: I just said it was frustrating.
Jonathan Kent: Look, son, if you're gonna be the quarterback, then you have to be the leader. Of course a bunch of the guys are gonna wanna challenge that. Especially if they don't think you deserve it. Same thing happened to me.
Clark Kent: I thought your team worshiped the ground you walked on.
Jonathan Kent: Well... not when I was a sophomore, they didn't. See, the coach made me starting quarterback; bunch of the seniors didn't like that very much.
Clark Kent: What'd you do?
Jonathan Kent: I earned their respect.

"Smallville: Lexmas (#5.9)" (2005)
Jonathan Kent: Look I probably shouldn't be showing you this but being a state senator does have its advantages, like ah, a little advance notice from the governor.
[shows Lex a plaque for The Kanas Humanitarian Award. Awarded to Lex for his work with the homeless]
Jonathan Kent: Lex I never thought I would actually say this, I couldn't be prouder of you if you were my own son.
Lex: [overwhelmed with gratitude] Mr. Kent, Jonathan, I don't know what to say.
Jonathan Kent: Let's tell everybody shall we? Hmm? Come on. Everybody grab a drink, come on, grab a glass, listen up here, thank you. Now, ladies and gentlemen I have it on very good authority that this year's Kansas Humanitarian Award is going to be given to our very own Lex Luthor. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, Lex Luthor, the finest man I know.
[everyone claps and cheers]

"Smallville: Calling (#2.22)" (2003)
Jonathan Kent: I'm sorry to hear that, Helen. They take anything important?
Dr. Helen Bryce: A vial of blood I drew from Clark.
Jonathan Kent: Please tell me why you would even still have that.
Dr. Helen Bryce: I thought I might need it someday in case he got sick again. It wasn't labeled. There's no way anyone could connect it to Clark.
Jonathan Kent: Then why would anyone want to steal it?
Dr. Helen Bryce: It looks like somebody just broke open the refrigerator and took whatever was inside. The police think it may have been junkies looking for drugs. Or maybe somebody who wanted to make it look that way.
Jonathan Kent: Wait a minute, are you saying you think that I staged this?
Dr. Helen Bryce: You and I are the only ones who knew about Clark's blood.
Jonathan Kent: And you never told anybody else?
Dr. Helen Bryce: Of course not.
Jonathan Kent: Not even the man you're about to marry?
Dr. Helen Bryce: Mr. Kent, Lex is not the man you think he is.
Jonathan Kent: Considering the fact that you are about to spend the rest of your life with that man, and what you know about my family, you had better be right.

"Smallville: Whisper (#3.10)" (2004)
Jonathan Kent: What are you doing?
Martha Kent: Board of Education disability application to get Clark a special teacher.
Jonathan Kent: His counselor said that he could take all of his regular classes.
Martha Kent: Until when? His life has changed. And so has yours, but neither of you will admit it.
Jonathan Kent: Martha...
Martha Kent: You both think you're... supermen, who can do everything alone, but you can't anymore! You need to start relying on people, and so does he.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Lois and Clarks (#4.15)" (1997)
Jonathan Kent: And who are you?
H.G. Wells: H. G. Wells.
Jonathan Kent: The writer? Aren't you dead?
H.G. Wells: Well, only some of the time.

"Smallville: Scare (#4.10)" (2004)
Martha Kent: Ah, home.
Jonathan Kent: Clark... Is there something bothering you, son?
Clark Kent: No. It'll just take a few days before I can walk into that room... and not get a flash of the two of you unconscious on the floor.
Martha Kent: Well, thanks for cleaning for everything up.
Clark Kent: Yeah, somebody really did a number on that lamp back there. It must have been some nightmare you had.
Jonathan Kent: Then we woke up to find that it had almost come true.
Martha Kent: Clark, you walked right into Lex's office and almost gave up your secret. Who knows what they would've done to you.
Clark Kent: I didn't see any other choice. It's funny, because lately I've been thinking I've gotten closer to being able to tell someone the truth about me... but now I'm convinced more than ever that I can't tell anyone. Especially not Lana.
Martha Kent: I know how much it would mean to you to be able to share your secret with her.
Clark Kent: As far apart as we've grown, I think about it everyday.
Martha Kent: I hope our fears haven't got in your way. I would hate for you to look back and regret not telling the people closest to you. I mean, there is a chance that Lana would understand.
Clark Kent: There is. But what if she didn't?
Jonathan Kent: Clark, look, I'm not sure that it's Lana, but I am sure that... someday there'll be someone you can tell.

"Smallville: Rush (#2.14)" (2003)
[Pete has been acting crazy due to a parasitic worm]
Johnathan Kent: Oh, Clark, tell Pete to stop doing donuts in the pasture, he's scaring the cows.

"Smallville: Prodigal (#2.15)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: Mr. Kent. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and your family have done for me.
Jonathan Kent: You going somewhere, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Well, I needed to talk to my brother, and you know what they say about fish and houseguests after three days.
Jonathan Kent: You're welcome back any time.
Lex Luthor: That's nice of you to say.
Jonathan Kent: Look, I gave you every single crappy farm job I could think of. But you did 'em all. You didn't complain, not once. You would have made one hell of a farmer.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Vatman (#1.18)" (1994)
Jonathan Kent: [about the Superman clone] Clark, I think there's one other thing we ought to consider. Why is he here? What does he want?
Martha Kent: I saw this TV show once. There was a parallel universe...
Clark Kent: Please, Mom. Don't get all sci-fi on me.

"Smallville: Crusade (#4.1)" (2004)
Jonathan Kent: Clark, your mother tells me you can fly?
Clark Kent: Kal-El can fly. Clark Kent is still earthbound.
Jonathan Kent: How did that feel?
Clark Kent: Amazing. And scary. Because if I can do that, maybe I'm capable of anything.
Martha Kent: You are.
Clark Kent: No, that's you Mom, because I don't know if I would have the strength to hold on three months not knowing where I was and Dad would pull through.
Martha Kent: My father used to tell me life asks of you what it thinks you can handle. There were days when I thought it had asked too much. But then, I would think about this family and... all the things we've endured and the good things ahead of us. And I found the strength to keep going because I knew the three of us would be together again.

"Superman: Mxyzpixilated (#2.8)" (1997)
Clark Kent: It's been going on all week. Impossible things keep happening and I'm the only one who sees them. Am I going crazy?
Jonathan Kent: Now, Clark, I'm sure it's not that bad.
Clark Kent: I can't keep being Superman if I keep wigging out like this.
Jonathan Kent: Now, son, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this.
Martha Kent: Yes, it's obvious that a brilliant, god-like lifeform from a dimension twice removed for ours is testing your powers.
Clark Kent: [suddenly skeptical] And what makes you say that?
Jonathan Kent: [chuckles] Oh, that's not important, son. What *is* important is following through with a nice, firm peck when scracthing up corn.