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The Atom (Character)
from "The Flash" (2014)

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"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Journey to the Center of the Bat! (#1.9)" (2009)
The Atom: Dr. Choi. Hello?
Aquaman: Doctor! Aquaman here. What's new, old friend?
The Atom: I was just in the middle of conducting a delicate tachyon detection experiment, "old friend".
Aquaman: Tachyons eh? Splendid! Atta boy!
Batman: Get to the point

Aquaman: Outrageous! What miracle is this?
The Atom: As The Atom, I can shrink to the size of a sub-atomic particle and ride electrons along the phone wires.
Aquaman: Do it again!

Aquaman: What kind of medicine shall we prescribe, doc?
The Atom: You don't know what kind of doctor I am, do you?
Aquaman: A hero doctor! Through and through!

The Atom: The human lung, mother nature is truly our greatest architect. Look, dendritic cells, alveoli...
Aquaman: Yes, yes, all very interesting. But how small are we?
The Atom: About 15 microns. Small enough to slip between Batman's cells without damage. And uh, that's Batman's cilia you're hanging from.
Aquaman: Cilia an sillier! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Alley-oop!

The Atom: As we travel through the villi the CP4 barium sonowave will indicate any monoclinic phylosilicates in our vicinity.
Aquaman: English, man, English!
The Atom: This little doo-hickey beeps when the cooties are near.
Aquaman: Ah, I... cooties, yes.

The Atom: It's replicating.
Aquaman: Yes, and it's making more of itself too.

The Atom: There's no way they could have spread this quickly unless... Unless Batman disregarded my orders for bed rest and went after Chemo.
Aquaman: Of course he went after Chemo, he's Batman!

Aquaman: Good boy. You were magnificent. Yes, big hug!
The Atom: He's not hugging you. "He" is merely interpreting you as a foreign body to be surrounded and destroyed.
Aquaman: Sure feels like a hug to me. And since we found you in Batman's blood stream, I think we'll name you Platelet.
The Atom: Except that's a lymphocyte.
Aquaman: Platelet it is!

Aquaman: Come on doc, write us a heroic prescription.
The Atom: I don't know... every course of action I can think of leads to unacceptable consequences.
Aquaman: Then this is not the time to think, but the time to act!
The Atom: What are you doing?
Aquaman: Drawing their forces so you can destroy the seed cell.
The Atom: But you'll never survive!
Aquaman: Perhaps, but at least I'll have one heck of a story!

Superhero Fight Club 2.0 (2016) (V)
Green Arrow: If you don't know why you're here, you're about to find out.
Supergirl: You do know I let you kidnap me, right?
Green Arrow: No, we would've taken you.
The Flash: I really doubt it.
Supergirl: Not unless you have a kryptonite arrow in that quiver.
Green Arrow: Hmm, anyway.
Supergirl: So what's with all the mysterious mystery?
Green Arrow: [to Flash] You tell her.
Supergirl: Wait a sec, is this that Fight Club thing? Cool, I've heard so much about this! I'm so excited.
The Atom: You thought the abduction was cool? You're really going to like the upgrades.
The Flash: We felt we had to up the ante for someone of your abilities.
Supergirl: This is awesome. Is this where you train?
The Atom: It's more of a team-up training facility with Team Tech pulling the strings.

Green Arrow: Okay, there's six of us and one of them. I think we need to...
The Atom: Team-up?
Green Arrow, The Flash: Stop saying team-up!

The Atom: [to Supergirl] Way to go, new girl. You cracked the code.
The Flash: Looks like you're our new team savior.
The Sphere: I don't understand. Team Savior is your name. Activate Team Taser.
White Canary: Wait, what?

"Justice League Unlimited: Dark Heart (#1.10)" (2004)
[a large creature rises behind The Atom]
The Atom: [turning] He's bigger than my car now, Katie. Personally, I blame you.
Katie: How can it possibly my fault?
The Atom: Because otherwise it would be my fault. And that can't be right; I'm a professor.
[swings onto the creature's back and opens a panel]
The Atom: I have the core control and I can see the problem. The chemical-wash made a bad nanochip. I can shut him down by -
[the creature swings wildly, going underwater for a second before rising]
The Atom: OK. I'm just gonna be direct.
[punches the wires to short-circuit them, causing the creature to fall]
Katie: Professor Palmer? Professor? Ray!
The Atom: I'm going to lay here for a while, Katie. I'm old now, and I get tired.

The Atom: [a general has just taken away a doomsday machine that nearly destroyed Earth] Amazing. Show him a weapon that destroyed its creators and every other thing it saw, and he wants to play with it. What's to stop history from repeating itself here on Earth?
Superman: We are.

The Atom: This is incredible. Every atom of it is filled with a book's worth of information. It's beautifully simple, it...
Batman: Save it for the autopsy.

"Justice League Unlimited: The Return (#1.8)" (2004)
The Atom: See? I told you we'd do it!
Lex Luthor: What do you mean, "we"?

The Atom: The android, why does he hate you so much?
Lex Luthor: I once took advantage of his naïvety. He's not naïve anymore, and I've stopped taking advantage of the innocent.
The Atom: Let's hope you'll be more convincing if you have to tell him that.

"Legends of Tomorrow: Phone Home (#3.4)" (2017)
Nate Heywood: [reuniting the baby Dominator with its mother] I'm not crying. I just have, uh, alien goo in my eye.
Sara Lance: [trying not to cry] Yeah, me too.
Nate Heywood: Now I'm gonna go brush my teeth forever.
The Atom: Wait. Why?

Ty: Hey, look at Palmer. What are you supposed to be?
Young Ray Palmer: I'm the Atom. That's, like, the coolest superhero ever.
Gus: The Atom? That's a stupid name.
The Atom: Actually, I think it's pretty clever.
[the Legends all appear behind them]
Amaya Jiwe: Cool costume.
Zari Tomaz: Ugh. I can't believe you talked me into wearing this. How do you fight in these things?
Gus: Who are you guys?
Zari Tomaz: We're his friends.
Ty: These guys are your friends?
[little Ray nods]
Ty: Cool.
Mick Rory: [raising his heat gun] Hand the candy over. And your allowance.

Superhero Fight Club (2015) (TV)
The Atom: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything? Oh, there is an elevator.

"Legends of Tomorrow: Invasion! (#2.7)" (2016)
The Atom: See you later, Dominator.