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Lex Luthor (Character)
from Superman (1978)

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Superman (1978)
Lex Luthor: This is Lex Luthor. Only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superman, and that's you.

Lex Luthor: [Superman thinks he has found the detonator with which to stop Luthor's missiles] Don't touch that!
[Superman opens the lead box, but instead of a detonator... ]
Lex Luthor: Ha ha, I told you. That's kryptonite, Superman. A little piece of the rock you were born on. I've spared no expense to make you feel right at home.

Lex Luthor: [swimming in the pool, listening to news broadcasts about Superman] Miss Teschmacher! Turn it off.
Miss Teschmacher: [lying by the sunlamps] Lex, what's the story on this guy? Do you think it's the genuine article?
Lex Luthor: If he is, he's not from this world.
Miss Teschmacher: Why?
Lex Luthor: Because, if any human being were going to perpetrate such a fantastic hoax, it would have been me! Otis! My robe!
Otis: Right away, Mr. Luthor!
Lex Luthor: It all fits somehow, his coming here to Metropolis. And at this particular time. There's a kind of cruel justice about it. I mean, to commit the crime of the century, a man naturally wants to face the challenge of the century.
Otis: Listen, Mr. Luthor, maybe this guy that flies is just sort of passing through, you know?
Lex Luthor: [Lex gets out of the pool, and stops at the top step. Otis starts helping Lex on with the robe as the bottom of it proceeds to get soaked] Passing through? Not on your life. Which I would gladly sacrifice, by the way, for the opportunity of destroying everything that he represents. And, Otis, by the way, next time put my robe on *after* I'm out of the pool.
Otis: Oooohhhh!

Miss Teschmacher: [after learning that there is a missile heading toward Hackensack] Lex, my mother lives in Hackensack.
[Luthor checks his watch and shrugs]
Lex Luthor: [DELETED LINE] You know what they say about omelets... We'll give her a spot on the map.

Lex Luthor: [in Luthor's underground hideout] Miss Teschmacher, how many girls do you know who have a Park Avenue address like this one?
Miss Teschmacher: [sarcastically] Park Avenue address? Two hundred feet *below*?

[repeated line]
Lex Luthor: [shouting] Miss Teschmacher!

Miss Teschmacher: Tell me something, Lex, why do so many people have to die for the crime of the century?
Lex Luthor: Why? You ask why? Why does the phone always ring when you're in the bathtub?
[walking away]
Lex Luthor: *Why* is the most diabolical leader of our time surrounding himself with total nincompoops?
Otis: I'm back, Mr. Luthor!
Lex Luthor: Yes, I was just talking about you.

Superman: You don't even care where that other missile is headed, do you?
Lex Luthor: Of course I do. I know exactly where it's headed. Hackensack, New Jersey.
[he pushes Superman into the pool]

[pointing to a map of California and the San Andreas Fault]
Lex Luthor: Everything west of this line is the richest, most expensive real estate in the world: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Everything on THIS side of the line is just hundreds and hundreds of miles of worthless desert land, which just so happens to be owned by...
[Whacks Otis with his pointer]
Otis: Uh... Lex Luthor Incorporated.
Lex Luthor: Now, call me foolish, call me irresponsible, but it occurs to me that a 500 megaton bomb planted at just the proper point would...
Superman: Would destroy most of California. Millions of innocent people would be killed. The west coast as we know it would...
Lex Luthor: Fall into the sea.
Lex Luthor: [Gives a little wave with his hand] Bye-bye, California. Hello, new west coast. *My* west coast.
[Otis overlays map with new map]
Lex Luthor: Costa Del Lex. Luthorville. Lexington. Marina Del Lex. Otisburg. Lex Springs... Otisburg?
Otis: Miss Teschmacher's got her own place.
[indicates "Teschmacher Peaks"]
Lex Luthor: *Otisburg*?
Otis: It's an itty bitty town.
Lex Luthor: [Angry] OTISBURG?
Otis: Okay, I'll wipe it off. Just a little town, that's all.
[Erases Otisburg]

Lex Luthor: We all have our little faults. Mine's in California.

Lex Luthor: [to Otis] Do you know why the number two hundred is so vitally descriptive to both you and me? It's your weight and my I.Q.

Superman: Is that how a warped brain like yours gets its kicks? By planning the death of innocent people?
Lex Luthor: No, by causing the death of innocent people.

[Watching Otis approaching the hideout]
Lex Luthor: It's amazing that brain can generate enough power to keep those legs moving.

Lex Luthor: Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.

Lex Luthor: Miss Teschmacher, when I was six years old my father said to me...
Miss Teschmacher: "Get out!"
Lex Luthor: [laughing] Before that. He said, "Son, stocks may rise and fall, utilities and transportation systems may collapse. People are no damn good, but they will always need land and they will pay through the nose to get it! Remember," my father said...
Otis: "... land."
Lex Luthor: Right. It's a pity he couldn't see from such humble beginnings how I've created this empire.
Miss Teschmacher: An empire? This?
Lex Luthor: Miss Teschmacher, how many girls do you know who have a Park Avenue address like this one?
Miss Teschmacher: [sarcastically] A Park Avenue address? Two hundred feet below?
Lex Luthor: Do you realize what people are shelling out up there, for a few miserable rooms off a common elevator?
Lex Luthor, Otis: What more could anyone ask?

[Superman appears in Luthor's office]
Lex Luthor: Otis, take the gentleman's cape.
[Superman glares]
Otis: I don't think he wants me to, Mr. Luthor.

[Lex stands on his library sliding ladder searching for a book]
Lex Luthor: n... n... n...
Otis: 'M'! You want 'M' Mr. Luthor?
[Otis moves the sliding ladder Lex is standing on, leaving Lex hanging from a shelf]
Otis: So, there you go, 'M'.
Lex Luthor: 'M' as in moron Otis? No, no, no, it's 'N'! 'N' as in neanderthal, nincompoop, nitwit and 'L' as in ladder!

Lex Luthor: You were great in your day, Superman. But it just stands to reason, when it came time to cash in your chips, this old... diseased... maniac would be your banker.

[the warden of a prison is sitting in his office when he hears the alarms sound & the guard dogs barking. He steps onto his balcony to see Superman flying into the prison yard, holding Luthor & Otis by the scruff of their jackets]
Lex Luthor: You're messing up my suit, you lummox, you!
Lex Luthor: [to Superman] Watch the ground!
[They land with a start. Luthor & Otis are immediately cornered by the guards]
Superman: Good evening, Warden. I think these 2 men should be safe here with you now till they can get a fair trial.
Warden: Who is it, Superman?
Lex Luthor: [Lex rips off his wig to reveal his bald head] Lex Luthor! The greatest criminal mind of our time!
Otis: [repeating what Lex says] ... Of our time!
Lex Luthor: I hereby serve notice...
Otis: He's serving notice to you...
Lex Luthor: That these walls...
Otis: That these walls here...
Lex Luthor: Will you shut up, please!
Superman: [to the guards] All right, take them away, boys!
[the guards take Luthor & Otis to a cell]
Lex Luthor: [shouting at Otis as the guards lead them away] Neanderthal! Nitwit! Nincompoop!

Lex Luthor: There's a strong streak of good in you, Superman. But then nobody's perfect... almost nobody.

Lex Luthor: Otis, is that the newspaper I asked you to get me?
Otis: Yeah.
Lex Luthor: Why am I not reading it?
Otis: [thinks for a second] 'Cause I haven't given it to you yet?
Lex Luthor: [smiles] Right...
[snatches the newspaper from Otis' hand]

Lex Luthor: [to Otis] You were followed again.
[Otis spins around, knocking over a lamp]
Lex Luthor: ...in spite of those catlike reflexes.

Miss Teschmacher: [looking at Lex's newspaper] A meteorite found in Addis Ababa. Uh, I know I'm gonna get rapped in the mouth for this, but... So what?
Lex Luthor: So what. You mean, to us, they're just meteorites. Fair enough. But the level of *specific* radioactivity is so high, to anyone from the planet Krypton, this substance is *lethal*!
Otis: Wait a minute, Mr. Luthor. You mean, fire and bullets can't hurt this guy, but this stuff here...
Miss Teschmacher, Otis: [in unison] ... will kill him!
Lex Luthor: Doesn't it give you, like, a shudder of electricity... to be in the same room with me?
Miss Teschmacher: [laughs] Not like the shudder *you're* gonna get when you try to lay that rock on him. He can see you coming for miles with those super-peepers of his.
Lex Luthor: [obviously, he's already thought of this] "Oh, Lord... You gave them eyes, yet they cannot see." Nor can Superman, through lead.
Miss Teschmacher: [understanding] He... can't... see... through... lead!
Lex Luthor: And Kryptonite will destroy him. Any questions, class?

[Lex switches on the remote door, pushing the police officer into the subway train's path killing him]
Miss Teschmacher: Sick. You're really sick.
Lex Luthor: Sick, Miss Teschmacher? Sick, when I'm mere days from executing the crime of the century? No, no, no, no. Step away from that, please. How do you choose to congratulate the greatest criminal mind of our time? Huh? Huh? You tell me than I'm brilliant? Oh, no, no, that would be too obvious, I grant you. Charismatic. Fiendishly gifted, uh...
Miss Teschmacher: Try "twisted."

[Otis tells Lex how he's inputted the coordinates on the missile]
Lex Luthor: Otis! The third one was to be 11, and the fourth one, seven!
Otis: Oh. Oh, gee. Aw, gee. Gee, Mr. Luthor. Oh, I see. I guess my arm wasn't long enough, see?
Lex Luthor: Otis, would you like to see a long arm? Otis, would you like to see a very, very long arm?
Otis: Oh, no, Mr. Luthor.

Lex Luthor: Look at that overgrown boy scout, Miss Teschmacher. Tell me what you see.
Miss Teschmacher: Cuteness... Dimples.
Lex Luthor: You like cuteness, huh? You like dimples? I'll give you dimples.
[He turns machine guns on Superman, who isn't even fazed]
Lex Luthor: The pressure is still on you, Superman. You know what they say - "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the tunnel".
[He turns flamethrowers on Superman, who still isn't fazed]
Lex Luthor: This is your last chance, Superman. Why don't you do yourself a favor and take a chill-pill?
[He freezes Superman solid, but the Man of Steel breaks free]

Lex Luthor: [DELETED SCENE: at his underground manor, Luthor is playing the piano and singing] "You must've been a beautiful baby, you must've been a wonderful child; when you were only startin' to go to kindergarten, you must've drove the little boys wild; And when it came to winning blue ribbons, you must've shown the other kids how; I can see the judge's eyes, when he handed you the prize, you must've made the cutest bow; Yeah, you must've been a beautiful baby... 'Cause, baby, look at you now."
[He looks over at Eve T., who is about to be fed to Lex's "babies"]
Miss Teschmacher: [in tears] You can't do this to me...! Why, Lex? WHY?
Lex Luthor: Because I love you, Miss Teschmacher.
[He signals for Otis to drop Eve, which the henchman does. Then a familiar blue-and-red streak follows her down... and reappears, depositing Eve safely on the floor]
Superman: By the way, Miss Teschmacher, your mother sends her love.
[He gazes over at Luthor, who sighs in defeat]

Lex Luthor: The San Andreas Fault. Maybe you've heard of it?
Superman: Yes, it's the joining together of two land masses. The fault line is unstable and shifting, which is why you get earthquakes in California from time to time.
Lex Luthor: [beams] Wonderful. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
Lex Luthor: [looks at a picture of angels vs demons] That should be upside down. We know better now, don't we? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky.

Lois Lane: You're psychotic.
Lex Luthor: That is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds.

Lex Luthor: If man won't kill God, the Devil will do it!

Lex Luthor: The Red Capes are coming! The Red Capes are coming!

Lex Luthor: Boys! Mm, Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent. Ah, I love it! I love bringing people together! How are we?
[shakes Bruce's hand]
Bruce Wayne: Lex.
Lex Luthor: Hello. Good.
[turns to Clark]
Lex Luthor: Hi, hello.
[shakes Clark's hand]
Lex Luthor: Lex. It is a pleasure... Ow! Wow, that is a good grip! You should not pick a fight with this person.

Lex Luthor: And now you will fly to him, and you will battle him to the death. Black and blue. Fight night. The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world: God versus man; day versus night; Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!

Lex Luthor: You don't need to use a silver bullet. But if you forge one, you don't need to depend on the kindness of monsters.

Lex Luthor: Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? Can I call you June?
Senator Finch: You can call me whatever you like. Take a bucket of piss and call it Granny's Peach Tea; take a weapon of assassination and call it deterrence. You won't fool a fly or me. I'm not gonna drink it.

Lex Luthor: See, what we call God depends upon our tribe, Clark Jo, 'cause God is tribal. God takes sides. No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from Daddy's fist and abominations. I figured out way back if God is all-powerful, He cannot be all good. And if He is all good, then He cannot be all-powerful. And neither can you be.

Lex Luthor: [to General Zod] You flew too close to the sun. Now look at you.

Lex Luthor: He is coming! And he is hungry!

Lex Luthor: The bell's already been rung. They heard it; the creatures among the stars. They'll come... He'll come. He's angry... Ding-dong... Ding-dong... Ding-dong...

Lex Luthor: An ancient Kryptonian deformity; blood of my blood, born to destroy you!... Your Doomsday.

Lex Luthor: [giving speech] Books are knowledge and knowledge is power, and I am... no. Um, no. What am I? What was I saying? The bittersweet pain among men is having knowledge with no power because... because that is *paradoxical* and, um... thank you for coming.

Lex Luthor: The bell cannot be unrung.

Lex Luthor: The night is here.

Lex Luthor: Ding-dong, the god is dead.

Lex Luthor: Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? It's that power can be innocent.

Batman: Whatever you do, wherever you go, I will be watching you.
Lex Luthor: But the bell's already been rung.

Lex Luthor: [last lines, in a prison cell] Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, the bells are ringing. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Superman: You think I'll fight him for you?
Lex Luthor: Mm, yes, I do. I think you will fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life!
Superman: She's safe on the ground. How about you?
Lex Luthor: Close, but I am not talking about Lois. No. Every boy's special lady is his mother... Martha, Martha, Martha... Now, the mother of a flying demon must be a witch. The punishment for witches, what is that? That's right. Death by fire.

Lex Luthor: Boy, do we have problems up here!
[sets timer and stands up]
Lex Luthor: The problem of evil in the world. The problem of absolute virtue.
Superman: I'll take you in without breaking you, which is more than you deserve.
Lex Luthor: The problem of you on top of everything else. You above all. Ah. 'Cause that's what God is. Horus. Apollo. Jehovah. Kal-El. Clark Joseph Kent. See, what we call God depends upon our tribe, Clark Jo, because God is tribal. God take sides. No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from Daddy's fist and abominations. Mm-mm. I've figured it out way back, if God is all powerful, He cannot be all good. And if He's all good then He cannot be all powerful. And neither can you be. They need to see the fraud you are. With their eyes. The blood on your hands.
Superman: What have you done?
Lex Luthor: And tonight they will. Yes. Because you, my friend, have a date! Across the bay. Ripe fruit, his hate. Two years growing. But it did not take much to push him over actually. Little red notes, big bang, you let your family die! And now, you will fly to him, and you will battle him, to the death. Black and blue. Fight night! The greatest gladiator match in the history of the the world: God versus man...
[thunders in the background]
Lex Luthor: Day versus night. Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!
Superman: You think I'll fight him for you?
Lex Luthor: Mm, yes, I do. I think you'll fight, fight, fight for that special lady in your life.
Superman: She's safe on the ground. How about you?
Lex Luthor: Close, but I'm not talking about Lois. No. Every boy's special lady is his mother.
[walks around Superman and shows him photos of Martha being muzzled]
Lex Luthor: Huh! Martha, Martha, Martha. The mother of a flying demon must be a witch. The punishment for witches, what is that? That's right. Death by fire.
[throws the photos one by one at Superman]
Superman: [angrily readies heat vision] Where is she?
Lex Luthor: I don't know! I wouldn't let them tell me! If you kill me, Martha dies. And if you fly away, Martha also dies. But if you kill the Bat, Martha lives.
[Superman calms down and Lex approaches his hand]
Lex Luthor: There we go. There we go. And now God bends to my will. Now, the cameras are waiting at your ship for the world to see the holes in the holy. Yes, the all mighty comes clean about how dirty he is when it counts. To save Martha, bring me the head of the Bat.
[helicopter arrives; Lex looks at his timer]
Lex Luthor: Mother of God, would you look at the time. When you came here, you had an hour. Now it's less.

Lex Luthor: And now God bends to my will.

Lex Luthor: Now God is good as dead.

Batman: Whatever you do, wherever you go, I'll be watching you!
[holds his bat-brand up to Luthor's face]
Lex Luthor: This is how it all caves in, civilization on the wane, manners out the window. But who would believe me, I... I'm insane. I'm not even fit to stand trial.
Batman: That's right. We have hospitals who treat the mentally ill with compassion...
[Lex chuckles nervously]
Batman: ...but that's not where you're going. I've arranged for you to get a transfer to Arkham Asylum in Gotham. I still have some friends there. They're expecting you.

Lex Luthor: [to Superman] I don't hate the sinner. I hate the sin. And yours, my friend, is existing.

Lex Luthor: Martha, Martha, Martha!

Wallace Keefe: Who the hell are you?
Lex Luthor: Just a man.
Wallace Keefe: Yeah? Well, what the fuck do you want?
Lex Luthor: To help you stand for something.

Superman Returns (2006)
Lois Lane: But millions of people will die!
Lex Luthor: Billions! Once again, the press underestimates me.

Kitty Kowalski: Wow, that's really something Lex.
Lex Luthor: Wait for it.
Kitty Kowalski: [long pause] Wow, that's really something Lex. It's freakin' Gone with the Wind.

Lex Luthor: Krrrrryptonite!

Lex Luthor: [angrily throws coconut into the ocean]
Kitty Kowalski: Lex! We only have six of those!
Lex Luthor: Six?
[laughs maniacally]
Lex Luthor: [screaming] I would trade three hundred THOUSAND coconuts and every ounce of your blood for a QUART OF GASOLINE!
Kitty Kowalski: But what will we have to eat?
Lex Luthor: [eyes the dog in Kitty's arms maliciously]

Lois Lane: [gasps after Lex comes out of the bathroom] Lex Luthor!
Lex Luthor: [toothbrush in mouth] Lois Lane?
Jason White: You're bald!

Lex Luthor: What do you know about crystals?
Lois Lane: They make great chandeliers.

Lex Luthor: This ordinary crystal is a seed, and all it needs is water.
Kitty Kowalski: Like Sea Monkeys?
Lex Luthor: [sighs] Exactly, Kitty. Like Sea Monkeys.

Kitty Kowalski: [Stomps into a room and slaps Lex across the face] I was going to pretend the brakes were out. Pretend! Like we talked about!
Kitty Kowalski: You didn't actually have to cut them!
Lex Luthor: Well of course I did. A man can always tell when a woman is pretending... especially Superman.

Kitty Kowalski: Your friends give me the creeps.
Lex Luthor: Prison is a creepy place, Kitty, and one needs to make creepy friends in order to survive. On the inside, even my talents were worth less than a carton of cigarettes and a sharp piece of metal in your pocket.

Lex Luthor: Do you know the story of Prometheus? No, of course you don't. Prometheus was a god who stole the power of fire from the other gods and gave control of it to the mortals. In essence, he gave us technology, he gave us power.
Kitty Kowalski: So we're stealing fire? In the Arctic?
Lex Luthor: Actually, sort of. You see whoever controls technology controls the world. The Roman empire ruled the world because they built roads. The British empire ruled the world because they built ships. America; the atom bomb. And so on and so forth. I just want what Prometheus wanted.
Kitty Kowalski: Sounds great Lex, but you're not a god.
Lex Luthor: [fixes Kitty with an icy stare] Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don't share their power with mankind. No, I don't want to be a *god*. I just want to bring fire to the people. And... I want my cut.

Lex Luthor: [while kicking Superman] Didn't your dad ever teach you to *walk* before you *leap*?

Lex Luthor: Come on, let me hear you say it, just once.
Lois Lane: You're insane.
Lex Luthor: No!
Lex Luthor: Not that. The other thing. Come on, I know it's dangling on the tip of your tongue. Let me hear it just once, please?
Lois Lane: Superman will never...
Lex Luthor: WRONG!

Lex Luthor: [pulls off wig and tosses it to little girl] You can keep that.
[referring to his newly-inherited mansion]
Lex Luthor: The rest is mine.

Lex Luthor: [spots the van riddled with bullet-holes] Run into trouble?
Grant: You should see the other guy.

Lex Luthor: But we're not really strangers, are we? This is kind of a little reunion, isn't it? Heck, I'm a fan. I love your writing... and your dress.
Lois Lane: I love your boat. How'd you get it? Swindle some old widow out of her money?
Lex Luthor: [gushes and chuckles mockingly] That's funny. Hey, didn't you win the Pulitzer Prize for my favorite article of all time, 'Why the World DOESN'T Need Superman'?
Lois Lane: Didn't you have a few more years to go on that DOUBLE life sentence?
Lex Luthor: [pause as he glares at her] Yes, well, we can thank the Man of Steel for that. I mean, he's really good at swooping in and catching the bad guys, but he's not so hot at the little things, like Miranda rights, due process,
[under his breath]
Lex Luthor: making your court date...

Lex Luthor: This crystal may seem unremarkable, but then so is the seed of a redwood tree. It's how our mutual friend in tights made his Arctic getaway spot. Cute, but a little small for my taste.

Lex Luthor: Bring it on!

Lex Luthor: Kitty, what did my father used to say to me?
Kitty Kowalski: You're losing your hair.
Lex Luthor: Before that.
Kitty Kowalski: Get out.
Lex Luthor: He said: You can print money, manufacture diamonds, and people are a dime a dozen, but they'll always need land. It's the one thing they're not making any more of.

Lex Luthor: You're not seeing the big picture here.

Lex Luthor: [after stabbing Superman] Now, fly.

Lex Luthor: See anything familiar?
Superman: I see an old man's sick joke.
Lex Luthor: Really? Because I see my new apartment. And a place for Kitty. One for my friends. And the place over there, I'll rent out. But, you know, maybe you're right. You know, maybe it - It is a little cold. It's, uh - Uh - What's the word I'm searching for? It's a little... alien. It lacks that human touch.

Lex Luthor: You took away five years of my life. I'm just returning the favor!

Kitty Kowalski: Lex?
Lex Luthor: [lighting a cigar] Uh-huh?
Kitty Kowalski: Are billions of people really going to die?
[beat; Luthor takes a puff from the cigar]
Lex Luthor: [indifferently] Yes.

Grant: Brutus is... dead. He got hit with the piano.
Lex Luthor: Where's the boy?
Grant: With the mother, locked up in the pantry.
Lex Luthor: Oh, it's time for us to go

Kitty Kowalski: [about Kryptonian technology] Sounds like a lot of hocus-pocus to me.
Lex Luthor: Well, naturally. To the primitive mind, any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic.
[Arthur C. Clarke's "Third Law" from "Profiles of the Future," 1973]

[Lex notices Jason staring at the Kryptonite in fear]
Lex Luthor: Who is that boy's father?
Lois Lane: Richard.
[Grant's voice comes over the intercom]
Grant: Mr. Luthor, we're approaching the coordinates.
Lex Luthor: [to Lois, ignoring Grant] Are you sure?
Grant: [misunderstanding] Yes sir.

Lex Luthor: Turn the camera off.
Riley: But I'm getting it.
Lex Luthor: Turn it off!
Riley: [turns off the camera and the lights go out] I think I did somethin' wrong.
Lex Luthor: No... that wasn't you.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)
Lex Luthor: Lenny, I've always considered you the Dutch Elm disease in my family tree.

Lex Luthor: This is my nephew Lenny. He worships me.

Lex Luthor: Lenny, let's try and keep your IQ a family secret.

Superman: You'd risk world wide nuclear war for your own personal financial gain.
Lex Luthor: Nobody wants war. I just want to keep the threat alive.

Lex Luthor: You know what I can do with a single strand of Superman's hair?
Lenny: You can make a toupee that flies.

Lex Luthor: Just remember, I made you.
Lenny: Yeah, you're just an experiment, freako!
[Nuclear Man raises his hand and lifts Lenny up into the air]
Nuclear Man: [Makes Lenny spin around] I am an experiment? I am a freako?
[Sets Lenny down]
Lex Luthor: I made you and I can destroy you.
Nuclear Man: Destroy. Destroy Superman now!

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: [Superman has dropped Luthor off at prison and they are discussing nuclear weapons] Is the world gonna be vaporized?
Superman: No. It's the same as it's always been, Luthor. On the brink. With good fighting evil. See you in twenty.
[Superman flies off]

Lex Luthor: Destroy Superman!
Nuclear Man: First, I have fun.

Lenny: You gonna skip the country, Uncle Lex?
Lex Luthor: Lenny, you pathetic product of the public school system, your Uncle Lex has had nothing on his mind the past few years except for one thing:
Lenny, Lex Luthor: Destroy Superman!

Lex Luthor: He gets his energy from the sun. Without it, he's like you at night - useless.

Lex Luthor: A hearty bienvenue to Jean-Pierre Dubois, nuclear warhead dealer to the world. His motto is: "If you didn't buy it from Jean-Pierre, you didn't buy it on ze black market."

Nuclear Man: Destroy Superman.
Lex Luthor: Later.
Lex Luthor: [to Superman] He's a little bit anxious. Can you blame him?

Lex Luthor: [to Superman] Goodnight, sweet prince. Parting is... inevitable.

Lenny: You know what this means, Uncle Lex?
Lex Luthor: What?
Lenny: We're gonna be parents!

Lex Luthor: [introduces Nuclear Man to Superman] Look closely at the cell structure. You see anything familiar?
Superman: You've broken all the laws of man, Luthor. Not it looks as though you've broken all the laws of nature, too. I can only assume you must have hidden a device of some kind on one of the missiles I hurled into the sun.
Lex Luthor: You know, Mr. Muscle, I'm really gonna miss these little chats we had together. You're the only one that could keep up with me.

Lex Luthor: [to Lenny] Now Leonard, your Uncle Lex, with this protoplasm that I've grown from Superman's hair cells... will duplicate creation itself!

"Smallville: Onyx (#4.17)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: You were right about me all along, Mr. Kent. I am the villain of the story.

Lex Luthor: It all makes sense now. That first day on the bridge when we met, how you were able to save me when my car went into the river. All of the other miraculous times you appeared in just the right place at just the right moment, almost as if you possessed powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men.

Clark Kent: Whatever you are, whatever you're planning, I'm going stop you.
Lex Luthor: No, you aren't. You're going to join me.
Clark Kent: What?
Lex Luthor: Think about it, Clark. My intellect, your powers. Together we could rule this world. We'll walk as gods among men.
Clark Kent: You're not a god. I'm not even sure you're human.
Lex Luthor: Are you?

Lex Luthor: Every man has a weakness, Clark, no matter how superhuman he may be. I've embraced my destiny. Now embrace yours. We could forge a new future together.
Clark Kent: I'll never join you.
Lex Luthor: Yes, you will. Or everyone you love will suffer.

Lex Luthor: I gotta hand it to you guys. I mean, keeping something like this a secret must've required an impressive ability to obscure the truth. Maybe the Kents and the Luthors have something in common after all.

Lex Luthor: I want you to remember this day, Clark. I want you to remember that despite all your amazing powers, there was one man that beat you. Maybe this was always our destiny. How sad.

Clark Kent: Where's Lex?
Lex Luthor: Right in front of you.
Clark Kent: No. You're not him. The real Lex would never try to kill me or Chloe.
Lex Luthor: Well... you're probably right, but he's thought about it!

Lex Luthor: You can't kill me. I'm what drives you. I'm what gives your life meaning. I'm your soul, you weak pathetic little man. I'm the real Lex Luthor!

Lex Luthor: It's good to be the king. I guess it's up to me to show the world the real Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor: Did the accident create an evil Lex or is that what's really inside of me?

Alexander Luthor: I know about the green meteor rock. And Clark's unique gifts.
Martha Kent: What do you want?
Alexander Luthor: The world, Mrs. Kent. And your son is gonna help me bring it to its knees. Now talk some sense into him before something unfortunate happens.
[he shoots Jonathan]
Alexander Luthor: Like that.

Martha Kent: Oh, my god, Clark, you're bleeding.
Alexander Luthor: I'm guessing that doesn't happen very often.

Lex Luthor: [Alexander is fighting Clark] Leave him alone!
Alexander Luthor: I'm really starting to hate the sound of my own voice.

Clark Kent: [in the ruins of the LexCorp lab] It's not much to look at, is it?
Lex Luthor: Broken dreams seldom are.

Lana Lang: What are you doing?
Alexander Luthor: What I've always wanted to.
[he kisses her; in disgust, she pushes him away and slaps him]
Alexander Luthor: Well, I do like them feisty.

Superman II (1980)
Lex Luthor: [to Zod and Company, at the half-wrecked White House] ... Hi! Lex Luthor.
[no reaction from the Super Villains]
Lex Luthor: LEX LUTHOR! Possibly you've heard the name? the Greatest Criminal Mind on Earth!
Ursa: I told you this was a puny planet.
[moves menacingly towards Luthor]
Lex Luthor: Whoa whoa whoa wait... why don't you get to know me better?
[Ursa continues moving towards Luthor]
Lex Luthor: WAIT! I can give you anything! The... the... the... the Brass Ring, unlimited freedom to maim and kill! PLUS! Lex Luthor's keen mind, Lex Luthor's savvy, Lex Luthor's school of career guidance...
[Ursa begins crushing his hand]
General Zod: We already have this without you. You cannot bargain with what you don't have.
Lex Luthor: [sucking on his thumb to numb the pain] Oh Great One, what I am bargaining with is what YOU do not have: The Son of Jor-El.
General Zod: The Son of Jor-El?
Lex Luthor: [confused] I just said that.
General Zod: Jor-El? Our jailer?
Lex Luthor: [sarcastically] No, Jor-El the BASEBALL PLAYER...
[Ursa and Non start moving menacingly towards Luthor]
Lex Luthor: Yes, Jor-El your jailer.
General Zod: The Son of Jor-El! On this planet!
Lex Luthor: Perhaps you know him better by his nom de voyage, or the name he travels under: Superman.
General Zod: So THIS is Superman! How do you know of Jor-El?
Lex Luthor: Well, Your Excellency, as I explained earlier: I'm about the best there is.
General Zod: Revenge! We will kill the son of our jailer!
Ursa: Revenge!
Lex Luthor: REVENGE! Now we're cooking!
General Zod: He flies then?
Lex Luthor: Constantly.
General Zod: He has powers as we do?
Lex Luthor: Certainly. But, oh Magnificent One, he is one, while you are three.
[Non growls]
Lex Luthor: Or four, if you count him twice!
General Zod: Come! We will bring him to his knees!
Ursa: Praying!
General Zod: Yes, to ME!
Lex Luthor: Wait!
[the Super Villains turn to face Luthor]
Lex Luthor: First you must find him... and Lex Baby is the only one who knows where he is...

Lex Luthor: Superman! Thank God!
[sees Zod glaring at him]
Lex Luthor: I mean, get him!

Lex Luthor: What am I gonna do with you people, huh? I held up my end, I delivered the blue boy. What do I get from my triple threat? "Bow! Yield! Kneel!" That kind of stuff closes out a town.
General Zod: Why do you say this to me when you know I will kill you for it?
Lex Luthor: Kill me? Lex Luthor? Extinguish the greatest criminal flame of our age? Eradicate the only man on Earth with...
Ursa: Kill him!
Lex Luthor: ...Superman's address?
General Zod: Come. The three of us will crush the son of our jailer!

Lex Luthor: Why didn't you go before we left?
Eve Teschmacher: That was two days ago.

Otis: How're we gonna get over that wall?
Lex Luthor: How'd we get in here?
Otis: We flew in, doncha remember?
Lex Luthor: That's how we're gonna get out.

Lex Luthor: [to Superman] Guy's a clod. Promises were made, gifts exchanged. I gotta hand it to you, you know. You always told the truth, a guy always knew where he stood with you.

General Zod: Did you think we would give up our advantage? No. The son of Jor-El will be my slave... forever. Or else, the millions of Earthlings you protect shall pay for your defiance.
Lex Luthor: [Lex arrives] Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late.
General Zod: We have no more use for this one. Kill him.
Lex Luthor: Me? Lex Luthor? General, you came to me with nothing. I gave you Superman!
General Zod: Silence!

Eve Teschmacher: I like trees.
Lex Luthor: So does your average cocker spaniel.

Lex Luthor: [as he's strolling through the half-demolished Daily Planet, in the wake of General Zod's minions; to himself] ... Even with all this accumulated knowledge, when will these dummies learn to use a DOOR KNOB?
[to everyone]
Lex Luthor: Howdy, folks! You should see the White House; they'll be cleaning it for months.

Eve Teschmacher: [offscreen from a balloon] Psst.
Lex Luthor: Did you do "psst?"
Otis: No, but I wish I had before we left.
Eve Teschmacher: Psst.
Lex Luthor: Not that "psst", *that* "psst."
Eve Teschmacher: Psst.
Lex Luthor: Psst.
Otis: Psst.
Lex Luthor: Don't go "psst" when I go "psst".
Otis: Oh.
Lex Luthor: Get out there and find it.
Otis: Okay. What am I looking for?
Lex Luthor: You'll know it when you see it.
Otis: Oh. Psst.

Superman: [at the Fortress of Solitude; whispering to Luthor] Try and get them all into this molecule chamber. It takes away their powers, see... and turns them into ordinary human beings. Now if you could...
[Zod approaches]
Superman: Shh, shh!
Lex Luthor: [pauses] General, don't go in there. It's a trap.
Superman: Luthor, you poisonous snake!
Lex Luthor: That's a molecule chamber. It turns people like you into people like me.
General Zod: [nods] You've done well, Lex Luthor.
Lex Luthor: [pointing] The crystal there activates the mechanism.
General Zod: Lex Luthor, ruler of Australia... activate the machine.
[Non grabs Luthor and flies him up to the control panel]

Lex Luthor: North... Why does he always go north?
Otis: He wants to ski?

[Eve Teschmacher & Luthor are in a balloon over the arctic, after escaping the penetentiary & leaving Otis behind]
Eve Teschmacher: Lex, how could you do that to Otis?
Lex Luthor: What else is ballast for?

General Zod: Did you think we would give up our advantage? Now... the son of Jor-El will be my slave... forever, if not, the millions of Earthlings you protect shall pay for your defiance. Destroy this place.
Lex Luthor: Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late.
General Zod: We have no more use for this one, kill him.
Lex Luthor: Me? Lex Luthor? General... you came to me with nothing, I gave you Superman!
General Zod: Silence!
Lex Luthor: Well, look -
[Non shoves Luthor from behind]
Lex Luthor: Watch it, don't touch me!
[to Superman]
Lex Luthor: Guy's a clod; promises were made, gifts exchanged. I gotta hand it to you, you know. You always told the truth, a guy always knew where he stood with you.
Superman: Hmm.
[whispers to Lex Luthor]
Superman: Try and get them all into this molecule chamber. It takes away their powers, see... and turns them into ordinary human beings. Now if you could -
[Zod approaches]
Superman: Shh, shh!
Lex Luthor: General, don't go in there, it's a trap.
Superman: Luthor, you poisonous snake!
Lex Luthor: That's a molecule chamber. It makes people like you into people like me.
General Zod: You've done well, Lex Luthor.
Lex Luthor: General, uh... the crystal there, uh... activates the mechanism.
General Zod: Lex Luthor, ruler of Australia... activate the machine.
[Non grabs Luthor and flies him up to the control panel]
Lex Luthor: Thank you.
[takes a crystal]
Lex Luthor: With your permission.
[Lois cries as Superman enters the chamber and the lights turn on]
General Zod: [Superman exits the chamber, and proceeds to kneel before Zod] And now... finally. Take my hand... and swear eternal loyalty to Zod.
[Superman grips Zod's hand and crushes it]
General Zod: Ahhh, uuuuh! Oooohhh, ahhh!
[Superman lifts Zod off the ground]
General Zod: Oooh, oh no!
[Superman throws Zod against the Fortress's wall, where he falls into the chasm below]
General Zod: Ugggh!
Non: Urgh!
[Non tries to fly, but falls off the cliff, into the chasm below]
Non: Huh? Ohhhh!
Lex Luthor: He switched it, he did it to them! I mean, the lights were on out here... while he was safe in there!
[Superman nods and gives Luthor an OK sign]
Lois Lane: You know something? You're a real pain in the neck!
[Lois punches Ursa into the chasm below]
Ursa: Uurghhhh!
Superman: [Lois goes to Superman, who hugs her] Are you all right?
Lois Lane: Mm-hmm.
Superman: I knew you'd double-cross me, Luthor. A lying weasel like you couldn't resist the chance.
Lex Luthor: Me, are you kidding? Hey, I was with you all the time! That was beautiful! Did you see the way they fell into our trap? Ha ha ha ha!
Superman: Too late, Luthor! Too late.
Lex Luthor: Look - look, Superman, I got- I got a proposition for you. Now, now don't stop me, don't stop until you've heard me because... I know I owe you one, but we're in the North Pole, right? Let's wipe the slate clean. If you give me a ride back, I promise I'll turn over a whole new leaf...

"Justice League: Injustice for All (#1.18)" (2002)
Joker: But seriously, Lex, you need me.
Lex Luthor: Like I need a skin-rash.
Joker: Maybe, but I know something you don't know.
[he pats Luthor on the shoulder - then holds up a bat-shaped homing device]
Joker: I know how the Bat thinks.

[Luthor interrupts Humanite's opera program]
Lex Luthor: Humanite! How can you stand that caterwauling?
Ultra-Humanite: Music is one of the meager pleasures I'm allowed in here, along with a few other necessities. You should try the Culture Channel. It might improve your disposition.

Lex Luthor: Can't a body die in peace around here?

Lex Luthor: There's nothing wrong with my disposition that a little freedom wouldn't cure.
Ultra-Humanite: That's not what I hear.

Star Sapphire: Common criminals. Is this what I've been reduced to?
Lex Luthor: Criminals, yes, but common, most certainly not.

Lex Luthor: Cheetah, Sapphire, Grundy, glad you could make it. And of course you all know the Ultra-Humanite.
Ultra-Humanite: Charmed, I'm sure.
Ultra-Humanite: Cut the courtesies, Luthor. What do you want?

Lex Luthor: [watching the fight] I'm going to enjoy this.

Ultra-Humanite: I'd hate to see anything happen to you, Lex.
Lex Luthor: I'm sure.

Lex Luthor: [Grundy has him by the throat] Go ahead, do it! You'll be saving me from months of bedpans and feeding-tubes. And you'll also guarantee that none of you will see a penny from me.
Solomon Grundy: [drops him] You're crazy.

Doctor: [gives Luthor a chart] My tests indicate you have a rare form of blood poisoning.
Lex Luthor: Impossible!
Superman: Remember that chunk of Kryptonite you carried around for years?
Lex Luthor: What about it? Kryptonite only affects you.
Doctor: Actually, we're finding it can affect humans, too. But only if they're exposed over a long period.
[Luthor's eyes widen in horror]
Lex Luthor: [to Superman] This is *your* fault! All of it!
[throws chart at Superman]
Lex Luthor: [to Patell] What's the treatment? Radiation? Chemo?
Doctor: Unfortunately, there is no cure.
Lex Luthor: Then find one! Price is no object!
Doctor: I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do. It's terminal.
[Luthor grimaces in despair]
Lex Luthor: [to Superman] Happy, Superman?
Superman: Lex, if there's anything I can do...
Lex Luthor: You've done more than enough!

"Justice League: Injustice for All: Part II (#1.19)" (2002)
Batman: Joker. I should have known you'd be in on this.
Joker: Really? I must be falling into a rut.
[to Luthor]
Joker: You're not going to leave him like this, are you?
Lex Luthor: Why?
Joker: HELLO? He's still alive!

Lex Luthor: [after Ultra-Humanite disables Luthor's containment-suit] Et tu, Humanite?

Lex Luthor: Now, Batman, you must have some kind of passkey or access-code I can use against your friends. Where is it?
Batman: [grinning] Guess.

Lex Luthor: [Grundy is in the process of punching Humanite's head while straddling his neck] Stop that right now!
[he lands one more punch, giving an open-mouthed grin like a child]

Lex Luthor: You imbeciles are killing me faster than the kryptonite.

Lex Luthor: Can't give up now. I just need to buy more time. Can you help?
Ultra-Humanite: Perhaps, but...
Lex Luthor: But what?
Ultra-Humanite: It'll cost you extra.

Lex Luthor: Just do what I say.
Ultra-Humanite: It's your funeral.

Lex Luthor: Any minute, now, any minute.
The Shade: And then we get paid, right?
Lex Luthor: Please, can't you let me savor this one moment?

Lex Luthor: I'll double your pay.
Star Sapphire: What's the point? It's over.
Lex Luthor: No! We can still win if we lure them here. I have a plan, but we've got to stick together.
Solomon Grundy: Grundy not that dumb.
[lowers the sliding door]
Lex Luthor: All right, triple!
[an inch from the floor, it's raised]

Superman/Doomsday (2007) (V)
[first lines]
Lex Luthor: Just look at him. So sleek. So powerful. So... beautiful, like some great golden god made flesh. Of course, any sensible god would demand absolute obedience in return for his favor. But, no, our Man of Steel protects us, with no strings attached. The people? Hmph. They practically worship him anyway. Enjoy your reign while you may, Superman. For surely as night follows day, there comes a time when even gods must die.

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: If history has determined that gods can die, it is also proven that they may return from the dead. It would seem you cannot be destroyed after all, Superman. It would seem.
[Luthor smiles]

Lex Luthor: Oh, hell.

Lex Luthor: My rumpus room also comes equipped with red solar lamps and, of course, kryptonite. Red and green, the colors of Christmas. And you are on the naughty list!

Lex Luthor: Speaking of which, you did see if that little mess was cleaned up?
Mercy Graves: LexCorp was never there.
Lex Luthor: [shoots Mercy] And neither were you.

Lex Luthor: [to Dark Superman] Remember, I brought you into this world. I can take you out of it.

Jimmy Olsen: So you were right. The Superman who returned...
Lois Lane: A clone, a fake.
Jimmy Olsen: Which means the real Superman really is...
Lex Luthor: Yes, Jimmy. Dead. Just as you and Ms. Lane are about to be. Because, after all, there is no Superman to save you.

Lex Luthor: Get this to Biochem, hand-carry only. Keep it off the interlink.
Mercy Graves: I know the drill, Lex. What is it, the cure for cancer?
Lex Luthor: Muscular dystrophy. I can cure every known case with a simple inoculation. Have Swan find a way to slow it to a crawl. Turn it into a lifetime treatment program. Right now, it's a mere $300-billion windfall.
Mercy Graves: And you need it to be a perennial, got it. But Swan's working the AIDS thing.
Lex Luthor: Oh, right. What about Schaffenberger?
Mercy Graves: Bird flu.
Lex Luthor: Hmmm...
[puts away the cure]
Lex Luthor: Guess "Jerry's Kids" will have to wait their turn.

"Justice League Unlimited: The Great Brain Robbery (#3.8)" (2006)
[Flash-as-Lex is about to leave the bathroom]
Dr. Polaris: Ahem, are you going to wash your hands?
Lex Luthor: No, 'cause I'm evil.

[Flash-as-Lex prepares to address the Legion of Doom]
Lex Luthor: [clears his throat] My fellow bad guys, I, Lex Luthor, your leader, will speak now about my, Lex Luthor's, plan. My villainous, villainous plan. Question the plan at your peril.
Lex Luthor: Uh... any questions?
Angle Man: We all get a cut, right?
Lex Luthor: Watch your step, my evil minion. You presume too much. One of these days, you'll go too far.

Bizzaro: [On Lex's surprising new behavior] Me got answer.
Lex Luthor: Excellent, do enlighten us.
Bizzaro: Ever since you plug in monkey's head, you act perfectly sane and rational. Am you Bizarro's mommy?

[after spending a day with the Flash-as-Lex, Tala wants to know if their minds have been switched back]
Tala: Lex, is that really you?
Lex Luthor: Of course it's me, you twit.
[elbows her away]
Tala: [disappointed] Aw...

[with Flash's brain]
Lex Luthor: Okay, okay, I'm trapped in a building full of super-villains, I've lost my powers, and for some reason this creepy hot chick thinks I'm Lex Luth...
[sees himself in the mirror]
Lex Luthor: Oh, that is just wrong!

Lex Luthor: Me, The Flash? You've, like, totally lost it, Grodd. I'm Lex Luthor!
Gorilla Grodd: And I'm Charlton Heston.

Tala: Lex, you don't look at all well
Lex Luthor: [out of breath] Yeah, I'm just a little wind - Did you say, "Lex"?
Rampage: ...Psycho.

Tala: You need a rest.
[Tala pulls "Lex Luthor" with her into a room. The door closes]
Lex Luthor: [pause] That's not restful.

All-Star Superman (2011) (V)
Clark Kent: Gotta get away from him.
[runs from Parasite behind a pillar]
Lex Luthor: What's the matter, Kent? Afraid he'll absorb your cowardice?

Lex Luthor: You know what happens when you take on Lex Luthor? The same thing that's gonna happen to Superman.

Clark Kent: It's such a waste. You and Superman could have been friends and instead you're going to die.
Lex Luthor: Ah, but he'll die first.

Nasthalthia: Cool. When do I get my super-powers?
Lex Luthor: The same day that I can trust you with the car keys.

Lex Luthor: Did you ever think that it would end like this? Me looking down on you?
Superman: Actually, I had the whole thing figured to end pretty much exactly like this.

Nasthalthia: Are you okay?
Lex Luthor: Better than okay. I can see the entire electromagnetic spectrum and those must be atoms, little clouds of possibility. Einstein couldn't connect the gravitational force to the other three, but if he could have seen this... It's so obvious.
Nasthalthia: Uncle Lex?
Lex Luthor: The fundamental forces are yoked by consciousness. Everything's connected. Everyone. And this how he sees things all the time. Every day.
Nasthalthia: I don't know if I should be worried or mortified.
Lex Luthor: It's a cruel joke. The mechanistic clockwork of reality hinging on a precious impossible defiance of entropy, on life. And the clockwork doesn't care. It's like - Like it's all just us, in here together. We're all we've got.
Nasthalthia: You are embarrassing me beyond therapy.
Superman: You'll have to forgive him, Nasthalthia. He just figured out how everything works.

Lex Luthor: Give it back. I saw everything. I saw how to save the world. I could have made everyone see. If it wasn't for you, I could have saved the world.
Superman: If it had mattered to you, Luthor, you could have saved the world years ago.
Lex Luthor: You're right.

Lex Luthor: Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kindly couple. Superman.
Dr. Leo Quintum: We know all the story, Luthor. Why did you ask to see me? If this is an escape attempt...
Lex Luthor: I'd already be free. No, I've already accepted my imminent execution. This is a confession. Forgive me, doctor. For have I sinned. A lot.
Dr. Leo Quintum: You killed him.
Lex Luthor: And my deathbed claims that I've seen the error of my ways can't change that. But there is one thing I can do to honor his memory.

"Justice League Unlimited: The Return (#1.8)" (2004)
The Atom: See? I told you we'd do it!
Lex Luthor: What do you mean, "we"?

Lex Luthor: This is it.
Supergirl: A barbershop?
Steel: Got to hand it to you, Luthor - nobody would think to look for you here.

Lex Luthor: The most powerful creature in the universe wants my head, and the League sends its least powerful member to protect me.

The Atom: The android, why does he hate you so much?
Lex Luthor: I once took advantage of his naïvety. He's not naïve anymore, and I've stopped taking advantage of the innocent.
The Atom: Let's hope you'll be more convincing if you have to tell him that.

J'onn J'onzz: [talking to Atom] You'll need that cannon very soon.
Lex Luthor: Then stop interrupting us!

Lex Luthor: What do you want from me?
Amazo: You have everything humans desire. Wealth. Power. Yet you crave more. And you'll do anything to get it. Why? What is your ultimate purpose?
Lex Luthor: What you're really asking is... what is yours?

Lex Luthor: The truth is, for all my struggles to make my mark in life, for all I've accomplished, in just a few short generations my name will be forgotten. Even the greatest of us can't compete with time... and death.
Amazo: Then why do you go on? Why does anyone? Why don't I just destroy you and everything else right now? All it would take is a single thought and...
Lex Luthor: No! If you do that you won't see the end of it!
Amazo: The end of what?
Lex Luthor: The evolutionary process. You of all beings should know something about that.
Amazo: Yes. Yes, I'm evolving. That's why Professor Ivo made me. These past months I have amassed so much knowledge, and yet... I remain confused... empty. What am I evolving into? What is my purpose? I must know! Tell me!
Lex Luthor: There's no way to tell. And that's why I stay in the game. My purpose, if you will, is to see where it's all going. And you! You'll live forever. You'll be able to see it all.
Amazo: Is that my purpose? Simply to be... a witness?
Lex Luthor: We create our own purpose in life. Now go create yours.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009) (V)
Lex Luthor: [to Superman] I can't think of a morning I haven't woken up with the thought of strangling you. That sanctimonious image of yours fooled everyone except me. Because I know evil.

Lex Luthor: You can't touch me. We're on American soil now. And I am the president.
Superman: Consider yourself impeached.

Lex Luthor: [to Batman and Superman] Aw. You two aren't going to be to save the world now. Well, I'll tell you something. Everyone who lives to see the new world will have learned never to trust your kind again.
Amanda Waller: Shut up!
[hands a copy of the data to Batman]
Amanda Waller: Here. It's all the information you need on it. Now go save us.
Lex Luthor: Bitch.
Amanda Waller: General, arrest him.

Lex Luthor: [to Superman] You come to this planet, declare yourself the savior of mankind. Well, I think it's time you died for your sins.

Lex Luthor: It had to be you! The one other person in the world smart enough to stop that meteor.
Toyman: The *only* person smart enough. You couldn't do it, remember?

Lex Luthor: Does that mean you're willing to work for me?
Superman: For you?
Lex Luthor: Yes. You'll be working for me. But only insofar I represent the country that adopted you. And that you love. What's wrong? Was I getting too sentimental?
Superman: Luthor.
Lex Luthor: You think I'd be crazy enough to meet you with some kind of protection?
[Secret Service Agent steps in, reveals himself as Metallo]
Superman: Metallo.
Lex Luthor: Who else could stand up to you?
[Superman knocks Lex down]
Metallo: Shouldn't have done that. He's the President.

Power Girl: He didn't do it. I'm sure of it.
Lex Luthor: Oh, really?
Power Girl: It's just not in him.
Lex Luthor: Do me a favor. Think back to three years ago. Could you have even dreamed back then that I would be president today? Did you think it was in me? Then if I could change that much, couldn't he?

"Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer (#3.13)" (2006)
Batman: Okay, let's get these people locked up. Sounds like we've got a fight on our hands.
Giganta: If you think you're locking us up while the whole world is under attack, you got two fights on your hands.
[the Leaguers and Legionnaires stare each other down, ready to fight]
Batman: She's right. We'll need all the bodies we can throw at this.
Superman: Oh, come on! It's Lex Flippin' Luthor! Why should we trust him?
Atomic Skull: Hey, it's our world too!
Lex Luthor: Let's be clear about this: we're not here to help you save the world, you're here to help me get revenge on Darkseid. When this is over, it's back at business as usual.
[Superman glares at Lex for a long moment]
Superman: Wouldn't have it any other way.

Metron: I will warn you final time: only a twelfth-level intellect has even the slightest hope of surviving what you are about to experience.
Lex Luthor: Then I'm overqualified!

[Batman, throwing Batarangs, and Luthor, with two pistols, are holding off Parademons]
Lex Luthor: What's wrong?
Batman: I'm out.
Lex Luthor: [Lex offers Batman one of his guns] Here, take my extra.
Batman: Not my style.
Lex Luthor: Suit yourself. I plan to live through this.

Lex Luthor: After this, it's back to business as usual.
Superman: Wouldn't have it any other way.

[fighting Parademons beneath Darkseid's command ship]
Lex Luthor: Was there a plan here?
Batman: Take out the small fry until we attract the big fish's attention.
Lex Luthor: Ha! With everything that's going on, I'll bet he never notices us!
[a portal appears, and Darkseid floats down]
Superman: I'll take a piece of that.

Lex Luthor: You destroyed Brainiac! I'm going to make you pay!
Darkseid: Unlikely.
[throws Luthor off the roof]

Darkseid: Still alive. You impress me, Kryptonian. More, your valor has touched my heart. Oh yes, there is still some small part of me that knows mercy. I will end your pain with something special I've been saving for just this occasion.
[takes out a Kryptonite knife]
Darkseid: I'm going to carve out your heart and put it on a pike in my throne room.
Lex Luthor: As much as I'd enjoy seeing that, first you got some business with me.
[Luthor approaches Darkseid, donning his buisness suit]
Lex Luthor: Sorry it took me so long, I had to go get my power suit.
Darkseid: You dare challenge me? Insanity.
Lex Luthor: Oh, I'm not here to challenge you, Darkseid. Quite the contrary. I've got something you want.
[Reaches into his coat pocket, pulling out a spiraling, bright, glowing mass]
Lex Luthor: The only thing you want.
Darkseid: The Anti-Life Equation...
Lex Luthor: My gift to you.
[Darkseid reaches for it, Luthor placing his hand over Darkseid's as the Anti-Life Equation starts to engulf the two in light]
Superman: Lex, don't!
Batman: [Bholds Superman back] It's too late!
Darkseid: It's beautiful, isn't it?
Lex Luthor: Yes... yes, it is.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010) (V)
Lex Luthor: What are you waiting for? Hurry.
The Jester: It's time to get serious, Lex.
Lex Luthor: No, we can make it together. We can do this.
The Jester: Get your shiny bald head out of here. It's hurting my eyes.

Lex Luthor: [police have him surrounded] No need to make a scene. I want you to call the Justice League for me.
Police Officer: Or else?
Lex Luthor: Oh, I don't know. I'll destroy the world? Is that sufficient?

Flash: How are we supposed to get inside again?
Lex Luthor: Multi-frequency band, encryption analyzer-replicator pack.
Flash: Some of us don't speak Star Trek.
Lex Luthor: Think of it as a fancy garage-door opener.

Lex Luthor: Ultraman, I know you can hear me. Bring your arrogant ass out here or we'll come in and get you.

Superman: We're gonna hit multiple targets at the same time. Teams of two.
Lex Luthor: We'd be hopelessly outnumbered. When my Justice League fought them...
Superman: All due respect, Lex. We're aren't your Justice League.
Flash: What's the call?
Superman: You and J'onn. Diana and GL. He's with me.
Lex Luthor: That's insane.
Flash: Don't worry, Lex. He's got your slack.
Superman: Flash.
Flash: Well, you do.

Ultraman: Did you forget who I am? How I get to be the boss of bosses? I'm here because I'm the baddest of the bad. Anybody whoever stood in my way is dead. Everybody.
Lex Luthor: I brought you a present.
Ultraman: Blue kryptonite.
Lex Luthor: The only thing that can hurt you.
Ultraman: But I...
Lex Luthor: Destroyed the last piece on Earth? True. But I've been visiting other Earths.

[first lines]
Lex Luthor: No time for niceties.
[rips the security door open]
The Jester: Way to be stealthy, Luthor.
Lex Luthor: The moment I shut down the grid, it send a silent alarm. They're already on their way here.

"Smallville: Hug (#1.11)" (2002)
Clark Kent: Don't do this. I'm your friend.
Lex Luthor: Oh, please. You think I don't see the way your parents look at me, the way half the town looks at me? You're no different. Friendship's a fairy tale, Clark. Respect are fear are the best you can hope for.

Lex Luthor: That, my friend, is the key to leadership. Not only knowing you're right, but convincing everyone else. If you can do that, the world's your oyster.

Lex Luthor: Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is going to be the stuff of legend.

Lex Luthor: You can learn a lot from someone you hate.

Lex Luthor: Relax. Failing isn't something I do.

Lex Luthor: I always knew you were keeping secrets from me, Clark. But I never thought they were this good.

Bob Rickman: Hello, Lex.
[he offers a handshake, which Lex doesn't take]
Bob Rickman: Oh, come on, Lex. This "Art of War" stuff is for amateurs.
Lex Luthor: It's not that. I just don't like you.

"Justice League Unlimited: Divided We Fall (#2.12)" (2005)
[the League battles against Brainiac's android versions of the Justice Lords; as Superman battles the Lorder Superman]
[the android Superman morphs into Luthor]
Lex Luthor: This is the part where you kill me, right?
[Superman hesitates]
Lex Luthor: Go on, use your heat-vision. You know you want to.

[Flash taps into the Speed Force to defeat Luthor, then rises, crackling with energy]
The Flash: I feel kinda... funny.
[He disappears]
Wonder Woman: Flash!
[the League stares in horror, and Luthor chuckles weakly]
Lex Luthor: What do you know? I did kill him.
[He looks up and sees Superman]
Lex Luthor: I was mistaken earlier. I think this is the part where you kill me.
[Superman picks him with one arm and holds him at arm's length with eyes glowing. Wonder Woman starts forward, but Batman holds her back. After a moment Superman's eyes stop glowing, and he leans his face close to Luthor's]
Superman: I'm not the man who killed President Luthor. Right now, I wish to heaven that I were. But I'm not.

Lex Luthor: Where are we?
Brainiac: Several miles from where the Justice League is searching. I must make repairs to my damaged systems.
Lex Luthor: Where do I fit in to all of this?
Brainiac: The same as to everything else: I will record your information, then destroy the original.
Lex Luthor: [Chuckles]
Brainiac: You... are amused by my mission? Explain yourself.
Lex Luthor: Say you succeed. You absorb all the information on Earth and destroy it. Then what?
Brainiac: I repeat the process across the entire universe until I have recorded all knowledge and destroyed all of creation.
Lex Luthor: And then?
Brainiac: Then my programming is complete. My function is fulfilled.
Lex Luthor: If you possess all information, you're a god.
Brainiac: My program will be complete. It is the end of all things.
Lex Luthor: What if it were just the beginning? I can show you a purpose beyond the fulfillment of your programming.
Brainiac: It is extremely unlikely that your inferior human intellect has anything to offer me.
Lex Luthor: Since we've become so close, I'm gonna let that pass. I'm offering you the one thing you've always lacked. A certain something that I happen to have in abundance.
Brainiac: Which is?
Lex Luthor: Imagination. I've got a proposition for ya, partner.

Lex Luthor: [Holding a Dark Heart scout] Brainiac?
Brainiac: I have added this technology to my database. The nano assemblers are already slave to my command routines. With but a thought, they will convert any raw material into whatever I choose.
Lex Luthor: Then we're ready to begin. Let me show you...
Brainiac: I have learned from my encounters with Darkseid that organic beings cannot be trusted.
Lex Luthor: I can't argue with that. But if you and I are one, truly one, trust won't be an issue, will it?
Brainiac: Agreed.

Superman: My X-ray vision can't penetrate the walls, but I'm seeing a rapidly growing heat signature in the infrared range.
Wonder Woman: You don't need supervision for that. Can't you feel the heat?
[the Cadmus building explodes, revealing a giant construct and the now fused Luthor/Brainiac]
Lex Luthor, Brainiac: Welcome, Justice League. You're just in time for the end of the world.

Superman: I know you're in there somewhere, Lex. Fight him!
Lex Luthor, Brainiac: You're right. I am in here. And I like it! I'm about to get everything I ever wanted: power, ultimate knowledge, immortality...
Superman: And you'll destroy the Earth to get it?
Lex Luthor, Brainiac: It's business, Superman. There are always trade-offs.

The Flash: You lose.
[Two metal tendrils grab Flash's arms and hold him in place]
Lex Luthor, Brainiac: Hardly. Look around you. The Justice League is completely defeated, and so are you. For all your efforts, you have but inconvenienced me, speck. But I'm still just human enough to enjoy taking my revenge. Looks like the Question was right all along: I kill you and then Armageddon, right on schedule.
The Flash: No!

"Smallville: Precipice (#2.19)" (2003)
[Clark is worried about Lana]
Lex Luthor: Let's just say that the crouching tigress is about to find her hidden dragon.

Lex Luthor: Trust me, eccentric bald kids sit pretty low on the prep school totem pole.

Lex Luthor: I didn't mean to scare you.
Lana Lang: No, it's okay. I guess I'm still a little jumpy.
Lex Luthor: That's understandable. You had quite an ordeal.
Lana Lang: I just feel so stupid. It's not like I was even hurt.
Lex Luthor: No, no, this place has always been a safe haven for you. Now that's been violated.

Sheriff Nancy Adams: Mr. Luthor, I am sorry about Dr. Bryce, but I hope you are not planning to take the law into your own hands.
Lex Luthor: The woman I love is fighting for her life, sheriff, so you'll have to excuse my lack of faith in Smallville's finest.

Lex Luthor: My lawyer told me that Paul is pleading temporary insanity.
Dr. Helen Bryce: Lex, I...
Lex Luthor: I told him not to fight the plea. Paul needs help.
Lex Luthor: I wanted to kill him, Helen. I wanted to kill him for what he did to you. I probably could have gotten away with it in everyone's eyes, but... one person would have known the truth.
Dr. Helen Bryce: Clark?
Lex Luthor: You. Clark didn't save me in that moment, Helen. You did.

Lex Luthor: I was bullied for years. 'Till one day, I decided I had enough.
Lana Lang: What'd you do?
Lex Luthor: One of my father's chauffeurs was an ex-Navy SEAL. I convinced him to teach me to fight. Let's just say the next time I was cornered, the guy ended up needing serious dental work.
Lana Lang: I could never hurt anybody.
Lex Luthor: It's not about hurting people. It's about reclaiming your sense of control over your life. Isn't that what you want?

"Smallville: Finale (#10.21)" (2011)
Lex Luthor: Hello, Clark. Can't say I love what you done with the place.
Clark Kent: Lex.
Lex Luthor: You still say it the same way - astonishment mixed with a hint of dread, yet... with a hopeful finish.
Clark Kent: You're alive.
Lex Luthor: Seems my father had a... a change of heart. And I got a second chance of life.

Clark Kent: Where's Tess? What have you done with her?
Lex Luthor: She's fine. I wouldn't worry so much about my dear little sister. You know, I used to think it was our families who made us who we are. Then I hoped it was our friends. But if you look at history, the great men and women of the world have always been defined by their enemies.
Clark Kent: You have a second chance. You can change all that.
Lex Luthor: But that's the thing about memories - you can't forget them. Like how you're always one step ahead of me, Clark. No matter how meticulously I prepared, no matter how strategic I was, if only I'd known I stood a chance.
Clark Kent: It wasn't a competition.
Lex Luthor: Of course it wasn't. You were born to be the chosen one. You're simply better than us.
Clark Kent: And that always killed you.
Lex Luthor: No. No, what killed me is that you didn't even want it. You fought it - you hid from it! I would have taken it and relished it, embraced it.
Clark Kent: My destiny wasn't yours to take!
Lex Luthor: I get that now. Which is why I finally embraced my own. You and I... we will both be great men. Because of each other, we have a destiny together, Clark... only on different sides.
Clark Kent: I'll always be there to stop you. Always.
Lex Luthor: Oh, I'm counting on it.

Lex Luthor: Our story hasn't been written yet, Kal-El. And every villain is only as great as his hero. But, you see, that all relies on you saving us from the coming Apocalypse.
Clark Kent: You know about Darkseid?
Lex Luthor: You really thought I just read the cliff notes of the Veritas journals? They foretold of a chosen savior - the light that will inspire this world out of darkness. You are the light, Clark. Only you have the power within.
Clark Kent: I'm not so sure that Clark Kent can save the entire world on his own.
Lex Luthor: He can't. But we both know who can.
Clark Kent: I'm sorry I couldn't save you, Lex.

Tess Mercer: Something told me that I'd find you here. I combed the lab, and I saw what happened.
Lex Luthor: Long time, sis.
Tess Mercer: Did you *always* know?
Lex Luthor: Why do you think I recruited you and treated you as my own flesh and blood?
Tess Mercer: You *used* me.
Lex Luthor: Semantics. I'd say dear old Dad did most of the abusing. Wouldn't you? I guess the bullet in his chest answered that question, huh?
Tess Mercer: He wanted nothing more to have you back again.
Lex Luthor: And what did you want, Tess?
Tess Mercer: Something I'll never have.
Lex Luthor: Clark?
Tess Mercer: Redemption.

Lex Luthor: [stabs Tess in her gut] You know I'm actually saving you.
Tess Mercer: From what?
Lex Luthor: From turning into me.
Tess Mercer: It's too late. Clark already did that.

Tess Mercer: [poisoned by Tess' glove with neurotoxin] What will I remember?
Lex Luthor: Nothing. The world before this moment won't exist to you.

"Justice League Unlimited: Alive! (#3.12)" (2006)
Grodd: I should have let you rot in jail!
Lex Luthor: Goodbye, Grodd. It could have gone the other way.
Grodd: It really could have, couldn't it?
Lex Luthor: No. But why speak ill of the dead?
[releases Grodd into space]

[Lex is preparing to sacrifice Tala to resurrect Braniac]
Tala: You... you were planning this from the beginning! Even before I...
Lex Luthor: I'm a sick person, too.

[Lex is preparing to sacrifice Tala to resurrect Braniac]
Tala: Lex! Please! I beg you...!
Lex Luthor: Hold that thought.

[after putting down Grodd's mutiny, Lex herds the mutinous Legion members into a corner]
Lex Luthor: Does anyone have one good reason why I should let you live?
[Killer Frost breaks free of the group and freezes the rest into a huge block of ice]
Lex Luthor: Killer Frost... you've got a future.

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: We have a little problem...

Lex Luthor: Sinestro, don't forget the floor! I want radiation shielding from every direction. Rampage!
[resignedly, as he sees Bizarro trying to force a cube into a round outlet]
Lex Luthor: Help Bizarro.

"Smallville: Reaper (#1.17)" (2002)
[talking to Clark]
Lex Luthor: When my father dies, kings will come to his funeral, but when your father dies, his friends will come.

Lex Luthor: You know, from the day I first met Clark, all you've ever seen is the name Luthor.
Jonathan Kent: Well, so far you haven't given me a reason to see anything else.

Lex Luthor: I just want you to know, I closed the book on that day at the bridge.
Jonathan Kent: Why'd you investigate it in the first place?
Lex Luthor: That day was a miracle. Haven't you ever wanted to find out why things like that happen?
Jonathan Kent: No. I just accept the fact that they do. You don't need an explanation for everything, Lex.

Lex Luthor: Let's be frank, Dominic. My father sent you here to spy on me because he's afraid of how well I'm doing. This was my last chance to prove myself, and he just assumed I'd fail. Now he has to revise his definition of me. I'm not just his screw-up son anymore. Now I'm competition. And my father only knows one way of dealing with competition.
Dominic Senatori: There are some things better left between patient and therapist, Lex.
Lex Luthor: You know, in ancient Persia, the kings would kill a messenger who brought them news they didn't like. In modern times, sword in the chest might seem a little extreme. Something more subtle would be in order. Enjoying your drink?

Lex Luthor: It bothers you, doesn't it? That I'm not dependent on you anymore. That I've made friends in Smallville, people I can trust.
Lionel Luthor: Don't be ridiculous, Lex. I'm happy you're doing well.
Lex Luthor: No, you're not. You're afraid I won't need you anymore.
Lionel Luthor: You'll always be my son. And you will always need me, Lex.

Lex Luthor: [showing his father Dominic tied up in his car trunk] You want to ask an accounting question, dad, call me. And the next time one of your drones bothers the Kents, he'll be lucky to catch a ride home with the spare.

"Smallville: Oracle (#5.21)" (2006)
Professor Milton Fine: Impressive. Looks like I underestimated your willingness to tackle a nonprofit venture.
Lex Luthor: Well, Luthercorp doesn't take the threat of an alien armageddon lightly. You were never gonna create a vaccine for humans, were you?
Professor Milton Fine: Is that what you think?
Lex Luthor: It was gonna be your way of of protecting your extraterrestrial guests when they arrive and unleash some horrible disease on us.
Professor Milton Fine: So you went behind my back and mass-produced the vaccine for mankind.
Lex Luthor: I wanted to give my people a fighting chance before you got your dirty hands on them.
Professor Milton Fine: I applaud your noble efforts to protect your species. I never intended to mass produce the vaccine. Unfortunately, it's all based on faulty assumptions. One dose is all I ever need.
[he grabs Lex by his arm and injects him with the vaccine]
Professor Milton Fine: Let the rest of the world find its own cure.

Lionel Luthor: You're involved with Milton Fine. I know that he's been smuggling some of the deadliest viruses in the world into this country with your help.
Lex Luthor: Well, don't worry, Dad. I'm not gonna put them in any Halloween candy.

Professor Milton Fine: Some say the toast came about by a man who feared that his drink had been poisoned. But he was a quick-witted man. He joyfully clanked his mug with the mugs of his mates, sloshing his lethal beverage into everyone's drink with cheer. A simple tap, then, must be a sign of trust.
[Lex declines to drink Fine gives him]
Lex Luthor: I'm not really thirsty.

Lex Luthor: I'm hoping this will help me get a few answers.
[Lex pulls out a kryptonite rock on Fine and it has no effect on him]
Professor Milton Fine: Close... but I'm not one of them. I was only made by them.

Lex Luthor: Lana called me. I don't want to hear you were rifling through her stuff like a crazy roommate again. If you want something from me, don't go running to Lana to find it. You really crossed the line.
Clark Kent: All those years we were friends, were you just waiting for me to step aside so you could swoop in and make your move?
Lex Luthor: I don't know, Clark. All those years you told Lana you loved her, were you just waiting to walk away and break her heart? Look, there's a natural tendency to blame the person who's replaced you; I get that. But I didn't take Lana from you. You lost her all by yourself.

Lana Lang: I'm sorry if things got awkward. I was really hoping that Clark wouldn't end up in all this. I just... don't want to hurt him.
Lex Luthor: I don't, either. I care about him, too. But then I have to remind myself that Clark's specialty is barging in where he's not invited, and then somehow making you feel like you're the one who should apologize.
Lana Lang: Okay, um... I have a great idea. How about a moratorium on the Clark topic?
Lex Luthor: Twist my arm.
Lana Lang: Don't tempt me.

"Smallville: Redux (#2.6)" (2002)
Clark Kent: I got to get going, I'm gonna be late.
Lex Luthor: Hey, Clark, you need a lift?
Clark Kent: No thanks, I was just going to... run.
Lex Luthor: [chuckles] No offense, Clark, but I don't think you could outrun my Porsche.

Lex Luthor: Interesting choice. "The Count of Monte Cristo". Classic tale of a man whose past comes back to haunt him.
Principal Terrence Reynolds: Why are you here, Lex?
Lex Luthor: We're upgrading our computer system at the plant. Thought we might donate our old computers to Smallville High.
Principal Terrence Reynolds: You're not an alumnus.
Lex Luthor: Call it a thank you. You pushed me, and in hindsight I appreciate that. In some ways, you're responsible for the man I am today.
Principal Terrence Reynolds: I'm not sure that's a burden I care to take on. Besides the tax deduction, what's the quid pro quo?
Lex Luthor: Now, why do you think I want anything in return?
Principal Terrence Reynolds: Because I've learned there's always a price when dealing with the Luthors.
Lex Luthor: I want you to stop turning your antagonism towards me against Clark Kent.
Principal Terrence Reynolds: Lionel has taught you well.
Lex Luthor: My father?
Principal Terrence Reynolds: Yes. This meeting, it reminds me of the incident that almost got you expelled.
Lex Luthor: He had nothing to do with that.
Principal Terrence Reynolds: No. Only later. After receiving notice of your expulsion hearing, he generously offered the school's trustees a new library, with two conditions: that you were allowed to stay, and I was allowed to go. History has an interesting way of repeating itself, doesn't it?

Lex Luthor: So, exactly, uh... how long were you planning to work on this essay?
Clark Kent: I'm just not ready to go home yet.
Lex Luthor: Something wrong?
Clark Kent: No, it's just family stuff.
Lex Luthor: Come on, Clark. I'm the king of family dysfunction.

Lex Luthor: Let me guess. Reynolds wants to know where you see yourself five years from now? He made me do the same assignment when I was at Excelsior. He's nothing if not consistent.
Clark Kent: Yeah, well, I hate to break it to you, Lex, but he doesn't exactly have a high opinion of you.
Lex Luthor: Well, I wasn't a model student, but imagine being a bald fourteen year old in an elite prep school.
Clark Kent: Must have been tough.
Lex Luthor: I had a major chip on my shoulder. But Reynolds saw through it. He challenged me to own up to my own actions, not just to assume the mantle of the spoiled rich kid. He was tough, but fair, and I liked him for that.
Clark Kent: Well, I wish the feeling was mutual. Whatever he has against you, I think he's taking it out on me.
Lex Luthor: I'm sorry being friends with me comes with such a high price.

Lana Lang: I was wondering if you could do me a favor.
Lex Luthor: I take it Nell couldn't identify the mystery man?
Lana Lang: If she could, she wouldn't tell me anything. I just... I want to know who it is.
Lex Luthor: Well, that shouldn't be hard to find. But coming to terms with it could prove to be more complicated.
Lana Lang: What do you mean?
Lex Luthor: Come on, you know the story of Pandora. She was given a box by Zeus and warned never to open it. She couldn't resist the temptation.
Lana Lang: I'm not afraid of the truth, Lex.
Lex Luthor: Neither was Pandora. But once the box was open, it could never be closed, and all the misery she released could never be put back.
Lana Lang: I appreciate the warning, and anything you can tell me.

Lex Luthor: Spare the rod, spoil the child. You haven't changed a bit. What's next, school uniforms?
Principal Terrence Reynolds: I'd appreciate it if you'd stay away from my school and my students, Luthor.
Lex Luthor: Listen, Mr. Reynolds, I know we had our share of run-ins at Excelsior, but I was fourteen. Don't you think it's a bit petty to be holding a grudge after all these years?
Principal Terrence Reynolds: Well, that's awfully noble coming from a Luthor.

"Smallville: Lexmas (#5.9)" (2005)
Lex: [to his father] How dare you play God with my life!

Lex: I'm talking about Lana! I know we've had our differences, but my wi- She's the mother of your grandchildren.
Lionel Luthor: How can I have grandchildren? I don't have a son.

Lana Lang: Try to be back by six so we can make it to the Kents' party.
Lex: The Kents?
Lana Lang: And this year, try and remember that we're on a budget.
Lex: What? We have a budget?
Lana Lang: Lex, it's been seven years since your father cut up your platinum card. I think it's about time to embrace the middle class lifestyle.

Lex Luthor: I can't remember ever being this happy. This has been the best day of my life. Thank you.
Lillian Luthor: It doesn't have to end, Lex. Every day can be this wonderful. I told you this is the life you could have, they life you *can* have, Lex.
Lex Luthor: This is what I want. What do I have to do?
Lillian Luthor: You just have to make the right decision, Lex. Follow your heart, not your ambition.
Lex Luthor: What decision? What are you talking about?

Lex Luthor: You know, my life hasn't turned out all the way I planned. And yet, I've never been happier.
Clark Kent: Lex, you have a wonderful life, and every reason to be happy. You have a beautiful wife, great son, a baby on the way.
Lex Luthor: Something I still can't quite believe. Me and Lana. Now, how the hell did that happen?
Clark Kent: Well... You became the kind of man she could love.
Lex Luthor: You mean the kind of man you've always been?
Clark Kent: And, Lex, you offered something I didn't.
Lex Luthor: What held you back, Clark? I mean, I know you love her. Loved her.
Clark Kent: I don't know. I guess I just wasn't ready, Lex. Maybe I never will be. But I am glad that you and Lana ended up together, and we've been able to... remain such good friends.
Lex Luthor: Thank you.

Jonathan Kent: Look I probably shouldn't be showing you this but being a state senator does have its advantages, like ah, a little advance notice from the governor.
[shows Lex a plaque for The Kanas Humanitarian Award. Awarded to Lex for his work with the homeless]
Jonathan Kent: Lex I never thought I would actually say this, I couldn't be prouder of you if you were my own son.
Lex: [overwhelmed with gratitude] Mr. Kent, Jonathan, I don't know what to say.
Jonathan Kent: Let's tell everybody shall we? Hmm? Come on. Everybody grab a drink, come on, grab a glass, listen up here, thank you. Now, ladies and gentlemen I have it on very good authority that this year's Kansas Humanitarian Award is going to be given to our very own Lex Luthor. Ladies and gentlemen I give you, Lex Luthor, the finest man I know.
[everyone claps and cheers]

"Smallville: Lucy (#4.16)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: She played us like a Stradivarius.

Lex Luthor: Dad, if you wanna play games, there's a deck of cards in the parlor.

Clark Kent: Any luck finding Lucy?
Lex Luthor: No. All that turned up was the car minus my $50,000.
Clark Kent: Look, Lex, I know that Lois feels really badly about this, but there's really no way she...
Lex Luthor: Clark, I'm not here to collect. Besides, having Becker in custody is worth a lot more to me than fifty grand.
Clark Kent: Your deal in Zurich. Well, I'm glad someone came out of this ahead.
Lex Luthor: So, how's Lois?
Clark Kent: Um, I don't know. She hasn't said anything all day. But I don't know why Lucy would run away. I mean, Lois is her family.
Lex Luthor: Just because you have the same blood running through your veins doesn't make you family. Look at us, Clark. I'm a product of my father's breeding; he needed an heir. But your parents chose you out of love. I'd take your family any day of the week.

Clark Kent: Do you ever miss not having a sibling?
Lex Luthor: I used to. 'Till I met you, Clark. You're closer to me than any blood brother.

Clark Kent: You know Marcus Becker?
Lex Luthor: I know the man he works for. They're a German crime syndicate, and they've repeatedly block my attempts to buy a hotel in Zurich through intimidation and blackmail. If I get this guy in custody, I'll have something to squeeze them with.
Clark Kent: So Lucy's just a pawn?
Lex Luthor: No. I just have other reasons for helping her out.

Clark Kent: Have you two been catching up?
Chloe Sullivan: Um, yeah, Lucy's just filling me in on all her hidden talents. She was a violinist for the Zurich Youth Orchestra.
Lucy Lane: It was nothing. It's just a hobby.
Lex Luthor: Given their reputation in Europe, I highly doubt that.

"Smallville: Bound (#4.9)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: [Clark is standing at the loft window looking at the stars in quiet reflection as Lex appears in the darkness below] I came to say thank you.
[Clark looks at him deifiantly as he steps into the light]
Lex Luthor: I know you were only trying to help me.
Clark Kent: I hope you would have done the same for me.
Lex Luthor: What do you want from me?
Clark Kent: I want you to change.
Lex Luthor: I'm not sure if I can.
Clark Kent: Lex, I realized that there's so much I don't know about you. I mean, what else don't I know about you?
Lex Luthor: You don't know that sometimes I wonder why I keep going. Why I do the things I do. I treated those women terribly Clark. I see that now.
Clark Kent: Well, that's a start.
Lex Luthor: You know when that fire was coming towards me I thought "Good, save the world a lot of grief." But then the fire went out and fate gave me a second chance.
Clark Kent: Lex, the way things have been between us the last few days... I felt your father was being more honest with me than you were. I hated that feeling. I felt like we were enemies.
Lex Luthor: Don't give up on me yet.

[first lines]
Lex Luthor: What are you listening to?
Shannon Bell: My favorite song.
[she hands him an earphone]
Lex Luthor: What's your name?
Shannon Bell: Doesn't really matter.

Clark Kent: You were burning evidence, Lex. Not exactly actions of an innocent man.
Lex Luthor: Come on, Clark! Think about it. If I killed that girl, why would I take a nap next to her body? So the maid could find me? It doesn't make any sense.
Clark Kent: Neither does breaking into her house, but you did that. You better be honest with me, because right now, I'm an accomplice.
Lex Luthor: I didn't ask you to show up.

Lex Luthor: Clark, you know I didn't do this. It's my father trying to get back at me. He knows about all these stalkers. LuthorCorp's lawyers compiled a database of them last year. My father knew Eve would be the perfect victim to make it look like I had motive.
Clark Kent: I don't think it's your father, Lex. I went to see him. He wants to help.
Lex Luthor: He was the one who sent you looking for a car, wasn't he?
Clark Kent: Yes.
Lex Luthor: You're playing right into his hands.
Clark Kent: Lex...
Lex Luthor: You can't straddle the fence on this one, Clark! My father and I are enemies! You have to decide who you really trust.

Shannon Bell: Corrine? It's the D.A.
Corinne Hartford: Thank you, Shannon. I'll be right there. You, stay put. It's a media circus out there, and I don't want you saying anything stupid.
Lex Luthor: Your bedside manner needs work.
Corinne Hartford: I'm not here to hold you hand, Lex. You want a hug, call your mother.

"Smallville: Tempest (#1.21)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: Any relationship founded on lies is destined to fail. It's a good thing we don't have that problem.
Clark Kent: Lucky us.

Lionel Luthor: When Alexander the Great was dying his generals asked him who he would leave his armies to and his answer was "I leave it to the strongest."
Lex Luthor: I believe the term is "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"
Lionel Luthor: You're not my enemy. You're my son!
Lex Luthor: Funny, I never saw the distinction.

Lionel Luthor: You're not in a hurry to pack.
Lex Luthor: That's because I'm not leaving.
Lionel Luthor: Accept your fate, Lex. It's time to move on.
Lex Luthor: I'm forcing a vote of the board of directors to accept an employee buyout of the plant.
Lionel Luthor: [laughs] What are you gonna do? Convince the employees to take out a second mortgage? Cash in their IRAs?
Lex Luthor: Something like that.
Lionel Luthor: Even if you sell all your stock, and drain your trust fund, you still come up short, Lex. What are you going to do about the rest of the money, hmm?
Lex Luthor: Take the buyout now and you can keep your dignity. It's more than you left me.
Lionel Luthor: That's very gracious of you, son. You might wanna look at this first.
Lex Luthor: You've bought the Smallville Savings and Loan.
Lionel Luthor: Go ahead, lead your buyout. But remember I own your employees' mortgages. As soon as they begin missing payments, I won't hesitate to foreclose on each and every one of them. They'll be homeless, and it'll be your fault. You ready to accept that kind of responsibility? You're gonna take me on, son, you're gonna have to bring your game up to a whole different level.

Lex Luthor: You just fired 2,500 people and blamed it on me.
Lionel Luthor: Monday, you'll thank me, Lex. Smallville isn't in your future; it's just a brief chapter in your biography.

Lex Luthor: You sure you can afford being seen with the town pariah?
Clark Kent: I'll take my chances. What happened, Lex?
Lex Luthor: The two theories seem to be I either ran the plant into the ground through incompetence or did it deliberately so I can go back to Metropolis.
Clark Kent: Your dad already offered you a job in Metropolis; just tell people the truth.
Lex Luthor: Then I get stuck with the incompetence rap. Being reviled is the lesser evil.
Clark Kent: I guess you're going back to Metropolis, then.
Lex Luthor: That's why my father orchestrated his coup, but... this isn't over.
Clark Kent: You have a plan?
Lex Luthor: Maybe.
Clark Kent: [standing up to leave] You have a lot of work to do.
Lex Luthor: Clark. Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot.
Clark Kent: What are friends for?

The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest (1997) (TV)
Joker: Pay me one billion dollars, and I'll kill Superman!
Lex Luthor: [chuckles] What makes you think you can kill Superman when you can't even handle a mere mortal in a Halloween costume?
Joker: [seizes Luthor by his jacket] There's nothing mere about that mortal!

Lex Luthor: The office, now.
Harley Quinn: Swell, Mr. L.
Lex Luthor: Mr. L?

Lex Luthor: [grabs Joker] You maniac! You idiot! How dare you use one of my laboratories for your...?
Joker: Harley?
[Harley somersaults out and strikes a ridiculous fighting stance]
Harley Quinn: Put him down, baldy!
Lex Luthor: Mercy?
[Mercy slams a flying kick into Harley]
Mercy Graves: Here's for that punch in the face!
Joker: [to Luthor] Can't we discuss this like gentlemen?
[Luthor reluctantly releases Joker, while sounds of fighting continue in the background]
Harley Quinn: Ooh, listen to Little Miss Can't-Take-A-Joke!
[as Joker guides Luthor to a chair, Mercy goes flying across the room]
Joker: Thank you. Have a seat, please.
[as they sit, Harley charges across the room]
Harley Quinn: BANZAI!

[as Luthor and Joker finish their discussion, Mercy and Harley are still pounding each other's heads on the floor]
Lex Luthor: Mercy, let's go!
[to Joker]
Lex Luthor: Keep in mind, this is your last chance.
[He walks out. Mercy limps after him, groaning. Harley limps over to Joker, also groaning]
Joker: How you doin', slugger?
Harley Quinn: A-okay, Mr. J!
[He pats her on the shoulder. She collapses]

[after the Batplane buzzes the Lexwing]
Joker: Batman! It's always Batman! What you got in the way of air-to-air missiles, Lex?
Lex Luthor: You're asking *me* for help?
Joker: If I go down, you go down.
Lex Luthor: It's a red switch.
Joker: Which red...? Oh, the heck with it!
[he jabs buttons at random]

"Smallville: Phoenix (#3.2)" (2003)
Dr. Helen Bryce: Thank God.
Lex Luthor: Trust me, I've done that. He seems to be the only one on my side.

Lionel Luthor: I had search parties scouring half the world for you.
Lex Luthor: Looks like you picked the wrong half.

Lex Luthor: [In the shadows] Abraham threw Issac on the pyre to prove his faith to God. What was your excuse, Dad?
[He reveals himself]
Lionel Luthor: [In amazement] Lex?
Lex Luthor: [Pulls out a gun and points it at Lionel] Disappointed I'm not basking in the fires of hell?
Lionel Luthor: Lex... I...
Lex Luthor: Sorry, I screwed up your plan.

Clark Kent: [In shock of what he sees] Lex?
Lex Luthor: Three months alone on a deserted island was almost worth it to see the look on your face right now.
Clark Kent: [They hug] Lex. We thought you died.
Lex Luthor: Well, apparently fate has bigger plans for me.

Martha Kent: You bought our farm?
Lex Luthor: I put your names in the deed.
Jonathan Kent: We can't accept this.
Lex Luthor: There's nothing to accept but my gratitude.
Jonathan Kent: Lex...
Lex Luthor: After the plane went down, I made my way into one of the broken wings. This compass, your wedding present, guided me to safe harbor. The least I can do is help you keep your farm.
Jonathan Kent: Uh... we will find some way to pay you back.
Lex Luthor: I'm not worried about that, Mr. Kent. If it's not too presumptuous, I hope you just consider me part of the family.

"Smallville: Beacon (#10.13)" (2011)
Alexander Luthor: I watched your body fall 40 stories. It was the greatest moment of my life.
Lionel Luthor: [sarcastically] Well, what father doesn't want to make his son happy.

Oliver Queen: [to Alexander] So, what was that this morning, huh? Was that, uh - was that your idea to show Daddy you got the killer instinct, too? Is that what that was?
Lionel Luthor: Are you making an accusation against my son? No one will take your word, you're a convicted felon. You should have stayed out of the spotlight, but you wanted celebrity. You made one fatal mistake - you trusted them, the people. They're vulgar, uneducated, and stupid, and they don't even know what you're fighting for. Must be heart-wrenching.
Oliver Queen: Well, you got it all figured out. I'll tell you what - I wouldn't underestimate the common man in tomorrow's vote. When the VRA's repealed and my name is cleared, I'm coming after you.
Lionel Luthor: No, you're wrong. Tomorrow, the people will turn on you again, believe me. You missed the mark, Green Arrow.
Alexander Luthor: And now it's our turn... again.

Lionel Luthor: Listen. Listen to me, son. Don't let hate master you. Make it your servant. Use it. Let it build inside of you. Hate can make you strong. I can teach you how.
Alexander Luthor: There's nothing left for you to teach me.

Clark Kent: You're looking for the Phantom Zone crystal, aren't you?
Tess Mercer: You sent Slade there, didn't you?
Clark Kent: The VRA forced my hand. And when the justice system here is fixed, I'll bring him back to stand trial.
Tess Mercer: How could you be so good, Clark?
Alexander Luthor: Because no one told him to hate. Like Lionel taught me.

Alexander Luthor: No, Tess! I am done with all of you! And you. Always making yourself look better by making me look like some kind of monster!
Clark Kent: You're not him.
Tess Mercer: You keep blaming everybody, but look who has the gun in their hand. I know how you feel. After living in the darkness for so long, you feel like you can't step into the light, 'cause it makes you feel ashamed. But Clark was the one that changed everything for me. He can do the same thing for you.
Alexander Luthor: W-Why would you want to help me? I'm your enemy. We've been locked in battle for years.
Clark Kent: You're not locked into anything. You had something that Lex never had, and that's Tess. She loved you.
Tess Mercer: I still love you. I do. And I know I'm not perfect. But I'll always be there for you.

"Smallville: Cool (#1.5)" (2001)
Lex Luthor: In my experience there's no such thing as too much information.

Martha Kent: So you would give us the latest farming equipment and technology?
Jonathan Kent: All in exchange for our independence.
Lex Luthor: My influence would be minimal, but existing, yeah. It's a partnership.
Jonathan Kent: We could get a loan.
Lex Luthor: Or you could allow me to help you get to the point where you never need someone like me again.
Martha Kent: I'll admit, it looks generous.
Lex Luthor: It is.
Jonathan Kent: Which begs the question what does Lex Luthor get out of all this?
Lex Luthor: I believe there's profit to be made. I'm not exactly in the charity business.
Jonathan Kent: Like father, like son.
Lex Luthor: Take some time to think about it. I'm sure you'll see the benefits outweigh your other options.

Lex Luthor: Your farm's drowning in debt; we both know it. All I'm trying to do is offer you a hand, but you keep slapping it away.
Jonathan Kent: I learned a long time ago, from a man much smarter than myself, that you need to solve your own problems.
Lex Luthor: Your father lived in different times, and he had his share of help. Seems government subsidies carried him through a number of lean years.
Martha Kent: Where did you get these?
Lex Luthor: It's a matter of public record. I'm making a business offer; I had to do my due diligence.
Jonathan Kent: Why are you so interested in our family, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Your son brought me back from the dead, Mr. Kent. When he reached in and pulled me out, he gave me a new life. Your father put his family's future over his own pride. Are you willing to do that?

Lex Luthor: Morning. I heard you took out a bank loan today.
Jonathan Kent: Did you?
Lex Luthor: After our conversation the other night, I was, frankly, surprised. You despise me that much?
Jonathan Kent: Believe it or not, Lex, some things actually have nothing to do with you. I decided to bet on my family.
Lex Luthor: You're betting with Clark's future. I'm just trying to ensure it.
Jonathan Kent: Yeah, well, so am I.
Lex Luthor: With the bank? They'll kill you with interest while waiting for you to fail.
Jonathan Kent: At least with the bank, I know where I stand.
Lex Luthor: I know you don't believe me, but I genuinely want to help you. When you change your mind, my offer still stands.

Lex Luthor: Welcome. I'm delighted you decided to come.
Martha Kent: Your house is very...
Lex Luthor: Large?
Jonathan Kent: To put it mildly.
Lex Luthor: The word "restraint" doesn't exist in my father's vocabulary.
Martha Kent: I'm sorry, are we early?
[Lex doesn't respond; Jonathan realizes why they're there]
Jonathan Kent: I think we should go.
Martha Kent: Wait, wait, Jonathan. Just because no one else came...
Jonathan Kent: That is if anyone else was even invited.
Martha Kent: Oh, I don't think Lex would...
Lex Luthor: Actually, I would. I did. But only because I knew you wouldn't have come otherwise. I know your farm's in trouble, Mr. Kent. Small town.
Jonathan Kent: So you thought you would just take advantage of my family's problem?
Lex Luthor: No. I thought I could help.

"Smallville: Kinetic (#1.13)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: Just remember, boys - you keep my secret, and I'll keep yours. And If you don't, you'll find out you're not the only ones who can reach through walls.

Lex Luthor: Clark, you can't save the world. All you'll end up with is a Messiah complex and a lot of enemies.
Clark Kent: I saved you, didn't I? That turned out all right.

Lex Luthor: [to Chloe Sullivan] I look forward to resuming our verbal judo.

Lex Luthor: A man is measured by the quality of his friends.

Clark Kent: Sorry about your disc.
Lex Luthor: I didn't come out here for that, Clark. I came because my friend was in trouble.

"Smallville: Hothead (#1.3)" (2001)
Lex Luthor: Dad, you have no idea what I'm capable of.

Lex Luthor: My father sent me to Smallville because he'd rather surround himself with drones than people who challenge his archaic business practices.

Lionel Luthor: You know perfectly well how I feel about you.
Lex Luthor: Hence, I'm at a crap factory in Smallville.

Lex Luthor: The Luthors wrote the book on uncomfortable silences.

Lex Luthor: Two trips in one week. I'm flattered, dad.
Lionel Luthor: What is this?
Lex Luthor: It's my new proposal. I worked out how to cut the operating budget by twenty percent without losing a single job.
Lionel Luthor: Lex, I specifically told you to cut your workforce.
Lex Luthor: Why? With this plan, you don't get the bad P.R.
Lionel Luthor: That's not the point.
Lex Luthor: Careful, dad, you're getting emotional.
[picking up a fencing foil]
Lex Luthor: We could always try a rematch. Are you afraid you can't take your son again?
Lionel Luthor: You get one.
Lex Luthor: One what?
Lionel Luthor: One chance to defy me.
Lex Luthor: I can't figure out what you hate more; the fact that my plan works, or that you didn't come up with it first.

"Justice League: Tabula Rasa: Part II (#2.4)" (2003)
[Amazo defeats Lex Luthor by plucking off his armor]
Lex Luthor: No! No, please!
Amazo: [relents] So small...
[looks at the Justice League]
Amazo: All of you. And so meaningless.
[looks at Lex, who flinches]
Amazo: There's nothing I want from you anymore. None of you has anything to offer me now.

Lex Luthor: Get back out there.
Amazo: Why?
Lex Luthor: Because I'm telling you to.
Amazo: That's not good enough anymore.

Lex Luthor: There's a bomb at the base of his brain. And all I have to do is press this little button.
Mercy Graves: Does he know about that?
Lex Luthor: He doesn't need to. He's going to do what I want out of love, not fear. But, unfortunately, love seldom lasts forever.

J'onn J'onzz: We're not your enemy.
Lex Luthor: [Amazo looks at him] You know what to do.
J'onn J'onzz: Yes. You know.

Lex Luthor: Nothing can stop you now. You have all their powers.
J'onn J'onzz: [having just given his to Amazo] Use them well.
Amazo: [Amazo briefly tries using the power he just gained, then suddenly turns to Lex Luthor] So you lied to me.
Lex Luthor: What?
Amazo: It was all a lie, wasn't it?
Lex Luthor: [backs away] I don't know what you're talking about!
Amazo: Then let me spell it out for you! I can read your mind, Lex!
Lex Luthor: If that's true, then you know what this is.
[Pulls out Amazo's kill switch]
Lex Luthor: And that I'm willing to use it!
[Amazo advances on him and he pushes the button on the kill switch, making Amazo's head explode, the heroes gasp as he goes limp for a moment, then his head regenerates]
Amazo: Now it's my turn.

"Smallville: Metamorphosis (#1.2)" (2001)
Lex Luthor: Can't knock your taste in women. You want to tell me what happened last night?
Clark Kent: It was just a stupid prank.
Lex Luthor: You were tied to a stake in the middle of a field. Even the Romans saved that for special occasions. You could have died out there.
Clark Kent: I appreciate your help. I just want to forget it ever happened.

Lex Luthor: Your form's good but his gait's off. You might want to check your shoes. Lex Luthor. I'm a friend of your aunt's.
Lana Lang: Sneaking up like that. You're lucky you didn't get kicked.
Lex Luthor: You must be Lana. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
Lana Lang: We've already met.
Lex Luthor: I seriously doubt I'd forget meeting you.
Lana Lang: You were a little preoccupied at the time.
Lex Luthor: I get the feeling I didn't make a great first impression.
Lana Lang: When I was ten, I went to Metropolis for a riding competition. Your father invited us to stay over. My aunt said you had an indoor pool. When I went to check it out, I found you and a girl skinny dipping. I think you were teaching her the breast stroke.
Lex Luthor: That was you? Wow. You're all grown up now.
[sees a case of ribbons, trophies, and plaques]
Lex Luthor: Very impressive.

Lex Luthor: I know the feeling. Kind of makes you wonder if you're with the right guy. One chucks footballs, the other helps save lives.

Lex Luthor: If you hadn't pulled him out of that truck, your problems would be solved.
[Clark looks at him]
Lex Luthor: I'm kidding of course. Don't worry, Clark. I've got your Trojan horse.
[he takes the box with Lana's necklace in it off the fireplace; he opens it and Clark backs away]
Lex Luthor: Clark, you okay?
Clark Kent: Yeah, I'm fine.
[Lex closes the box and Clark's pain stops]
Clark Kent: That's a cool box. What's it made of?
Lex Luthor: Lead. My mother bought it in a Kasban in Morocco. A little guy told her it was made from the armor of St. George, the patron saint of boy scouts. She gave it to me before she died. I think she was trying to send me a message.
[offers it to Clark]

Lex Luthor: [to Clark] Save any more lives on your way over? Keep it up and you could make a career out of it.

"Smallville: Lineage (#2.7)" (2002)
Clark Kent: Dominic told me you got in a fight with your father before he got shot. Why didn't you tell the police?
Lex Luthor: So you're implying I pulled the trigger?
Clark Kent: It's not like I haven't seen you shot someone before.
Lex Luthor: Get out of here before you say something you'll really regret.
Clark Kent: I'm not going anywhere, not until I get some answers. Are you trying to frame my dad?
Lex Luthor: After all this time, I thought you knew me better than the average tabloid reader.
Clark Kent: If you don't start trusting me the truth, what else am I to think?
Lex Luthor: Stay out of it, Clark
Clark Kent: My dad's life's at stake here!
Lex Luthor: So is my father's. Goodbye, Clark.

Lex Luthor: You knew my mother?
Rachel Dunleavy: And your father. He and I became very close. He got me pregnant and made me give the child up for adoption.
Lex Luthor: You're claiming that Clark...? That Clark and I...?
Rachel Dunleavy: He's your brother, Lex.

Lex Luthor: So, what do you think, Clark? No chance we could be brothers?
Clark Kent: As cool as that would be, Lex, we're not.

Lex Luthor: Rachel Dunleavy came to see me. She says you and I have a few chromosomes in common. My father's chromosomes, to be exact.
Clark Kent: You mean...?
Lex Luthor: Personally, I think I got all the looks in the family.
Clark Kent: Lex, I don't know what happened between her and your father, but... she's not my mother.
Lex Luthor: Trust me, I'm as skeptical about her as you are. For all I know, this is some elaborate scheme to win a paternity suit against my father.
Clark Kent: Did you ask him about it?
Lex Luthor: I didn't want to make any accusations until I had more facts. It's not hard to imagine; in the annals of extramarital exploits, my father probably has his own chapter.

"Smallville: Pilot (#1.1)" (2001)
Clark Kent: Hey, this is a great place.
Lex Luthor: Yeah, if you're dead and in the market for something to haunt.
Clark Kent: Well, I meant it's roomy.
Lex Luthor: It's the Luthor ancestral home, or so my father claims. He had it shipped over from Scotland stone by stone.
Clark Kent: Yeah, I remember. The trucks rolled through town for weeks but no one ever moved in.
Lex Luthor: My father had no intention of living here. He's never even stepped through the front door.
Clark Kent: Then why'd he ship it over?
Lex Luthor: Because he could.

Lex Luthor: Clark, do you believe a man can fly?
Clark Kent: Sure. In a plane.
Lex Luthor: No, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about soaring through the clouds, with nothing but air beneath you.
Clark Kent: People can't fly, Lex.
Lex Luthor: I did. After the accident, when my heart stopped. It was the most exhilarating two minutes of my life. I flew over Smallville, and for the first time, I didn't see a dead end. I saw a new beginning. Thanks to you, I have a second chance. We have a future, Clark, and I don't want anything to stand in the way of our friendship.

Clark Kent: This is a great place.
Lex Luthor: Yeah... if you're dead and in the market for something to haunt.
Clark Kent: Well, I meant... roomy.
Lex Luthor: It's the Luthor ancestral home. Or so my father claims. He had it shipped over from Scotland stone by stone.
Clark Kent: Yeah, I remember. The trucks rolled through town for weeks, but no one ever moved in.
Lex Luthor: My father had no intention of living here. He's never even stepped through the front door.
Clark Kent: Then why'd he ship it over?
Lex Luthor: Because he could.

Lionel Luthor: This has got to stop. Open your eyes, Lex.
Young Lex Luthor: I can't...
Lionel Luthor: Luthors are not afraid. We don't have that luxury. We're leaders. You have a destiny, Lex. You're never gonna get anywhere with your eyes closed.

"Smallville: Vessel (#5.22)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: You tried to warn me about Fine, but I didn't listen.
Lionel Luthor: You never have. Not matter what I've given you, the things you've always wanted were beyond your grasp. This time you've overreached yourself.
Lex Luthor: Did you come out here to lecture me or to help me?
Lionel Luthor: It's too late to do either, isn't it? You made a deal with the devil. He always comes to collect.

[after Lex sends Lionel flying into the limosine windshield]
Lex Luthor: Dad, are you okay?
Lionel Luthor: What have they... done to you... Lex? What have they turned you into?

Lex Luthor: Ever since that day on the bridge, you've always seen yourself as my savior. The one thing that would pull me off the dark path I'd started. See, that's why you cling to the idea that there's still some good in me. You don't want to face the fact that you might have failed.
Clark Kent: Or maybe I just can't believe that someone would have so little willpower.
Lex Luthor: It's a little hard to compete with the iron willpower it takes to kill one of your best friends. How did you know I was gonna come back like this?
Clark Kent: You don't realize how much danger you're in.

Lex Luthor: I used to think you had this... strong inner core. You were so virtuous. And yet you lie all the time. To me, to Lana, to all the people who cared about you. What kind of sick person would do that?
Clark Kent: If you thought this friendship was so doomed from the beginning, then why did you fight so hard to keep it?
Lex Luthor: Because I wanted everything you had. The family, the inconspicuous life, the loyal girlfriend. Well, at least I walked away with the part you loved the most.
Clark Kent: You're not yourself.
Lex Luthor: Or maybe I finally am.

"Smallville: Covenant (#3.22)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: Clark, thanks for showing up. It means a lot to me.
Clark Kent: I didn't come here for you, Lex. I came here because it's the right thing to do. This friendship is over.

Clark Kent: You told me you stopped investigating me.
Lex Luthor: I did.
Clark Kent: You did? Then what is this?
Lex Luthor: I understand how you could think this is all about you... but, in fact, it's about me.
Clark Kent: More lies.
Lex Luthor: So much of my own life I can't explain. I survived countless brushes with death, and it all started with this car crash. If I'm guilty of anything, it's that I've inherited my father's eccentric curiosity for the unexplained.
Clark Kent: You've inherited his dishonesty.
Lex Luthor: Clark, look me in the eye and tell me you don't have any hidden places of your own, where you keep your deep, dark secrets.
Clark Kent: Ever since I've met you, I've been defending you, making excuses for you to people like Pete, like my parents, telling them "You can trust Lex Luthor. He's a good guy. He's nothing like his father." I was wrong.

Lana Lang: Lex.
Lex Luthor: I just wanted to say bon voyage.
Lana Lang: Shouldn't you be at the couthouse?
Lex Luthor: My father can wait. Lana, I couldn't let the last person you saw from Smallville to be the shuttle driver looking for his tip.
Lana Lang: Lex, um... I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done for me.
Lex Luthor: Yeah, it's pretty clear your destiny lies far beyond the Smallville city limits. I'm just trying to help you get there.
Lana Lang: I don't know what I did to deserve such a great friend. But I'm glad that you came into my life.

Lex Luthor: Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic. My father's knocked on the door of every major medical institution in the Western world and was sent home each time without a cure.
Chloe Sullivan: I'm sensing you're having second thoughts. Lex, I understand if you want to back out. I mean, he needs to be punished for what he did, but he's still your father, and he's dying.
Lex Luthor: Yeah. And he's gonna draw his last breath in prison, not the VIP suite at Metropolis General. But only you're still willing to go through with this.
Chloe Sullivan: I don't think I like the sound of this.
Lex Luthor: Chloe, a dying man has little to lose. My father used a bizarre blood platelet cocktail to raise the dead, then pinned the murders of the research team on his son. Who knows what tactics he'll use to avoid going to prison?
Chloe Sullivan: Yeah, but the FBI guaranteed our safety. I mean, they're putting me and my father in protective custody until after the trial.
Lex Luthor: Then what?
Chloe Sullivan: Lex, are you trying to scare me?
Lex Luthor: I'm worried about you, Chloe. I want you to have all the facts before you walk into that courtroom.
Chloe Sullivan: Your father's intimidated me long enough. I'm not backing down.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008) (VG)
Lex Luthor: You lack imagination, Green Lantern. You've always had. Someone like me should have that ring.
Green Lantern: Over my dead body, Lex.

Captain Marvel: Darkseid's energy merged with energy from the other universe. Dark Kahn's mere existence is what causing the two universes to collide.
Superman: That explains the attacks on me and the rest of you. The strange fluctuations of our powers.
Lex Luthor: It was you - your heat vision. You blasted Darkseid's boomtube and sent him hurtling into some unknown universe. This is all your fault.
Superman: You accuse me? You helped Darkseid invade the Earth! Remember?
The Joker: Fight, fight, fight, fight!
Captain Marvel: Both of you calm down. You're being poisoned by the Kombat Rage.
Lex Luthor: Poisoned by what?
Captain Marvel: The dark energies from the world merge. We can't fight them on ourselves. We need to work together to find Dark Kahn.
Catwoman: I have lives to spare. How do we find this Dark Kahn?
Superman: If Dark Kahn is made of Darkseid's energy, it's a good chance he's on Apokolips.
Lex Luthor: I know where we can access one of Dark Kahn's portals. I used it when Catwoman and I escaped. If their portal can take us to Oa, it can take us to Apokolips. Deathstroke, you and Joker secure that portal. This device will lead you to the base. Report back to me when you've succeeded.
Deathstroke: You want me to assault an enemy base with him?
The Joker: Come on. We'll kill things, blow things up. Oh, it'll be fun.
Lex Luthor: Catwoman, you're with me. Can't be too safe in this town. Too many criminals. Superman and Captain America, you gather your hero allies and wait for my word.
Superman: All right, Lex. I'll trust you, for now. You get to the portals, I'll go to the Fortress of Solitude and pull up everything I know about Darkseid. No killing. If one of you steps out of line, believe me, I'll know.

Superman: [D.C. Universe Storyline ending, Superman is in Darkseid's Palace] Raiden. He's gone.
Wonder Woman: The others have disappeared as well.
Captain Marvel: The rage, it's gone.
Lex Luthor: What is this place?
Superman: Darkseid's throne room. The two universes must have separated. Everything is returned to...
[is interupted by groaning]
Superman: normal.
[Looks down to see what that was]
Superman: You're not Darkseid.
Shao Kahn: I am Shao Kahn, and you will bow to me!
[Tries to throw a green firebell, but fails]
Shao Kahn: What?
[Superman grins and the next scene shows Shao Kahn in the Phantom Zone, as he orbits Earth in shattered peices of glass]

Superman: [DC Universe Storyline first lines]
Superman: Metropolis, Earth's shining example of human achievement. This is where we made our final stand against Darkseid and his army of parademons. Born in the fire pits of a distant world called Apokolips. But what seemed like victory was only the beginning.
[Having Darkseid pinned down]
Superman: It's over, Darkseid.
Darkseid: Don't be so sure, Kryptonian.
[Superman slams Darkseid to the ground]
Lex Luthor: [as Superman flies down to the ground to see Darkseid pinned to the ground] Took you long enough.
Superman: Luthor.
[Flies to him]
Superman: You threatened the safety of Earth for your own personal gain. You aligned yourself with Darkseid.
Lex Luthor: I was only trying to ensure humanity's survival in the event that you and your other *so called* heroes failed.
[Both Lex and Superman see Darksied trying to escape through a boomtube]
Lex Luthor: Darkseid has acitivated another dimensional boomtube. He's going to escape.
Darkseid: This isn't over, Superman.
Superman: Don't be so sure.
[He then uses his heat vision to defeat Darkseid]
Darkseid: This can't be true. You're de-stabilizing the boombtube.
[Then, Darkseid disappears]
Lex Luthor: [After ducking a car] I'm amazed you didn't kill us.
Superman: Save it, Luthor. You're going to jail, but this time I'm going to bring you some place more secure than Striker's Island.
[Picks Up Luthor and flies away with him]
Superman: Don't worry, I'll make sure your cell has a nice view of Earth.

"Smallville: Gemini (#7.9)" (2007)
Lois Lane: Mr. Luthor, perhaps we could start by discussing Project Gemini.
Lex Luthor: Excuse me?
Lois Lane: My sources tell me you run some kind of an ant farm except instead of ants, it's humans and instead of a farm, it's a lab.
Grant Gabriel: Lois.
Lex Luthor: Now that you're renowned for your eloquence, Lois, but, uh, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Lois Lane: Human cloning. The replication of a DNA sequence produced from a single identical ancestor.
Lex Luthor: My mistake. I didn't realize you'd be pitching me a Hollywood movie. Is this how you run your paper, Mr. Gabriel?

Adrian: You created me in a test tube, you kept me like some pet, so you could have a brother? Is that why you couldn't get rid of me?
Lex Luthor: You're not my brother!
Lex Luthor: [shoots Adrian] You're a mistake.

Lex Luthor: Look, not that it matters, but you're no longer running my exposé.
Lois Lane: Nuh uh. You'll have to take that up with my boss.
Lex Luthor: I am your boss. Merry Christmas, Lois. I just bought the Daily Planet.

Grant Gabriel: Congratulations on the Daily Planet. Wonderful. One more piece in my life you can control, starting with my creation.
Lex Luthor: I can't believe you let that lunatic sneak his ideas into your head. You're my brother.
Grant Gabriel: No, Lex. I'm an experiment. Beneath all that arrogance, your cracks are starting to show. Did you really think you could keep this a secret? Or are you so desperate to mean something to someone, it was worth the risk?
Lex Luthor: You can't punish me for wanting a family.
Grant Gabriel: How am I supposed to feel, being the product of a man who's destroyed everything he's ever touched?
Lex Luthor: No. You're different, Julian. If I didn't love you, you wouldn't be here.
Grant Gabriel: I'm living proof you've forgotten how to love. But if you wanna play God, you might wanna remember his greatest gift, free will. Let me live my life.

"Smallville: Phantom (#6.22)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: Ever since the day I've put on this wedding ring, you seem to have the uncanny knack for being one step ahead of me.
Lionel Luthor: I don't have time for this. I have things to do.
Lex Luthor: Like have a private screening of that DVD? You know the documentary - the one that Lana stole from me and gave to you.
Lionel Luthor: Oh, dear. I'd hoped married life have lessoned some of your paranoia.

Lex Luthor: As hard as it is for you to believe, Lana actually loves me.
Lionel Luthor: Oh, you know so little about women, Lex. I suppose losing your mother at such an early age didn't help matters. Lana does not love you. The only reason she agreed to marry you was that I gave her a gentle, yet very firm, nudge.
Lex Luthor: Using my wife against me... That's deplorable even for you. Whatever debts you think I still owe, we are even. I want you out of my life.
Lionel Luthor: I don't think you're gonna get rid of me that easily.

Clark Kent: [Clark superspeeds into Reeves Dam and pushes Lex up against the wall] She was your wife, Lex. Why did you do it?
Lex Luthor: Now is not the time to lecture me about my marriage, Clark.
Clark Kent: Why'd you do it? Just tell me!
Lex Luthor: Get your hands off me!
Clark Kent: You afraid she was gonna bring you down, or was it just too humiliating for you that she was gonna leave you? Why'd you have to kill her? Why?
Lex Luthor: What are you talking about?
Clark Kent: You already know. Lana is dead.
Lex Luthor: [genuinely shocked] No.
Clark Kent: No. You don't to need act so surprised. You're the one who killed her. You put a bomb in her car. You're the one who killed her!

Lana Luthor: Lex, we have to talk.
Lex Luthor: We most certainly do. But it will have to wait. I'll be back tonight.
Lana Luthor: I won't be. Lex, I can't live like this anymore.
Lex Luthor: Yeah, I don't blame you. Living a lie in a marriage you never wanted. Must take its toll after a while.
Lana Luthor: You're the expert. Setting up a nursery. An heirloom crib. The tears of joy in your eyes when you saw the ultrasound. What kind of a toll does it take, Lex?
Lex Luthor: What in God's name are you talking about?
Lana Luthor: I'm talking about the massive amounts of hormones you injected into my veins to make me believe that I was pregnant! What kind of a monster are you?
Lex Luthor: I don't know where you're getting your information from, Lana, but it's nothing but slander. You know I would never...
Lana Luthor: Don't lie, Lex. It's too late for all that. This marriage is over.
Lex Luthor: Lana, I know I'm far from perfect, but you can't deny what we have between us.
Lana Luthor: Lex, all there is between us is lies on top of lies!
Lex Luthor: Lana, everything I've ever done, it's because I love you.
Lana Luthor: You aren't capable of love, Lex. You never were.
Lex Luthor: [Lex closes the door] It's Clark, isn't it? You never could get over him... even if he is the greatest liar of them all.
Lana Luthor: Clark means more to me than you ever will.
Lex Luthor: [Lex hits her] Lana...
Lana Luthor: That's the last time you'll ever touch me!
Lex Luthor: [Lana tries to leave, but Lex grabs her arm] Do you really think I could just let you walk away?
Lana Luthor: What are you going to do, Lex? Kill me? Because it's the only way you're going to keep me in this mansion.
[Lana rips her arm out of Lex's grasp and walks out]

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The House of Luthor (#1.21)" (1994)
Lois Lane: [seeing the officiate at their wedding] The Archbishop!
Lex Luthor: Yes, I'm sorry, the Pope had a previous engagement.

Lex Luthor: [to Superman who is in a Krytonite cage] Have a nice death.

Lex Luthor: [at their wedding after being discovered] Lois, I am sorry, we'll have to take a raincheck, something has come up.

Lex Luthor: [to a distracted Lois] Did you know that Shakespeare didn't write Othello?
Lois Lane: Hm.
Lex Luthor: It was actually written by Dr. Seuss.

"Smallville: Mercy (#5.19)" (2006)
Lionel Luthor: It was you, Lex. I know it.
Lex Luthor: What?
Lionel Luthor: Disabling my limo in the path of an oncoming train. You know that kind of melodrama went out of style with silent movies.

Lana Lang: We've spent the last week avoiding what happened.
Lex Luthor: I was kind of waiting for you to bring that up.
Lana Lang: You kissed me.
Lex Luthor: And then you kissed me back.
Lana Lang: God, after all that talk about friendship and not wanting to ruin what we have, we really don't listen very well, do we?
Lex Luthor: Are you asking me to forget what happened? Because short of a serious blow to the head, I think it's a memory that's gonna linger for quite a while.

Lex Luthor: Someone tried to kill you?
Lionel Luthor: Oh, is this the part where you feign innocence?
Lex Luthor: I brought you in to help run LuthorCorp again. Profits have never been higher. Why would I want you dead?
Lionel Luthor: Not so long ago, I tried to take LuthorCorp away from you.
Lex Luthor: The Apex takeover.
Lionel Luthor: Right.
Lex Luthor: Please. Seeing you fail miserably was retribution enough.

Lex Luthor: I may not like you very much, dad, but you're a valuable asset to LuthorCorp. Killing you would hurt the bottom line.
Lionel Luthor: [sarcastic] Your concern is truly touching.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Double Jeopardy (#3.16)" (1996)
Lex Luthor: Loose lips sink ships.

Lex Luthor: Lest you forget, Kent, she was once my intended. The fact that I knew some aspects of her and you others, can be an asset to our search.
Clark Kent: Where'd you last see her?
Lex Luthor: Outside a bank. She'd just kicked me in the jaw.
Clark Kent: [grins in spite of himself] That's Lois.
Lex Luthor: She's an amazing woman. I've never known anyone like her.
Clark Kent: Fearless.
Lex Luthor: Stupidly so, at times.
Clark Kent: I try to get her to take it easy, but...
Lex Luthor: She won't listen. And yet, when she's sad, and she cries...
Clark Kent: You wanna die.
Lex Luthor: Tell me about it.

Lex Luthor: Look. I wrote the checks that got you made. I am God. And God can smite you down.
Lois Clone: What's "smite" mean?

Lois Lane: You can give yourself up, and finish your time.
Lex Luthor: I was doing a double life sentence.
Lois Lane: You can catch up on your reading.

"Smallville: Prodigal (#2.15)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: Careful, Lucas, you're showing your hand.

Lex Luthor: Mr. Kent. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and your family have done for me.
Jonathan Kent: You going somewhere, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Well, I needed to talk to my brother, and you know what they say about fish and houseguests after three days.
Jonathan Kent: You're welcome back any time.
Lex Luthor: That's nice of you to say.
Jonathan Kent: Look, I gave you every single crappy farm job I could think of. But you did 'em all. You didn't complain, not once. You would have made one hell of a farmer.

Lionel Luthor: Do you remember the fable of the frog and the scorpion, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Yeah, dad. The, uh, frog helped the scorpion across the river. The scorpion repaid his kindness by stinging the frog.
Lionel Luthor: "Why did you do it?", the dying frog asked him. And the scorpion replied "Because it is my nature." Believe me, Lex, your brother will never change. I've watched him over the years. The boy's a sociopath.
Lex Luthor: And I wonder which side of the family tree he got that from.

Lex Luthor: Sometimes, Clark, we're all held hostage by the will of our fathers. The only difference is your dad's a good man. All my father does is push people away. Your dad opened up his home to me, no questions asked.
Clark Kent: As long as I live, I don't think I'm ever gonna understand your family.
Lex Luthor: Neither will I. Just remember, my father may try and rule the world, but yours will inherit the Earth.

"Justice League: Tabula Rasa (#2.3)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: Help me. I'm... I'm...
Mercy Graves: Sick? Dying? And you couldn't do it someplace else?
Lex Luthor: After all I've done for you?
Mercy Graves: You mean letting me, a lowly chauffeur run your company while you were away? Oh, was I flattered! But then I realized, there was no one you could trust to give it back. Only me, your loyal "dog". Well, let me tell you something. This "dog" took LexCorp out of the hole you dug and brought up the stock 38%, all on her own. So, if you think I'm ever gonna let you...
Lex Luthor: [grabs her by her throat] Looks like there's some life in the old suit after all. Now where's Professor Ivo?
Mercy Graves: I - I fired him.
Lex Luthor: You *what*? He was one of our best scientists! How could you do that? Well?
Mercy Graves: I - I was trying to save money. He's probably at his place on Mountain View.
Lex Luthor: Good girl.

Lex Luthor: [Noticing Amazo sporting replica Hawkgirl wings] Well, looks like Ivo was right on the money. His duplication program seems to be working rather well. I assume you ran into Hawkgirl?
Amazo: Girl with wings. Yes.
Lex Luthor: And seeing that you were able to get away with this, I take it she didn't fare too well. is she still alive?
Amazo: Yes.
Lex Luthor: [Disappointed] Aww...
Amazo: What's wrong?
Lex Luthor: Let me tell you a story, it's about a young man whose dream was the build a great empire. He succeeded, but he lost it all because of seven very bad people... Hawwkgirl and her friends, the Justice League.
Amazo: The Justice League.
Lex Luthor: That young man was me, of course. And now I have another dream... It's to take back control of that empire, and then when the time comes, I want to hand it down to someone who will continue my work... the son I never had. But none of that can happen until you give the Justice League what they deserve.

Lex Luthor: Looks like the cigarettes finally got you.
[looks at his damaged containment suit]
Lex Luthor: And maybe me too.

Amazo: When will Professor come back?
Lex Luthor: Never.
Amazo: He has to!

"Smallville: Nemesis (#6.19)" (2007)
Clark Kent: I saw Lana the day of the wedding and she was gonna leave you. What did you do her?
Lex Luthor: I don't know. The answer must have gotten lost in that dark abyss we call my soul.

Clark Kent: We're we ever really friends, Lex?
Lex Luthor: I don't know. I have nothing to compare it to. You're the only real friend I've ever had, Clark. And somewhere along the way, you saw me as your nemesis, turned your back on me.

Lex Luthor: You were the last person I ever expected to be pulling shrapnel out of. I saw what happened when I stabbed you with that chisel, Clark. The thing accordioned like it hit solid rock. I don't know why I needed to believe that you were more than human.
Clark Kent: Nothing's ever good enough for you, Lex.
Lex Luthor: Yeah, well, the truth would have been. You may be flesh and blood... but you've been hiding secrets from me since we met. You never trusted me.
Clark Kent: Would it have mattered? What are you really doing down here anyway, Lex? Trying to find ways to exploit the people that have different abilities than you?
Lex Luthor: There is no gray area with you, is there? It's either all good or all evil. Did you ever try to see my humanity before you decided I had none?
Clark Kent: I did, Lex. And look where we are.

"Superman: Ghost in the Machine (#2.14)" (1997)
Brainiac: I needed a way to get your attention.
Lex Luthor: There's always e-mail.

[after Luthor's Sky Sentry weapon fails during a press conference]
Lex Luthor: Those jackals are going to crucify me!

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: I'm waiting.
[Mercy gets out of the limousine and opens the door for him. He gets in, and she trades a look with Superman, then drives off]
Superman: Just a stray.

"Smallville: Delete (#3.11)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: I was looking for the, uh... on-call tech guy.
Molly Griggs: Well, you found her.
Lex Luthor: You... you work in the tech department?
Molly Griggs: Would you rather have a PlayStation addicted dork wearing a "Star Wars" t-shirt?

Dr. Lawrence Garner: Mr. Luthor. I should have known when young Clark stopped by that you wouldn't be far behind.
Lex Luthor: Any more attempts on Chloe Sullivan's life would be... ill advised.
Dr. Lawrence Garner: Molly seems to have vanished into thin air. I don't suppose you'd know anything about that.
Lex Luthor: Molly's in the care of people who should be able to help her, not exploit her.
Dr. Lawrence Garner: Lex, you're a smart man. You know the line has to be bent now and then in order to make progress.
Lex Luthor: I believe there's a difference between bent and broken.
Dr. Lawrence Garner: You've never been so close to making a discovery that you'd be willing to do almost anything to see it through? My work could change the way that the world views intelligence. Thought.
Lex Luthor: I don't think your research is worth the cost of innocent lives.
Dr. Lawrence Garner: And I don't think I have time for a morality lesson. Excuse me.

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: Chloe's article is a real page-turner. Almost worth killing over. Wouldn't you say, doctor?
Dr. Lawrence Garner: What do you want, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Your help. A few months ago, I had an unfortunate session of electroshock therapy that basically erased seven weeks of my life. I want those seven weeks back.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012) (VG)
Lex Luthor: No, thanks. I don't want to get joy buzzed.
The Joker: Oh, don't worry. I didn't want to shake hands, I want your watch. Nice running into you. Let's do it again, sometime.
Lex Luthor: Oh, we will.

Lex Luthor: How would you like to be out of Arkham right now, and given a chance to take revenge on Batman and the rest of this ungrateful city?
The Joker: I'd have to be crazy to say no to that offer. Unless you're just one of the voices in my head. In which case, I'm crazy anyway.

The Joker: Wait a second. What are you going to do the Dynamic Dumb-Dumb?
Lex Luthor: Joker, I have an election to win.
The Joker: But who will I play with if he's dead?
Lex Luthor: Robin's still around. If we eliminate Batman, Robin will probably put on the suit and say he's Batman.

Lego Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite (2013) (V)
Lex Luthor: No, thanks. I don't want to get joy buzzed.
The Joker: Oh, don't worry. I didn't want to shake hands, I want your watch. Nice running into you. Let's do it again, sometime.
Lex Luthor: Oh, we will.

Lex Luthor: How would you like to be out of Arkham right now, and given a chance to take revenge on Batman and the rest of this ungrateful city?
The Joker: Well, I'd have to be crazy to say no to that offer. Unless you're just one of the voices in my head. In which case, I'm crazy anyway.

The Joker: Wait a second. What are you going to do the Dynamic Dumb-Dumb?
Lex Luthor: Joker, I have an election to win.
The Joker: But who will I play with if he's dead?
Lex Luthor: Robin's still around. If we eliminate Batman, Robin will probably put on the suit and say he's Batman.

"Smallville: Arctic (#7.20)" (2008)
Kara: I'd always thought the Traveler was meant for good. Even he thinks he is. When I went home to Krypton, I learned the truth about his fate. He won't save mankind. He'll destroy it.
Lex Luthor: Who is it?
Kara: Don't you already know?

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: I must admit, Clark. This is a big step up from the barn.
Clark Kent: It's not what you think, Lex. You don't understand.
Lex Luthor: For the first time, I think I do. You see, you live among us as a mild-mannered farm boy. But secretly, you're a strange visitor from another planet, plotting our demise.
Clark Kent: That's not what I'm doing at all.
Lex Luthor: It's a brilliant disguise, Clark. You don't even need a mask.
Clark Kent: I'm not your enemy, Lex. I've never done anything to hurt you.
Lex Luthor: Yes, you did. You didn't trust me. With everything you had, with everything you could do, did you ever think about what we could have accomplished together? I would have helped you become a hero.
Clark Kent: When have you thought of anyone else but yourself?
Lex Luthor: Right now. I'm doing this for the world. I have to protect the human race.
Clark Kent: This is my life. You have no right to control it.
Lex Luthor: It's my birthright! The Luthor family has always been about power and having control over everything. After all my sacrifices, after all the pain... I finally understand. I was being prepared for a much greater destiny. Everything led me to this moment.
Clark Kent: And we're both here. We're in that moment. And what happens next is your choice. But no one is controlling you, Lex. No one is forcing you to do this.
Lex Luthor: Who am I to turn my back on my fellow man? Especially after you turned your back on me? I'm sorry, Clark. But you are the Traveler. You hold the future of the entire planet in your hands. I'm here to take it back into mine.
[Lex walks over to the console]
Clark Kent: Lex...
Lex Luthor: You'll never threaten the world again... Kal-El.
Clark Kent: Lex, don't!
[Lex plugs the Orb onto the console. The Fortress begins collapsing as Clark falls to his feet. Lex kneels down to him]
Lex Luthor: I loved you like a brother, Clark. But it has to end this way. I'm sorry.

Jimmy Olsen: Look, Lex, I would really like to help, but lying, it's just, uh, you know, it's not my thing. It's eating me up. It's actually... it's making my stomach hurt.
Lex Luthor: Well it's never too late to learn a new skill.

"Smallville: Justice (#6.11)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: [over a walkie-talkie] I don't care. I want a Level One lockdown. No one gets in or out.
Green Arrow: [behind him] Little late for that.
[Lex turns]
Green Arrow: You got 10 minutes to get your people out of here before I blow this place off the map.
Lex Luthor: You.
Green Arrow: You remember. I'm touched.
Lex Luthor: Well, it's a little hard to forget. Last time we met, you put an arrow in my chest.
Green Arrow: You put a bullet in mine. Bygones?
Lex Luthor: Go to hell.
Green Arrow: You first.

[after Bart is caught by Lex]
Bart Allen: I want a lawyer.
Lex Luthor: And I want a ponytail. Disappointment abounds. Who do you work for?
Bart Allen: What you see is what you get there, Goldilocks.
Lex Luthor: You're a low-level thief. Swiping corporate data isn't your style. Now, tell me who you're working for and this won't have to get unpleasant.
Bart Allen: All right. All right. I work for a guy called Mr. Kiss-My-Butt. Would you like me to introduce you?

Lionel Luthor: I need to talk to you. Are you alone?
Lex Luthor: Just me and my shadow, dad.

"Superman: Identity Crisis (#2.6)" (1997)
Bizarro: They am no Superman! Me am Superman!
Lex Luthor: Sorry, my friend, but you am toast.

Bizarro: [sees his reflection] What am me?
Mercy Graves: Bizarro, that's what you am!
Lex Luthor: Mercy...
Bizarro: Bizarro? That not my name.
Mercy Graves: If the shoe fits, handsome.
Bizarro: No! Me am Superman. Me am hero. Me show you.
[flies through the ceiling]
Lex Luthor: That's coming out of your pay.

Bizarro: Me am Superman! Me am hero!
Lex Luthor: Sorry, my friend, but you am toast.

"Smallville: Stray (#1.16)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: We don't need to play games, son.
Lex Luthor: Dad, games are all we got.

Lex Luthor: I wanted you to have something.
[Clark receives it and removes the cover]
Clark Kent: A sword?
Lex Luthor: It's a foil, Clark. Every hero should have one.

Lex Luthor: You know what those emperors you're so fond of talking about were really afraid of? That their sons would become successful and return to Rome at the head of their own army.
Lionel Luthor: You think you can find your future in Smallville? I'm your future. Join me, Lex. Join me in Metropolis. How long have you been waiting to hear me say those words?
Lex Luthor: I've waited to hear other things from you for a lot longer. I'll return to Metropolis when I'm ready.

"Smallville: Leech (#1.12)" (2002)
Victoria Hardwick: It was just business!
Lex: You call sleeping with me business? I'd hate to think what that makes you.
Victoria Hardwick: [she slaps him] We could have been great together.
Lex: I plan on being great all by myself.

Lex Luthor: Listen, I had no right to question your honesty. All I can do is plead temporary insanity and hope we can find a way to put this behind us.
Clark Kent: Only temporary?

Lionel Luthor: [after Lionel takes credit for Lex's takeover] That's what happens when you trust your family, Lex. I'm proud of you.
Lex Luthor: [sarcastically] Thanks, Dad. That means a lot coming from you.

"Smallville: X-Ray (#1.4)" (2001)
Lex Luthor: I promise I'm not a criminal mastermind.
Clark Kent: I know. A criminal mastermind would have worn a mask.

Lex Luthor: I'd question your integrity, but you're a journalist.

Lex Luthor: If you walk out that door, I will make you disappear.
Roger Nixon: What're you gunna do? You gunna have me killed?
Lex Luthor: [laughs] No. You'll be very much alive. But there'll be no evidence of your existence.
Roger Nixon: What are you talking about?
Lex Luthor: Driver's license, passports, social security number, bank account, will all be erased. With one call, I can be sure that there will be no record that you actually walk this earth.
Roger Nixon: You're bluffing.
Lex Luthor: Call your bank, see if your account still exists. That is, if your cell phone hasn't already been disconnected.
[Roger tries his phone but notices it's not working]
Roger Nixon: What did you do?
Lex Luthor: Don't worry, Roger. I'm going to give you a new identity. One that's a little less upstanding. Maybe a murderer. Maybe a drug dealer. Either way, you'll lose your job, your house, and your family.
Roger Nixon: Look, I'll give the money back. Then we'll be even.
Lex Luthor: No, we won't. Because I also know your brother works for juvenile court. What'd you tell him? "Steal the records and you can make some quick cash"? He could do time for that.
Roger Nixon: Leave him out of this.
Lex Luthor: I didn't get him involved, Roger. You did. You came into my life thinking you could shake me down because I was some spoiled rich brat who needed his daddy's protection. Trust me. When I make things disappear, they stay buried.
Roger Nixon: What do you want from me?
Lex Luthor: Your help. My father's obsessed with the Daily Planet. But I know the Inquisitor is read by the people. They're the ones I'm interested in. I will feed you stories and you will print them. Any negative stories about me you will kill. You'll be at my disposal 24/7.

"Smallville: Ryan (#2.8)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: In life, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch.
Ryan James: You should remember that, Lex.

Lex Luthor: [about Ryan] So you staged a one-man prison break? How did you manage to get him out without anybody stopping you?
Clark Kent: Just lucky, I guess.
Lex Luthor: You're the luckiest guy I've ever met. Let's hope it doesn't run out before tomorrow.

Lex Luthor: When Winston Churchill heard about the attack on Pearl Harbor, he broke out a bottle of champagne and said "We've won the war." His generals looked at him like he lost his mind. America's Pacific fleet was wiped out, France was overrun, and the Luftwaffe was bombing London. Churchill said "America is like a giant boiler. Light a fire under it, and there's no limit to the amount of heat it can generate." If you start a fire, Mayor Tate, you'd better be prepared to deal with the flames.

"Smallville: Hourglass (#1.6)" (2001)
Lex Luthor: You see, I don't want to do good things, I want to do great things.

Lex Luthor: Life's a journey, Clark; I don't wanna go through it following a roadmap.
Clark Kent: It still wouldn't kill you to drive more slowly.

Lex Luthor: I come bearing gifts.
Cassandra Carver: So did the Greeks.

"Smallville: Magnetic (#3.7)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: Any word on your friend Seth?
Lana: He's still in a coma. Uh, they don't know what he'll remember, if and when he ever wakes up. Lex, I'm sorry I let you down. I can't defend my behavior, magnetism or no magnetism. But I'd really like my job at the Talon back.
Lex Luthor: Done.
[Lana is incredulous]
Lex Luthor: I'm serious. The place needs you, and I make a lousy latte.
Lana: [unsure what to say] Lex...
Lex Luthor: Lana, I did a lot worse things than steal a sports car when I was your age, and I'm the last guy to criticize someone for falling for the wrong person. But I'm sure the right guy is out there.

Chloe: You're a Luthor, so it's a given that you're unscrupulous, but I really thought that petty larceny was beneath you, Lex.
Lex Luthor: Can you be a little more specific with the charge?
Chloe: I caught some creep in my office trying to steal one of my computers. I figured either you or your father hired him.
Lex Luthor: But you're accusing me.
Chloe: You're what they euphemistically call the lesser of two evils.
Lex Luthor: I admire your take charge attitude. Barging in here and accusing me took guts. Or sheer stupidity.

Chloe: How did he die?
Lex Luthor: Natural causes. Apparently his heart just gave out.
Chloe: And you believe that?
Lex Luthor: Given what he was looking into, I doubt there was anything natural about his death.
Chloe: How do I know you're not just playing me, Lex?
Lex Luthor: You're right, Chloe. I could be. I often bring high school girls to the morgue to show them what happens when trained professionals cross my father.
Chloe: Well, there's nothing in my files worth killing over.
Lex Luthor: We've got a corpse here that says you're wrong. Chloe, you're involved in a very dangerous game. I can protect you.
Chloe: [scoffs] Yeah, like you protected him?
Lex Luthor: Mason knew the risks of tangling with my father. You clearly don't. I'm the only choice you've got.

"Smallville: Commencement (#4.22)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: [to his father's unconscious body after element has caused him to have a seizure] Dad, can you hear me? You did create the son you always wanted.

Lex Luthor: Dad, don't you think your search for these three ancient stones is starting to border on the fanatical?
Lionel Luthor: Let me remind, you, Lex... it was you who looted the ruins of Egypt to get your hands on one of those stones.
Lex Luthor: Trust me, Lana Lang has nothing to do with this.
Lionel Luthor: So chivalrous of you. You are the gallant hero trying to protect the damsel in distress. Hm?
Lex Luthor: I'm warning you. Leave her alone.
Lionel Luthor: All your life, you've had a tendency to let the damsel lead you straight into the mouth of the dragon. Your feeling for Miss Lang, don't let them cripple your common sense, son.

Lex Luthor: Come on, Chloe! You're the town purveyor of all things unexplained. You damn well know about this cave and the stones.
Chloe Sullivan: Lex, what's wrong with you?
Lex Luthor: If you didn't break into my library, you know who did. Who are you trying to protect?
Chloe Sullivan: No one.
Lex Luthor: Is it Clark?
Chloe Sullivan: Clark? Of course not. What does Clark have to do with any of this?
Lex Luthor: You tell me. You've known Clark a lot longer than I have. In fact... you might know him better than anyone.
Chloe Sullivan: You're right, Lex, I do. And the Clark I know is the last person to go super-thief on your library for some stupid piece of rock.

"Smallville: Skinwalker (#2.10)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: Your new-found advocacy wouldn't have anything to do with a beautiful doe-eyed crusader, would it? Your mother told me about Kyla.
Clark Kent: You ever wondered if you were destined to be with someone?
Lex Luthor: You're asking someone who's fighting his destiny his entire life. I'm a little surprised to see you moved on so quickly. What happened to Lana?
Clark Kent: It's a completely different feeling when the person likes you back.

Clark Kent: Lex, have you ever wondered if you were destined to be with someone?
Lex Luthor: You're asking someone who's been fighting his destiny his entire life.

Lionel Luthor: Lex, have I done anything in the recent past to offend you?
Lex Luthor: There are so many ways I could answer that question, Dad.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Neverending Battle (#1.3)" (1993)
Monique: Let me hire a couple of shooters and I'll turn Superman into a large wet spot. Testing won't be necessary.
Lex Luthor: Have you ever read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"?
Monique: I'm waiting for the Reader's Digest version.
Lex Luthor: Sun Tzu was a general od ancient imperial China, and he teaches us, paraphrasing, of course, 'Knowledge precedes victory, ignorance precedes defeat'.
Monique: Really? Well, an uzi precedes a bloody mess, even in China.

Lex Luthor: So, what do we know about Superman?
Jules: That he can really jump...for a white guy.

Lex Luthor: We know Superman can jump high but is he, say, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Is he more powerful than a locomotive?

"Smallville: Crush (#1.19)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: What did she want?
Lex Luthor: Forgiveness.
Lionel Luthor: She must not know you very well, son.

Clark Kent: I've got these two amazing friends who both happen to be girls.
Lex Luthor: For argument's sake let's call them "Lana" and "Chloe."

Lex Luthor: I've only loved two women in my life: one died and the other betrayed me.

"Smallville: Fanatic (#5.10)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: You know, you really don't have to quote "The Art of War" to me, dad. I read it cover to cover three times before I finished high school. Although, I still would have preferred a bike for my fourteenth birthday.

Lionel Luthor: Despite your intense studies, it seems Jonathan Kent, after yesterday's theatrics, has surged ahead of you in the polls.
Lex Luthor: I didn't have anything to do with that.
Lionel Luthor: No, no, of course you didn't. But it looks as though your disciples tried to follow in your footsteps. They have succeeded in creating quite a mess. How does it feel, Lex, to have people worship you?
Lex Luthor: Being the idol for a cult of psychopaths isn't exactly a power trip, dad.
Lionel Luthor: No, but I suppose being a state senator would be. Isn't that why you're running for office?
Lex Luthor: You want to know the truth? I'm running because it's something I actually have to work for.

Lex Luthor: Clark, I heard what happened. I just want to make sure your father's okay.
Clark Kent: Trust me, this is about as close to my father as you want to get right now.

"Smallville: Fracture (#7.12)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: [finding Clark at the mansion] It's like a reflex. I see you and start defending myself.

Clark Kent: What were you doing in Detroit with Kara?
Lex Luthor: I was trying to help her.
Clark Kent: And she ended up kidnapped. You knew she had amnesia.
Lex Luthor: Sure, when she told me. That's when I volunteered my help.
Clark Kent: Did it ever occur to you to pick up a phone and call me?
Lex Luthor: I did call, twice. Lana hung up on me before I could get a word out.

Clark Kent: Do you even know when you're lying anymore?
Lex Luthor: You know, I've stopped pretending to care whether or not you believe me, so why don't you?
Clark Kent: Because I do care, Lex. And there's a side of you that knows what's right.
Lex Luthor: Wow. Now what would I do without Clark Kent, voice of reason?
Clark Kent: That voice isn't me, Lex. It's you. There's still good inside of you. Let that voice lead you back to it.
Lex Luthor: I didn't know it would only take a brush with death to see your softer side.
Clark Kent: Trust me, Lex, there's nothing that's lost that can't be found again.

"Smallville: Reunion (#6.5)" (2006)
Lionel Luthor: I know Alden wasn't your close friend, Lex...
Lex Luthor: [cutting in] But what, I should muster up some tears anyway? Thanks but I'll save them for someone who deserves them!

Oliver Queen: What happened to Duncan, the way I treated both of you, it's not something that I'm proud of. I want you to know how much I regret it.
Lex Luthor: And I regret ever thinking I needed friends like you.

Young Lex: Hell, no. I can't stand that old bastard.

"Smallville: Drone (#1.18)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: I'd question your integrity, but you're a journalist.

Lex Luthor: [to Clark] The man of tomorrow is shaped by his battles today.

Lex Luthor: To quote The Godfather, "It's time to go to the mattresses".
Lana Lang: That movie should be banned from basic cable.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Requiem for a Superhero (#1.5)" (1993)
Lex Luthor: If a man like you has a problem, I expect you to solve it with your own usual flair. For a man like me, on the other hand, life is a bowl of rubies, an extremely large bowl. I have no problems.

Lex Luthor: [speaking to self in mirror] It's alway such an embarrassment, having to do away with someone. It's like announcing to the world that you lack the savvy and the finesse to deal with the problem more creatively. I mean, there have been times, naturally, when I've had to have people eliminated, but it always saddened me. I've always felt like I've let myself down somehow.

Lex Luthor: It was a stunning example of a trait I particularly admire in myself.

"Smallville: Bizarro (#7.1)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: I was dead. And there was this light. And an angel. Why would she save me... after all I've done?

Lex Luthor: You're the phantom. You took Clark's body.
Bizarro: Just a few cells. Clark's still alive. He's out there. And you will help me kill him. I need meteor rocks. A lot of them.
Lex Luthor: I'd never help you kill Clark.
Bizarro: Lex, redemption doesn't suit you. Why protect a Clark Kent who hates you when you can help the one who wants to be your ally? It's what you've always wanted. Isn't it, Lex?

Lex Luthor: I may have tracked you around the globe, but clearly you're not a native. Where are you from and why did you only replicate Clark?
Bizarro: Now you got a decision to make, Lex. What's more important? Destroying me or solving the mystery of Clark Kent?

"Young Justice: Targets (#1.10)" (2011)
Lex Luthor: Lex Luthor vouches for him, Captain. Release the sidekick.
Red Arrow: *Ex*-sidekick. And I don't need any favors from you.

Lex Luthor: Lex Corps is a company founded on peaceful enterprise for all humanity.
Red Arrow: Cut the act, Luthor. I've got intel linking Lex Corp's shell companies to the sale of weapons to both countries. You're profiting from this war.

"Smallville: Shattered (#3.8)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: Lex. How'd you get in here, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Well, when people think you're insane and you're holding a rifle to their head they tend to do what you ask.

Lionel Luthor: Lex, how'd you get in here?
Lex Luthor: Well when you have a gun in your hand and people think you're crazy they kinda do what you want!

"Justice League: A Better World (#2.11)" (2003)
[last lines]
Lex Luthor: [grinning] It's not them.

Lorder Superman: You're nothing but a mad dog now, are you?
Lex Luthor: [mocking] Ooh! A threat! But this old dog still has a few teeth!
[opens up a cabinet to reveal the trigger for nuclear missiles]
Lorder Superman: There are at least six different ways I can stop you right now.
Lex Luthor: But they all involve deadly force, don't they? And you don't do that. No, you need me. You wouldn't be much of a hero without a villain and you do love being the hero, don't you? The cheering children, the swooning women... You love it so much, it's made you my most reliable accomplice!
Lorder Superman: Accomplice? What are you...
Lex Luthor: You could have crushed me any time you wanted and it wasn't the law or the will of the people that stopped you; it was your ego. Being a hero was too important to you. You're as much responsible for this as I am! So, go ahead, fix it somehow, put me on trial, lock me up, but I'll beat it. And then we'll start the whole thing all over again.
Lorder Superman: I *did* love being a hero. But if this is where it leads, I'm done with it.
[his eyes start to glow with heat vision]

"Smallville: Resurrection (#3.15)" (2004)
Dr. Lia Teng: If you don't leave at once, I'm notifying your father.
Lex Luthor: Can't you just send me to the principal instead? I offered to fund your research, doctor... you turned your back on me. Now I suggest you tell me the origin of your little platelette cocktail or I'll make sure INS reserves you a window seat on the next flight to Peun Yun.

Lex Luthor: It seems like Dr. Teng has vanished without a trace.
Chloe Sullivan: Yeah, well, it turns out that's not the only thing out of the ordinary of our friendly molecular biologist.
Lex Luthor: What have you got?
Chloe Sullivan: Well, it turns out it wasn't scientific research, or academic prestige, that got her into this country twelve years ago. It was wedding bells. She married a rent-a-cop from LuthorCorp.
Lex Luthor: So my father arranged a green card marriage.
Chloe Sullivan: Yeah. Now, I tracked down the groom so I could ask him what he knew.
Lex Luthor: What'd the lucky guy have to say?
Chloe Sullivan: Wasn't really what he had to say, it was more where he said it. He plays watchdog for the old Metron Pharmaceuticals building.
Lex Luthor: That's been shut down for seven years.
Chloe Sullivan: Yeah, that's what I thought. But while he was in the process of telling me to get lost, I swear I saw what I think was a delivery truck pulling around back.
Lex Luthor: My father's been strangely stubborn about liquidating that property. Every market indicator says to sell, but he insists the neighborhood's about to be revitalized.
Chloe Sullivan: The only thing being revitalized in that neighborhood is the graffiti. Now, I think I can make some headway if you'll just come along with me.
Lex Luthor: Chloe, I think I should take it from here.
Chloe Sullivan: Lex, I'm perfectly capable of...
Lex Luthor: This has nothing to do with your capability. I'm worried about your safety. When my father's involved with covert research, people tend to get hurt.

"Smallville: Wrath (#7.7)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: Lana, wait. Killing me would almost be a release. The only person who would really suffer is you.
Lana Lang: From guilt? I think I'll get over it.

Lex Luthor: You know the ironic part of all this, is I'm the one who ended up with something I wanted. Lana still has feelings for me.
Clark Kent: Don't flatter yourself, Lex. Those powers made her obsessed.
Lex Luthor: Exactly. And passion like that doesn't come out of the blue. What do you think is stronger, Clark? Her hatred for me or her affection for you?
Clark Kent: She was angry. But eventually she'll move on.
Lex Luthor: Don't hold your breath. Funny thing about obsession is, it outlives everything. Even love.
Clark Kent: Lana never would have done anything like this before she'd been with you.
Lex Luthor: Well I wish I could take all the credit, but I wasn't the first person to teach her about betrayal. Now, was I? It's hard to face what you've created, isn't it?

"Smallville: Transference (#4.6)" (2004)
Clark Kent: [Lex has a gun pointed at him] Lex, it's me. Clark. I need to talk to you.
Lex Luthor: After I drove my Porsche into the river and you fished me out, I asked your dad if there was any way I could repay him. What did he say that we always joked about?
Clark Kent: Lex, what is this? A pop quiz?
Lex Luthor: Answer the question!
Clark Kent: He told you to drive slower.
Lex Luthor: [lowers gun] Welcome back.
Clark Kent: So you know what happened.
Lex Luthor: Well, it was a bit of a giveaway when you asked for $57 million.

Clark Kent: Lex, I have a favor to ask.
Lex Luthor: Name it.
Clark Kent: Well, it has to do with your father's cell mate. He's actually the one that helped me through this whole ordeal. He saved my life. He swears he was framed.
Lex Luthor: Clark, a lot of convicts swear they've been framed.
Clark Kent: But I believe him. And I promised him that if I got out, I'd do everything in my power to help him. And Lex, you're the only one that I know with the resources who might be able to help.
Lex Luthor: Well, if I can manage to put a guilty man in prison, maybe I can get an innocent man out.

"Smallville: Nocturne (#2.5)" (2002)
Lionel Luthor: Where are you finding these people, Lex?
Lex Luthor: Little schools like Harvard and Yale.

Lionel Luthor: Lex? I can feel your smirk from here.
Lex Luthor: You better watch it, Dad, or your new executive assistant might start rearranging all your priorities.

"Smallville: Void (#5.17)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: Is this going to be another apology?
Lana Lang: Well, they don't make a card for "Sorry I got you killed."

Lex Luthor: My god, Lana, I... I had no idea it was you. I could have killed you. If you needed money, all you had to do was ask.
Lana Lang: I know. Lex, I'm really sorry. I just... I didn't want to have to lie to you.
Lex Luthor: Just tell me what's wrong.
Lana Lang: There's nothing wrong with me.
Lex Luthor: You didn't want to lie to me, but you broke into my house and tried to steal from me. You're acting like a junkie trying to find her next fix.

"Smallville: Harvest (#10.6)" (2010)
Alexander: This barn is like I just remember.
Tess Mercer: But you've never been here before.
Alexander: Yes, I have.
Alexander: [opens Clark's photo album] Do you see his bow tie? It was the first one he ever wore, I tied it for him... here.
Tess Mercer: That was probably just a dream.
Alexander: No. It was real. Right here, he told me we'd be friends, that he wanted to be my brother. And... at the window... I told him that our friendship would be the thing of legend.

Tess Mercer: Alexander, it that's what you want... you have a chance to make that happen.
Alexander: How can I ever trust Clark again? He made my father hate me. He took away everything I ever cared about. And the last time I was up here, I begged him to tell me the truth about himself. But as always, he denied who he really was.
Tess Mercer: Clark is not the bad man, Alexander. Lex is. He used you just like he used me. And you don't deserve what's happened. You don't have to buy into his memories. I will help you.
Alexander: Why? So you can feel good about yourself? So you can exorcise those demons deep within your soul? Isn't that what you've always wanted? To save the world so you can redeem the evil inside you?
Tess Mercer: Stop it.
Alexander: But you couldn't do it alone, so you clung to powerful men.
Tess Mercer: Enough!
Alexander: First Oliver Queen, then me, then Zod, and now, Clark Kent.
Tess Mercer: [smacks him] I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I just want to help you. I know I can do this. I know I can save you.
Alexander: How can you save me when there's so much you don't even know about yourself?
Tess Mercer: Please. Please. Alexander...
Alexander: Don't call me that. My name is Lex.

"Smallville: Asylum (#3.9)" (2004)
Ian Randall: What do you do when you have an itch?
Lex Luthor: Get out of my face.

Lex Luthor: You know, Clark, there is one thing I'll never forget.
Clark Kent: What's that?
Lex Luthor: How important your friendship means to me.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) (VG)
Superman: These duplicates... Do you think there's a Lois where they come from?
Lex Luthor: There was only one Lois.

Lex Luthor: You're interrupting tonight's entertainment, Raven
Raven: I detest violence, Luthor. But I'm even less fond of you.

"Smallville: Krypto (#4.14)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: [to Genevieve, Jason's mom] You should get together with my father and write a parenting book. Sure it would be a best-seller.

Lex Luthor: If I understood my father's insanity I'd be a much happier man.

"Smallville: Prototype (#6.21)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: Get some fresh guards. I wanna see him do it again.

Lex Luthor: [after Lex finds out that Lana was eavesdropping on his conversation with Senator Burke] You're not a cat, Lana. Don't skulk around like one.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Pheromone, My Lovely (#1.10)" (1993)
Miranda: You know, Lex, I was hoping this might be more than just a business relationship. More the way it was once between us.
Lex Luthor: I think not, Miranda. I never mix business with other people's pleasure.

Lex Luthor: [to Miranda] You were an itch. You've been scratched.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Phoenix (#2.13)" (1995)
Lex Luthor: [in disguise] You know, I have something for you. Information about Lex Luthor and the woman who stole his body.
Lois Lane: Who are you?
Lex Luthor: Do you know the story of the phoenix?
Lois Lane: Yes. A sacred bird, reborn. Rising from its own ashes.
Lex Luthor: That's right. When I was a little boy my mother told me that story. And I-I always liked the part where he... came back from the dead.
[showing himself as Lex]
Lex Luthor: It's good to see you again, Lois. Did you think I wouldn't come back for you? Yes, look at me. I've lost everything: my fortune, my reputation. Everything but my feeling for you. We must take the miracle of my resurrection as a sign. As a sign that even death can't keep us apart.
Lois Lane: How is this-?
Lex Luthor: No, don't question a miracle. We're together again. That's all that matters.

Rollie Vale: What's this?
Lex Luthor: It's an old-fashioned doublecross.

"Smallville: Insurgence (#2.12)" (2003)
Jonathan Kent: [to Lex, slamming his coffee cup down] Look, I don't know how things work in your house, but around here, we think it's important to respect other people's privacy.
Clark Kent: Dad...
Lex Luthor: It's all right, Clark.
[to Jonathan]
Lex Luthor: Mr. Kent, since the day I moved to Smallville I've done nothing but try to be a friend to you. And in return, you do nothing but lecture me with sanctimonious platitudes. I'm done listening to them.

Jonathan Kent: Were you just talking to those men up there?
Lex Luthor: Mr. Kent, whatever I'm doing is in the best interest of your wife and my father, believe me.
Jonathan Kent: I find out that you had anything to do with what's going on out here, you will pray to god you never set foot in Smallville. You believe me.

"Smallville: Cyborg (#5.15)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: [regarding the wounded Victor Stone] Clark, if you know where Victor is, you need to tell me before Krieg finds him first.
Clark Kent: He's sick. He's been shot. He said if he doesn't get repaired, he may die.
Lex Luthor: Then bring him to me. I have the technology. I can help Victor without involving Krieg.
Clark Kent: I've seen the way you help people.
Lex Luthor: Look, I know you have your issues with me. I know you're angry. But do you really want to let our differences get in the way of saving Victor's life?

Victor Stone: You got some kind of God complex or something? I didn't asked to be saved.
Lex Luthor: Look, all I'm doing is giving you a future. A chance for a normal life.
Victor Stone: Normal? Half my body is straight out of the Sharper Image catalog.

"Justice League Unlimited: Question Authority (#2.9)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: [sees Question sitting in his office] Question, isn't it? I believe you took something that belongs to me.
The Question: Have you seen the latest polls? It's beginning to look like you're going to be our next president... just like in that other world.
Lex Luthor: I wouldn't bet against me.
The Question: No, it wouldn't be prudent. I want you to understand something, Luthor: although my distaste for you as a human being is brobdingnagian, what I'm about to do isn't personal.
Lex Luthor: What are you babbling about?
The Question: Everything that exists has a specific nature, each entity exists as something in particular and has characteristics that are part of what it is. "A" is "A". And no matter what reality he calls home, "Luthor" is "Luthor". If I'm to save the world, your existence must come to an end, before you take office.
Lex Luthor: ...You're going to kill me so that Superman can't.
The Question: I'm a well-known crackpot. The Justice League's reputation will survive my actions... and Superman's legacy will remain intact.
Lex Luthor: Interesting plan. Unfortunately for you, it's not really an option.
[he flings out his arm, hitting Question hard enough to knock him into the opposite wall]

[Luthor has beaten up The Question, who came to his office to kill him, believing that Superman would do it if Luthor became President]
Lex Luthor: [laughing] President? Foolish faceless man. My campaign is a farce. A small part of a much grander scheme. President ?
[grabs Question by the throat and slaps him twice]
Lex Luthor: Do you know how much power I'd have to give up to be president?
[throws The Question across the room]
Lex Luthor: That's right, conspiracy buff. I spent $75 million on a fake presidential campaign all just to tick Superman off.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Wanted: The Superfriends/Rokan: Enemy from Space (#1.1)" (1978)
[first lines]
Lex Luthor: The meeting will come to order. The Legion of Doom is now in session. It is the purpose of the Legion to align our infamous forces against the powers of good and defeat them, leaving us the rulers of the world. To do this we have gathered together the thirteen most ruthless villains on earth: the frigid Captain Cold; the sinister mind of Sinestro; the awesome Bizarro and Solomon Grundy; the cunning Cheetah and the super-intelligent computer android Brainiac; Black Manta and Grodd the Gorilla; the Toyman and the humorous but sinister Riddler; the feminine yet ferocious Giganta and the hideous Scarecrow; not to mention the evil genius and brilliant leadership of myself: Lex Luthor.

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: We're already back at the Hall of Doom planning our next sinister mission. And this time, nothing will stop us.
Superman: Give it up, Luthor! You've failed this time, and you'll fail every time you try to triumph over justice - and the SuperFriends!

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Foundling (#1.16)" (1994)
Lex Luthor: Superman did not arrive here when we thought he did. He arrived here as an infant. He was raised as a common Earthling.
Nigel St. John: Then that means...
Lex Luthor: He walks among us. When I discover his Earthly identity, as I will, he and everyone that shared his secret will be at my mercy.

Lex Luthor: [about Jack] Another young life failed by the system.
Nigel St. John: I'm afraid so.
Lex Luthor: Good. Then no one will miss him.

"Smallville: Slumber (#3.4)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: [to Clark] Now you're saving people in your dreams too. Bet a shrink would have a field day with that scenario.

Lex Luthor: Clark, you have a lot of issues but I don't think you're losing your mind.

"Young Justice: Agendas (#1.22)" (2012)
[Superboy and Wolf hear an ultrasonic message]
Lex Luthor: With Superman off-world, only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superboy, and that's you. Meet me in Washington, DC. East Potomac Park. Come alone. I promise, it'll be worth the trip.
[Superboy gets up to leave with Wolf]
M'gann M'orzz: Conner?
Conner Kent: [with a dull affect] Figured you don't want *my* help in the kitchen. Remember the last time?
M'gann M'orzz: Uh, yeah. But...
Conner Kent: Just walking Wolf. No big.

Conner Kent: Tell me what you know about Project Match!
Lex Luthor: Very little. I know more about you. Kryptonian DNA is notoriously difficult for human science to read. When you were created, the gaps in the sequences were bridged with human DNA. Robbing you of your full Kryptonian powers. No flight, no heat vision, etc.
Conner Kent: [Stunned] I'm part human?

"Smallville: Aqua (#5.4)" (2005)
Arthur Curry: Please, please, please destroy that weapon.
Lex Luthor: Wow. Okay, you convinced me. I'll flush a 100 million in R&D down the toilet and put the nation's fleet at risk while I'm at it. You might be a big fish in the water but up here I'm the shark.

Lex Luthor: It's a complicated world, Clark. Only the naive view it in black and white.
Clark Kent: You know, the other day, a professor of mine, he accused LuthorCorp of being evil, and you being just short of the devil.
Lex Luthor: Well, you didn't tell him about my pitchfork, did you?
Clark Kent: [with a touch of sadness] I defended you.
[turning to leave]
Clark Kent: I guess I am naive.

Superman Returns (2006) (VG)
Kitty: Boy, Lex. When you conned Mrs. Vanderworth out of her estate and all her money, you sure did it with class!
Lex Luthor: I do everything with class, Ms. Kowolski.

Lex Luthor: Look, buddy! We didn't whip up all the hoopla about Krypton if we thought you would come back!
Superman: Krypton? You sent me there?
Lex Luthor: You can't go back home. And pretty soon, you won't be able to live here, either! There's no place for you anymore, Superman! Now *fly*!

"Justice League Unlimited: Panic in the Sky (#2.11)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: Did you really think you could take me down all by yourself?
Amanda Waller: Actually, yeah. But on the off chance I might have been wrong...
[Luthor turns and sees the Leaguers standing there]
Flash: Ta-da.
Superman: It's over, Lex.
Lex Luthor: Not until I...
[Luthor suddenly screams in pain, as pistons extend from his back and his hands turn into tentacles]
Lex Luthor: I had hoped to remain hidden until I could install myself into the android...
[a familiar face appears within Luthor's stomach]
Brainiac: ...But you forced my hand.
Superman: Brainiac!

Lex Luthor: Now you're perfect! A perfect, super-powerful, immortal body. A suitable place for me to spend the rest of eternity. Ironic, years of plotting, hundreds of millions spent on Cadmus R&D projects, and none of it bore fruit. No, it's a lonely employee of LexCorp, Doctor Ivo, creator of Amazo, who we have to thank for my impending godhood.
Batman: That was the last piece I needed.
Lex Luthor: Got it all figured out, have you?
Batman: When you and Atom worked together to stop the first Amazo, he showed you the blueprints. And I suspect you have a photographic memory.
Lex Luthor: I'm too modest to boast.
Batman: The real purpose of Cadmus was to give *you* superpowers.
Lex Luthor: And to ruin Superman's reputation. Imagine how sweet it will be when *I* save the world from the menace of the Justice League! Now, when I kill Superman, they'll build statues in my honor.
Batman: Maybe next time.

"Smallville: Unaired Pilot (#1.0)" (2001)
Lex: Clark, do you believe a man can fly?
Clark: Sure, in a plane.

Lionel Luthor: This has got to stop. Open your eyes, Lex.
Young Lex Luthor: I can't...
Lionel Luthor: Luthors are not afraid. We don't have that luxury. We're leaders. You have a destiny, Lex. You're never gonna get anywhere with your eyes closed.

"Smallville: Rogue (#1.9)" (2002)
Clark Kent: I didn't know you were such a history buff.
Lex Luthor: I'm not. I'm just interested in people who ruled the world before they were thirty.

Lex Luthor: [pointing to a "S"-type symbol] You know it belonged to Alexander the Great? They said the design symbolizes strength and courage.
Clark Kent: I can't exactly see myself going into battle with that on my chest.
Lex Luthor: Darker times call for darker methods. His opponents thought he was invincible.

"Smallville: Hero (#7.13)" (2008)
Chloe Sullivan: Unauthorized surveillance is totally unethical.
Lex Luthor: Pretty big words from a cub reporter. Shouldn't you be using them to write stories?
Chloe Sullivan: Good idea. I think "office espionage" has a nice ring to it.

[Chloe walks into Lex's office in anger, without knocking]
Lex Luthor: It's nice to see, somebody is making good use of my "open door policy".

"Superman: The Last Son of Krypton: Part III (#1.3)" (1996)
Attorney: And so, as the agreed-upon merchandise never left Metropolis, my client the Regent respectfully requests a full and prompt refund.
Lex Luthor: We had an understanding. All I had to do was arrange for the Regent's men to take possession, and they did. And now, because of this alien's interference, you expect me to eat a billion dollars?

[Superman appears hovering outside Luthor's window. Luthor rolls it down]
Lex Luthor: Sorry, but we already have a window-washer.
Lex Luthor: Oh, the silent treatment, eh? Well, I don't know what you think you heard out there, but I know what you can prove, and it's nothing. You see, uh..."Superman", I own Metropolis. My technology built it, my will keeps it going, and nearly two-thirds of its people work for me, whether they know it or not. Even you have to admit it's a model of efficiency.
Lex Luthor: And yet, I've often thought it's a waste of my talents staying in just one city. A being of your abilities could be very useful to me on a, shall we say, global scale. Why don't you float on in and we'll discuss it, face-to-face?
[silence. Luthor finally loses his composure]
[He grabs a model of the Lexo-skel and throws it. Superman catches it and crushes it to powder between his hands]
Superman: I'll be watching you, Luthor.

"Smallville: Accelerate (#2.21)" (2003)
Wedding Planner: Mr. Luthor. I would think quick decision-making would be your forte.
Lex Luthor: That's why I made the quick decision to put Helen in charge of the wedding.

Lex Luthor: Back from Metropolis so soon? Awfully long drive for quality health care.
Lionel Luthor: Oh, you're tailing me, Lex? I hope not. It's a bit obsessive, don't you think?
Lex Luthor: No, I just heard you were here. I wanted to make sure you're okay.
Lionel Luthor: I came to visit a former employee. He's just been admitted. Unfortunately, he's still unconscious.
Lex Luthor: Well, he must have been an exceptional worker to merit a visit from the CEO.
Lionel Luthor: I like to think that I treat everyone at LuthorCorp as part of the family.
Lex Luthor: Oh, that would explain their lack of loyalty.

"Smallville: Cure (#7.4)" (2007)
Curtis Knox, M.D.: Mankind's greatest advances would never have seen the light of day if had the genius minds behind them been scrutinized under a microscope.
Curtis Knox, M.D.: Leave the science to me.
Lex Luthor: Doctor, three of my patients are missing. You wouldn't happen to have any idea why someone with a brand new lease on life would suddenly disappear?

Lex Luthor: My apologies for keeping you waiting.
Curtis Knox, M.D.: Mussolini once killed a conductor for not keeping a train on schedule. Fortunately, I'm infinitely more patient than Il Duce.
Lex Luthor: Mussolini went down in defeat, doctor. I won't accept that in what we're undertaking.

"Young Justice: Satisfaction (#2.8)" (2012)
[Roy leaps at Lex Luthor, tossing a detonation cord that wraps itself around Luthor's arm. Roy holds up a detonation trigger]
Speedy: That's detonation cord, Luthor. The kind LexCorp sells illegally. It's the perfect revenge, I use your own tech to do you what you did to me.
Lex Luthor: Except we gave you anesthesia. Your method seems tad more... violent.
Speedy: We reap what we sow, Luthor.
Lex Luthor: Indeed, but are you prepared for the harvest?
[Roy is surrounded by LexCorp security]
Lex Luthor: Vengeance is a sucker's game, son. And yours can only be achieved at the cost of your own life.
Speedy: You think I won't pay that cost?
Lex Luthor: Honestly? I have no idea. But I might just be dying to find out.
Otis: You want we should take him out now, Mr. Luthor?
Lex Luthor: No, Otis. I'm content to wait patiently for young Mr. Harper's decision.
Speedy: Don't mock me, Luthor! To get my revenge, I'd run any risk!
Lex Luthor: I don't believe in risk. I believe in preparation.

Lex Luthor: Quite the arsenal you brought tonight, Mr. Harper.
Speedy: You haven't seen the half of it, Luthor!
Lex Luthor: Oh, I wasn't talking about the weaponry. I myself never go armed. No, the greatest arsenal any man can bring to the party consists of the resources of his own mind. His intelligence, his strategins, his force of will. And you, my young friend, have all of those in spades.

"Justice League Unlimited: Dead Reckoning (#3.6)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: Bizarro. Superman is your *best* friend! Do you understand?
Bizarro: Bizarro understand. Superman am friend! Bizarro must KILL him!

Lex Luthor: I wasn't going to do this for another few weeks, but seriously...
[rises from table]
Lex Luthor: Turning all of humanity into apes?
[aims a weapon at Grodd]
Lex Luthor: *THAT* was your master plan?
[shoots Grodd]
Lex Luthor: Listen up! From now on, I'm in charge of this operation. Anybody got a problem with that?

"Smallville: Whisper (#3.10)" (2004)
Clark Kent: I just found out you fired Chloe's father today.
Lex Luthor: Yeah, well, uh... apparently, his performance was seriously lacking.
Clark Kent: Chloe's father has worked for the company for years. This could ruin her family.
Lex Luthor: Clark, my father suspects Mr. Sullivan was the one spreading the malicious rumors about me. I assume Chloe overheard the gossip and passed it along to you.
Clark Kent: No, this isn't right.
Lex Luthor: It's not about being right. It's about positioning. My father won a battle today.
Clark Kent: And Chloe's father is a casualty.
Lex Luthor: True. But the war's just starting. And I have the greatest advantage. He thinks I'm weak. Frankly, Clark, I thought you'd be relieved.
Clark Kent: Why would you think that?
Lex Luthor: Because at least this way, I was able to keep you out of it.

Lana Lang: So, I got a letter from the insurance carrier. Apparently my entire medical bill has been taken care of?
Lex Luthor: Well, who said all insurance companies are evil? Look, it wasn't your fault, Lana. It was mine. I pushed you into the stall; that spooked the horse.
Lana Lang: Lex, you were...
Lex Luthor: Crazy?
Lana Lang: Not yourself.
Lex Luthor: Semantics aside, you get caught in the crossfire trying to help me. And for that, I'm truly sorry.
Lana Lang: As much as I appreciate the grand gestures, you could have just stopped by the Talon and said hello.
Lex Luthor: Yeah, well, the, uh... grand gestures have always come easier.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Invasion of the Fearians/The Demons of Exxor (#1.2)" (1978)
[first lines]
Gorilla Grodd: I'm tired of these unimaginative plans for wealth and power. Have I joined the Legion of Doom, or the Legion of Fools?
Lex Luthor: Silence, Grodd, or you'll find out just how evil this Legion can be.

[last lines]
Lex Luthor: I've always got another ingenious plan up my sleeve. You'll never catch the Legion of Doom.
Superman: Maybe for now, Luthor. But we will catch you. You'll never escape justice as long as there are SuperFriends.

"Superman: A Little Piece of Home (#1.5)" (1996)
Lex Luthor: You work for me, Peterson. There shouldn't be an opinion in your head that I didn't put there!

Lex Luthor: As long as I have the rock, you can't stop me. But it is bothersome to have you always trying, so, the deal is this: you leave me and my operations alone, and I and my little green rock will leave you alone.
Superman: I don't make deals with criminals.
Lex Luthor: I control everything in this town, Superman, your cooperation is not really necessary. The offer was merely a courtesy.
Superman: [glaring] You will *never* control me, Luthor. Never!
[flies off]
Lex Luthor: Well, then, I guess I'll have to kill you.

"Smallville: Exposed (#5.6)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: We all need to believe in heroes, Clark, and even the best ones are far from perfect.

Lex Luthor: Are you sure you want to get involved this?
Clark Kent: Jack's like an uncle to me. And in case you've forgotten, that's what friends do for each other.
Lex Luthor: Look, if your serious getting through that front door, you're gonna need a little more than your driver's license. Do me a favor? Stay out of trouble.

"Smallville: Descent (#7.16)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: It wasn't an accident we were in Smallville the day the meteor shower, was it? The factory was just a cover. You were really there to meet this Traveler that Veritas wanted to protect. I remember everything, Dad.
Lionel Luthor: Those are the memories of a small boy trying to cope with the trauma of a meteor shower.
Lex Luthor: A trauma brought on by his own father. My life changed forever that day. You sacrificed me for the Traveler. Why? Who is it, Dad? Who is it? Who is it?
Lionel Luthor: What if I told you now that you were the Traveler? You're right. Your life truly changed that day. I told you in the helicopter that you were destined for a great future. That's why I've been so hard on you, trained you so relentlessly. Think, Lex. Think. You have survived so many mortal injuries so many times. How else can you explain it?
Lex Luthor: Because I was trained never to accept defeat. When I get my hands on that box in Zurich, I have a feeling all my questions will be answered.
Lionel Luthor: Lex? I know how strong it is, the attraction of the dark power. But it will destroy you. I can't let you go down that terrible path. You must not open that box.
Lex Luthor: I can't open it because I need a second key. Give it to me.
[brings out his gun and shoots out the window behind Lionel]
Lex Luthor: I've swept every possible place you could've hidden it and I finally realized, there's only one person you would trust it with. Yourself.
[rips the chain around Lionel's neck with the key]
Lionel Luthor: Lex? Lex, if you open that box, if you get hold of that secret, there will be no redemption for you, no redemption. Ever.
Lex Luthor: I was raised in your shadow. Now, you're gonna die in mine. No one will even remember your name.
[Lex pushes Lionel out the window and Lionel plunges forty stories to his death]

Clark Kent: I tried to be your friend, Lex. But all you care about is power and control.
Lex Luthor: This is Smallville! Meteor freaks, alien ships, cryptic symbols! These threats are real. Someone had to take control. Someone has to protect the world.
Clark Kent: Listen to yourself, Lex. You're so caught up in your own delusions, you've lost track of reality.
Lex Luthor: Have I? Then let's talk about something you can't deny. After years of pleading with my father, showed me some compassion, he turned to you with open arms. Now what would a worldly-billionaire have in common with a simple farm boy?
Clark Kent: Maybe he just knew he could trust me.
Lex Luthor: Of course. Everyone can trust Clark Kent. You're the perfect son. So... so why did Jonathan Kent always seem so stressed? I mean, was raising the perfect son really that much work? I wonder how much of a strain it put on his heart?
Clark Kent: Are you blaming me for my father's death? Are you? You're the guilty one, Lex, not me. And this time you're going to own up to what you've done. I know you killed Lionel.
Lex Luthor: [scoffs] Who's delusional now?

"Justice League Unlimited: I Am Legion (#3.1)" (2005)
Gorilla Grodd: The Spear of Longinus. Hitler believed that whoever holds it is invincible.
Lex Luthor: What are you going to do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? Keep it yourself and try to conquer the world?
Gorilla Grodd: I was thinking it would look good on the wall in my office.
Lex Luthor: You mean you recruited me, sent me to an island full of death traps, and up against the Justice League. You made me risk my life, and all for nothing?
Gorilla Grodd: Essentially, yes.
Lex Luthor: [laughs] Monkey, I like your style.

[Lex is holding Chuck hostage]
Chuck Cuidera: [to the Leaguers] I'm sorry. If I were twenty years younger...
Lex Luthor: You'd still be ancient. Keep quiet!

"Smallville: Action (#7.5)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: [to Clark] In the comic-book world, when you're destined to save mankind, you're destined to be alone.

Lex Luthor: I just read about your heroics in the paper. Who needs Warrior Angel when we've got our own Clark Kent?
Clark Kent: Actually, that's why I'm here. I was wondering if you could help me with a reference. You're the biggest Warrior Angel fan I know.
Lex Luthor: *Was* a fan. I haven't picked up a comic since we were friends. Back when I saw life as black and white. When I realized good and evil was gray, the stories lost their magic. Though I have to admit, yours is the last nose I'd expect to find in a comic.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Vatman (#1.18)" (1994)
Lex Luthor: And then the wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood, 'Are you sure the policy is in your name?' Little Red Riding Hood said, 'Well, yes, Grandma promised that when she passed away I would inherit everything.' And then the wolf said, 'Hm, let's go pay Grandma a visit.' And so Little Red Riding Hood took off her hood and her cape and she gave them to the wolf.
Superman Clone: And the wolf went through the forest to Grandmother's house and ate her! And then he and Red Riding Hood split the money.

Dr. Fabian Leek: [about the clone] What makes you think he can win?
Lex Luthor: Because if it means the difference between winning and losing, he'll pick up a passenger train filled with people and use it to bash Superman's skull in.

"Smallville: Visage (#2.11)" (2003)
Dr. Helen Bryce: Who are you?
Lex Luthor: Someone who's been burned by the opposite sex more times times than he cares to admit.

Lex Luthor: What I did was inexcusable. I violated your privacy. I should have trusted you.
Dr. Helen Bryce: It's a little late for apologies.
Lex Luthor: From the time I was born, I was raised in an environment of suspicion and distrust. My father taught me to regard everyone as an adversary, no matter who they are.
Dr. Helen Bryce: Look, I'm really sorry you had to grow up like that, Lex. I am, but...
Lex Luthor: When my mother died, I began to build a wall around my heart. Every year, that wall grew taller and more fortified, 'till eventually it became impenetrable. I want to tear the wall down, Helen. I do, I just... I don't have the slightest clue how to do it.
Dr. Helen Bryce: Lex...
Lex Luthor: I've never once asked anyone for help, but I'm asking you now. Help me, Helen. I don't want to become my father.

"Justice League: A Better World: Part II (#2.12)" (2003)
Superman: Hold it!
Lord Superman: [Seeing Superman and Lex Luthor together] Nice company you're keeping. Must be your true colors.
Superman: It's just one of the hard choices I've had to make today. Go for it!
Lex Luthor: [Raising his power disruptor] Oh, yes!

"Superman: Prototype (#2.21)" (1997)
[LexCorp unveils the prototype battle suit]
Lois Lane: Lex, are you trying to put the Man of Steel out of business?
Lex Luthor: Given your knack for getting into trouble, Miss Lane, I thought you'd appreciate a few extra rescuers.
Clark Kent: Touche.
Lois Lane: Whose side are you on?

"Smallville: Requiem (#8.14)" (2009)
Lex Luthor: [voice-over] Clark Kent and Lana Lang, welcome to your destiny. You've destroyed me in every way, so now I'm going to take away what matters most to you.
Lana Lang: Lex?
Lex Luthor: Do you know what people remember about the greatest star-crossed romances? Not how the lovers met, but the way the relationship tragically ended. The skin Lana's wearing was designed to absorb enough meteor rock that you'll never be able to go near her again.
Clark Kent: You're a coward, Lex. Come out here. Face us!
Lex Luthor: No, Clark. It's time for you to face your defining moment. You can walk away, sacrifice innocent lives to stay together, or defuse the bomb and sacrifice your love forever.

"Smallville: Lockdown (#5.11)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: You think I look better with hair?
Lana Lang: Um, uh, I don't know. I've never thought about it.
Lex Luthor: Oh, I have. I've thought about a lot of things. Clark has really nice hair.
Lana Lang: Yeah. Yeah, I guess he does.
Lex Luthor: Does he know?
Lana Lang: That he has nice hair?
Lex Luthor: How lucky he is.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Fly Hard (#1.19)" (1994)
Lex Luthor: Right, so what do you suggest, Mr Kent? We just sit here, let them do whatever they want and then wait for them to kill us?
Clark Kent: No, but I have no choice. If I go out there and try to get to the bomb, any one of those guys could kill any one of you. And if that is a hair trigger under his finger, it could go off before I could stop it, and I can't take that risk.
Lois Lane: Uh, Clark... Take it easy, you're not Superman.
Clark Kent: I know...

"Smallville: Visitor (#2.18)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: Do you believe there are aliens among us, Clark?

Superman (1999) (VG)
Lex Luthor: In short time your fate will be sealed superman.

"Smallville: Blue (#7.8)" (2007)
Grant Gabriel: We can't this secret forever, Lex. I'm not afraid of Lionel Luthor.
Lex Luthor: Well, you should be. No one can know, do you understand? If he found out the truth, he could kill you.
Grant Gabriel: I'm his son. You're my brother. How could he?
Lex Luthor: Our dear old dad told the world that you were dead, and then secretly gave you up for adoption all because his wife was terminally ill. He's not gonna want that skeleton stepping out of the closet.
Grant Gabriel: What he did happened a long time ago.
Lex Luthor: In the public's eyes, there's no statute of limitations on leaving your infant out in the cold. Trust me, it's better the world knows you as Grant Gabriel.
Grant Gabriel: My name is Julian Luthor.
Lex Luthor: Not outside this room.

"Smallville: Sleeper (#7.17)" (2008)
Jimmy Olsen: Busy?
Lex Luthor: Mr. Olsen. I was expecting you. I take it Chloe doesn't know how desperate you are. I mean, she would never let a friend crawl across burning coals for my help.

"Smallville: Persona (#7.10)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: You're telling me you wouldn't want to see Julian again? To look into the eyes of the son you've lost?
Lionel Luthor: It's you I've lost. It's you I've lost.

"Smallville: Rage (#6.7)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: What do you think is faster, an arrow or a bullet?
Green Arrow: There's only one way to find out.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Secret Origins of the SuperFriends/Terror from the Phantom Zone (#1.8)" (1978)
Scarecrow: Oh, no! It's the Green Lantern.
Lex Luthor: No, fools, it's only me, the Green Luthor.

"Superman: Stolen Memories (#1.8)" (1996)
Superman: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Lex Luthor: Precisely. Though in your case I'll make an exception.

"Smallville: Eternal (#8.18)" (2009)
Young Davis Bloome: Are you him? Are you a Warrior Angel?
Young Lex Luthor: No. But I want to be.

"Smallville: Sneeze (#6.2)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: Well, I forgot what a concerned parent you are. That's why you're having me followed, isn't it? To make sure I don't destroy the rest of the world?
Lionel Luthor: If I were having you followed, son, you would never know it. I can guarantee you that.

"Smallville: Talisman (#3.20)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: You know, I've been thinking a lot about this prophecy. I've got a new interpretation. Want to hear it?
Clark Kent: Sure.
Lex Luthor: This Naman guy is supposed to come from the stars, have the power of ten men, and shoot fire from his eyes, right?
Clark Kent: It's just an allegory, Lex.
Lex Luthor: I know. But if one person could do all that, he would be a formidable enemy. He could conquer the world. He could become a tyrant if nobody kept him in check. So I've been thinking. Anybody who'd be willing to fight him would have to be pretty brave. Clark, did it ever occur to you that maybe the hero of the story... is Segeeth?

"Smallville: Vortex (#2.1)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: During the storm, my father was trapped beneath a column. If I hadn't pulled him out, he would've died. Before I did, I hesitated. I was thinking that maybe my life would be better off if I just left him to die.
Clark Kent: But you saved him, that's the important part.
Lex Luthor: No, my father won't see it that way. Forgiveness is not in his emotional lexicon. If anything, he'll probably see my saving him a a sign of weakness.
Clark Kent: What are you gonna do?
Lex Luthor: Help my friend find his dad. You got another flashlight?

"Challenge of the Superfriends: The World's Deadliest Game/Battle at the Earth's Core (#1.3)" (1978)
Lex Luthor: It won't be long now before Toyman does some toying of his own with our three SuperFriends.

"Smallville: Fragile (#5.18)" (2006)
Chloe Sullivan: I know your moral compass has a tendency to veer off course, but taking advantage of Lana when she's at her most vulnerable? It's despicable.
Lex Luthor: I think your reporter's eye is getting a little cloudy. You're starting to see things that aren't there.
Chloe Sullivan: I don't have to work for the DWP to know that there was enough electricity in that room to light up the entire state of Kansas.
Lex Luthor: It's interesting how perceptive you are about affairs of the heart, considering you've never actually been in a serious relationship.
Chloe Sullivan: Do you really think that Lana would be remotely interested in you if she wasn't swept up in her own emotional tornado? I mean, honestly.
Lex Luthor: I appreciate you looking out for your friend. I'd do the same, but your concern is unwarranted. We're friends, nothing more.
Chloe Sullivan: Lex, I know you're used to getting whatever you want without even thinking about the consequences. But I promise you, if you hurt my friend, there will be a consequence. And you're looking at her.

"Smallville: Shimmer (#1.10)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: Yeah, but that kind of love can get me arrested.

"Superman: The Main Man: Part I (#1.9)" (1996)
[after Lobo crashes a hole through Lexcorp's tower, Luthor stands barking orders]
Lex Luthor: Get maintenance teams on every floor! Put them on round-the-clock shifts if you have to, but I want all repairs completed...
[Lobo crashes through the floor and up through the ceiling]
Lex Luthor: ...immediately!

"Smallville: Blank (#4.19)" (2005)
Clark Kent: I can't believe I'm friends with a billionaire.
Lex Luthor: Funny, you never seemed that impressed before.

"Justice League: Hereafter (#2.19)" (2003)
J'onn J'onzz: Batman hasn't arrived. Have you spoken with him?
Wonder Woman: He's still not answering calls. He doesn't handle loss very well.
[at Superman's funeral, people start murmuring]
Hawkgirl: Is that him now? I can't see.
Lois Lane: I can.
[Luthor has appeared among the mourners]
Lois Lane: Luthor, how dare you show your face here!
Lex Luthor: Lois, I...
Lois Lane: [slaps him] Have you come to gloat? You've tried to get rid of him for years! Are you happy now? Isn't this what you've always wanted? I hate you! I HATE YOU!
[she starts beating him with her fists, then collapses into his arms, sobbing]
Lex Luthor: Believe it or not, I'm going to miss him too.

"Smallville: Labyrinth (#6.12)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: You really think you saved me. Well, then, let me refresh your memory.
[pulls away from his desk and shows Clark he's in a wheelchair]
Lex Luthor: I have to spend the rest of my life in this chair because of you.
Clark Kent: This is impossible. I was there.
Lex Luthor: And you caused the accident. Oh, you claimed you saw my car swerving out on control so you jumped in front of it to save me with your superpowers. But when I jerked the wheel, my Porsche flipped end over end and wrapped around the guardrail.
Clark Kent: That's not what happened.
Lex Luthor: If it was up to me, you'd be rotting in jail. But my father insisted you go to that mental hospital instead. Anything to impress Martha Kent with his kindness.
Clark Kent: This is a trick. It's a trick!
Lex Luthor: Really? Open your eyes, you crazy son of a bitch! Does this look like a trick to you? If there's one thing I regret in my life, it's that I didn't just run you over.

Justice League (2017)
Lex Luthor: I was just celebrating the return of God. He burst out of the ground!

"Smallville: Duplicity (#2.3)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: I had to get out the manor for a while. It was getting crowded.
Clark Kent: Doesn't it have, like, 75 rooms?
Lex Luthor: My dad takes up a lot of space.

"Smallville: Obscura (#1.20)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: I don't like riddles.
Dr. Steven Hamilton: Then this object will make you profoundly unhappy.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Ides of Metropolis (#1.15)" (1994)
Lex Luthor: [after he misses a clay pigeon that has been launched from his penthouse] Nigel, call...
Lex Luthor, Nigel St. John: ...the lawyers.

"Smallville: Apocalypse (#7.18)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: You disappoint me, Kara. With everything my family's done for you, to question my judgment.
Kara: It's only because I care about you.
Lex Luthor: Since the day my father found your ship submerged in the Reeve's Dam, he loved you like you were his own daughter. He died guarding your secret from the world.
Kara: I know, and I owe my life to the both of you, but this country...
Lex Luthor: What do you know about protecting this country? You are an alien. I'm the President of the United States. By striking the enemy first, I am ensuring our survival. We will prevail. And through it all, I expect you to... look at me! I expect you to stand by my side.
Kara: Of course, Mr. President.

"Smallville: Suspect (#2.13)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: It's hard to imagine working for a man who can enrage four people to the point where any one of them had the motive to kill him.
Clark Kent: Even you.
Lex Luthor: You know that darkness you were talking about? I'm not sure we're born with it. I think people like my father find a way to bring it out.

"Smallville: Fierce (#7.3)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: [to Kara] Twice I've been pulled back from the brink of death, and both times it was by a member of the Kent family. I'm not a man who believes in coincidences. Sooner or later, I'll find out the truth. Are you a savior? Or are you a warning?

"Smallville: Arrival (#5.1)" (2005)
Clark Kent: [running around the ruins of the farmhouse] MOM! DAD!
Lex Luthor: [enters] Clark. Thank God you're okay.
Clark Kent: Where's my mom and dad?
Lex Luthor: At the hospital. Your mom has a concussion and a broken leg but she's gonna be fine.
Clark Kent: What about Lana?
Lex Luthor: Lana's safe. It's Chloe I'm worried about. She was with me in the cave when the meteors hit and I was knocked unconscious and when I came to she was gone.
Clark Kent: She must have escaped while you were unconscious.
Lex Luthor: Or someone helped her out.
Clark Kent: Lex, how could I've...
Lex Luthor: When I was down in the cave there was a light brighter than anything I've ever seen... and I could've sworn I saw you standing right in its epicenter.
Clark Kent: I was nowhere near those caves.
Lex Luthor: If you weren't down in the caves, where have you been?
Clark Kent: My parents insisted I get a head start. I got a ride on one of the military vans.
Lex Luthor: Why do I get this nagging feeling your being less than honest with me?
Clark Kent: I have no idea.
Lex Luthor: Well, I get the feeling that lying has become an unshakable habit of yours, Clark.
Clark Kent: I don't have to listen to this.
[Turns his back on Lex]
Lex Luthor: If you're my friend...
[grabs Clark's arms]
Lex Luthor: ...just tell me the truth. Were you in the cave when the meteors hit?
Clark Kent: [coldly] No.

"Smallville: Hydro (#6.10)" (2007)
[last lines]
Lana Lang: I went to see Clark.
Lex Luthor: And?
Lana Lang: And I love him. I love both of you, and maybe I always will. Lex, I couldn't say yes to you knowing that I might look back with regrets. You deserve better than that.
Lex Luthor: Lana, with the life I've led, I go to bed praying every night that I don't get what I deserve. You get bitter, and vengeful. And then you meet someone, who's so good that she might be the one person who could learn to love you. I would wait forever for that.
Lana Lang: You don't have to. I'm done looking back. I have someone right in front of me who I know trusts me and who lets me see sides of him no one else does.
Lex Luthor: So just for clarification...
Lana Lang: Yes, Lex Luthor. I will marry you.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: All Shook Up (#1.12)" (1994)
Lois Lane: [after Lex offers her a place in his bunker] Lex, why me?
Lex Luthor: Because I care. And because I must admit, that three years will be a long time without...companionship.

"Smallville: Forsaken (#3.21)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: You went through all the trouble of having your own son committed to an asylum and shooting six hundred volts of electricity through his body just to cover up your trespasses. But like I said, dad, you've gotten careless.
Lionel Luthor: [Loder enters the room] Loder. Why are you here?
FBI Agent Frank Loder: Lionel Luthor, you're under arrest.
Lionel Luthor: On what charge?
FBI Agent Frank Loder: The murder of your parents, Lachlan and Eliza Luthor. Let's go.
Lionel Luthor: [as Loder takes him away, they stop in front of Lex] Be careful, son. Don't forget Judas hung himself with his own rope.

Superman: Brainiac Attacks (2006) (V)
Civilian: Look!
Firefighter: Up in the sky!
Civilian: It's Superman!
Lex Luthor: Yay

"Smallville: Trespass (#6.14)" (2007)
Clark Kent: Are we done?
Lex Luthor: Nothing left but the formalities.
[hands wedding invitation to Clark]
Lex Luthor: Don't look so surprised, Clark. Lana still cares about you, I know that. And I know what it would mean to her having you there.
Clark Kent: Is that really what you want, Lex?
Lex Luthor: What I want? What I want to is to make Lana happy for the rest of her life. And I want you to be there on our wedding day to see what you lost. Make sure you RSVP. We'll need a head count for the reception.

"Smallville: Recruit (#4.13)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: I take it you've contemplated my job offer.
Jason Teague: It wasn't a hard decision to make
Lex Luthor: I forgot to mention a company car is included as well as a generous expense account.
Jason Teague: I'm not gonna work for somebody whose mission it is to break me and my girlfriend up.
Lex Luthor: Jason, my only concern is Lana's welfare. But you're not the threat I'm worried about. It's your mother. Did you ever find it strange that every summer as a child, she took you on treks to the far reaches of the globe? Destinations where there wasn't even running water.
Jason Teague: My mother likes to travel. She always has.
Lex Luthor: Those weren't vacations, Jason. They were research trips. Investigating a woman who was burned at the stake four hundred years ago.
Jason Teague: Margaret Isobel Thoreaux.
Lex Luthor: A countess whose spirit possessed your girlfriend. And the fact that it happened soon after you and your mother came into Lana's life, well, that bothers me. That bothers me a lot.
Jason Teague: I had nothing to do with that. I would never put Lana in jeopardy.
Lex Luthor: And I believe you. Or I wouldn't offer you this job.
Jason Teague: What exactly is it that you want me to do?
Lex Luthor: I have deep pockets, Jason. Vast resources, but the one thing I don't have is access. Two women in your life are somehow intimately connected to Margaret Isobel Thoreaux. I want you to find out everything they know.
Jason Teague: So, what, you want me to spy on them?
Lex Luthor: How you get the information is up to you. Now, I need an answer.

"Smallville: Fade (#5.20)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: You know, I was only gone for a week... but I actually got a little bit homesick.
Lana Lang: What's so special about Smallville?
Lex Luthor: Oh, I don't know. The cows. Cornfields. Wide-open spaces.
Lana Lang: I missed you too.

"Smallville: Noir (#6.20)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: Gardenia.

"Smallville: Subterranean (#6.9)" (2006)
Lex Luthor: Three lost Vermeer paintings were discovered last month. You should go to the opening.
Lana Lang: At the Metropolis Museum?
Lex Luthor: Actually, it's a bit farther. The Rijksmuseum.
Lana Lang: In Amsterdam? Lex, that's 4,000 miles away.
Lex Luthor: And one of the most romantic cities in the world, where you'll feel very lonely and realize how much you miss me.
Lana Lang: Nice strategy, boss.
Lex Luthor: Only if it works.

"Smallville: Progeny (#6.18)" (2007)
Chloe Sullivan: My mother sacrificed everything to protect the world from scum like you. And if taking you down means spending some quality time behind bars, sign me up.
Lex Luthor: Well, I thought you might say that. That's why there's a Plan B firmly in place. A plan that makes prison look like a picnic.

"Smallville: Velocity (#3.13)" (2004)
Clark Kent: Lex, you've done so much already, but I need a big favor.
Lex Luthor: Name it.
Clark Kent: I need $20,000, cash.
Lex Luthor: You're right. That is big. You mind telling me what it's for?
Clark Kent: My friend got mixed up with the wrong crowd and now they're making him pay for it.
Lex Luthor: Is this the old proverbial friend who happens to be you?
Clark Kent: Believe me, if that was the case, it'd be a lot easier.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Barbarians at the Planet (#1.20)" (1994)
Lex Luthor: Is that Krytonite in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

"Smallville: Dichotic (#2.9)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: How's your dad?
Clark Kent: He's okay. It's my mom I'm worried about. She blames herself for the accident.
Lex Luthor: Well, your mom's taken on a lot and she's trying to find a balance. Believe me, it's not always that easy.
Clark Kent: [jokingly] Guess I'm just lucky she didn't take a 9-iron to a meter maid's car.
Lex Luthor: [smiles awkwardly] You heard about that.
Clark Kent: The town is called Smallville.
Lex Luthor: I was having a bad day.
Clark Kent: [grins] Yeah.

"Smallville: Nicodemus (#1.15)" (2002)
Lex Luthor: This isn't you.
Lana Lang: Why? Because I'm not doing exactly as I'm told? Because I'm not stuck in a corner hiding in a book? For once I am not afraid of life and nobody can handle it 'cause you all prefer the insecure little girl. Well, I'm sick of her and all of her talk about her dead parents.

"Smallville: Memoria (#3.19)" (2004)
Lionel Luthor: Lex... things would have been so different between us.
Lex Luthor: Yes, Dad. You might have actually loved me.

"Smallville: Craving (#1.7)" (2001)
Lex Luthor: I don't care about the past, I believe in the power to reinvent yourself.

"Smallville: Legacy (#3.17)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: You know, Dad... They say mental illness is hereditary. I'm willing to accept my break with reality. Are you?
Lionel Luthor: Oh, Lex, men of vision have so often been mocked. Galileo knew it was the Earth that orbited the sun and he was sentenced to death for that discovery.
Lex Luthor: Where's the inquisition when you need it?

"Smallville: Hypnotic (#5.16)" (2006)
Lana Lang: You know what it's like being friends with Clark. No matter what he tells you, you don't know if it's the truth. I can never trust him.
Lex Luthor: Lana... I know Clark's probably not the easiest guy to be in a relationship with. I don't think he means...
Lana Lang: Please don't defend him, Lex. How could I have been so stupid?
Lex Luthor: You're not stupid. You just put your trust in the wrong person.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: The Giants of Doom/The Beasts Are Coming (#1.7)" (1978)
[last lines]
Lex Luthor: You caught yourself a big decoy, not the Legion of Doom.
Superman: Maybe not this time, Luthor. But at least we've proven that the Giants of Doom are no match for the Giants of Justice.

"Smallville: Promise (#6.16)" (2007)
Lionel Luthor: Do you remember, when you were just a little boy, I'd bring you up here to the office?
Lex Luthor: I used to pretend it was all mine to control, like I could just reach down and move all the cars, as if they were toys... pull all the strings and make people do what I wanted.

"Smallville: Perry (#3.5)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: What did you want to see me about?
Lana Lang: This... tabloid television reporter came by the Talon today, and he wanted to do an interview with me about the meteor shower.
Lex Luthor: A succinct "no comment" didn't dissuade him?
Lana Lang: Not really. He said he was gonna come back tomorrow, this time with a camera crew.
Lex Luthor: And you don't want that.
Lana Lang: I've spent the last fourteen years trying to put that day behind me, and in an instant, he brought it all back. I know it's a lot to ask, but I was hoping that you might be able to do something.
Lex Luthor: I'm surprised you didn't go to Clark with this.
Lana Lang: Clark's with him.
Lex Luthor: So you want me to run him out of town?
Lana Lang: I want him to stop.
Lex Luthor: He must have been very persistent. What was his name?
Lana Lang: Perry White.
Lex Luthor: I'll make sure he never bothers you again.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: The Man of Steel Bars (#1.9)" (1993)
Lex Luthor: Knock, knock.
Nigel St. John: Who's there?
Lex Luthor: Superman.
Nigel St. John: Superman who?
Lex Luthor: Exactly.

"Smallville: Crimson (#6.13)" (2007)
Lex Luthor: Clark, I think maybe it's time for you to leave!
Clark Kent: I am not done yet! Besides, I haven't given you my gift.
[reaches inside his coat and pulls out a rattle, he tosses it to Lex]
Clark Kent: To baby Luthor. The real reason Lana's marrying you!

"Smallville: Devoted (#4.4)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: When they told me Clark Kent was downstairs, I couldn't believe it. I wanted you to see for yourself that the investigation is over.
Clark Kent: What's that?
Lex Luthor: The Porsche you pulled me out of the day we met.
Clark Kent: Why is it still here?
Lex Luthor: To remind me of what I almost lost. It's over, Clark. It really is. Look, I'm willing to give this friendship another shot if you are.

"Superman: Legacy: Part II (#3.13)" (2000)
Superman: So it ends like this.
Lex Luthor: Don't think of it as an end, Superman. My biotech people will spend years studying your carcass. I'm certain it will be a most profitable endeavor.

"Smallville: Traveler (#7.14)" (2008)
Lex Luthor: What secret was so important that you and your friends built a group around it?
Lionel Luthor: Oh, think about it, Lex. Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, the Delphic. The rich have secret societies. The others have poker nights.

"Smallville: Solitude (#5.8)" (2005)
Lois Lane: Don't take this the wrong way, but after eight-hundred pictures, you don't get any prettier.
Lex Luthor: [to photo staff] That's enough. Thanks, guys.
Lex Luthor: [to Lois] How 'bout a latte?
Lois Lane: Don't you find this just a tad sleazy, holding a campaign photo shoot where Martha Kent works? You might as well, I don't know, go out to there farm and milk the cows.
Lex Luthor: [chuckles] In case you don't know where your paycheck comes from, I own the Talon.
Lois Lane: What don't you own? I guess now you wanna own the government.
Lex Luthor: Wow. Why are you so angry, Lois? What have I ever done to you?
Lois Lane: You just remind me of a lot of the pseudo-politicians I grew up around. You know, men who bought their way into office. But do you really think you can beat Jonathan Kent? There must be enough dirt on you to create a landmass the size of Texas.
Lex Luthor: Please, grab a shovel and start digging. I have nothing to hide.
Lois Lane: Let me give you a little friendly advice. Bow out of the race before a pesky little squirrel digs up one of your rotten acorns.
Lex Luthor: Well, thanks, Lois. You know, there's nothing more valuable than the savvy political advice of a muffin-peddling college dropout. Speaking of, do you have banana-blueberry today?

"Smallville: Lara (#7.6)" (2007)
Lionel Luthor: Can't I take an interest on my son's well-being?
Lex Luthor: Oh, which son is that? You spend as much time protecting Clark as you do pushing me away. Exactly whose father are you?
Lionel Luthor: I wish I could say yours and be proud. Your treatment of Lana...
Lex Luthor: Come on, Dad. I learned from watching you with Mom. I was just...being a Luthor.

"Smallville: Calling (#2.22)" (2003)
Lex Luthor: Clark, none of us really understands the fairer sex. That's why we're so captivated by them.
Clark Kent: I went for it last night.
Lex Luthor: Don't tell me she shot you down.
Clark Kent: No. It was the opposite. It was like this perfect moment, and then this morning...
Lex Luthor: She wanted to pretend it never happened. You've upped the stakes, Clark, and she's scared. She figures if she folds now and she'll cut her losses.
Clark Kent: But we're meant to be together. I never been so sure about anything in my life.
Lex Luthor: Yeah? Well, don't tell me, Clark. Tell her.

"Smallville: Thirst (#5.5)" (2005)
Lex Luthor: Interesting lecture you've been giving, professor.
Professor Milton Fine: I hope you've been taking notes.
Lex Luthor: Oh, just the highlights. You've been painting me as the poster child for corporate villainy. Some of the things you say come dangerously close to libel.
Professor Milton Fine: It's only libel if it isn't true.

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014) (V)
Lex Luthor: The Flash?
Aquaman: You sound so surprised. He always shows up first.
Lex Luthor: Forget them, go. Change the past as I've commanded. Ahh, will someone get Bizarro?

"Smallville: Extinction (#3.3)" (2003)
Lionel Luthor: There's some, uh, difficulty getting you under written by Lloyd's of London.
Lex Luthor: On what grounds?
Lionel Luthor: Uh, your tendency to attract near-death experiences has made you too great a liability.
Lex Luthor: I would think surviving would count for something.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: The Time Trap/Sinbad and the Space Pirates (#1.4)" (1978)
[first lines]
Bizarro: Me tired always lose to SuperFriends. Me go home to Bizarro World where everything backwards. There, losing equal winning.
Lex Luthor: Silence, Bizarro! Or you'll be the one who loses.

World's Finest (2004)
Clark Kent: Innocent people will die.
Lex Luthor: Every war has his casualties, Clark.

"Smallville: Façade (#4.3)" (2004)
Lex Luthor: I guess the polite thing to do is cough and let you know I'm standing here. But that always seems so forced, doesn't it?

DC Universe Online (2011) (VG)
Lex Luthor: My greatest triumph was at hand. The final campaign in my long war against Superman. While his powers had drained from constant battle, sending him into space to recharge from the Earth's yellow sun, I struck. But my obsession had blinded me to the real threat: The Earth's true enemy.

"Young Justice: The Hunt (#2.17)" (2013)
Arsenal: Don't you get it? He didn't care if you rescued the Team! He was using you... as a distraction to lure Black Beetle away from the crystal key so one of his other pawns could steal it!
Lex Luthor: Mmm, Deathstroke's more of a bishop actually.