Richard White
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Richard White (Character)
from Superman Returns (2006)

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Superman Returns (2006)
Richard White: [referring to Superman] I love that he can see through anything. I'd have fun with that.

[Newspaper headline reads: "SUPERMAN IS DEAD"]
Richard White: It's a little morbid, Perry.
Perry White: Always be prepared.

Lois Lane: How did you get here?
Richard White: I flew.

Richard White: It's great to finally meet you, I've heard so much.
Clark Kent: [looks at Lois] Oh, you have?
Richard White: Yeah. Jimmy just won't shut up about you.

Richard White: Lois, that article you wrote.
Lois Lane: "Why the world doesn't need Superman?"
Richard White: No the other one.
Lois Lane: Which one? I wrote dozens of them, I was practically his press agent.
Richard White: The one from years ago before we met, "I spent the night with Superman".
Lois Lane: Richard it was the title of an interview plus it was your Uncle Perry's idea.
Richard White: I know.
Richard White: Were you in love with him?
Lois Lane: He was Superman. Everyone was in love with him.
Richard White: Even you?
Lois Lane: [pause] ... No.