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8t88 (Character)
from Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (1997) (VG)

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (1997) (VG)
8t88: When someone desires information, they come to me.

Kyle Katarn: [suprising 8t88 from behind] I should have aimed your head when I had the chance.
8t88: A lost opportunity.

8t88: I am here for my well deserved payment.

Kyle Katarn: Don't waste my time 88, tell me who killed my father.
8t88: Patience. He is a Dark Jedi.
Kyle Katarn: Jedi?
8t88: DARK Jedi. He's known as Jerec and he has great plans for the rebirth of the Empire.
Kyle Katarn: I'm not interested in petty political struggles.
8t88: Well you should be. Without going into too much detail, Jerec has been quite generous in his offerings. Unfortunatly you don't factor into them.
[a bunch of thugs point blasters at Kyle]
8t88: But I am not without a heart.
[Shows Kyle an antique data disk]
8t88: Familiar, yes? I found it in your death father's home. I can decypher any language or code known but this one eludes me. It must be important. Tell me what it is and won't have to induldge in their darker side.
Kyle Katarn: [smiles defyingly] The dark side? I've been there. Do your worst.
8t88: [getting up] Well, I suppose that concludes our business.