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Biography for
General Motti (Character)
from Star Wars (1977)

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Conan Antonio Motti was an Imperial officer who served onboard the Death Star as the head of Naval operations during the Galactic Civil War. Born into a powerful and wealthy family, he entered Imperial service, rising rapidly through the ranks of the Imperial Navy. It was not long before he advanced past Captain Jaim Helaw, who he had served under early in his career. By 0 BBY, he had been promoted to the rank of admiral, and was working onboard the Empire's massive battlestation, the Death Star. Only Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin outranked Motti on the battlestation, although General Cassio Taggehis counterpart in the Imperial Armywas his equal.

Motti was extremely confident in his viewpoint that the Death Star was invulnerable, believing that the Rebel Alliance posed no threat to the station. He was even bold and arrogant enough to openly question Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader for his failure to discover the location of the Rebellion's secret base during one meeting in the Death Star conference room. For this, Vader Force-choked him, which greatly frightened Motti, who realized that Vader could have easily killed him had Tarkin not ordered the Dark Lord to relent. Nonetheless, Motti remained overly-confident in himself and the Death Star. Despite Motti's unshakable credence in the Death Star, the Rebel Alliancewhich had obtained a copy of the Death Star blueprintsmanaged to find a weak spot in the station's defenses, and succeeded in destroying it during the Battle of Yavin, killing Motti.

General Motti was the original Death Star's Chief of Operations. He had tremendous confidence in the destructive ability of the Empire's new superweapon, and relished the opportunity to use it. However, with Grand Moff Tarkin - the battle station's overall commander - and Darth Vader holding his chain, his chances to do so were greatly reduced. His only opportunity came when Tarkin & Vader ordered the destruction of Princess Leia's home world - Alderaan - as a 'message' to the disheartened worlds of the galaxy not to oppose the Emperor. Motti also had great disdain for Darth Vader and that evil being's belief that the power of the Force was superior even to that of the Death Star. For voicing his contempt, Motti felt Vader's wrath in the form of 'the grip' - an invisible hand-hold applied to his throat, which was stopped on the orders of Tarkin. Motti did not evacuate the Death Star when it was attacked by Rebel X- and Y-Wing aircraft launched from the Yavin base. He paid for that decision with his life when the Death Star was blown up by Luke Skywalker's X-Wing, seconds before the battle station was to train its superlaser on the Rebel base.

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