Mission Vao
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Mission Vao (Character)
from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) (VG)

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003) (VG)
Mission Vao: Hey, Bastila. Have you ever used the Force just for fun? You know, trip up some jerk who's ticking you off?
Bastila Shan: I would never use the Force for such petty and trivial revenge. The mere thought of it is preposterous!
Mission Vao: Aww come on, there's gotta be times when you've thought about it. Don't be so stuck up, you can tell me!
Bastila Shan: I am NOT stuck up, I merely have the years of Jedi training to realize how childish such an act would be.
Mission Vao: Childish? Is that a crack about my age? You ain't much older than me, miss "high and mighty"! Just 'cause you're some Jedi, doesn't mean you can be a prissy little -
[Bastila uses the Force to knock Mission to the ground, who promptly stands back up]
Mission Vao: What the - ? Hey! That wasn't funny!
Bastila Shan: I have no idea what you're talking about, Mission. Let us move on, and please, do try to be less clumsy in the future.

Mission Vao: I have a bad feeling about this.

[Mission insults the guard]
Sith Guard: That's very funny. You know, I bet your sense of humor will help you stand up really well when we torture you.
Mission Vao: What? You're... you're going to torture me?
Sith Guard: No witty comeback? Not so brave now, are you? I think I'll leave you here for a few hours.
[steps closer]
Sith Guard: Hey... I know. You can use the time to think of witty ways to beg for mercy!
[Laughing, the guard steps back, locks the cell door, and leaves]
Mission Vao: Or, I could use the key card I picked from your pocket to hack into the security system and let myself out.
[does so]
Mission Vao: Piece of cake. I wonder when people will stop underestimating me?

Zaalbar: [near the end of an argument about grooming Zaalbar, Mission claiming that he looks scruffy and is begin to show gray hair] You don't trim a Wookiee! You don't color a Wookiee! And you certainly don't dress a Wookiee!
Mission Vao: I know Wookiees aren't into the whole clothing thing, but you could start a whole new trend! You'd be on the cutting edge.
Zaalbar: Rargh! Leave me alone!
Mission Vao: Okay, okay, sheesh! Try and offer some constructive criticism and this is the thanks I get? Let's move on. You can stay naked and scruffy for all I care