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Kyle Katarn (Character)
from Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (1997) (VG)

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (1997) (VG)
Kyle Katarn: [suprising 8t88 from behind] I should have aimed your head when I had the chance.
8t88: A lost opportunity.

Jan Ors: Whenever I need to find you, you're always in some kind of trouble.
Kyle Katarn: Jan! What a pleasant surprise.
Jan Ors: [smiling] What would you do without me, Kyle?
Kyle Katarn: I'd be a content old man.
Jan Ors: [laughs] Somehow I don't see a content or an old man.

Jan Ors: Well, your blessed ship is going to be in the repair bay for the next few days.
Kyle Katarn: How's it look?
Jan Ors: Nothing that a crate full of money which you don't have wouldn't solve.
Kyle Katarn: Like always, I owe you. Can you take care of her for me?
Jan Ors: You're not going after Jerec, are you?
Kyle Katarn: No. I'm going back to my father's home on Sulon. Can you meet me there when you're finished with the Crow?
Jan Ors: Of course. Is everything all right?
Kyle Katarn: I don't know. I'll find out when I get there.

Kyle Katarn: Don't waste my time 88, tell me who killed my father.
8t88: Patience. He is a Dark Jedi.
Kyle Katarn: Jedi?
8t88: DARK Jedi. He's known as Jerec and he has great plans for the rebirth of the Empire.
Kyle Katarn: I'm not interested in petty political struggles.
8t88: Well you should be. Without going into too much detail, Jerec has been quite generous in his offerings. Unfortunatly you don't factor into them.
[a bunch of thugs point blasters at Kyle]
8t88: But I am not without a heart.
[Shows Kyle an antique data disk]
8t88: Familiar, yes? I found it in your death father's home. I can decypher any language or code known but this one eludes me. It must be important. Tell me what it is and won't have to induldge in their darker side.
Kyle Katarn: [smiles defyingly] The dark side? I've been there. Do your worst.
8t88: [getting up] Well, I suppose that concludes our business.

Kyle Katarn: [saving Jan] This is gonna cost YOU a crate full of money YOU don't have.
Jan Ors: As long as I'm around to pay you, I don't care.
Kyle Katarn: My thoughts exactly.
Boc: [appearing out of nowhere] Mine too!
[laughs maniacally]

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy (2003) (VG)
Luke Skywalker: I sense a disturbance in the force.
Kyle Katarn: You always sense a disturbance in the force, but yeah, I sense it too.

Rosh Penin: I'm sorry, Kyle, I didn't mean to offend you.
Kyle Katarn: It's all right, Rosh, you didn't. I've been offended by professionals.

Rosh Penin: [a dark jedi defeated Rosh is down] Kyle I...
Tavion: [a lightning bolt hits both Jaden Korr and Kyle] Tutt, tutt, tutt
[mocking the Jedi]
Tavion: Did you really think I would give up my new apprentice so easily.
Kyle Katarn: [as a dark, tall and beautiful dark jedi girl stands before him] Tavion!
Tavion: You shoud have killed when you had the chance, Kattarn. You pathetic Jedi mercy is a weakness that will cost you your life
[using the force and taking Kyle down]
Tavion: and the life of your apprentice
[using a force push to take down Jaden]
Tavion: But not you deer Rosh, come.
Rosh Penin: [enslaved by Tavion] Yes, Tavion.
Jaden Kor: Rosh, NO!
Tavion: Ah! Your pity friendship cannot compare against the power of the dark side.

Kyle Katarn: Jaden, after the battle I felt the anger seeding inside you. You maybe a Jedi Knight now, but you still must beware of the Dark Side.
Jaden Kor: Yes Kyle, I'll try not to fail you.

Rosh Penin: Jaden!
Jaden Kor: You do not look a captive, Rosh. Or maybe was it just Tavion's idea.
Rosh Penin: Jaden! Wait! Please! I was wrong. Take me back to the Academy, I need help.
[a restless Jaden moves near Rosh, Rosh Penin uses the Force to block his old friend]
Rosh Penin: Jaden stay back. Please, don't hurt me.
Jaden Kor: You've tried to kill me, and now you have lured me into a trap.
Rosh Penin: Jaden, I was scared.You have to believe me... where... we're friends, remember. Let's get out of here before Alora comes back.
Jaden Kor: [Jaden pushes Rosh on the wall] How do I know you won't betray me again? You always try to beat. How do I know this isn't just another trick?
Kyle Katarn: [using the force to communicate with his apprentice] Jaden don't do it.
Alora: [a cunning Alora is watching the two friends score] Finish him, Jedi
Rosh Penin: Wait! Liste to what you're saying. Your... your anger. Don't give into it. That's lead to the Dark Side.
Kyle Katarn: He only felt to the Dark Side becuase he was scared. Affraid of dying. Put away your saber.
Alora: Strike him down. Give into your anger.
Kyle Katarn: Jaden you're better than that. Don't give into your anger. Rosh is telling the truth.
Jaden Kor: [we watch as an angry Jaden is about to execute his old comrade] We...

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith (1998) (VG)
Kyle Katarn: [Kyle has just survived a bad fall by landing on a giant pipe] Gravity is a harsh mistress.

Star Wars: Dark Forces (1995) (VG)
Mon Mothma: This Imperial officer, Crix Madine, wishes to defect to the Alliance. He has supplied us with information on the development of a new weapon... A new type of stormtrooper: the Dark Trooper.
Kyle Katarn: [Kyle cocks an eyebrow, considering for a moment] A new type of stormtrooper that can take out a Rebel base that quickly? I should have kept working for the Empire.