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Roos Tarpals served as a captain in the Security Forces of Otoh Gunga. He was one of the leaders of the Battle of Grassy Plains in 32 BBY.

Tarpals's family had a long history of military service, with each son serving in the Gungan Grand Army. Roos Tarpals was the first of his family to merit the rank of captain. He was elevated to hero status in the eyes of his clan for this achievement. Captain Tarpals.

Before his enlistment in the army, Tarpals was originally the leader of a small band of thieves. It was here that he first encountered Jar Jar Binks. Tarpals used Jar Jar as a distraction for guards and security while he pulled off various heists. The two Gungans became friends. However, it was the captain's duty to enforce Jar Jar's banishment after he was exiled for destroying Boss Rugor Nass's prized heyblibber.

The arrest of his friend didn't go smoothly, as Binks had angered former general Marshoo. Marshoo knocked Tarpals unconscious to get at Jar Jar, who managed to fend him off. He woke Tarpals, who tied up Marshoo and proceeded with the task of arresting and exiling Binks.

In a strange turn of events, Tarpals served under General Binks in the Battle of Grassy Plains. In the battle, the captain fought bravely against the droid forces of the Trade Federation, destroying many Battle Droids, though he was captured when he attempted to rescue Binks. As the battle droids surrounded Tarpals and Binks, Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Droid Control Ship. The droids were deactivated and Tarpals and Binks were saved.

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