General Grievous
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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
General Grievous: Crush them! Make them suffer!

Darth Sidious: The end of the war is near.
General Grievous: But the loss of Count Dooku?
Darth Sidious: His death was a necessary loss. Soon I will have a new apprentice, one far younger and more powerful.

General Grievous: Time to abandon ship.

General Grievous: [to Obi-Wan Kenobi] You Fool. I have been trained in your Jedi Arts... by Count Dooku.

General Grievous: [addressing the Separatist leaders] It won't be long before the armies of the Republic track us here. I am sending all of you to the Mustafar system in the Outer Rim. It is a volcanic planet which generates a great deal of scanning interference. You will be safe there.
Nute Gunray: Safe? Hmph. Chancellor Palpatine managed to escape, General. Without Count Dooku, I have doubts about your ability to keep us safe.

General Grievous: Anakin Skywalker. I expected someone with your reputation to be a little... older.
Anakin Skywalker: General Grievous... you're shorter than I expected.
General Grievous: Jedi scum!
Obi-Wan Kenobi: We have a job to do, Anakin. Try not to upset him.

General Grievous: That wasn't much of a rescue.
[snatches two lightsabers out of a droid's hands]
Battle Droid: You're welcome.

General Grievous: Army or not, you must realize, you are doomed.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Oh, I don't think so.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Hello there!
General Grievous: General Kenobi, you are a bold one!

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Grievous Intrigue (#2.9)" (2010)
Eeth Koth: Your reputation precedes you, General. The reputation of a coward, and a murderer.
General Grievous: Murderer? Is it murder to rid the galaxy of you Jedi filth?

General Grievous: Prepare to fire all cannons. And be alert. Where there is Kenobi, you will always find Skywalker not far behind.

General Grievous: So Kenobi, is everything going as planned?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: That depends on your point of view, General.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: [while fighting a IG-100 Magna Guard] I hear a lot of talking, General, but in the final accounting, what does all the talk get you? A futile quest for power? A mutilated body? And your place as Dooku's errand boy!
General Grievous: I'm no errand boy, and I'm not in this war for Dooku's politics. I am the leader of the most powerfull droid army the galaxy has ever seen.
[urges another Magna Guard forward]
Obi-Wan Kenobi: [Obi-Wan finished off the Magna Guard with two swift strokes and picks up it's electro staff] An army with no loyalty, no spirit. Just programming. What have you to show for all your power, what have you to gain?
General Grievous: The future. A future where there are no Jedi.

General Grievous: The story of Obi-Wan Kenobi ends here.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Duel of the Droids (#1.7)" (2008)
General Grievous: [to hostage R2-D2] What secrets do you carry, my little friend?
[R2-D2 responds]
General Grievous: So defiant. No need for fear. We're all droids here. Ha ha ha. Rip this little rat apart, and find out everything he knows!

Gha Nachkt: [about R2-D2] It contains every Republic formation and strategy they have.
General Grievous: Good work. You certainly earned your fee this time.
Gha Nachkt: More than my fee. This droid is worth more, I get paid more. Now, I suggest...
[Gha Nachkt is surpassed by Grievous' light saber and dies instantaneously]
General Grievous: There is your bonus.

General Grievous: They sent a child to destroy my station? The Republic must be running out of Jedi!
Ahsoka Tano: You must be General Grievous.
[the General laughs and coughs]
Ahsoka Tano: He's just another Tinnie boys, let's scrap 'em like the rest.

Ahsoka Tano: Sorry to interrupt your playtime, Grumpy, but wouldn't you prefer a challenge?
General Grievous: That wouldn't be you.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Destroy Malevolence (#1.4)" (2008)
Battle droid: Sir, we're scanning a small ship off our bow.
General Grievous: Good. Our hostage has arrived.

General Grievous: [to Obi-Wan] Hello there.

General Grievous: Did you really think I would be so foolish as to leave the hyperdrive unguarded?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Anything's possible. You haven't exactly impressed me today.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: ARC Troopers (#3.2)" (2010)
Asajj Ventress: [via hologram] I have the exact locations of both the clone DNA room and the clone trooper barracks.
General Grievous: Both shall be annihilated under my hand.
Asajj Ventress: Our hand, General. Count Dooku assigned us both this task.
General Grievous: But of course, assassin. I look forward to meeting you.

Asajj Ventress: Keep playing with your droids. I'll handle breaking into the DNA room.
[as she turns to leave, Grievous grabs her arm]
General Grievous: Shall I provide you with a droid escort?
Asajj Ventress: [caressing his faceplate] My dear General, there's nothing you have that I could want.

General Grievous: All too easy.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Devine 'easy', General.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lair of Grievous (#1.10)" (2008)
Count Dooku: [via hologram] General, the ongoing stalemate in the war has become unacceptable. There is concern you have lost your focus. Lord Sidious demands more dramatic results: more dead Jedi.
General Grievous: You expect victory over Jedi, but all you give me to fight them is battle droids. Bah!

General Grievous: I will rest when the Jedi are dead.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) (VG)
General Grievous: I'll enjoy crushing you!

General Grievous: You might as well give me your lightsaber... you obviously don't know how to use it!

"Star Wars: Clone Wars: Chapter 20 (#2.10)" (2004)
General Grievous: Jedi. You are surrounded. Your army is decimated. Make peace with the force, now. For this is your final hour. But know that I, General Grievous, am not completely without mercy. I will grant you a warrior's death. Prepare!

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) (VG)
General Grievous: [after slicing up many troopers during the battle] I could do this with two... no, THREE hands behind my back!

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Deserter (#2.10)" (2010)
Battle Droid: Sir, we need to get our power recharged.
General Grievous: [riding on top of a Reek] Not this again! How could your power cells be so depleted?
Battle Droid: You would not let us ride on one of those creatures with you, sir. If you would allow us to close down for a few moments - Oh my G-
[Grievous cuts down droid]
General Grievous: Any more complaints?

"Star Wars: Clone Wars: Chapter 21 (#3.1)" (2005)
General Grievous: Run, Jedi, run! You have only prolonged the inevitable.
[laughs sinisterly]

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Shadow of Malevolence (#1.3)" (2008)
Battle Droid: Sir, the enemy fighters are closing.
General Grievous: Let them come! Prepare the ion cannon! First we will destroy the medical station. Then we will finish off Skywalker.
Battle Droid: I have a bad feeling about this.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Heroes on Both Sides (#3.10)" (2010)
General Grievous: You have been designed for this mission. To be the ultimate infiltration units. Some of you may not return. Actually, none of you will return. But don't let that get in your way. Is that clear?

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Shadow Warrior (#4.4)" (2011)
General Grievous: How does it feel to die?
Tarpals: Not... die... Sacrifice!

"Star Wars: Clone Wars: Chapter 22 (#3.2)" (2005)
Count Dooku: [sees Grievous's lightsaber] Hmm, a new one?
General Grievous: Your training has served me well. It has awarded me many trophies.
Count Dooku: Don't let your pursuit of trinkets cloud your reality. Remember what I taught you, General. If you are to succeed in combat against the best of the Jedi, you must have fear, surprise, and intimidation on your side. But if any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat. You must break them before you engage them. Only then will you ensure victory and have your trophy.

"Star Wars: Clone Wars: Chapter 24 (#3.4)" (2005)
General Grievous: And so it ends. A valiant effort, but as you can see, ultimately futille. Now Jedi, prepare yourself, for you are about to leave this world.
Shaak Ti: I don't think so.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Downfall of a Droid (#1.6)" (2008)
General Grievous: [to Gha Nachkt] Don't push me, slime!

"Star Wars: Clone Wars: Chapter 25 (#3.5)" (2005)
General Grievous: You're mine, old man.
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine: I'm not afraid of you. You wouldn't dare harm the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic. Whatever would your masters say?
General Grievous: You're lucky they want you alive!