Wicket W. Warrick
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Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985) (TV)
Wicket: Good-bye not good.

[Deciding how to get across the moat]
Wicket: Wicket swim.
Noa: Oh no you don't swim. Take a look at this.
[Sticks a stick into water and it's instantly eaten]
Noa: See that? That could've been you, ya little beggar.

Wicket: Star Cruiser Crash Crash.

Tales from the Endor Woods (2004) (V)
Adult Wicket: I remember it well, back when I was still Wicket, the young Ewok, not Wicket, the Ewok warrior. I remember all the wonderful adventures I had with my friends, Kneesa, Teebo and Latara. There was the time Latara ran away to play flute with the fabulous traveling Jindas. And there was the time we had to search all Endor for a potion to save my dad's life. Then there was the mystery of Asha, the wild, red furred Ewok girl, who would protect the forest animals from the evil Duloks. And speaking of Duloks, I especially remember the time they tried to steal my grandfather's wagon.